Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions

The military, in many ways presents a unique and focused culture onto itself. Part of this culture has been the evolution of a somewhat bewildering and very extensive use of abbreviations and acronyms. To individuals inexperienced in the ‘ways’ of the military, this can often make any research or study of military records and associated items, such as medals, quite unintelligible.

One can roughly segregate these abbreviations/acronyms into several broad categories, depending on the context under which they are used. However, the truth is that most abbreviations can, and are, used fairly universally. Notwithstanding this, these divisions can be summarized as follows: 1) those used in service or operational records (i.e. of an administrative nature), 2) those giving unit, formation or organization names (i.e.of an organizational nature), 3) those indicating ranks, trades, appointments or specialized employments (i.e. of an employment nature), and 4) those used to identify medals and decorations.

Also, too, apart from the thousands of identified abbreviations, etc. that have been recorded and used at one time or another, a great deal of synonmy of military abbreviations is also present.  These arise not only as new abbreviations are required for new descriptions, but also through the development of individual bias and uniqueness that is brought on through time, relative isolation and the ever-present propensity of those bureaucratically inclined to develop new terms. One might ask, then, “how can any one individual remember this huge number of abbreviations”. The truth is that each branch of the military obviously has its own specialty and focus, and thus, its own unique language. Individuals within each of these branches, therefore, focus on those abbreviations most applicable to their duties, thereby removing the need to be familiar with every one available.

In an effort to make this source of confusion more understandable to the average researcher, following is a table of abbreviations that have been used by British and Commonwealth military forces, with a focus on the Canadian situation. This author has arbitrarily not included other nationalities, including United States examples (other than some of the higher formations that would occasionally appear in Commonwealth military documents). Those of a more international nature, especially American, would make this list tremendously long and beyond the scope of this summary. The included abbreviations range in vintage from at least the Anglo-Boer War (circa. 1900) until the present. While this list is extensive and fairly comprehensive (over 7500 unique abbreviations are listed), it is safe to say that is probably far from complete. As with international examples, to try and capture every Canadian, British or Commonwealth abbreviation, even those more or less officially recognized, is again far beyond the scope and practicality of this work. The abbreviations listed here come from a multitude of sources, some more official than others, but this author, wherever possible, has tried to confirm their validity from more than one source.

A few things to remember when using this list:

  • There is a great deal of synonymy present for similar or different descriptors. These are often due to convention, original author bias, experience and nationality. In these cases, especially when there is more than one descriptor for a single abbreviation, the reader must make a decision on which descriptor is valid. By being aware of the context of the descriptor is the best method to differentiate the proper term. Wherever possible, this author has tried to group abbreviations to recognize synonym. Likewise, this author has tried to show synonyms as separate entries if the first few letters of the abbreviation are sufficiently different to make it difficult to search alphabetically.
  • Any abbreviation can be found as upper case, lower case, or a combination of both. This does not represent inaccurate abbreviations but rather the biases and experiences of the original author. This author uses both interchangeably which is more a function of ease of editing the list rather than any other design.
  • Any abbreviation may have period punctuation of varying patterns; any abbreviation may have varying presence or absence of spacing between the letters within the abbreviation. As in the last point, this author again has arbitrarily listed (or not listed) possible combinations.
  • Many abbreviations are used interchangeably in different types of records and on medal stampings (most British and Commonwealth medals have, as a minimum, the recipient’s name, rank or specialty and unit at the time of award, stamped into the rim of the medal). These may mean different things depending upon context and should be noted when drawing conclusions.
  • Many of the abbreviations listed here originated in Commonwealth military forces where English was not used. In particular, this is true of the British India, or Indian Army. The descriptors in these cases are given, wherever possible, the English equivalent. This means that the actual abbreviation may not appear consistent to the descriptor. Where an English equivalent has not been identified by this author, the vernacular descriptor is given.

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£ s d Pounds, Shillings, Pence
11thIFofC 11th Regiment (Irish Fusiliers of Canada)
15thALI 15th Regiment (Argyll Light Infantry)
21AG 21st Army Group
29thHLI 29th Regiment (Highland Light Infantry of Canada)
2IC Second in Command
2ndCOR 2nd Battalion Central Ontario Regiment
60thVRC 60th Battalion (Victoria Rifles of Canada)


A Air
A & NZ SIG SQUN, A & NZ SIG SQN Australia & New Zealand Signal Squadron
A & S HIGHRS, A&Shigh, A & SH, ASH Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders (of Canada (Princess Louise's))
A 2ND CPL Acting Second Corporal
A ADTR Assistant Administrator
A BMBR Acting Bombardier
A COMM Assistant Commissary
A CPL Acting Corporal
A CPL of H Acting Corporal of Horse
A EMP COY Area or Army Employment Company
A FWN Assistant Forewoman
A INSPR Assistant Inspector
A L/CPL, AL CPL Acting Lance Corporal
A MULE DEPOT Army Mule Depot
A NAICK, A NAIK Acting Naik
A PROV C Army Provost Corps
A SJT, A SGT Acting Sergeant
A SN MR, ASM Acting Station Master
A SUPDT Acting Superintendent
A TRSR Assistant Treasurer
A&Dbooks, A & D BOOKS Admission & Discharge Books
A&FF Acceptance & Ferry Flight (129-Trenton)
A&Q Administrative Branches of the Staff
A&T, A&T Staff Administrative and Training Staff
A, A-, a/ Acting, Assistant
A/ Acting (Rank), Assistant
A/A Anti-aircraft, Army Act
A/A, AA Anti-Aircraft
A/A, AA Assistant Adjutant
A/B Airborne
A/Bandsmn Assisting Bandsman
A/Blkmth Acting Blacksmith
A/C Air Commodore, Air Crew, Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft
A/C Aircraft
A/C/M Air Chief Marshall
A/Capt, ACCPT Acting Captain
A/CNAS(E) Assistant Chief of Naval Administration and Supply (Equipment)
A/DMin Assistant Deputy Minister
A/DNS Assistant Director of Naval Stores
A/E Aeronautical Engineering in the Fleet Air Arm
A/EA Acting Electrical Artificer
A/ERA, ACT ERA Acting Engine Room Artificer
A/G Anti-Gas
A/Joiner Acting Joiner
A/M Air Marshall
A/NCSO Acting Naval Control Service Officer
A/OA Acting Ordnance Artificer
A/P All Purpose
A/Plbr Acting Plumber
A/Pntr Acting Painter
A/RA Acting Radio Artificer
A/S Anti-Submarine
A/S QM SJT Acting Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant
A/SA Anti-Submarine Artificer
A/SD Anti-Submarine Detector
A/Sec Assistant Secretary
A/Shpt Acting Shipwright
A/SO(CO) Acting Staff Officer (Combined Operations)
A/SSFO Anti-Submarine Ship Fitting Officer
A/STTV Anti-Submarine Target Towing Vessels
A/SYacht Anti-Submarine Yacht
A/T Anti-Torpedo
A/T, A/TK, A TK, Anti-tk, Atk, A-tk Anti-Tank
AA Active Army, Army Act, Anti-Aircraft, Assistant Adjutant
AA ENGR Acting Artificer Engineer
A-A FWN, A-A FWN Acting Assistant Forewoman
AA&CD Anti-Aircraft Coast Defence
AA&QMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
AA(MG)BRCA Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
AA(MG)BRCAST Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery Searchlight Troop
AA(MG)TRCA Anti-Aircraft (Machine Gun) Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
AA/BA Acting Anti-Submarine Artificer
AAA Appointed Assistant Adjutant
AAAFCRCA Anti-Aircraft Artillery Formation Camp, Royal Canadian Artillery
AAARC Artillery Anti-Aircraft Reinforcement Camp
AAB"Z"F Anti-Aircraft Battery "Z" Force (Iceland)
AABS/LTRCA Anti-Aircraft Battery Searchlight Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
AABSRCCS Anti-Aircraft Brigade Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
AABW/SRCOC Anti-Aircraft Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
AAC Army Air Corps
AACC Australian Army Catering Corps
AACU Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
AADC Anti-aircraft Defence Command
AAF Auxiliary Air Force, Allied Air Forces
AAG Assistant Adjutant-General
AAGORRCA Anti-Aircraft Gun Operations Room, Royal Canadian Artillery
AAH Australian Auxiliary Hospital
AAI Allied Armies in Italy
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
A-AMD1 Acting-Adjutant Military District No 1
AAMWS Australian Army Medical Women's Service
AANS Army Auxiliary Nursing Service, Australian Army Nursing Service
AAOC Australian Army Ordnance Corps
AARRCA Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
AAS Air Armament School
AAS/LCoy Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company
AASC Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company, Australian Army Service Corps
AASS Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Section
AAUS&FWTC Anti-Aircraft Unit Staging & Fortress Weapon Training Camp
AB Army Book, Able Seaman
AB CPS, ABC Army Bearer Corps
AB RY BN Assam Bengal Railway Battalion
AB, AB Able Seaman (from Able Bodied)
ABCD Atomic, Biological, Chemical & Defensive Warfare Course
ABO Air Board Order
ABOCROC Armoured Brigade Ordnance Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
ABPO Army Base Post Office, Canadian Postal Corps, Advanced Base Post Office
ABPostal Able Seaman (Postal)
ABranch Adjutant General's Branch
Abs Absent, Absence
ABW/SRCOC Advanced Base Workshop (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps)
AC Aircraft Carrier, Armoured Car, Aircraft Controlman, Army Corps, Ambulance Corps, Armourer's Crew, Aircraft, Australian Comforts Fund, Aircraftman
AC CTR Assistant Chief Controller
AC SECT Armoured Car Section
AC SGT Acting Colour Sergeant
AC&R Appointments, Commissions and Rewards
AC&WSqn Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
AC, AR CR Armourer's Crew
AC1 (1,2) Aircraftman 1st Class (2nd Class)
ACBO Acting Bombardier
ACC Army Cyclist Corps, Army Catering Corps, Anglican Church of Canada
Acc Kd Accidentally Killed
Accn Accommodation
ACCT & TR Accountant & Treasurer
ACD Army Chaplains Department
ACG Assistant Chaplain General
ACGS Assistant Chief of the General Staff
ACHQ Air Command Headquarters
ACHRCAMC Alton Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
ACHU Armoured Corps Holding Unit
ACI Army Council Instruction
ACIAF Appraisal Course Interim Army Force
ACk Assistant Cook
ACLANT Allied Command North Atlantic
AC-LT Acting Lieutenant
A-CLY TIND Acting Cooly Tindal
ACMF Allied Central Mediterranean Force
ACNB Australian Commonwealth Naval Board
ACNI Assistant Commander of Naval Information
ACNS Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff
ACO Air Cadet Officer
ACOp Aircraft Control Operator
ACOS Assistant Chief of Staff
AC-OSAILS Army Co-operative Squad Air Intelligence Liaison Section
ACO-WPA Area Commandant Order - Work Point Area
AC-QM Acting Quarter Master
ACQM SGT Acting Company Quarter Master Sergeant
ACR Armoured Car Regiment
ACS Air Cadet Squadron, Atlantic Command Signals, Airfield Construction Squadron
ACSAILSCASF Atlantic Command Squadron Army Intelligence Liaison Section, Canadian Active Service Force
AC-SE Acting Sergeant
ACSIC Atlantic Command Security Intelligence Section
ACSILS Atlantic Command Squadron Intelligence Liaison Section
ACSqn Army Co-operation Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
ACSU Acting Surgeon
ACT Annual Camp Training, Acting Rank
ACT AD Acting Adjutant
ACT AM1 Acting Air Mechanic 1st Class
ACT AR MT Acting Armourer's Mate
ACT ARMR Acting Armourer
ACT CH ARM Acting Chief Armourer
ACT CMM Acting Chief Motor Mechanic
ACT L STO Acting Leading Stoker
ACT SPO Acting Stoker Petty Officer
ACTIVE CITIZEN F Active Citizen Force
ACTLS Acting Leading Seaman
ACU Aircrew Conditioning Units
ACV Armoured Command Vehicle, Aircraft Carrier Vessels
ACW, AW(1,2) Aircraftwoman (1st, 2nd Class)
AD Air Defence, Air Dispatch, Army Department, Administration & Discipline, Arvida Defences, Aircraft Depot, Artillery Depot
AD COMM Assistant Deputy Commissary
AD CORPS, ADC Army Dental Corps
AD SVT Admirals Servant
AD&M(S) Advanced Driving and Maintenance (School)
AD&MTCRCAR Advanced Driving and Maintenance Training Centre, Royal Canadian Artillery Reinforcements
AD(Svy) Assistant Director of Surveys
ADADMS Acting-Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
ADAG Assistant Deputy Adjutant-General
ADAPS Assistant Director Army Postal Services
ADB(RdeC)CICEC Airfield Defence Battalion (Regiment de Chateauguay) Canadian Infantry Corps, East Coast
ADC Aerodrome Defence Company, Aide-de-Camp
ADCP(N) Assistant Director Civilian Personnel (Navy)
ADCS Assistant Director Chaplain Services
ADDS Assistant Director of Dental Services
ADED Assistant Director of Engineer Development
ADEN TRP Aden Troop
ADES Assistant Director of Engineer Services, Assistant Director of Educational Services
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADGMS Assistant Director General Medical Services
ADGT Assistant Director General of Transportation
ADH Australian Dermatalogical Hospital
ADHOC(G) Ad Hoc Greek Battalion
ADHQ Air Defence Headquarters
ADIO Assistant Director of Internment Operations
Adj, Adjt Adjutant
ADL Assistant Director of Labour
ADLR Assistant Director of Light Railways
ADM(N) Assistant Deputy Minister (Naval)
Adm, Adm'd Admitted, Administration
Adm, Admin Administration, Administrator, Admitted
AdmClk Administrative Clerk
ADMGO Assistant Deputy Master General of Ordnance
ADMIN O Administrative Order
ADMS Assistant Director of Medical Services
ADNO Assistant Director Naval Ordnance
ADNP Assistant Director of Naval Personnel
ADOS Assistant Director of Ordnance Services
ADP Automatic Data Processing, Aerodrome Defence Platoon
ADPC Assistant Director of Pay Corps
ADPM Assistant Director Provost Marshal
ADQMG Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General
ADQMG(AE) Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General (Army Equipment)
ADR Airfield Damage Repair
ADRCAPC Aldershot Detachments, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
ADRCASC Area Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
ADRT Assistant Director Railway Traffic
ADS Assistant Director of Sanitation, Assistant Director of Services, Army Dressing Station, Advanced Dressing Station
