The Calgary Military Historical Society

MountieTHE CMHS is a registered not-for-profit society which fosters the study of the military and police heritage of Canada, the British Empire and the world, and the preservation of military artifacts and records.

CMHS provides:

  • A focal point for military enthusiasts to meet and exchange material and information, often with experts in many specific subjects;
  • Personal contact with other interested people on an international scale that is not likely available to the general public;
  • Access to reference and artifact sources not readily available to the general public;
  • A place for people of similar interests to socialize in an informal setting.

The CMHS meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Petty Officer's Mess, HMCS Tecumseh, 1820 - 24th Street SW, Calgary. New members and guests are always welcome.

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Researching Your Ancestor's Military Service

Unidentified CEF soldierFrequently, members of the Calgary Military Historical Society are asked to assist in finding information about an individual’s military service. Typically, the person has passed on and therefore cannot provide the wanted details or insights. Regardless of the particular circumstances, most of these requests tend to follow similar beginnings.

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Can we help?

Unidentified itemsCMHS members collect or specialize in a wide variety of military artifacts and topics. If you have an artifact you need help identifying, questions about militaria that may have been handed down to you, or questions about military history, we may be able to help.

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Why Join the CMHS?

Poster, Library & Archives Canada

  • Meet people with similar interests
  • Attend our monthly 'show and tell' meetings
  • Participate and display at exhibits, and attend our CMHS functions
  • Receive our monthly CMHS Sabretache newsletter
  • Publish articles in the Sabretache and on our website

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Education & Displays

CMHS member display

Every picture tells a story, and so does every good historical display. Part of CMHS's mandate is to research and share information about our military heritage. To fulfill that mandate, many members have created outstanding displays that tell interesting stories covering a wide range of topics – from Canadian involvement in the Boer War to personal service in Africa, and from the 1916 Irish Uprisings to celebrations of members' personal or ancestral military service.

Member displays are presented during various collector and militaria shows, as well as at other special events around Calgary, to help educate and inform the public about our military heritage in an engaging, creative way.

Examples include member Alan Mackenzie's award-winning display featuring his father's service as an Irishman serving with the British Army in World War II. Check it out, it's an award-winner!

• Alan Mackenzie : "My Dad During the Second World War"

Alan Mackenzie : The 1916 Irish Easter Rising