The Calgary Military Historical Society

MountieTHE CMHS is a registered not-for-profit society which fosters the study of the military and police heritage of Canada, the British Empire and the world, and the preservation of military artifacts and records.

CMHS provides:

  • A focal point for military enthusiasts to meet and exchange material and information, often with experts in many specific subjects;
  • Personal contact with other interested people on an international scale that is not likely available to the general public;
  • Access to reference and artifact sources not readily available to the general public;
  • A place for people of similar interests to socialize in an informal setting.

The CMHS meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Petty Officer's Mess, HMCS Tecumseh, 1820 - 24th Street SW, Calgary. New members and guests are always welcome.

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