ADS&T, ADST Assistant Director of Stores (Supplies) and Transport
ADSRCS Armoured Divisional Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
ADTC(CAD)RCASC Armoured Division Troops Company (Canadian Armoured Division), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
ADTCSRCASC Armoured Division Troop Carrying Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
ADTD Assistant Director Technical Division
ADTech Air Defence Technician
ADTN Assistant Director Transportation
ADUC Advanced Driving Universal Carriers
Adv Advance(d)
ADV LHQ Advanced Land Headquarters
ADVS Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
Advtrg Advanced Training
ADW/SPACRCASC Advanced Detachment Workshop Pl Art Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
AE Algerine Escorts
AEC Army Educational Corps, Area Employment Company, Army Enlistment Centre, Army Education Corps
AED Ammunition Empties Detachment
AEF Allied Expeditionary Force, American Expeditionary Force
AEinC Assistant Engineer in Chief
AEM Air Engine Mechanic
AEME Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
AERE Aerospace Engineer
AETech Aero Engine Technician
AF Anglo French, Army Form, Active Force, Air Fitter
AFA Army (or Australian) Field Artillery
AFA Australian Field Artillery
AFBRCCS Army Field Brigade, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
AFC Air Force Cross, Armed Forces Council, Australian Flying Corps
AFHQ Allied Forces Headquarters, Air Force Headquarters
AFI Auxiliary Forces, India
AFM Air Force Medal, Air Frame Mechanic
AFO Admiralty Fleet Orders
AFPac Allied Forces Pacific
AFPO Armed Forces Post Office
AFR Anglo French
AFR N MED C African Native Medical Corps
AFRS Army Field Regiment Signal, Armed Forces Radio Service
AFRSRCASC Army Field Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
AFS Advanced Flying School
AFSC Armed Forces Staff College
AFSCRCASC Armed Forces Sleeper Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
AFSS Army Field Security Section
AFTech Airframe Technician
AFTS Applied Flying Training School
AFTU Air Fighter Training Unit
AFU Advance Flying Unit, Air Fighting Unit
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle
AFVW/SSRCOC Armoured Fighting Vehicle Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
AFW/SRCOC Army Field Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
A-FWN Acting Forewoman
AG Adjutant General, Air Gunner
AG (1, 2, 3) Adjutant General (1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade)
AGB Adjutant General's Base
AGC Adjutant General's Corps
AGCB Awarded Good Conduct Badge
AGGTS Air Gunners Ground Training School
AGH Australian General Hospital
AGHU "A" Group Holding Unit
AGRA Army Group Royal Artillery
AGRCA Army Group Royal Canadian Artillery
AGRCAS Army Group Royal Canadian Artillery Signals
AGRE Army Group, Royal Engineers
AGRU "A" Group Reinforcement Unit
AGS Allied Geographic Section, Army Gymnastic Staff
AG'S OFFICE Adjutant General's Office
AGTS Aircrew Graduate Training Schools
AGYMST, A GYM ST Army Gymnastic Staff
AH Aircraft Handler
AHC, AH CPS, AH CORPS Army Hospital Corps
AHQ Army Headquarters, Air Headquarters
AHQCAPO Area Headquarters Canadian Army Post Office
AHU Administrative and Holding Units, Artillery Holding Unit
AI Acting Interpreter, Assistant Instructor
AIB Allied Intelligence Bureau, "A" Infantry Battalion
AIC Australian Instructional Corps
AICVGOFC Angler Internment Camp Veterans Guard of Canada
AID Aeronautical Inspection District
AIEMSupt Aircraft Instrument and Electrical Maintenance Superintendent
AIF Australian Imperial Force
AIFV Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
AIG Address Indicating Group
AILS(A)D Army Intelligence Liaison Section (Armoured) Division
AILSection Air Intelligence Liaison Section, Army Intelligence Liaison Section
AIR Assistant Instructor's Regiment
AIR CMDRE Air Commodore
AirB Air Bomber
AirBosn Air Boatswain
AirlineCoy Airline Company, Royal Engineers
AIRMOB Airmobile
AirTCon Air Traffic Controller
AIS Aeronautical Inspectors School, Assistant Inspector of Searchlights, Aviation Instructional Staff
AITC(R) Advanced Infantry Training Centre (Reserve)
aka Also Known As, Alias
AL Air Mechanic (Electrics)
AL Ry Australian Light Railway
ALC Army Legal Corps, Australian Landing Craft, Assault Landing Craft
ALD, AL/DFD Acting Lance Dafadar
ALFN Allied Land Forces Norway
ALFSEA Allied Land Forces South East Asia
AlgR, ALQ R, AR Algonquin Regiment, Algerine Escorts
ALI (15th Regiment) Argyll Light Infantry, Argyll Light Infantry
Allce Allowance
ALO Air Liaison Officer, Australian Liaison Officer
ALOC Advanced Logistics Officers Course
ALQ R, AlgR, AR Algonquin Regiment
Alta Alberta
ALTA REGIMENT Alberta Regiment
ALWAR IS INFY Alwar Imperial Service Infantry
AM Albert Medal, Air Mechanic
AM GR1 Air Mechanic Grade 1
AM(No) Admiralty Publication
AM1 Air Mechanic 1st Class
AMAE Air Member for Aeronautical Engineering
AMAP Air Member Air Plan
AMAS Air Member for Air Staff
Amb Ambulance
AMB Armoured Motor Battery
AMB HVLDR Ambulance Havildar
AMB MANNERS Ambulance Manners
AMC Armed Merchant Cruiser, Alberni Military Camp, Army Medical Centre, Arnprior Military Camp, Australian Medical Corps, Army Medical Corps
AMCTD Army Medical Corps Training Depot
AMCU Anti-Malarial Control Unit
AMD Auxiliary Manning Depot
Am'd Amended
AME Armament Maintenance Establishment
AMER American
AMER AMB HOSP American Ambulance Hospital
AMERCA Armament Maintenance Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery
AMF Australian Military Forces
AMFO Assistant Military Forwarding Officer
AMG Allied Military Government
AMHRCAMC Alberni (or Aldershot, Angler, Arvida) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
AMLO Assistant Military Landing Officer
AMM SUB PK, ASP Ammunition Sub Park
Amn, Ammn(Col) Ammunition (Column)
AMO Administrative Medical Officer
AMOE Air Member for Organization and Equipment
AmoTech Ammunition Technician
AMP Air Member for Personnel, Assam Military Police
AMPTE Ambulance Private
AMS Assistant Military Secretary, Air Member for Supply, Air Member for Supply, Army Medical Service or Staff, Australian Minesweepers
AMSC Advanced Military Studies course
AMSupt Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent
AMT Air Member for Training
AMT QM SJT Armament Quarter Master Sergeant
AMT S MJR Armament Sergeant Major
AMTRS Area Mechanical Transport Repair Shops
AMTS Australian Mechanical Transport Service
AMU Air Movements Unit
AN Air Mechanic (Engines)
AN & MEF Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force
A-N SISTER Acting Nursing Sister
ANAV Air Navigator
ANCB Army & Navy Canteen Board
ANCW Australian National Council of Women
AND Admiralty Net Defence
ANGAU Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit
ANGLS Autonomous Navigation and Gun Laying System
ANLO Australian Naval Liaison Officer
ANS Air Navigation School
ANSec Assistant Naval Secretary
ANSON BTTN RND Anson Battalion Royal Naval Division
ANV Army and Navy Veterans
ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
AO Army Order, Area of Operations, Accountant Officer, Air Mechanic (Ordnance)
AOB Advanced Operational Base
AOC Air Officer Commanding
AOC Army Ordnance Corps, Area Officer Commanding, Air Officer Commanding
AOC-in-C Air Officer Commanding in Chief
AOD Army Ordnance Department, Army Ordnance Depot, Adjutant on Duty
AODRCOC Advanced Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
AOF Ancient Order of Foresters
AOP Air Observation Post
AOPSRCA Air Observation Post Squadron, Royal Canadian Artillery
AOPSRCAF Air Observation Post Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
AOS Air Observer School
AOW/SRCOC Army Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
AP Armour Piercing, Ammunition Point, Air Publication, Aid Post, Assigned Pay, Apothecary, Air Police, Administration & Personnel Section (Organization)
A-P CPL Acting Provost Corporal
AP DEPT Army Paymasters Dept
AP&Rs Appointments, Promotions and Retirement List
APA-TR (Advanced Party) Anti-Tank Regiment
APC Armoured Personnel Carrier
APC Army Pay Corps, Army Postal Corps
APCAS Administration Personnel Canadian Army Shows
APCASEU(AS) Administration Personnel Canadian Auxiliary Services Entertainment Unit (Army Shows)
APCBOW/SRCOC Advanced Party Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
APCFC Advance Party Canadian Forestry Corps
APCHRCAMC Alderbrooke Park Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
APD Army Provost Depot, Army Pay Department
APDOFPRCOC Advance Party Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
APDS Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot
APE Address Prior to Enlistment
APFARCAMC Advance Party Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
APHQADADHQ Advanced Party Headquarters Armoured Division Advance Divisional Headquarters
APIS Air Photo Interpretation Section, Army Photographic Interpretation Section
APISCintC Army Photographic Interpretation Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
APLU Army Pay Ledger Unit
APM Assistant Provost Marshal
APO(C) Army Post Office (Corps)
APPCE Apprentice
Appces Appendices
Apptmts Appointments
APPU (Canadian) Army Photo Processing Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
APPUCPC Advance Party Postal Unit Canadian Postal Corps
Appx Appendix
APS Army Postal Service
APS(N) Assistant Private Secretary To the Minister (Navy)
APSS Army Printing and Stationery Services
APTC Army Physical Training Corps
APTo"Z"F Attached Personnel to "Z" Force (Iceland)
AQMG Assistant Quartermaster General
AR Algonquin Regiment, Air Radio, Air Rigger, Assam Rifles
AR MTE Armourer's Mate
AR(1H)CACAP Armoured Regiment, (1st Hussars) Canadian Armoured Corps Advance Party
AR(BCD) Armoured Regiment, British Columbia Dragoons
AR(FGH) Armoured Regiment, (Fort Garry Horse)
AR(GGFG)AD Armoured Regiment, (Governor General's Horse Guards) Armoured Division
AR(GGHG)CA Armoured Regiment, (Governor General's Horse Guards) Canadian Army
AR(H) Armoured Regiment, (Hussars)
AR(LSH)(RC)AF Armoured Regiment, (Lord Strathcona's Horse) (Royal Canadians) Active Force
AR(LSH)AP Armoured Regiment, (Lord Strathcona's Horse) Advance Party
ARA Australian Regular Army
ARAB RIF Arab Rifles
ARB Labourer
ARC Appraisal and Refresher Course, Aircrew (or Army) Reception Centre
ARCM Associate, Royal College of Music
ARCR, AC Armourer's Crew
ARCS Australian Red Cross Society
ARD Alberta Regimental Depot, Alberta Reinforcement Depot, Aircraft Repair Depot, Aircraft Receiving Depot
Area Engr Area Engineer
ARH Army Rail Head
ARITCIC Army Refuge Interrogation Team, Canadian Intelligence Corps
ARL Admiralty Research Laboratory
ARM C COY Armoured Car Company
ARM CAR RN Armoured Cars Royal Navy
Arm(BorG) Armourer (Bombs or Guns)
Arm, Armr Armour, Armourer
Armd Armoured
ARMR S MJR Armourer Sergeant Major
ARmtSPC Armament Systems Performance Checker
ARMW Army Reserve Munitions Worker
ARO Administrative Routine Orders, Admiralty Record Office, Admiralty Reporting Officer
ARP Air Raid Precautions
ARP Ammunition Refilling Point, Air Raid Precautions
ARRC Associate of the Royal Red Cross, Allied (or Army) Rapid Reaction Corps
ARS Army Remount Service, Advanced Regulating Station
Art Artillery, article
ART DPT Artillery Depot
ART ENG, ART ENGR, ArtEngr Artificer Engineer
ART HVLDR Artificer Havildar
ARTech Aircraft Refinishing Technician
ARTFR Artificer
ARTILLERY EA Artillery Egyptian Army
ARTY IDF Garrison Artillery Indian Defence Force
Arty Loc Artillery Locator
Arty Svy Artillery Surveyor, Artillery Survey
Arty Tech Artillery Technician
Arty, Art Artillery
Artymn Artilleryman
ARU Artillery Reinforcement Unit, Australian Remount Unit
ARV Armoured Recovery Vehicle
AS Air Radio Mechanic (Air Wireless), Air Secretary
AS and ACSU Assistant and Acting Surgeon
AS SJT Acting Staff Sergeant
AS&DB Army Salvage & Disposal Board
ASADJ and 2L Assistant Adjutant and Second Lieutenant
ASC Army Service Corps, Advanced Surgical Centre, Aerospace System Engineering Projects Officer
ASCA Auxiliary Services Canadian Army
ASCL Assistant Clerk
ASCO Assistant Commodore
ASCRCE Area Signal Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
ASD Army Schools Department
ASE Army Survey Establishment, Active Service Force
ASGT, ASJT Acting Sergeant
ASH Australian Stationary Hospital
ASHBURNERS LH Ashburner's Light Horse
ASIN Assistant Engineer
ASL Admiral Superintendent, Alexandria
ASLAD Army Signals Light Aid Detachment
ASM Assistant Station Master
ASNU Assistant Nurse
ASO Area Security Officer, Armament Supply Officer, Assistant Supply Officer, Assistant Section Officer, Area Searchlight Officer
ASO(I) Assistant Staff Officer (Intelligence)
ASP Ammunition Sub Park, Admiralty Salvage Pontoon, Air Stores Park (406) (Royal Canadian Air Force)
ASPU Assistant Purveyor
ASR Air Sea Rescue Flight
ASS Army Staff Section
ASS V LH, ASSAMVLH. AVLH Assam Valley Light Horse
ASSAM MP Assam Military Police
ASSAM RIF Assam Rifles
Asst Assistant
ASST BUTCHER Assistant Butcher
ASST CK Assistant Cook
ASST FRN Assistant Foreman
ASST KEL Assistant Steward
ASST LNDRYMAN Assistant Laundryman
ASST SGN, ASST SURGN Assistant Surgeon
ASST STD Assistant Steward
ASST STO Assistant Stoker
AsstNSec Assistant Naval Secretary
AsstPayr, ASST PAYR Assistant Paymaster
ASSU Assistant Superintendent, Air Support Signal Unit
ASTO Assistant Transport Officer
ASU Air Supply Unit, Aircraft Storage Unitrs
ASU Assistant Surgeon
A-SURG Acting Surgeon
ASV Anti-Surface Vessel
AsvyCoy Air Survey Company
ASW Anti-Submarine Warning, Anti-Submarine Warfare
ASWG Australian Special Wireless Group
AT Army Troops, Armoured Train, Auxiliary Tanker, Ocean-going Tug, Air Artificer (Airframes and Engines), Aviation Technician
AT COY, Atps, ATCoy Army Troops Company
ATA Air Transport Auxiliary (British)
ATAT Allied Tactical Air Force
ATB Allied Torpedo Boats
ATB(OR) Army Tank Battalion (Ontario Regiment)
ATBA able to bear arms
ATBHSSRCOC Army Tank Brigade, Heavy Support Squadron, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
ATBOFPRCOC Army Tank Brigade, Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
ATC Advance Training Centre, Air Traffic Centre, Air Traffic Control, Air Training Corps
ATC ENG Army Tunneling Engineers
ATCDE Awarded the Canadian Efficiency Decoration
ATCR Advanced Training Centre Reserve
ATCRCE Army Troops Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
ATF Australian Task Force
ATI Access to Information Act
Atl Atlantic
AtmstSTech Armament Systems Technician
ATO Ammunition Technical Officer, Aircraft Torpedo Office, Air Treasury Office
ATP Annual Training Pay
ATps Army Troops
ATR(1H) Army Tank Regiment (1st Hussars)
ATRRCACASF Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force
ATS Army Trades School, Auxiliary Territorial Service
Att, Attchd, Att'd, Attach Attached
ATTA Full duties and return for treatment
ATTB Light Duties - Excused Physical Training Drill and Commanding Officer's Parades, Advance Tactical Training Base
ATTC Excused all duties - Confined to barracks or home
ATTC-48 Excused all duties for 48 hours
ATTD RN DIV, ATTD RND Attached Royal Naval Division
AttP Attached Personnel
