2013 Sabretache

Butler, Quatre Bras
A British square at Waterloo. Detail from the painting, The 68th Regiment at Quatre Bras, by Lady Butler.


January : “Form Square”: Infantry vs. cavalry

February : USS Barb: How a submarine 'sank' a WWII Japanese train

March : Fox Wellington Somerset: Patenting the Puttee; US M1 Helmet Fiber Liners

April : 27th CIB: The Canadian Army’s first NATO commitment

May : "Rose of York": 367th Bomb Squadron's 'Royal' WWII B-17

June : No. 617 Squadron ― The Dambuster

July : HMS Victory

August : The story of the P-82 Twin Mustang

September : Royal Canadian Navy Cap Tallies and Brassards

October : HMS Rattler, the first British warship to adopt the screw propeller

November : Tilly-sur-Seulles: The most moving of all the Allied memorials is the smallest

December : Lt.-Col. Joan Kennedy, commander of WWII's Canadian Women's Army Corps


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