The Calgary Military Historical Society

MountieTHE CMHS was a registered not-for-profit society which fostered the study of the military and police heritage of Canada, the British Empire and the world, and the preservation of military artifacts and records.

Having now been dissolved as a society, we hope to continue maintainimg this website as a portal to facilitate the exchange of research and information regarding Canadian military service, history and heritage.

We hope, too, to continue assisting our site's visitors and users to answer their questions regarding family or general Canadian military service and history.

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Researching Your Ancestor's Military Service

Unidentified CEF soldierFrequently, members of the Calgary Military Historical Society were asked to assist in finding information about an individual’s military service. Typically, the person has passed on and therefore cannot provide the wanted details or insights. Regardless of the particular circumstances, most of these requests tend to follow similar beginnings.

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Can we help?

Unidentified itemsCMHS members collected or specialized in a wide variety of military artifacts and topics. If you have an artifact you need help identifying, questions about militaria that may have been handed down to you, or questions about military history, our former members may be able to help.

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What was the CMHS?

Poster, Library & Archives Canada

Founded more than 25 years ago, the Calgary Military Historical Society was a registered not-for-profit society in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, dedicated to the study of Canadian, Commonwealth and world military heritage, and the preservation of military artifacts and records.

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2019 Sabretache

January : Sgt. Anthony Blaikie, Yukon Motor Machine Gun Battery

February : Charles Cadnash Annance, Mohawk Warrior

March : Frank Norman Deluca, Normandy sniper

April : A Canadian Mk. II Helmet Story

May : A Canadian in the Airborne Artillery

June : D-Day Paratrooper J.C. Ogburn

July : German POW Cemetery in Canada

August : Mary Greyeyes, CWAC

September : Joseph Bradner, A Mountie Goes to War

October : Fox Wellington Patent Puttees

November : In Remembrance, Luman James (Jim) Gale

December : The Sevastopol Cannons in Canada


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