ATTU Air Target Towing Unit
ATX Admiralty Trunk Exchange
AU Amplifier Unit
A-U ADTR Assistant Under Administrator
AUCWAC Administrative Unit Canadian Women's Army Corps
AudGeneral Auditor General (National Defence Staff)
AUR All up Round
AUS Army of the United States
AUS VOL HOSP Australian Volunteer Hospital
AUST Australian
Auth Authorized, Authority
Auto Automobile
Aux Auxiliary, Auxiliary Services
AUX Auxilliary
Aux Serv Auxiliary Services
Aux(A) Senior Auxiliary Services Officer (Air)
Aux(N) Senior Auxiliary Services Officer (Naval)
AuxA/SA Auxiliary Anti-Aircraft Ships
AuxMS Auxiliary Minesweepers
AuxServ Canadian Auxiliary Services
AVC Army Veterinary Corps
AVES Australian Veterinary Evacuating Station
AVGO Auxiliary Vessels Gunnery Officer
AVGP Armoured Vehicle General Purpose (Grizzly, Cougar and Bison)
AVH Australian Veterinary Hospital
AVLB Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
AVLH Assam Valley Light Horse
AVM, A/V/M Air Vice Marshal
AvnTech Aviation Technician
AVR Aircraft Rescue Vessel (US)
AVRE Armoured Vehicle, Royal Engineers
AVS Army Veterinary Service
AvsTech Avionics Technician
AW Administrative Writer
AWAS Australian Women's Army Service
AWC Air Weapons Control, Air War College
AWCoy Artizan Works Company
Awd'd Awarded
AWF Army War College Fellowship
AWL Away With Leave, Absent Without Leave
AWM Australian War Memorial
AWO CL(1,2) Acting Warrant Officer Class 1,2
AWOL Absent without leave
AWS Air War College Fellowship
AWSqn All-weather Squadron
AY, AYR Y, AYR YEO, AyrYeo Ayrshire Yeomanry (Earl of Carrick's Own)


B & CI RY BN IDF Bombay & Central Indian Railway Battalion Indian Defence Force
B & GFU Bombing and Gunnery Flying Unit
B & R Blues and Royals
B & WD Berkshire and Westminster Dragoons
B AMIN Boy Administrator
B ART Boy Artificer
B BUGR Boy Bugler
B CK, Bcook Boy Cook
B of the MG of the ONDHQ Branch of the Master General of the Ordnance, National Defence Headquarters Company
B Report Burial Report
B Rlwy VOL CORPS Burma Railway Volunteer Corps
B SHAWISH Bash Shawish
B SVT Boy Servant
B TEL, BOY TEL Boy Telegraphist
BA Bandsman, Bermuda Area
BAC Brigade Ammunition Column, British Air Commission
BACCS Backbone Air Command and Control System
BAD British Admiralty Delegation
BADR(PC) British Admiralty Delegation Representative, Pacific Coast
BAFO British Air Force Overseas
BAGANDA RIF Baganda Rifles
BAGS Bombing and Air Gunnery School
BAL INFY, BALUCH INF, BALUCHIS Baluchistan Infantry, Baluchis
BALSK British Army Liaison Staff Kenya
BALTAP Baltic Approaches
BAM Large Minesweeper
BAMR British Admiralty Maintenance Representative
BAMS Broadcasts to Allied Merchant Ships
Bandsmn Bandsman
Bandsmn(Prob) Bandsman (Probationer)
BAO Base Accounting Officer
BAPO Base Army Post Office
BARKLY W CDO Barkley West Commando
BARM British Advisory Repair Mission
BARS Salvage Vessel
BarTdr Bar Tender
BAS(O) British Army Staff (Officers)
BAS(OR) British Army Staff (Other Ranks)
BASM Battalion Sergeant Major
BASR British Admiralty Supply and Repairs, British Admiralty Supply Representative
BASRAH SURVEYS Basrah Surveys Department
BAT Beam Approach Training
BATM British Admiralty Technical Mission
Batt Battery
Batt'n, Batt Battalion
BATUS British Army Training Unit, Suffield
BAV Boom Attendant Vessels
BAYS Queen's Bays
BB Battleship, Bailey Bridge, Bugle Band
BB & CL RLWY REGT Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway Regt
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BC British Columbia, Battery Commander, Base, Commander, Base Commandant
BCA Battery Commander's Assistant, Biscay and Channel Area
BCATP British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
BCC Bikanir Camel Corps
BCD British Columbia Dragoons
BCH Barriefield Camp Hospital
BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force
BCPO Base Civilian Personnel Officer
BCQ Base Commander, Queensborough
BCR British Columbia Regiment
BCRCASC Bridge Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
BCRD British Columbia Regimental Depot
BCRGA Bermuda Contingent Royal Garrison Artillery
BCRM British-Canadian Recruiting Mission
BCSO British Central Scientific Office
BD Base Depot, Blood Donor
BD CPL Band Corporal
BDB Branch Detention Barracks
BDC Battle Drill Course
BDCASS "Bandoliers" Detachment - Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
BDCRE Bomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers
BDD Boom Defence Depot
BDE Balloon Development Establishment
Bde, Bgde Brigade
BdeGp Brigade Group
BdmR Bandsman
BDO Boom Defence Officer
BDofMS Base Depot of Medical Stores
Bdr, Bmbr, Bde Bombardier
BDS Battle Drill School
BDS Bomb Disposal School
BD-SE Band Sergeant
Bdsm, Bdm, Bdn, Bd Bandsman
BDTC Battle Drill Training Centre
BDV Boom Defence Vessel
BDZ Commander in Chief Netherlands Navy, London
BEC British Escort Craft, Basic Electronics Course
BECHL'D PROT MP Bechuanaland Protectorate Mounted Police
BECHUANALAND RIF Buchuanaland Rifles
BED STD Bedroom Steward
BEDDIE'S SCTS Beddies Scouts
BEDF YEO Bedford Yeomanry
BedfR, Bedf, Beds Bedfordshire Regiment
BEDFS & HERTS R, BEDS & HERTS R Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
BedfYeo, BY Bedfordshire Yeomanry
BEF British Expeditionary Force, Before
BELFIELD SCTS Belfield Scouts
BELG Belgium
BELGIAN OX TPT Belgian Ox Transport
BEM British Empire Medal, Bengal, Basic Electronics Mechanic
BENBOW BTTN RND Benbow Battalion Royal Naval Division
BEREDE BDE Berede Brigade, De Berede Brigade
BerksR Berkshire Regiment
BerksYeo Berkshire Yeomanry
BERMUDA ART Bermuda Artillery
BERMUDA VRC Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps
BESL British Empire Service League
BET Basic Educational Test
BETHAL CDO Bethal Commando
BETHUNE'S MI Bethune's Mounted Infantry
Betw, Btwn Between
BF Bring Forward
BFA Battle First Aid, Blank Firing Attachment
BFG British Forces Germany
BFPA British Forces Post Overseas, British Forces Post Office
BFPO British Forces Post Overseas
BFTS Basic Flying Training School
BG Brigade Group, Brigadier-General, Battlegroup, Base Gagetown
BG RYS Broad Gauge Railway
BG, BGEN, BRIG-GEN, BRIG GEN Brigadier General
BGC(C)RCASC Brigade Group Company (Company) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
BGE TIND Barge Tindal
BGGS Brigadier General General Staff
BGH British General Hospital
BGHQ Battlegroup Headquarters
Bglr Bugler
BGRA Brigadier General Royal Artillery
BGRAM Basegram
BGROC Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
BGS Brigadier, General Staff
BGS, B & GS Bombing and Gunnery School
BH&MDATKRRCA Beachy Head & Michel Dean Anti-Tank Ranges Royal Canadian Artillery
BHAMO BN BMP Bhamo Battalion Burma Military Police
BHAVN IS LRS Bhavnagar Imperial Service Lancers
BHDY Bhandary
BHOPAL INF Bhopal Infantry
BHOPAL IS LRS Bhopal Imperial Service Lancers
bhp Brake Horse Power
BHQ Battery/Battalion/Brigade Headquarters
BHQS Barriefield Headquarters Staff
BHRRCA Beachy Head Ranges, Royal Canadian Artillery
BHX Bermuda Portion of Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
BI Bandsman Instrumentalist
BIB "B" Infantry Battalion
BIC Bowmanville Interment Camp
BioTech Biosciences Technician
BItoCSGHQEAGP Brussels Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon Army Group
BJCB British Joint Communications Board
BK Battery Captain, Blacksmith
BK S MJR Barrack Sergeant Major
BKMS, BQM SJT, BQMS Battery Quarter Master Sergeant
BKR Baker
Bks Barracks
BL Breech Loading
BLC Breech Loading Converted
bldg(s) Building(s)
Bldmth, Bk, Blk, Blksth, B Smith Blacksmith
BLFN British Land Forces Norway
BLH Behar Light Horse
BLKS MTE Blacksmith's Mate
BLOC Basic Logistics Officers Course
BLOEMHOF CDO Bloemhof Commando
BLRMKR, BMKR Boilermaker
BLU British Liaison Unit
BLYR Bricklayer
BM Brigade Major, Brevet Major, Bertram Mackennal
BM POLICE, BMP Burma Military Police
BM RIF Bengal Mounted Rifles
BMA Band Master
BMCA British Maintenance Commander, Argentina
BMD Bengal Medical Department, Burma Medical Department
BMET Bio-Medical Engineering Technician
BMH British (or Brandon, Brantford) Military Hospital
BMH(PHI) Brockville Military Hospital (PHI)
BMHRCAMC Botwood (or Bowmanville, Brampton) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
Bmn Bandsman
BMP ATTD 15/SIKHS Burma Military Police Attached 15th Sikhs
BMQ Basic Military Qualification
BMR Bandmaster, Border Mounted Rifles, Burma Militia Rifles/Regiment
BMS Brigade Medical Station, Battle (field) Management System
BMSM British Merchant Shipping Mission
BMV Boom Maintenance Vessels
BMWT British Ministry of War Transport
BMWTR British Ministry of War Transport Representative
Bn Battalion, Boatswain
BN & PSHRCAMC Basingstoke Neurological & Plastic Surgery Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
BN EA Battalion Egyptian Army
BN RLWY BN Bengal Nagpur Railway Battalion
BNA British Naval Attache
BNAF British North African Forces
Bndsmn Bandsman
BNH Basingstoke Neurological Hospital
BNI Bengal Native Infantry
BNLO British Naval Liaison Officer
BNLO(RHN) British Naval Liaison Officer (Royal Hellenic Navy)
BO Bombardier
BO CMT DEPT Bombay Commissariat Department
BO GRDS Bombay Guards
BO GRNDS Bombay Grenadiers
BO MD Bombay Medical Dept
BO NI Bombay Native Infantry
BOAT HD Boat Hand
Boatsn Boatswain
BOC Base Officer, Chasseurs
BOCC Burial Officer Canadian Corps
BOD Base Ordnance Depot
BOH British Official History
Bomb Bombardier, Bombing
BOMBAY ARTY IDF Bombay Artillery Indian Defence Force
BOMBAY BN IDF Bombay Battalion Indian Defence Force
BOMBAY LH Bombay Light Horse
BOMBAY VOL AR, BOMBAY VOL ART Bombay Volunteer Artillery
BOMBAY VOL RIF Bombay Volunteer Rifles
BOQ Bachelor Officers Quarters
BOR Battalion Orderly Room, Battery Operations Room, British Other Ranks
Bord R, BORDER Border Regiment
BORDER H Border Horse
BORDER SCTS Border Scouts
BOS Battalion Orderly Sergeant
BOS & M Bombay Sappers and Miners
Bosn Boatswain
BOTC Basic Officers Training Course
BOTHA'S BS Botha's Berede Skutters
BOTHA'S CDO Botha's Commando
BOTHA'S HR Botha's Hogeveldt Ruiters
BOTHA'S M RIF Botha's Mounted Rifles
BOTHA'S NATAL H Botha's Natal Horse
BOTHA'S SCTS Botha's Scouts
BOW Base Ordnance Workshop
Boy Boy
BOY SIG, BoySig Boy Signaller
Boy1 Boy 1st Class
BPA Bureau of Pensions Advocates
BPC Beach Protection Craft, Base Planning Committee, Board of Pension Commissioners
BPET Battle Physical Efficiency Test
BPO Base Post Office
BPOCPC Base Post Office Canadian Postal Corps
BPSO Base Personnel Selection Office
BPT Battle Practice Target
BPV Beach Protection Vessel
BR British, Bearer, Brother, Book of Reference, Brockville Rifles, Bomber, Bombing and Reconnaissance Squadron
BR COY Bearer Company
BR WIR British West Indies Regiment
br(s) Bridge(s)
BRABANT'S H Brabant's Horse
BRAND'S CDO Brand's Commando
BRANDS FS RFLS, BRANDS FSR Brand's Free State Rifles
BRAND'S H Brand's Horse
BRAND'S VSS Brand's Vry Staat Skutters
BRC(S) British Red Cross (Society)
BRCA Battery Royal Canadian Artillery
BRCE Battalion Royal Canadian Artillery
BRCHA Battery Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
BrColRgt, BR COL RGT British Columbia Regiment
BRCS & O ST JJ, BRCS&OStJJ British Red Cross Society & Order of St John of Jerusalem
Brig Brigadier
Brig-Gen Brigadier-General
Brit British
BRITSTOWN CDO Britstown Commando
BRLO British Routing Liaison Officer
BRO British Routing Officer
BrockR Brockville Rifles
BRPRCOC Boot Rebuilding Plant, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
BRSC British Rear Support Command
BRSqn Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
BS Brigade School, Battle Squadron, Berede Skutters
BS MATE Blacksmiths Mate
BS MJR Battery Sergeant Major
BS(M)RCASC Bakery Section (Mechanical), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
BSA Barents Sea Area
BSA CO P British South African Company Police
BSAP British South African Police
BSASSRCS Base Sub Area Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
BSC Base Staging Camp
BSD Base Supply Depot, Brandon Supply Depot
BSM Battalion (or Battery, Brigade) Sergeant Major
BSMA Brigade Sergeant Major
BSO British Staff Officer, (Commander in Chief) Netherlands Forces in the East
BSRCE Boring Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
BSS Base Supply Ship
B'sun Boatswain
BT Brevet, Bridging Train
Bt, Bty, Btty Battery
BTC Basic Training Centre
BTC(A) Basic Training Centre (Active)
BTC(R) Basic Training Centre (Reserve)
BTE British Troops Egypt
Btln Battalion
Btswn Boatswain
BU, Bug, Buglr Bugler
BUACPATSO British Units Affecting Canadian Personnel Army Trades School Officers
BUCKS Buckinghamshire
BucksYeo, Buc Yeo Buckinghamshire Yeomanry
BUDOCKS Bureau of Yards and Docks (US)
BUFFS Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)
BUMA Bugle Major
BUPTE Bugler Private
BURG, BURG WERKER Burger (Civilian) Worker
BURMA MIL P Burma Military Police
BURMA RIF Burma Rifles
BUSE Bugle Sergeant
BUSH CBNRS Bushveldt Carbineers
BUSH'LD BORD Bushmanland Borderers
BUSRA British US Routing Agreement
BUSRS British-United States Routing Agreement
BUSUP Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (US)
Butcher Butcher
BUTTFTN CDO Buttfontein Commando
BW Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
BW(RHC) Black Watch (Royal Highlanders of Canada)
BWI British West Indies
BWIR British West Indies Regiment
BWRCEME Base Workshop Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
BX Boston-Halifax Convoy
BY Bedfordshire Yeomanry, Berkshire Yeomanry
BY NI Bombay Native Infantry
BYHC Buckinghamshire Cavalry Hussars
BYHC Buckinghamshire Yeomanry Cavalry Hussars
BYMS British "Y" Class Minesweeper
BZ Bristol Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
BZA Brazilian Area


C Canadian, Censor, Commissioned, Company, Cook
C & TC Commissariat and Transport Corps
C CENSOR Cable Censor
C CTR Chief Controller
C DFDR MJR Queen Mary's Own Baluchistan Light Infantry
C DVR Crane Driver
C HAVR Company Havildar
C HVLDR Colour Havildar
C HVLDR MJR Company Havildar Major
C MISTRI Camp Mistri
C MTD R, CMR, CAPE MR Cape Mounted Rifles
C of E Church of England
C OF GUIDES Corps of Guides
C OF GUIDES INF Corps of Guides Infantry
C OF H Corporal of Horse
C OF LOND YEO City of London Yeomanry
C OF MIL ACC Corps of Military Accountants
C OF MILY ST CLERKS Corps of Military Staff Clerks
C OF MP Corps of Military Police
C of S Church of Scotland
C SJT, CR SGT, CSGT Colour Sergeant
C VOLS City Volunteers
C&A Corrections & Amendments
C&AAA Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery
C&AAATC Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre
C&P Counselling and Probation
C&YR Carleton & York Regiment
C(A)D(I)HU Canadian (Armoured) Division (Infantry) Holding Unit
C(A)TBOWRCOC Canadian (Army) Tank Brigade Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
C(O)on"Q"L Canadian (Officers) on "Q" List
C(W/T)V Calibration (Wireless Telegraphy) Vessel
C,CACS Construction, Company Atlantic Command Signals
C/Blkmth Chief Blacksmith
C/BTC Canadian Base Training Centre
C/EA, CEA Chief Electrical Artificer
C/ERA(M) Chief Engine Room Artificer (Mechanic)
C/ERA, CERA Chief Engine Room Artificer
C/Joiner Chief Joiner
C/Mech Chief Mechanic
C/MM Chief Motor Mechanic
C/O Commanding Officer
C/Plbr Chief Plumber
