2017 Sabretache

London firefighters
Fire fighters during the London Blitz


January : Canada's Military Dentists

February : "Firemen go to war": The Story of the Canadian Overseas Fire Fighters in WWII

March : Oglala Sioux Chief Xunka Kuciyedan's (Low Dog's) account of the battle of the Little Big Horn

April : The CEF's 10th Field Ambulance

May : U.S. Air Corps' William Overstreet Jr., famous flight beneath the Eiffel Tower in 1944

June : What if? Gatling guns at the Little Big Horn

July : The Columbian Army in the Korean War

August : Pte. Leon Ayles: A CEF Casualty's Long Journey Home

September : Lady Fanny Lucy Houston, the British philanthropist whose money built the Spitfire and Hurricane

October : Albert Woolson, the Last Civil War Soldier

November : RAF's Reginald Nutter comes to Canada

December : "The Night Witches": Russia's WWII women bomber pilots


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