2014 Sabretache

Detail from Battle of Belly River
Detail from the painting, The Battle of Belly River, by C.M. Russell.


January : The Memorial Bar: Commemorating the sacrifice of Canada's military personnel

February : The Battle of Belly River: Cree vs. Blackfoot near present-day Lethbridge AB, 25 Oct. 1870

March : Heinz Stahlschmidt, the German sailor who refused to blow up Bordeaux

April : Tannenberg Memorial: A monument to German pride

May : Liberty Ships: ugly ducklings that helped win WWII

June : The B-17 bomber that became a gas station

July : "The White Mouse": Nancy Wake, legendary SOE agent in the French Resistance

August : The Great Western Railroad Memorial at London’s Paddington Station

September : Canada's Royal 22nd Regiment reprise Buckngham Palace guard duty

October : Re-strike Canadian cap badges

November : The Ship's Surgeon vs. Napoleon; Menin Gate Lions come to Canada

December :  The Naval General Service Medal and Copenhagen 1801 Bar


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