C/Pntr Chief Painter
C/PO(Postal) Chief Petty Officer (Postal)
C/POCdr Chief Petty Officer Coder
C/POCk Chief Petty Officer Cook
C/POPhoto Chief Petty Officer Photographer
C/POPtlmn Chief Petty Officer Patrolman
C/POStwd Chief Petty Officer Steward
C/POTel Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist
C/POWtr, CPO WR Chief Petty Officer Writer
C/RA Chief Radio Artificer
C/Shpt, CHSHPT, CH SHPT, CH SPT Chief Shipwright
C/SPO Chief Stoker Petty Officer
C/Sto Chief Stoker
C/Sto(FF) Chief Stoker (Fire Fighter)
C1 Chief Petty Officer 1st Class
C1Div Clearance Diver
C2 Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class
CA Canadian Army, Control Armourer
CA & AA, CA(AA) Coastal Artillery and Anti-Aircraft
CA MUS Corps of Army Music
CA"Y"F Canadian Army British West Indies Force
CA(A) Canadian Army (Active)
CA(A)TC Canadian Army (Advanced) Training Centre
CA(B)TC Canadian Army (Basic) Training Centre
CA(M) Canadian Army (Militia)
CA(NRMA) Canadian Army (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
CA(PF) Canadian Army (Permanent Force)
CA(R) Canadian Army (Regular)
CA(Res) Canadian Army (Reserve)
CA(RF) Canadian Army (Reserve Force)
CA(RR) Canadian Army (Regular Reserve)
CA(SF) Canadian Army (Special Force)
CA/SA Chief Anti-Submarine Artificer
CA/SEE Captain, Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment
CA/TKRPRCASC Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CA2PS Canadian Army 2 Pounder School
CAAC Crown Assets Allocation Committee
CAAF, CA(AF) Canadian Army (Active Force)
CAAORRCA Canadian Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, Royal Canadian Artillery
CAAS Canadian Army Administration School
CAB Canadian Armoured Brigade, Canadian Army Band
CABC Canadian Armoured Corps Band
CABCRCASC Canadian Armoured Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CABOC Canadian Armoured Brigade Ordnance Company
CABRR Canadian Artillery Base Reinforcement Regiment
CABS Canadian Armoured Brigade Signals
CABTCA&TS Canadian Army Basic Training Centre Administrative and Training Staff
CABW/SRCEME Canadian Advance Base (or Armoured Brigade) Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CAC Canadian Armoured Corps
CAC(A)TC(CA) Canadian Armoured Corps (Advanced) Training Centre (Canadian Army)
CACBTC Canadian Armoured Corps Basic Training Centre
CACCRCASC Canadian Army Car Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CACF Commander Captain-in-Command, Araken Coastal Forcer
CACHU Canadian Armoured Corps Holding Unit
CACOFP Canadian Armoured Corps Ordnance Field Park
CACPRCASC Canadian Army Catering Pool, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CACRU Canadian Armoured Corps Reinforcement Unit
CACSCAC Canadian Air Control Section, Canadian Armoured Corps
CACSqn Coast Artillery Co-operation Squadron, (Royal Canadian Air Force)
CACTC Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre
CACTC(A) Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre (Active)
CACTCR Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre Reserve
CACTE Canadian Armoured Corps Training Establishment
CACTR Canadian Armoured Corps Training Regiment
CACTS Canadian Armoured Corps Training Squadron
CACTSR Canadian Armoured Corps Trained Soldiers Regiment
CACTU Canadian Armoured Corps Training Unit
CAD Central Ammunition Depot
CADC Canadian Army Dental Corps
Cadets Cadet Services (Directorate of Military Training)
CADIS Canadian Armoured Division Intelligence Section
CADMS Canadian Advance Depot Medical Stores
CADOFPRCOC Canadian Armoured Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CADPAT Canadian Disruptive Pattern
CADPUCPC Canadian Armoured Division Postal Unit, Canadian Postal Corps
CADR(ER)CAC Canadian Armoured Delivery Regiment (Elgin Regiment), Canadian Armoured Corps
CADRCASC Canadian Armoured Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CADRSSRCCS Canadian Armoured Delivery Regiment Signal Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CADRTC Canadian Armoured Division Reinforcement Transit Camp
CADSCDC Canadian Army Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
CADSGCRCASC Canadian Armoured Divisional Support Group, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CADSP Canadian Armoured Division Sub Park
CADTCRCASC Canadian Armoured Division Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CADTS Canadian Armoured Division Training School
CADU Canadian Army Demonstration Unit
CADW/SRCOC Canadian Armoured Division Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CAEBTC Canadian Army Engineer Basic Training Centre
CAEC(B&NY) Canadian Army Enlistment Centre (Boston and New York)
CAESU Canadian Army Equipment Selection Unit
CAF Citizen Air Force, Canadian Air Force, Chief of Air Force
CAFHSRCAMC Canadian Army Field Hygiene Section, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CAFO Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order
CAFRSSRCS Canadian Army Field Regiment Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
CAFSS Canadian Army Field Security Section
CAFVS Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles School
CAFVTC Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles Training Centre
CAG Canadian Artillery Group
CAGRE Commander, Army Group Royal Engineers
CAGS Canadian Army Gymnastic Staff
CAHC Canadian Army Hydrological Corps
CAHQDC(RMR) Canadian Army headquarters Defence Company (Royal Montreal Regiment)
CAHTC Cape Auxiliary Horse Transport Corps
CAHU Canadian Artillery Holding Unit
CAIB Canadian Army Identification Bureau
CAIPCIC Canadian Army Interrogation Pool, Canadian Infantry Corps
CAIS Canadian Army Intelligence Section
CALA MNL Cala Mounted Native Levies
CALCUTTA VOL A Calcutta Volunteer Artillery
CALCUTTA VOL BY Calcutta Volunteer Battery
CALCUTTA VOL RIF Calcutta Volunteer Rifles
CALE Canadian Army Liaison Establishment
CalgH Calgary Highlanders
CalgR Calgary Regiment
CALO Command Amenities Liaison Officer
CALS Canadian Air Liaison Section
CAM Catapult Aircraft Merchant Vessel, Camouflaged, Chief Air Marshall
CAM HLDRS, CAM Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
CAMB Central Air Medical Board
CambR, Camb Cambridgeshire Regiment
CAMBU Canadian Army Mobile Bath Unit
CAMC, CAN AMC Canadian Army Medical Corps
CAMCTC Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre
CA-MCURCAMC Canadian Anti-Malaria Control nit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CAMEL CORPS EA Camel Corps Egyptian Army
CAMMS Canadian Army Motor Mechanic School
CAMP SUPDT Camp Superintendent
CAMS Catapult Aircraft Merchant Ships
CAMSI Confidential Admiralty Merchant Shipping Instructions
Can Canadian
CAN ASC Canadian Army Service Corps
Can Cav Bde Canadian Calvary Brigade
CAN CAVALRY Canadian Cavalry
CAN D CYC, CAN D(IV) CYC Canadian Division(al) Cyclists
CAN DIV AC Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column
CAN DIV ART Canadian Divisional Artillery
CAN HY B, CAN HY BY Canadian Heavy Battery
CAN INF Canadian Infantry
CAN INF WKS C Canadian Infantry Works Company
CAN LABOUR BN, CAN LABR BN, CanLabrBn Canadian Labour Battalion
CAN M RIF, CAN MTD RIF Canadian Mounted Rifles
CAN SIB EXP FCE, CAN SIBERIAN EXP FCE Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
CAN STA HOSP Canadian Stationary Hospital
Canavhed Canadian Naval Headquarters
Cand W Cable and Wireless Company
CanDCyc, CanDivCyc Canadian Divisional Cyclists
CanDivCav Canadian Divisional Calvary
CanDivHQ Canadian Divisional Headquarters
CanDivSig Canadian Divisional Signals
CanEng Canadian Engineers
CanFdArt Canadian Field Artillery
CanForC Canadian Forestry Corps
CanForGen Canadian Forces General Order
CanFus Canadian Fusiliers
CanHighComm Canadian High Commissioner
CanInfBde Canadian Infantry Brigade
CanInfWksC, CAN INF WKS CORPS, CIWC Canadian Infantry Works Corps
CanLH Canadian Light Horse
CANMIL, CANMILITRY Canadian Military Headquarters
CanordC, CAN ORD C Canadian Ordnance Corps
CanPnrBn, CAN PNR BN Canadian Pioneer Battalion
CanPostalC, CAN POSTAL C Canadian Postal Corps
CanRemtD, CAN REMT D Canadian Remount Depot
CanRlyConsC, CAN RLY CONS C Canadian Railway Construction Corps
CanSanSec, CAN SAN SEC Canadian Sanitary Section
CanScts, CAN SCTS, CANADIAN SCTS Canadian Scouts
CanSiberianExpFce Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
CanTankC, CAN TANK CORPS, CAN TANK C Canadian Tank Corps
CAO Command Account Officer, Canadian Army Order, Canadian Army Overseas
CAO (s) Canadian Army Orders
CAOC Canadian Army Ordnance Corps
CAOF Canadian Army Occupation Force
CAOFP Canadian Army Ordnance Field Park
CAOPS Canadian Air Observation Post Squadron
CAORG Canadian Army Operational Research Group
CAORO(s) Canadian Army Overseas Routine Order(s)
CAP Captain, Combat Air Patrol, Canadian Army Projectionist, Corps Ammunition Park, Common Army Phase
CAP Common Army Phase
CAPC Canadian Army Pay Corps
CAPCRCAC Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment, Canadian Armoured Corps
CAPCRSTRCS Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment Signal Troop, Royal Canadian Signals
CAPE CLR Cape Coloured Labour Regiment
CAPE GA Cape Garrison Artillery
CAPE GR Cape Government Railways
CAPE INF Cape Infantry
CAPE RLY SHPTRS Cape Railway Sharpshooters
CAPETOWN DRA Capetown Defence Rifle Association
CAPF Canadian Army Pacific Force
CapINF Capitaine Infirmiere
CAPIS Canadian Air Photo Interpretation Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
CAPO Canadian Army Post Office
CAPPUCIC Canadian Army Photo Processing Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
CAPRCASC Corps Ammunition Park Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CAPS Canadian Army Pay Services, Captain Auxiliary Patrol Scapa
Capt Captain, Captive
Capt(D) Captain (Destroyers)
CAPTI/C Captain-in-Charge
CAPTMLC Captain, Major Landing Craft
CAPU Canadian Army Postal Unit
CAR Canadian Airborne Regiment, Carpenter, Canadian Armoured Regiment, Canadian Army Representative
CAR CR Carpenter's Crew
CAR MATE Carpenter's Mate
CAR(CR) Canadian Armoured Regiment (Calgary Regiment)
CARABINIERS 6th Dragoon Guards
CARADSFR Canadian Armoured Regiment Advance Details Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment
CARBRCA Canadian Army Radar Battery Royal Canadian Artillery
CARC Canadian Army Recovery Company
CARCRCOC Canadian Army Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corp
CARD Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Depot
CARDE Canadian Armament Research Development Establishment
CareerTrg Career Training
CARICOM Caribbean Community and Common Market [Force]
CARNAVN CDO Carnarvon Commando
CARNBH Canadian Armoured Regiment New Brunswick Hussars
CARO(s) Canadian Army Routine Order(s)
CAROLINA KDO Carolina Kommando
CARP, CARPR Carpenter
CARR(GGHG) Canadian Armoured Recce Regiment (Governor General's Horse Guards)
CARS Canadian Association of Returned Soldiers
CARTC Canadian Army Rehabilitation Training Centre
CartDmn Cartographic Draughtsman
Cartymn Chief Artilleryman
CARU, CARFTU Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit
CAS Casualty, Canadian Administration School, Canadian Army Shows, Canadian Army Staff, Canadian Army Staff, Canadian Artillery School, Chief of the Air Staff, Corps of Army Schoolmasters
CASAC Chief of the Air Staff Advisory Committee
CASC Canadian Army Service Corps, Canadian Air Support Control
CASC MT Canadian Army Service Corps Motor (or Military, Mechanized) Transport
CASCIC Censorship Advisory Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
CASCRCE Canadian Air Survey Company Royal Canadian Engineers
CASCRU Canadian Army Service Corps Reinforcement Unit
CASDRCASC Canadian Advance Stationary Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CASEU Canadian Auxiliary Service Entertainment Unit
CASF Canadian Active Service Force
CASof I Coast Artillery (or Army) School of Instruction
CASS Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
CASSU Canadian Air Support Signal Unit
CASSURCCS Canadian Air Support Signal Unit, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CAT Catering
CATB Canadian Army Tank Brigade
CATBCRCASC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CATBHSC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Heavy Support Company
CATBn Canadian Army Tank Battalion
CATBS Canadian Army Tank Brigade Signals
CATBSPRCOC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CATC Canadian Army Training Centre
CATCAC Canadian Army Troop, Canadian Armoured Corps
CATCCRCASC Canadian Assault Troops Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CATCRCASC Canadian Administrative Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CATF China Air Task Force
CATM Canadian Army Training Memorandum
CATOFP Canadian Army Tank Ordnance Field Park
CATR Canadian Army Tank Regiment
CATS Canadian Army Tank School, Canadian Army Training School, Combined Aerial Target Service
CATTLE RANG Cattle Rangers
CATW/SRCOC Canadian Armoured Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CAU Canadian Administration Unit, Civil Affairs Unit
CAUC Canadian Army University Course
Cav Cavalry
CAVALRY & MIEA Cavalry & Mounted Infantry Egyptian Army
CAVALRY FF Cavalry Frontier Force
CAVC Canadian Army Veterinary Corps
CAW Canadian Army Staff, Washington
CAWC Canadian Artizan Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CB Companion of the Order of the Bath, Coast Brigade, Confinement to Barracks, Counter Battery, Counter-bombardment, Confidential Books
CBA Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting Station
CBBDB Camp Borden Branch Detention Barracks
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBD Canadian Base Details, Canadian Base Details
CBDC Canadian Base Dental Company
CBDCMSC Camp Borden Detachment, Corps of Military Staff Clerks
CBDMSRCAMC Canadian Base Depot Medical Stores, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CBDRCOC Camp Borden Details, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CBDSCDC Canadian Base Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
CBG Canadian Brigade Group
CBH(RB) Cape Breton Highlander (Rifle Battalion)
CBHQS Camp Borden Headquarters Staff
CBMHRCAMC Camp Borden (or Currie Barrcks, Coteau Barracks) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CBOD Canadian Base Ordnance Depot
CBOI(ACSRRCA) Canadian Base Ordnance Increment (Attached Canadian Survey Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery)
CBOSRCA Counter Battery Officers Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery
CBOSRCACC Counter Battery Officers Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Corps
CBOStaff Counter Battery Officers Staff
CBOW/SRCOC Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CBP Canadian Base Park
CBPRCE Canadian Base Park, Royal Canadian Engineers
CBRCA Centaur (or Coast) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
CBRD Canadian Base Reinforcement Depot
CBRG Canadian Base Reinforcement Group
CBRGSofCRCACS Canadian Base Reinforcement Group School of Cookery, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CBSC Canadian Base Staging Camp
CBSO Counter Battery Staff Officer
CBSRCASC Canadian Barracks Services, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CBSS(CMF) Canadian Base Signal Section (Central Mediterranean Force)
