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Articles by CMHS members

On History:

The Second Battle of Ypres, April 1915 : David Love

Maj. Percy John Jennings: A Very Eclectic Gentleman : Michael C.

If only I could talk: The Naval General Service Medal with Copenhagen 1801 Bar : Garry Milne.

On Collecting:

How to Conserve and Restore Artifacts

So ya want to be a military collector, eh? : David Love

On Research:

Researching Your Ancestor's Military Service : David Love



We would like to keep this site dynamic, and increase its usefulness and interest to military history aficionados and the general public alike. Society members are encouraged to submit articles for the website. Forward materials for inclusion to our articles editor and administrator, David Love, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Useful Links for Collectors and Military Researchers

The following sources are invaluable tools for military historians, researchers, or amateur enthusiasts:

Historical Resources: Government of Canada

Historical Resources: United Kingdom

Magazines, Books & Journals

Military Collector Societies and Forums

Militaria Dealers and Auction Sites

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CMHS Constitution

Sabretache: The CMHS's Monthly Minutes & Newsletter

2022 Newsletters




2021 Newsletters

January No. 1 : Weapons of the NWMP; CEF Battle Patches

January No. 2 : A Canadian in the Devil's Brigade, Part I

February No. 1 : A Canadian in the Devil's Brigade, Part II

February No. 2 : A Calgarian’s Experience in RCAF 417 Squadron in WWII;
Strange Things – The WWI Armoured Bicycle

March : Before There Was a Jeep... WWII Light ATVs

April No. 1 : The Legend Behind the Imperial Seaman's Three White Collar Stripes;
Artillery Trophies in Alberta, Part I; Binoculars in WWII;
Toyota Innovation During WWII

April No. 2 : The CMHS's Donald Glen Skinner, In Memorium;
Artillery Trophies in Alberta, Part II; More Dumb Ideas From WWI

April No. 3 : The CMHS's Marjorie Barron Norris, In Memorium

May : The Brown Bess at Waterloo; The RCAF's First Flying Casualty;
Artillery Trophies in Alberta, Part III

June : The CMHS's Stu Eggleston, In Memorium;
Artillery Trophies in Alberta, Part IV

July No. 1 : Unveiling the South Africa Memorial in Calgary's Central Park, June 19, 1914

July No. 2 : RCAF 418 (City of Edmonton) Squadron in WWII

August : "Men of Valor – They Fight For You"
The Wartime Information Board of Ottawa

September : Flying Officer William E Suddick, DFC

October : Douglas L. Woods Medals Pair; The PIAT Anti-Tank Projectile

November : The Indian and Chinese Labour Corp in WWI; An Interesting War Memorial;
Canadian WWI Poetry

December No. 1 : Meet the Jeep!; "Warwell Wagons" Railway 50-ton Tank Transports;
Rare 1851 Navy Colt in Upper Canada



2020 Newsletters

January : Waterton Lakes National Park

February : Some Interesting Albertans: Margaret Elliot Thomson McNally; Harry Northover Reeves

Note: Due to Covid-19 and suspension of all regular CMHS meetings, we are adding additonal newsletters and articles. Enjoy, and stay safe!

* March No. 1 : The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal

* March No. 2 : Spanish Flu: The deadliest pandemic in history

April No. 1 : John Colpitts Groome Harrison, NWMP

April No. 2 : A Brave Albertan, F/O Gordon Johnson Cory

April No. 3 : Edison Franklin Lynn, DSO, MC

April No. 4 : John “Jack” Street: Mountie, Hunter, Mountain Guide

May No.1 :The Tragic Case of Flying Officer William Fortt, RCAF

May No. 2 : Flying Officer Wilfred E Baldry

June No. 1 : "GASSED!" Part I

June No. 2 : "GASSED!" Part II

June No. 3 : "GASSED!" Part III

June No. 4 : The Consolidated Canso A, Part of Canada’s Aviation History; David Ernest Hornell, VC

July No. 1 : The Consolidated Canso A, Part II

July No. 2 : Pte. Jeremiah Jones, CFMDS, A Rare Black Soldier in the CEF; Col. Maurice Grey Pearson,

July No. 3 : Black Canadian Soldiers in WWI/WWII

August No. 1 : Brig. WS Ziegler, CBE, DSO, ED

August No. 2 : Canadian Innovation in WWI; David Currie, VC; Canadian Medal of Honour Men; Fred Bing, WAG, RCAF

September No. 1 : Ready, Aye, Ready! Canadians sink their first u-boat

October No. 1 : The RCR Church Parade with a Difference; Angle-Head Flashlights

October No. 2 : The RCMP Motto – Maintien le Droit or Maintiens le Droit?

* November No. 1 : November 11th, 100 Years Ago

November No. 2 : Canada's Armoured Train

December No. 1 : The Strange Saga of HMCS TR41

December No. 2 : North-West Mounted Police, 1873-1885


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