CBSSRCCS Camp Borden Signal Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CBTC Canadian Base Transport Company
CBTD Canadian Base Transit Depot
CBTPRCASC Canadian Base Transport Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CBU (Headquarters) Canadian Base Unit
CBUCCRCE Canadian Base Units Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CC Camouflage Course
CC Canadian Corps, Companion of the Order of Canada, Cancellations & Corrections, Chief Constructor, Civil Convictions, Clerk's Course, Conditioning Centre, Cape Corps, Confined to Camp, Cadet Corps, Camouflage Course, Camp Commandant, Camp Commander
CC ORD DEPT Cape Colony Ordnance Department
CC&A-AAS Canadian Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery School
CC&ATSPRCOC Canadian Corps & Army Troops Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CCAC Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre
CCAS Canadian Coast Artillery School
CCB Canadian Calvary Brigade, Canadian Cyclist Battalion, Combined Communications Board
CCBMGS Canadian Cavalry Brigade Machine Gun Squadron
CCBPNo Combined Communications Board, Publication Number
CCCC Canadian Corps Composite Company, Canadian Concentration Camp, Casualty Clearing Centre, Canadian Construction Company, Cape Colony Cyclist Corps
CCCCRCASC Canadian Corps Car Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCCI Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence
CCCRCE Canadian Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CCCS Captain (later Commodore) Commanding Canadian Ships and Establishments in the United Kingdom, Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
CCCTRCASC Canadian Command Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCCU Canadian Cemetery Construction Unit
CCD Canadian Convalescent (or Corps) Depot, Canadian Command Depot, Commander of Coast Defences
CCDC Canadian Corps Defence Company
CCDRCAMC Canadian Convalescent Depot, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CCDSSTRCCS Canadian Corps Delivery Squadron Signal Troop, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CCDU Coastal Command Development Unit
CCERCE Canadian Constructional Engineers, Royal Canadian Engineers
CCF Commander Coastal Forces
CCFC Company Canadian Forestry Corps
CCFCORCAPC Canadian Corps Field Cash Office, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
CCFPC Canadian Corps Field Park Company, Canadian Corps Field Punishment Camp
CCHA Canadian Corps Heavy Artillery
CCIS Canadian Corps Intelligence Section
CCM Counter Countermeasure, Canadian Centennial Medal, Combined Cypher Machine
CCM&HC Canadian Courts Martial & Holding Centre
CCMA Canadian Corps Medium Artillery
CCMHQSRCS Company Canadian Military Headquarters Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
CCMOS Canadian Counter Mortar Officers Staff
CCMOSRCA Canadian Counter Mortar Officer Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery
CCMSRCA Canadian Corps Meteorological Section, Royal Canadian Artillery
CCNF Commodore Commanding Newfoundland Force
CCO Civilian Contracts Officer, Chief of Combined Operations, Communications, Coding and Cyphering Arrangements
CCOD Canadian Central Ordnance Depot
CCOS Combines Chiefs of Staff
CCP Casualty Clearing Post (or Point)
CCPC Company Canadian Provost Corps
CCPPRCASC Canadian Corps Petrol Park, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCPS Computerized Central Pay System
CCPU Canadian Corps Protective Company, Canadian Corps Postal Unit
CCR(C)A Commander Corps Royal (Canadian) Artillery
CCRA Commander, Corps Royal Artillery
CCRC Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
CCRCAMC Conditioning Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCRTC Canadian Corps Reinforcement Transit Camp
CCRU Canadian Combined Reinforcement Unit
CCS Canadian Censor Section
CCS Canadian Chaplain Services, Casualty Clearing Station, Canadian Censor Section, Code and Cypher School, Combined Chiefs of Staff, Cape Command Signals
CCSCR Cape Command Staff Corps Regiment
CCSO Contraband Control Service Officer
CCSRCCS Canadian Cipher Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CCSRCS Canadian Corps Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
CCT Canadian Calibration Troop
CCTC Canadian Corps Transport Company, Commdant, Combined Training Centre
CCTCC Canadian Corps Troops Carrying Column
CCTCCRCASC Commander Corps Troops Carrying Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCTORCOC Canadian Corps Troops Ordnance, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CCTSI Canadian Corps Troops Service Increment
CCTW/SRCEME Canadian Corps Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CCTW/SRCOC Canadian Corps Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CCU Canadian Concentration Unit
CCWAC Company Canadian Women's Military Corps
CCWACMD Company Canadian Women's Army Corps Military Corps
CCWDL Canadian Chemical Warfare Defence Laboratory
CCWS Canadian Chemical Warfare School
CCZ Canadian Coastal Zone
CD Civil Defence, Commissioned, Command, Canada Draftr, Canadian Forces Decoration, Captain of the Dockyard, Convalescent Detachments, Clearance Diver, Coast Defence, Clearing Depot
CD CK Commissioned Cook
CD TELEGR Cadet Telegraphist
CD&AA Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft
CD&AAATC Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre
CD&AAW/SS Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft Workshop Section
CD&EP Canadian Defence & Employment Platoon
CD&FPB Canadian Detention and Field Punishment Barracks
CD&MS Canadian Driving and Maintenance School
CD(Records) Correction on Documents
CDA Canadian Divisional Artillery
CDAC Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column
CDB Canadian Detention Barracks, Coast Defence Battery
CDBPRCE Canadian Divisional Bridging Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
CDC Canadian Dental Corps, Canadian Divisional Cavalry, Canadian Disciplinary Centre
CdCkO Commissioned Cookery Officer
CDCRCE Canadian Drilling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CdCtO Commissioned Catering Officer
CDD Canadian Discharge Depot
CDE Code
CdeG Croix de Guerre
CdeG(B) Croix de Guerre Belgium
CdeG(F) Croix de Guerre France
CdEl Commissioned Electrician
CdEng Commissioned Engineer
CDF, CDF(S) Canadian Defence Force, Chief of the Defence Force (Staff)
CdG'nr Commissioner Gunner
CDH Combined Defence Headquarters
CDHQ Canadian Divisional Headquarters
CDIS Canadian Division Intelligence Section
CDISRCASC Canadian Detail Issue Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CDLS Canadian Defence Liaison Staff
CDMD Canada Draft Military District
Cdn Canadian
CdnConstlEngrs Canadian Constructional Engineers
CdnDetnBks Canadian Detention Barracks
CdnEngrs Canadian Engineers
Cdn-Gds Canadian Guards
CDO Commando
CDOF Colonie d'Afrique Occidentale Française
CDofDS Canadian Depot of Dental Stores
CDOSC Camp Daily Orders Sarcee Camp
CDOW/SRCOC Canadian Divisional Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CDPU Canadian Division Postal Unit
Cdr Commander, Conductor, Coder
Cdr(D) Commander (Destroyers)
CDRAS&TD Canadian Detachment Royal Armoured Corps School & Training Depot
CDRBCAO/S Canadian Division Reece Battalion, Canadian Army Overseas
CDRE Commodore
CDRJ Commander, Force J
CDRSRCS Canadian Despatch Rider Section Royal Canadian Signals
CDS Corps Dressing Station, Canadian Divisional Signals, Chief of the Defence Staff
CDSB Canadian Division Support Battalion, Commissioned Signal Boatswain
CDSCCRC Canadian Division Section - Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
CDSCDC Central Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
CDSCRCASC Canadian Division Supply Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CdShpt Commissioned Shipwright
CDSIC Cadet School Infantry Company
CdSO Commissioned Stores Officer
CDSRC Canadian Division Section Reinforcement Camp
Cdt Cadet, Commissioned Telegraphist
CDTCRCASC Canadian Division Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CDTS Canadian Divisional Training School
CDVGofCCMHQ General Duty Veterans Guard of Canada, Canadian Military Headquarters
CdWO Commissioned Writer Officer
CE Canadian Engineers, Chief Engineer, Civil Engineer
CE Chief Engineer
CE&MPRCE Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
CE&MSRCE Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
CE(Wks) Chief Engineer (Works)
CEAURCOC Canadian Equipment Assembly Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CEEW(A)RCEME Canadian Engineer Equipment Workshop (Active), Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CEEW/SRCEME Canadian Engineer Equipment Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CEEW/SRCOC Canadian Engine Equipment Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force
CEG(B) Canadian Employment Group "B"
CEHU Canadian Engineer Holding Unit
CELE Communication//Electronic Engineer
CEO Camp (or Command) Engineer Officer, Chief Equipment Officer
CEP Canadian Employment Platoon
CEPF Canadian Echelon Pacific Force
CER Combat Engineer Regiment, Canadian Engineer Regiment
CERB Canadian Engineers Railway Battalion
CERD Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot
CERU Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Unit
CESU Canadian Educational Services Unit
CET Combat Engineer Tractor
CETC Canadian Engineer Training Centre
CETD Canadian Engineer Training Depot
CETech Construction Engineering Technician
CEURCAMC Canadian Exhaustion Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CEYLON GA Ceylon Garrison Artillery
CEYLON PL R C, CEYLON PLR RC, CeylonPLRC Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps
CEYLON SAN CO Ceylon Sanitary Company
CF Canadian Forces, Canadian Fusiliers, Composite Flights, Chaplain to the Forces
CF&PS Canadian Film and Photo Section
CF(SP)RRCA Canadian Field (Self Propelled) Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
CFA Canadian Field Ambulance, Canadian Field Artillery, Cape Field Artillery
CFAO Canadian Forces Administrative Order
CFASS Canadian Field Auxiliary Services Section
CFB Canadian Forces Base
CFBMEK Coast Force Base, Mers-El-Kebir
CFBRCA(AF) Canadian Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery, (Active Force)
CFC Canadian Forces College, Craftsman
CFC Canadian Forestry Corps
CFCCDRCE Canadian Field Company, Canadian Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
CFCRCE Canadian Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CFCSC Canadian Forces Command and Staff Course
CFCTW Canadian Forestry Corps Training Wing
CFD Canadian Forces Detachment
CFDS Canadian Field Dressing Station
CFDSRCAMC Canadian Field Dressing Station, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CFE Commander, Coastal Forces, Eastern Mediterranean, Cape Fortress Engineers
CFEF Canadian Far East Force
CFES Canadian Field Educational Section
CFF Corps of Civilian (Canadian) Fire Fighters For Service in the United Kingdom, Communication and Ferry Flights
CFFS Canadian Forces Fleet School
CFFT Coastal Forces Fuelling Tender
CFH Canadian Field (or Forces) Hospital
CFHA Canadian Forces Housing Agency
CFHS Canadian Field Historical Section
CFHSvcsGp Canadian Forces Health Services Group
CFI Chief Flying Instructor
CFL Compassionate Farm Leave
CFMG Canadian Forces Medical Group
CFMSO Coastal Forces Material Supply Officer
CFMTP Canadian Forces Musician Training Plan
CFN Canadian Forces in the Netherlands, Craftsman
CFNIS Canadian Forces National Investigation Service
CFOCS Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School
CFORS Course for Orderly Room Sergeants
CFP Canadian Forces Publication
CFPAS Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System
CFPC Canadian Field Punishment Camp
CFPCRCE Corps Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CFPCUCIC Canadian Field Press Censor Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
CFPO Canadian Forces Post Office
CFPSA Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency
CFR Commissioning From the Ranks
CFRC Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre
CFRETS Canadian Forces Recruiting, Education and Training System
CFRP Commissioning from the Ranks Plan
CFRRCAAP Canadian Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Advance Party
CFS Canadian Field Squadron, Central Flying School, Canadian Forces Station
CFSC Canadian Field Survey Company
CFSCRCE Canadian Field Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CFSD Canadian Forces Supply Depot
CFSEME Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
CFSRD Canadian Field Security Reserve Detachment
CFSS Canadian Field Security Section
CFSURCAMC Canadian Field Surgical Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CFTC(ID)RCASC Canadian General Transport Company (Infantry Division), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CFTO Canadian Forces Technical Order
CFTSHQ Canadian Forces Training System Headquarters
CFTU Canadian Field Transfusion Unit
CFW Commander, Coastal Forces, Western Mediterranean
CG Canada Gazette, Compassionate Grounds
CGA Canadian Garrison Artillery, Cape Garrison Artillery
CGAHAB Cape Garrison Artillery Heavy Artillery Brigade
CGB Canadian Garrison Battalion
CGBD Canadian General Base Depot
CGBRB Canadian General Base Reinforcement Battalion
CGCU Canadian Graves Concentration Unit
Cgds, C GDS, CG, CGDS Coldstream Guards
CGG Canadian Grenadier Guards
CGH Canadian General Hospital
CGHRCAMC Canadian General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CGHU Canadian General Holding Unit
CGI Chief Ground Instructor, Chief Gunnery Instructor
CGLS Canadian General Labour Section
CGM Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
CGMU Combat Group Medical Unit
CGPC Canadian General Pioneer Company
CGR Canadian Garrison Regiment, Canadian Graves Registrar (or Registration)
CGRM Commander General Royal Marines
CGRU Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
CGRU Canadian Graves Registration Unit
CGS Chief of the General Staff, Canadian Government Ship
CGSF Commander Gulf Sea Frontier
CGTC Canadian General Transport Company
CGTWRCEME Canadian General Troop Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CH 14th Canadian Hussars, Companion of Honour, Convalescent Hospital, Construction Hand, Chaplain, Chatham Division, Royal Marines, Canadian Horse
CH Calgary Highlanders
CH ARM Chief Armourer
CH ART ENG Chief Artificer Engineer
CH BOSN, CH BSN Chief Bosun
CH CAPT Chaplain Captain
CH CK Chief Cook
CH GEN Chaplain General
CH GNR Chief Gunner
CH SB, CHSB Chief Signal Boatswain
CH SH CK Chief Ships Cook
CH SIG Chief Signalman
CH STO Chief Stoker
CH YS, CH YEO SIG, CYS Chief Yeoman of Signals
CHA Commander Heavy Artillery
CHAP Chaplain, Canadian Harassment and Abuse Prevention
Chap(F) Chaplain of the Fleet
Chap(P) Chaplain (Protestant)
Chap(RC) Director of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic)
CHB Canadian Highland Battalion (Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada)
CHD Calgary Highlanders Depot
CHDAVC Convalescent Horse Depot Army Veterinary Corps
CHDRI Chaudri
CHENG, CH ENG Chief Engineer
CHES R, ChesR, CHES Cheshire Regiment
ChesYeo, CHES YEO Cheshire Yeomanry
CHET Canadian Higher Education Test
CHKLR Chuckler
CHLRNTR Chlorinator
CHMN Chinaman (Labourer)
ChO, CH OFFR Chief Officer
CHofO(MG) Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Machine Gun)
CHOP Line near 47th Meridian dividing the British and Canadian areas of responsibility
CHP Chaplain (Protestant)
CHQ Company Headquarters
CHQ&NDHQCRCAMC Corps Headquarters & National Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CHQAGRCE Canadian Headquarters Army Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
CHQCDC Corps Headquarters, Canadian Dental Corps, Canadian Disciplinary Centre
CHQCPC(C) Corps Headquarters Canadian Postal Corps (Canada)
CHQCWAC Corps Headquarters Canadian Women's Army Corps
CHQEOFSCRCOC Corps Headquarters Element of Salvage Control, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CHQofBSA Canadian Headquarters of Base Sub Area
CHQPMC Camp Headquarters, Petawawa Military Camp
CHQRCECA Corps Headquarters Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army
CHQRCEME Corps Headquarters Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CHQRCOC Corps Headquarters, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CHQSDRCOC Canadian Headquarters Salvage Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CHRA Canadian Human Rights Act
CHRC Canadian Human Rights Commission, Chaplain Roman Catholic
CHRSRCEME Canadian Heavy Recovery Section, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CHRSRCOC Canadian Heavy Recovery Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CHS Canadian Hospital Ship
ChSkr, CH SKR Chief Skipper
CHT Corps of Horse Transport
CHU Canadian Holding Unit
CHWKDR Chowkidar
CHWR, CH WR Chief Writer
CHYeoSIG Chief Yeoman of Signals
CI Chief Instructor, Central India
CI HORSE, CIH Central Indian Horse
CI(I)HQS Canadian Intelligence (Interrogation) Headquarters Section
CIA Chief Inspector of Armaments
CIAL Commercial Cable Company
CIB "C" Infantry Battalion
CIB Canadian Infantry Brigade
CIBC Canadian Infantry Corps Band
CIBCRCASC Canadian Infantry Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CIBD Canadian Infantry Brigade Depot
CIBGDP(LS) Canadian Light Infantry Brigade Ground Defence Platoon (Lorne Scot
CIBRB Canadian Infantry Base Reinforcement Battalion
CIBSG(SLI) Canadian Infantry Brigade Support Group (Saskatoon Light Infantry)
CIBUS Communication Instructions for British Warships in the USA
CIBW/S Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps or Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
CIBW/SRCEME Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CIBW/SRCOC Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIC Canadian Infantry Corps, Canadian Intelligence Corps, Cadet Instructor Corps
CID Combat Identification
CID Committee of Imperial Defence
CIDB, CIDBn Canadian Infantry Depot Battalion
CIDCC(M)RCASC Canadian Infantry Division Composite Company (Main), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CIDCMOS, CIDOFPRCOC Canadian Infantry Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIDM/GBn(SLI) Canadian Infantry Division Machine Gun Battalion (Saskatoon Light Infantry)
CIDRTC Canadian Infantry Division Reinforcement Transit Camp
CIDSI Canadian Infantry Division Service Increment
CIDSPRCOC Canadian Infantry Division Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIDTCRCASC Canadian Infantry Division Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CIDTS Canadian Infantry Division Training School
CIET Canadian Intermediate Education Test
CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff
CIHU Canadian Infantry Holding Unit
CIL Cadet Instructors List
CIMGCoy(NBR) Canadian Independent Machine Gun Company (New Brunswick Regiment)
CIMIC Civil Military Cooperation
Cin CCNA Commander in Chief, Canadian North West Atlantic
CinC Commander in Chief
CinC AandWI Commander in Chief, Atlantic and West Indies Station
C-IN-C BDYGD Commander In Chief's Bodyguard
CinCCWA Commander in Charge Canadian North Atlantic
CinCEF Commander in Chief Eastern Fleet
CINCEN Commander in Chief Central European Theatre
CinCHF Commander in Chief Home Fleet
CINCLANT Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet
CINCUKAIR Commander in Chief UK Air
CInfC Canadian Infantry Corps
CIntC Canadian Intelligence Corps
CIofCM Chief Inspector of Catering & Messing
CIOSPRCOC Canadian Infantry Ordnance Sub-Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIPCIC Canadian Interpreters Pool, Canadian Infantry Corps
CIRU Canadian Infantry Reinforcement Unit
CITB Canadian Infantry Training Brigade
CITC Canadian Infantry Training Centre
CItoanMTIBRCASC Canadian Increment to a Mobilization Training Centre (or Mechanical Transport, Military Training, Movement Train) Inspection Branch, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CITR Canadian Infantry Training Regiment
CITW/SRCEME Canadian Infantry Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CITW/SRCOC Canadian Infantry Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIU Communications Intelligence Unit, Combat Intelligence Unit, Clinical Investigation Unit
CIV Civilian
CIV HOS RES, CIV HOSP RES Civil Hospital Reserve
CIV(MI) City Imperial Volunteers (Mounted Infantry)
CIV, Civ City Imperial Volunteers
CIV-SAR Civilian-Sarwah
CIWB Canadian Infantry Works Battalion
CJATC Canadian Joint Air Training Centre (Rivers, Manitoba)
CJLS Corps Junior Leaders School
CJO Chief of Joint Operations
CJRDFO Chief of the Joint Rapid Deployment Force Operations
CJWSC Canadian Junior War Staff Course
CK Cook
Ck(O) Cook (Officers)
Ck(Prob) Cook (Probationer)
Ck(S) Cook (Seamen)
CKMTE, CK MTE Cook's Mate
CKS&DU Canadian Kit Storage & Disposal Unit
CKSD Canadian Kit Storage Depot
CL Casualty List, CanLoan List, Compassionate (or Convalescent) Leave, Clasp, Colonel
CL MOCHI 1st Class Mochi
CLA-AB Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Battalion
CLANWILLIAM CG Clanwilliam Convoy Guard
CLANWLLM CDO Clanwilliam Commando
CLAREMONT DRA Claremont Defence Rifle Association
CLARKE'S LH Clarke's Light Horse
CLASS Classified
CLB Church Lads' Brigade, Canadian Labour Battalion
CLC Canadian Leave Centre, Chinese Labour Corps
CLDAFHQ Canadian Liaison Detachment, Allied Forces OR Air Force Headquarters
CLES Canadian Legion Educational Service
CLFCSC Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College
CLFHSRCAMC Canadian Light Field Hygiene Sections, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CLH Canadian Light Horse
CLI Ceylon Light Infantry
CLK Clerk
ClkAcc Clerk Accounting
ClkAdmSupr Clerk Administrative Supervisor
ClkEng Clerk Engineering
ClkGen Clerk General
CLKR Caulker
ClkStats Clerk Statistics
ClkSteno Clerk Stenographer
ClkTyp Clerk Typist
CLLE Charger Loading Lee Enfield rifle
CLLM Charger Loading Lee Metford rifle
Cloc Chief Locator
CLofCPC(C) Canadian Line of Communication Provost Company (Consolidated)
CLofCT Canadian Line of Communication Terminal
CLP Canadian Labour Pool
CLQ Class Qualified
CLRO Corps (or Canadian) Light Railway Officer
CLRSRCOC Canadian Light Recovery Station, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CLS Chief of Land Staff
CL-SE Color Sergeant
CLURCE Canadian Landmark Unit, Royal Canadian Engineers
CLWS Canadian Legion War Services
CLY County of London Yeomanry
CM Canadian Centennial Medal, Member of the Order of Canada, Commissaryman, Communicator
CM/L Controlled Mine Laying
CMA Central Mediterranean Area
CMACRCASC Canadian Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CMASCL Canadian Military Attache Staff Canadian Legation
CMB Coastal Motor Boats
CMBG Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
CMBURCAMC Canadian Mobile Bath Units, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CMC Canadian Medical Centre, Canadian Military College
CMCLG Canadian Movement Control Liaison Group
CMCR(PLNBH)AF Canadian Motorcycle Regiment (Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars) Active Force
CMCU Canadian Movement Control Unit
Cmd, Cmdr Commander
CMDBSN Commissioner Boatswain
CMDLondonMD1 Central Mechanization Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CMDT, COMDT Commandant
CME Chief Mechanical Engineer
CMEC Canadian Mechanical Equipment Company
CMF Central Mediterranean Force, Citizen Military Forces
CMFP Corps of Military Foot Police
CMG Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George, Canadian Medical Group
CMG BDE, C MG BDE Canadian Machine Gun Brigade
CMGC Canadian Machine Gun Corps
CMGCMF Canadian Meteorological Group - Central Mediterranean Force
CMGHU Canadian Machine Gun Holding Unit
CMGO Corps Machine Gun Officer
CMGRU Canadian Machine Gun Reinforcement Unit
CMGTC Canadian Machine Gun Training Centre
CMH Canadian (or Calgary) Military Hospital
CMHL Canadian Mobile Hygiene Laboratory
CMHQ Canadian Military Headquarters
CMHQC Canadian Military Headquarters Course
CMHQROX-LPSOW Canadian Military Headquarters Records Office X-List, PSOW
CMHRCAMC Camp (or Camrose, Charlottetown, Chatham, Chicoutimi, Chilliwack, Cornwall) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CML CPS Camel Corps
CMM Commander of the Order of Merit, Chief Motor Mechanic
CMMG, CMMG BDE, CAN MMG BDE Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade
CMMGC Canadian Motor Machine Gun Corps
CMMP Corps of Military Mounted Police
CMMS Canadian Motorcycle Maintenance School
CMN-SURCAMC Canadian Mobil Neuro-Surgical Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CMO Court Martial Officer
CMOS Counter Mortar Officer Staff
CMP Corps of Military Police
CMP&DB Canadian Military Prison & Detention Barracks
CMP, CMPC Canadian Military Police (Corps)
CMPDR Compounder
CMPLRCASC Canadian Mobile Pet Laboratories, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CMPS Canadian Military Police Service, Canadian Map Photographic Section
CMR Canadian Mounted Rifles, Cape Mounted Rifles, Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean
CMR(GGHG)AF Canadian Motorcycle Regiment (Governor General's Horse Guards) Active Force
CMRCASF(DYRCH) Canadian Motorcycle Regiment, Canadian Active Service Force (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars)
CMRPRCAMC Canadian Medical Rest Station, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CMRPRCASC Canadian Medium Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CMRS Canadian Medical Rest Station
CMS Canadian Military Staff
CMSA Co-operations with the British Ministry of War Transport in the United States
CMSC Corps of Military Staff Clerks, Co-operations with the British Ministry of War Transport in Canada, Cape Medical Staff Corps
CMSCCO Corps of Military Staff, Clerks Corps Orders
CMSPEC Canadian Military Section Port Executive Committee
CMSTMUSA Camp Myles Standish, Tauton Massachusetts, USA
CMT Corps of Motor Transport, Army Service Corps
CMTCCM Canadian Militia Training Course, Camp Macauley
CMTech Construction and Maintenance Technician
CMTRCA Canadian Modelling Team, Royal Canadian Artillery
CMTRURCEME Canadian Mobile Tire Repair Unit, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CMTS Central Mechanical Transport Stores
CMU Construction and Maintenance Units
CNCoy Cannon Company
Cnd Canadian
CndDetnBks Canadian Detention Barracks
CNDHQ Commandant National Defence Headquarters
CNE Canadian National Exhibition
CNEC Chief Naval Engineering and Construction
CNES Chief Naval Equipment and Supply
CNK Change Next of Kin
CNMO Canadian Naval Mission Overseas
CNO Canadian Naval Order
CNP Chief Naval Personnel
CNPWRCAMC Canadian Neuro Psychiatric Wing, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CNR Canadian Naval Regulations, Canadian National Railways
CNS Chief of the Naval Staff
CNSRHRCAMC Canadian Nursing Sister's Rest Home, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CNVT&TU Canadian Night Vision Training & Testing Unit
CNW-44 Canadian Naval War Plan
CO Commanding Officer, Corps Orders, Cook (Officer's), Constable, Company, Conscientious Objector
CO LOND REGT County of London Regiment
CO LOND REGT 23 BN 23rd Battalion County of London Regiment
CO OF LOND YEO (2,3,etc) (2nd,3rd,etc.) County of London Yeomanry
CO OF LOND YEO 1 1st County of London Yeomanry
CO&MERU, COMERU Canadian Ordnance & Mechanical Engineer Reinforcement Unit
CO(A) Camp Orders (Angler)
CO/SPD Canadian Overseas Postal Depot
COA Chief Ordnance Accountant, Corps of Ordance Artificers, Course of Action
COAC Commanding Officer Atlantic Coast
COAV Commanding Officer Auxiliary Vessels
COBRA Counter Battery Radar
COC Canadian Ordnance Corps, Combined Operations Centre, Commander of Command
COC&BTC Combined Operations Centre & Basic Training Centre
COC(AC) Combined Operations School (Army Camp)
COCDC Corps Orders, Canadian Dental Corps
COCPC Corps Orders Canadian Postal Corps
COCTC Canadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre
COCTUSC Canadian Officer Cadet Training Unit Selection Centre
COCWAC Corps Orders, Canadian Women's Army Corps
COD Central Ordnance Depot
CODCRCOC Central Ordnance Depot Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CODRCOC Camp Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
COEMETC Canadian Ordnance Electrical Mechanical Engineer Training Course
COF Canadian Occupational Force
CofAS, C of AS Corps of Army Schoolmasters
CofF Chaplain of the Fleet
CofHRS, C of Hrs Corps of Hussars
CofI, COI, C of I Court of Inquiry
CofLondYeo, CO OF LOND YEO County of London Yeomanry
CofLRS, C of Lrs Corps of Lancers
COFPRCOC Canadian Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CofS Chief of Staff
CofW Cable or Wireless
COHQ Combined Operations Headquarters
COIC Combined Operations and Intelligence Centre
COL Column, Colonel
COL COMDT Colonel Commandant
COL GS Colonel, General Staff
COLESBERG CDO Colesberg Commando
COLLINGWOOD BTTN RND Collingwood Royal Naval Division
COLM GDS Coldstream Guards
Coln Column
COLONIAL DF Colonial Defence Force
COLONIAL LH Colonial Light Horse
COLONIAL SCTS Colonial Scouts
COLY County of London Yeomanry
COM Commissioner
COM, COMD Command
ComBtswn Commissioned Boatswain
COMC&S Canadian Ordnance Maintenance Company & Sections
Comd, Com'd Command, Commander, Commanding, Commandant
ComdEngr Command Engineer
COME Chief Ordnance Mechanical Engineer
COMFLOT Commodore Flotillas
COMINCH Commander in Chief, US Fleet
CominchCandR Commander in Chief, US Fleet, Convoy and Routeing
Comm Commission, Commodore, Commissary
Commander (D) Commander (Destroyers)
COMMO Commodore
Commodore(D)WA Commodore (Destroyers), Western Approaches
CommofCustoms Commissioner of Customs
COMMR , COM, COMD Commander
Comn, COMMN Communication
ComOp Communications Operator
ComOpSupr Communications Operator Supervisor
Comp Composite
COMP CC Composite Cycle Corps
COMP RAT, COMPO Composite Ration
ComPC(A) Communications Performance Checker (Air)
ComPC(G) Communications Performance Checker (Ground)
COMRFA Commander Royal Fleet Auxiliary
COMSEN Communications Centre
ComTech Communications Technician
ComTech(A) Communications Technician (Air)
ComTech(G) Communications Technician (Ground)
CON DEP Convalescent Depot
Conc Concentrate, Concentration
COND Commanding Officer Naval Divisions
Cond, Condr Conductor
ConnRang Connaught Rangers
Const Constable
Constl Constructional
constr construction
ConstrC Constructor Captain
Conv, Conval Convalescent
Convoy Sig Convoy Signalman
ConvoyCYeoSigs Convoy Chief Yeoman of Signals
ConvoyLSig Convoy Leading Signalman
ConvoyOSig Convoy Ordinary Signalman
ConvoyYeoSigs Convoy Yeoman of Signals
COO Chief Ordnance Officer
Cook(O) Cook (Officer's)
Cook(S) Cook (Ship's)
COOP Craft of Opportunity
COORD Coordinate
COOS(M)RCOC Canadian Ordnance Officer's Shop (Mobile), Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
COP Commander of Port
COPC Commanding Officer Pacific Coast
COPD Canadian Overseas Postal Depot
COpSO Chief Operational Services Officer
COR Confirmation of Rank, Corvettes, Company Operations Room, Central Ontario Regiment
CORC Canadian Ordnance Railhead Company
CORCAMC Corps Orders, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CORCC Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps
CORCRCOC Canadian Ordnance Railhead Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Company
CORCT Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Troops
CORD Central Ontario Regimental Depot, Commanding Officer Reserve Divisions
Corp, Corpl Corporal
CORU Canadian Ordnance Reinforcement Unit
COS Companies, Coming Off Strength, Companies, Change of Strength, Company Orderly Sergeant
COS&CB Canadian Officers Survey & Classification Board
COS, CS Chief(s) of Staff
COSAI Canadian Ordnance Stores Accounting Inspectorate
COSC Chiefs of Staff Committee
COSSAC Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (Designate)
COSSIPORE INFY Cossipore Infantry
COTC Canadian Officer Training Corps, Canadian Officer Training Centre, Canadian OverseaS Telecommunication Corporation
COU Called Out Under
COVGOFC Corps Orders Veterans Guard of Canada
Cox'n Coxswain
Coy Company
COY ABC Company Army Bearer Corps
COY AH CORPS Company Army Hospital Corps
COY CR(S) Company Commander(s)
CP Command Post, Cape Province, Close Protection, Chaplains Pool
CP DIST Cape Police District
CPACRCAMC Canadian Prophylactic Ablution Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CPB Canadian Parachute Battalion, Canadian Pioneer Battalion
CPBRCE Canadian Pioneer Battalion, Royal Canadian Engineers
CPC Canadian Pension Commission (Department of Veterans Affairs), Canadian Postal Corps, Canadian Provost Corps, Corps Protection Company
CPC Canadian Postal Corps
CPCCMF(ADHOC) Canadian Pioneer Company, Central Mediterranean Force
CPCD Canadian Provost Corps Depot
CPCO/S(PU) Canadian Postal Corps Overseas, (Postal Units)
CPCURCASC Canadian Port Clearance Unit, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CPD GROUP GARR Cape Penninsular Defence Group
CPDGR Cape Peninsular Defence Garrison Regiment
CPDPRCE Canadian Pile Driving Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
CPDRCAPC Command Pay Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
CPF Canadian Patriotic Fund (Front)
CPGR(AF) Cape Peninsular Garrison Regiment (Auxiliary Force)
CPI Corps of Permanent Instructors
CPinME Canadian Personnel in Middle East
Cpl Corporal
CPL MECH Corporal Mechanic
CPL MJR Corporal Major
CPLAM Corporal Ambulance
CPMH Camp Petawawa Military Hospital
CPMHRCAMC Chorley Park Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CPMMLRCOC Canadian Pilot Model Mobile Laundry, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CPO Chief Petty Officer, Civilian Personnel Officer, Command Pay Office
CPO MECH Chief Petty Officer Mechanic
CPR Canadian Pacific Railway
CPRC Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps
CPRD Canadian Public Relations Detachment
CProC Canadian Provost Corps
CPRS Canadian Public Relations Services
CPRU Canadian Public Relations Unit
CPS Canadian Planning Staff, Canadian Publishing Section
CPS GUIDES Corps of Guides
Cpt, Capt Captain
CPTC Canadian Parachute Training Centre
CPTCAC Canadian Pioneer Troop, Canadian Armoured Corps
CPTHO Captain of Hospital Orderlies
CPTR FMN Carpenter Foreman
CPTRE Captain Royal Engineers
CPTU Canadian Parachute Training Unit
CPTUCPC Canadian Postal Tracing Unit, Canadian Postal Corps
CPW/S(ADHOC)RCEME Canadian Port Workshop (Ad Hoc), Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CPW/S(ADHOC)RCOC Canadian Port Workshop (Ad Hoc), Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CPWEU Canadian Petroleum Warfare Experimental Unit
CQM HVLDR Company Quarter Master Havildar
CQMS, CQM SJT Company Quarter Master Sergeant
CR Central Registry, Chaudiere Regiment, Confirmation of Rank, Control Ratings, Control Rate, Commander, Cheshire Regiment, Connaught Rangers, Cyprus Regiment
CR(C)E Commander, Royal (Canadian) Engineers
CR(T) Calgary Unit (Tank)
CR/AC Canadian Re-allocation Centre
CRA Commanding (or Commander), Royal Artillery, Compulsory Retirement Age
CRADOCK CDO Cradock Commando
CRASC Commander, Royal Army Service Corps
CRB(M) Canadian Rifle Battalion, Career Review Board (Medical)
CRBRCA Canadian Rocket Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
CRBW/SRCEME Canadian Radar Battery Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CRC Canadian Reception Camp, Casualty Retraining Centre, Chief Registration Clerk, Control Reporting Centre
CRCAMC Company Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CRCASCATBC Company Royal Canadian Army Service Army Tank Brigade Company
CRCC Canadian Railway (or Road) Construction Company
CRCE Company Royal Canadian Engineers, Chief Railway Construction Engineer
CRCE(PB) Commander Royal Canadian Engineers (Permanent Bridges)
CRCE(W) Commander Royal Canadian Engineers (Works)
CRCEME Company Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CRCL Canadian Red Cross List
CRCORU Canadian Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Reinforcement Unit
CRCR Canadian Reserve Calvary Regiment
CRCRCAMC Casualty Retraining Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CRCRCEME Canadian Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CRCRCOC Canadian Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CRD Canadian Reception (or Remount) Depot
CRD(LS) Canadian Repatriation Depot (LS)
CRDFT(S)C, CRDFTC Canadian Radio Detection Finder Training (School) Centre
CRE Commanding (or Commander) Royal Engineers, Corps of Royal Engineers
CRecs Controller of Records
CREME Commander Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CRFTTC Canadian Reinforcement Transit Camp
CRGTP Canadian Reinforcement Group Transit Platoon
CRGTPRCASC Canadian Reinforcement Group Transit Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CRI Chinese Regiment of Infantry
CRLE Canadian Radio Location Establishment
Crmn Crewman
CRN Change Regimental Number
CRO Canadian Records Office, Canadian Central Registry, Chief Recruiting Officer, Corps Roads Officer, Corps Reserve of Officers
CROCRCE Canadian Railway Operation Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CRP Control Reporting Point, Clyde River Patrol
Crpl Corporal
CRR(PLDG) Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment (Princess Louise Dragoon Guards)
CRRCA Coast regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
CRS Canadian Recce Squadron, Central Recruiting Troop
CRS-CIB Canadian Recce Squadron-Canadian Infantry Brigade
CrStGeo Cross of Saint George (Russia)
CRT Canadian Railway Troops, Continuous Reserve Training
CRTC Canadian Radar Training Centre
CRTC(A) Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre (Active)
CRTC(R) Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre (Reserve)
CRU Canadian Reinforcement Unit, Chemical Research Unit, Control and Reporting Unit
CRUPU Canadian Reinforcement Units Postal Units
CRURCA Canadian Rocket Unit, Royal Canadian Artillery
Crypto Cryptographer
CS Christian Science (Church), Cypher Service, Commandant Staff, Cease, Communicator
CS&AC Canadian Selection & Appraisal Centre
CS&TO Camp Supply & Transport Officer
CS(No) Admiralty File Number
CSA Canadian Small Arms, Consular Shipping Advisor
CSAFVIRCEME Canadian Section Armoured Fighting Vehicles Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CSAFVTS Canadian Section Armoured Fighting Vehicles Technical Staff
CSAI Canadian School of Army Instruction
CSAS(E) Canadian Small Arms School (Eastern)
CSAS(WC) Canadian Small Arms School (Western Canada)
CSATC Canadian Small Arms Training Centre
CSB Canadian Shipping Board
CSBASRAC Canadian Special BASRA Company
CSBD Canadian Special Base Depot
CSC Cadet Services of Canada, Canadian Service College, Chiefs of Staff Committee, Corporal Signal Corps, Commissariat Staff Corps
CSCC Canadian Section Claims Commission
CScotR Canadian Scottish Regiment
CSCRCOC Canadian Salvage Corps, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CSDS Canadian Special Driving School
CSE Color Sergeant
CSEAFHQ Canadian Section Echelon Allied Forces, Headquarters
CSEC Canadian Special Employment Company
CSEE Canadian Signals Experimental Establishment
CSEF Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
CSG Comba Support Group, Clerk Stenographer Group
CSGHQ2ndEch Canadian Section General Headquarters, 2nd Echelon
CSGHQE Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon
CSHQBGNR Canadian Section Headquarters, Brussels, GRN
CSHQCC Cypher Section Headquarters Canadian Corps
CSI Companion of the Star of India
CSIB Canadian Special Infantry Battalion
CSIC, CSICoy Canadian Special Infantry Company
CSIG Corps of Signals
CSIS Canadian Security and Intelligence Service
CSKSU Canadian Surplus Kit Storage Unit
CSM, CS MJR Company Sergeant Major
CSME Canadian School of Military Engineering
CSMH Christie Street Military Hospital
CSO Chief Signals Officer
CSofA Canadian School of Artillery
CSofAA Canadian School of Army Administration
CSofI Canadian School of Infantry
CSOI Commandant School of Instruction
CSOR Chief Staff Officer Reserves
CSP Convoy Stopping Point
Csr Cruiser
CSR&DE Canadian Signals Research & Development Establishment
CSR(MG) Canadian Scottish Regiment (Machine Gun)
CSRCCS Construction Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CSRU Canadian Signals Reinforcement Unit
CSS Combat Support Services
CSSB Canadian Special Service Battalion
CSSCRCOC Canadian Special Stores Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CSSD Canadian Special Salvage Detachment
CSTC Canadian Signal Training Centre
CSTech Communications Systems Technician
CSTTB Canadian Standing Trades Test Board
CSTV Coil Skids Towing Vessel
CSUPS Combat Supplies
CSupt Commodore Superintendant
CSURCEME Canadian Servicing Unit, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CSURCOC Canadian Salvage Units, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CSV Camp Staff Volunteer
CSVH Combat Support Vehicle Heavy
CSVL Combat Support Vehicle Light
CSWSTRCCS Canadian Shock Wave Section Type, Royal Canadian Signals Corps
CSWTS Canadian Section Weapons Technical Staff
CT Communication Trench, Component Transfer
CT BN Canadian Training Battalion
CT COY Camel Transport Company
CT GDS Cape Town Guards
CT HIGHRS Cape Town Highlanders
CT(CFC)TC Camp Tremblay (Canadian Forestry Corps) Training Centre
CTA Canadian Troop Aldershot
CTACRCASC Corps Troop Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CTCEA Camel Transport Corps Egyptian Army
CTCRCE Canadian Tunnelling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CTCSPCProC Canadian Traffic Control Section Provost, Canadian Provost Corps
CTCURCACMF Canadian Traffic Control Unit, Royal Canadian Artillery, Central Mediterranean Force
CTCW Canadian Transit Camp Wing
CTD Canadian Training Depot (or Division)
CTDCPC Canadian Tobacco Depot, CPC (see above for various meanings of CPC)
CTDS(ER) Canadian Tank Delivery Squadron (Elgin Regiment)
CTDSSD Canadian Tank Delivery Squadron Signals Detachment
CTDUCAC Canadian Tank Demonstration Unit, Canadian Armoured Corps
CTF Commander Task Force
CTFARCAMC Canadian Training Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CTH Canadian Troops Hereford, Cape Town Highlanders
CTLC Canadian Technical Liaison Group
CTMU Canadian Town Major Unit
CTN & TRP DK STD Canteen & Troop Deck Steward
CTN CLK Canteen Clerk
CTN SR Canteen Server
CtnAsst, CTN ASST Canteen Assistant
CtnMngr, CTN MGR , CTN MNGR Canteen Manager
CTO Central Telegraph Office, Chief Treasury Officer
CTO(N) Chief Treasury Officer (Navy)
CTOO/S Canadian Treasury Office Overseas
CTP Canadian Transport Platoon, Course Training Plan
CTPCRCASC Corps Troops Petrol Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CTPDC Cape Town Permanent Duty Corps
CTPRCASC Canadian Transport (or Tipper) Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CTps Corps Troops
CTR Controller
CTRCA Calibration Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
CtRep Court Reporter
CTS Canadian (or Composite) Training School, Conversion Training Squadron, Clothe the Soldier
CTSC Corps Troops Supply Column
CTSCRCASC Corps Troop Supply Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CTTC Canadian Tank Transport Company
cttee Committee
CTTW/SRCEME Canadian Tank Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CTTW/SRCOC Canadian Tank Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CU Camp Utopia, Conducting Unit, Caribbean-United Kingdom Convoy, Conversion (or Communications) Unit
CULLINAN'S H Cullinan's Horse
CUNEF Canadian Component United Nations Emergency Force (Middle East)
CUSTOMS His (or Her) Majesty's Customs
CUSTOMS DEPT MEF Customs Department Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
CUSTOMS PS Customs Preventive Service
CV Combat Vehicle, Cross of Valour, Communicator (V)
CVA&CG Canadian Vehicle Assembly & Control Group
CVBC Cape Volunteer Bearer Corps
CVD Commercial Vessel Defensive, Central Vehicle Depot
CVDTURCAMC Canadian Venereal Disease Treatment Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CVE Carrier Vessel Escort
CVHGCASF Company Veterans Home Guard, Canadian Active Service Force
CVIRCEME Canadian Vehicle Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CVO Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
CVP Convoy Programme
CVR(T) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked
CVR(W) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Wheeled
CVSM Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
CVWS Canadian Vehicle Waterproofing School
CW Chemical Warfare, Communicator (W), Commissioned Warrant
CW(No) Admiralty Record Office File
CW/S&PC Canadian Workshop and Park Company
CWAAF Canadian Women's Auxiliary Air Force
CWAC Canadian Womens' Army Corps
CWACBTC Canadian Women's Army Corps, Basic Training Centre
CWACCS Canadian Women's Army Corps, Composite Stores
CWACDO Canadian Women's Army Corps, District Orders
CWACMB Canadian Women's Army Corps, Military Band
CWACO Canadian Women's Army Corps, Ottawa
CWACPB Canadian Women's Army Corps, Pipe Band
CWACTC Canadian Women's Army Corps, Training Centre
CWB Canadian Wives Bureau
CWC Chemical Warfare Course
CWDL Chemical Warfare Defence Laboratory
CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission
CWL Chemical Warfare Laboratories
CWM Canadian War Museum
CWNS Canadian War Narrative Section
CWR Central War Room
CWRO Canadian War Records Office
CWS(IC) Canadian Wireless Section (Intelligence Corps)
CWSF Commander Western Sea Frontier
CWSRCE Canadian Works Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
CWT Hundred (or Centi) Weight
CWTC Chemical Warfare Training Centre
CWTD Cold Weather Test Trail Detachment
CWTV Calibration Wireless Telegraph Vessel
CWWW CWWW - Council for Women in War Work
CXO Chief Examination Officer
CY Cheshire Yeomanry
Cy Company
Cyc Cyclist
CYC BN Cyclist Battalion
CYC COY Cyclist Company
CYLR City of London Rifles
CYLY City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders)
CYPRUS R Cyprus Regiment
CZ Clyde Division - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
CZT Civil Zone Time


D Dragoons
D ADTR Deputy Administrator
D and D Devonshire and Dorset Regiment
D COMM Deputy Commissary
D CTR Deputy Controller
D GDS (1,2,3, etc), DG (1,2,3, etc) 1st(2nd,3rd,etc) Dragoon Guards
D LAS Deck Lascar
D of A Director of Artillery
D of O Director (or Directorate) of Organization
D OF SEA Department of Supplies Egyptian Army
D RDR Despatch Rider
D Rlys Director of Railways
D SIGS Director of Signals
D WAAAF Director of WAAAF
D(IV) SIG COY Divisional Signal Company
D(iv)HQ, DHQ Divisional Headquarters
D/C Depth Charge
D/DEMS Director of Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
D/DSR Deputy Director of Scientific Research
D/DWT Deputy Director of Warfare and Training
D/F Direction Finding / Finder
D/G Degaussing
D/JAP Deputy Judge Advocate of the Fleet
D/WRCNS Director of Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
d/wt Dead-weight
D:CTRCASC Drivers: Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DA Divisional Artillery, Director of Accounts, Distributing Authority, Disturbance Allowance, Dominion Arsenal
DA & QMG, DAANDQMG Deputy Adjutant and Quarter Master General
DA&PC Division Ammunition & Petrol Company
DA/S Director of Anti-submarine
DAA Director of Army Accounts, Deputy Assistant Adjutant, Divisional Administrative Area
DAA & QMG Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General
DAAG Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General
DAAG(Sigs) Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (Signals)
DAAP Dependent's Allowance & Assigned Pay, Treasury Office
DAB Dependent's Allowance Board
DAC Divisional Ammunition Column (or Company)
DACG Deputy Assistant Chaplain General
DACRCAMC Division Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
DAD Deputy Assistant Director, Deputy Assistant Director Supplies
DAD of S & T Deputy Assistant Director of Sanitation & Transport
DAD SIGS Deputy Assistant Director of Signals
DAD(Svy) Deputy Assistant Director of Surveys
DAD(Tn) Deputy Assistant Director of Transportation
DADAPS Deputy Assistant Director Army Postal Services
DADCS Deputy Assistant Director Chaplain Services
DADES Deputy Assistant Director of Engineer Services
DADGR&E Deputy Assistant Director of Graves Registration and Enquires
DADGT Deputy Assistant Director General of Transportation
DADL Deputy Assistant Director of Labour
DADMS Deputy Assistant Director Medical Services
DADOS Deputy Assistant Director Ordnance Services
DADPS Deputy Assistant Director Postal Services
DADR, DAD ROADS Deputy Assistant Director of Roads
DADRT Deputy Assistant Director Railway Traffic
DADS & T Deputy Assistant Director of Supply and Transport
DADST Deputy Assistant Director Supply & Transport
DADT Deputy Assistant Director Transport
DADVS Deputy Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
DADW Deputy Assistant Director of Works
DAE Director of Aeronautical Engineering
DAEF Distributing Authority, Eastern Fleet
DAEM Distributing Authority, Eastern Mediterranean
DAFM Director of Air Force Manning
DAFR Director of Air Force Recruiting
DAG Deputy Adjutant General, Divisional Artillery Group
DAG(M) Deputy Adjutant General
DAGB Defended Area Goose Bay
DAI Director of Aeronautical Inspection
DAL&KINGC Dalhousie & King Contingent
DAMANT'S H Damant's Horse
DAMS Deputy Assistant Military Secretary
DAO Director of Air Organization, District Audit Office, Dental Associate
DAOC (in C) Deputy Air Officer Commanding (in Chief)
DAOD Defence Administrative Order and Directive
DAP Divisional Ammunition Park, Director of Air Personnel, Divisional Aid Post
DAP(P2) P2 Branch, Director of Air Personnel (Civilian Personnel Administration)
DAPA Director of Air Personnel Administration
DAPC Deputy Assistant Principal Chaplain
DAPM Deputy Assistant Provost Marshall
DAPS Director of Army Postal Services, Director of Airmen Personnel Services
DAQMG Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
DAR Designation of Acting Ranks
DAR-ES-SALAAM POL Dar-Es-Salaam Police
DAS Director of Air Signals
DASD Director of Air Staff Duties
DASO Deputy Armament Supply Officer
DASRS Director of Air Sea Rescue Services
DAT Director of Air Training
DataP Data Processor
DB Discharge Badge
DBC Director of Barrack Construction
DBD Divisional Base Depot
DBS Distressed British Seaman
DBURCASC Division Bath Unit, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DC Director of Contracts, Duty Captain, Detachment Commander
DCAS Deputy Chief of the Air staff
DCASEU(AS) Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Section Entertainment Unit (Army Show)
DCC District Cadet Camp
DCCMSC Detachment Corps, Corps of Military Staff Clerks
DCCO Deputy Chief of Combined Operations
DCCR Depot Canadian Cavalry Regiment
DCCRCAMC Division Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
DCCWAC Depot Company, Canadian Women's Army Corps
DCCWAC(CSW) Depot Company, Canadian Women's Army Corps (Composite Stores Wing)
DCDRCASC Debert Camp Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DCDS Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff
DCE(PB) Deputy Chief Engineer (Permanent Bridges)
DCE(Wks)(Adm)(Rear) Deputy Chief Engineer (Works) (Administration) (Rear)
DCFC Detachment Canadian Forestry Corps
DCGS Deputy Chief of the General Staff
DCIA Deputy Chief Inspector of Armament
DCIGS Deputy Chief of the Imperial General Staff
DCLI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal, District (or Disciplinary) Court Martial
DCMC District Course Methods of Coaching
DCNS Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff
DCO District Cadet Orders, District Commanding Officer
DCO (LANCERS) Duke of Connaught's Own (Lancers)
DCOR Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles, Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles
DCOS Deputy Chief of Staff
DCP Director of Civilian Personnel
DCRCASC District Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DCRCH 6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars
DCRE Deputy Commander, Royal Engineers
DCS Director of Chaplain Services, District Chaplain Services, Damage Control School, Daily Casualty Summary
DCSO District Camp School Orders
DCT Director Combined Training
DCTS District Course Training Staff
DCVM District Course Vehicle Maintenance
DCW&S Director Chemical Warfare & Smoke
DD Destroyer, District Depot, Duty Discipline, Deputy Dirctor, Discharge Dead, Demobilization Depot
DD S and T Deputy Director Supplies and Transport
DD SIGS Deputy Director of Signals
DD(A)WD District Depot (Active) Windsor Detachment
DD(NRMA) District Depot (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
DD(Svy) Deputy Director of Surveys
DD(tanks) Duplex-Drive (amphibious)
DDAD Deputy Director of Aircraft Development
DDAPS Deputy Director of Army Postal Services
DDArmD Deputy Director of Armament Development (Air)
DDC Division Dental Company
DDCDC Dental Detachment Canadian Dental Corps
DDCS Deputy Director Chaplain Services
DDED Deputy Director of Engine Development (Air)
DDEM Director(ate) of Design, Equipment and Mechanization
DDES Deputy Director of Engineer Services
DDGMR Deputy Director General Military Railways, Movements and Railways
DDGT Deputy Director General of Transportation
DDH Destroyer, Helicopter Carrying
DDHS Deputy Director Historical Section
DDIWT Deputy Director Inland Waterway Transport
DDL Light Destroyer
DDME Deputy Director Mechanical Engineering
DDMI Deputy Director of Military Intelligence
DDMO(O) Deputy Director of Military Operations (Overseas)
DDMP Deputy Director of Maintenance Plans
DDMS Deputy Director of Medical Services
DDMT Deputy Director Military Training
DDOS Deputy Director Ordnance Services
DDPD District Depot Provost Detachment
DDRD Deputy Director of Radio Development (Air)
DDRT Deputy Director Railway Traffic
DDS Director Dental Services
DDS & T, DDST Deputy Director of Supply and Transport
DDSM Deputy Director of Service Maintenance (Air)
DDSP Deputy Director of Supply Planning (Air)
DDSS Deputy Director of Supply Services (Air)
DDTCO Deputy Director Training Combined Operations
DDTN Deputy Director of Transportation
DDVET Deputy Director of Victualling, Eastern Theatre
DDVS Deputy Director Veterinary Services
DDW Deputy Director of Works
DDWB District Depot Wolseley Barracks
DE Destroyer Escort Vessel, Deckhand
DE AAR CDO De Aar Commando
DE BB VERKNRS Berede Brigade Verkenners
DE BURG BATT Burgher Battalion
DE INFORMATIE STAF Information Staff
DE JAGER'S SCTS De Jager's Scouts
DE LA REY R De La Rey Ruiters
DE LT Second Lieutenant
DE OBS Onberede Skutters
DE ZAI BGDN Zuid Afrikaansche Infanterie Brigaden
DE ZAR Zuid Afrikaansche Ruiters
DE&CD Director Electrical & Communication Designs
DEAL Deal Division, Royal Marines
Dec Decoration
DED Director(ate) of Engineer Development
DEE Director of Electrical Engineering
Def Defence
Defensor National Defence Headquarters (Address used in telegrams)
DELHI R Delhi Regiment
DEMTech Dental Equipment Maintenance Technician
DENBIGH YEO, DenbighYeo Denbigh Yeomanry
DEngrs Director(ate) of Engineers
DENNISON'S SCTS Dennison's Scouts
DENT Dental
DENT SURG Dental Surgeon
DentA Dental Association (or Assistant)
DentClA Dental Clinic Assistant
Dents Director Dental Services
Dents(Air) Staff Officer Dental Services (Air)
DentThr Dental Therapist
DEO District Engineer Officer, Direct Entry Officer
DEOLI R Deoli Regiment
DEOR Duke of Edinburgh's Own Rifles
DEOS Director of Equipment and Ordnance Stores
DEOVR Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
DEP Depot, Director Engineering and Personnel
DEPOT COY Depot Company
Dept Department
DERA Defence Evaluation & Research Agency
DERAJAT MB Derajat Mountain Battery
DERBY YEO Derby Yeomanry
DERCA District Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery
DERCAHAD District Establishment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Halifax Armament District
DERR Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment
DES Director of Engineer Services, Drummer Sergeant, Destroyers
DESOIL Diesel Oil (US)
Despatches, Desp, MID Mentioned in Despatches
DET Detached, Detachment
Detn, Det'n Detention
DEU Distinctive Environmental Uniform
DEVON, DEVON R Devonshire Regiment
DEWITSDP CDO Dewetsdorp Commando
DF Direction Finding, Defensive Fire, Destroyer Flotilla
DFASS Director of Fleet Accounting, Supply and Secretariat
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DFD Detailed for Duty
DFDR Dafadar
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
DFMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
DFS Director of Financial Services
DFT Draft
DFW Director of Fortifications and Works
DG Dragoon Guards, Director General, Delivery Group, Degaussing Gear
DG 4-7 4/7th Dragoon Guards
DGAD Director General Arsenals Division
DGAMS Director General Australian Medical Services, Director General, Army Medical Services
DGAVS Director General, Army Veterinary Services
DGC&AA Director General Coast and Anti-Aircraft Defences
DGDS Director General Dental Services
DGES Director General of Engineer Services
DGHS Director General Health Services
DGISD Director-General India Stores Department
DGMS Director General Medical Services, Director General National Service
Dgns Dragoons
DGO Degaussing Officer, Divisional Gas Officer
DGofMS Director General of Medical Services
DGPA Director General (Public Affairs)
DGPA Director General Personnel Administration
DGPandI Director-General of Ports and Lights
DGPCO Director General Postings and Careers Officers
DGPCOR Director General Postings and Careers Other Ranks
DGRC Director General (Reserves and Cadets)
DGS Director General of Security
DGSP Director General of Supply and Production Division, Director General Strategic Planning
DGSR Director-General of Shipbuilding and Repairs
DGTF Director General of the Territorial Force
DH Depot Hussars
DH(No) His/Her Majesty's Canadian Ship " Scotian", Base Files
DH, D HD Deck Hand
DHD Director of Harbour Defence
DHGMR Drill Hall Guarding Maisonneuve Regiment
DHH Directorate of History and Heritage
DHMD District Headquarters Manning Depot OR Military District
DHQCFC District Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
DHQS District Headquarters Staff
DHQSS District Headquarters Subordinate Staff
DHS Director of Historical Section
DHS, D HIST Director Historical Section
DI Drill Instructor, Daily Inspection (Vehicle)
DIAMOND FA Diamond Fields Artillery
DIAMOND FH Diamond Fields Horse
DIB "D" Infantry Battalion
DID Detail Issue Depot (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps)
DIED OF W, DOW, D of W Died of Wounds
Diem Day
Diet Dietician
DIL, DIList Dangerously Ill List
DIN Defence Information Network
DIO Director of Internment Operations
DIPC Director International Plans Coordination
Dir Director
DirGen Director General
DIRMITRAIN Director of Military Training
DIRU Division Infantry Reinforcement Unit
DIS Division Intelligence Section
dis, disch Discharged
Discip Discipline, Disciplinarian
Disemb Disembarked
DISO Defence Information Services Organization
Dist, Distr District
DISTAFF, DS Directing Staff
DistEngrs District Engineers
DIT Director Individual Training
DIV SAL COY Divisional Salvage Company
DIV SIG Divisional Signal(s)
DIV SIG SQUAD Divisional Signal Squadron
DIV TRAIN Divisional Train
Div, Div(nl) Division(al)
DivBrPl(Tp) Divisional Bridge Platoon (Troop)
DivStr Divisional Strength
DIWD Director Inland Waterways and Docks
DIY Derbyshire Imperial Yeomanry
DJAG Deputy Judge Advocate General
DK ENG Deck Engineer
DK STD Deck Steward
DKYN Donkeyman
DLabTech Dental Laboratory Technician
DLADRCOC Division Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DLCO Deck Landing Control Officer
DLI Durham Light Infantry
DLOY Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry
DLP Director of Electrical Personnel
DLR Director of Light Railways
DLS Dominion Land Surveyor
DM Deputy Minister, Driver Mechanized Transport, Director of Mobilization, Director of Military Operations, Defence Medal
DM & LIEUT Director of Music & Lieutenant
DM RIF, DMR District Mounted Rifles
DM&A Director(ate) of Mechanization and Artillery
DM(A) Deputy Minister (Air)
DM(N) Deputy Minister (Naval)
DMA Divisional Maintenance Area
DMech Driver Mechanic
DMGO Deputy Master General of Ordnance
DMH Dartmouth Military Hospital
DMHRCAMC Debert (or Dundurn) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
DMI Director Military Intelligence
DMI Director of Military Intelligence
Dmin Deputy Minister
DML Demolition
Dmn Draughtsman
DMNA Director Manning and Naval Assistant
DmnAE Draughtsman Aeronautical Engineering
DmnCE Draughtsman Construction Engineering
DmnGA Draughtsman Graphic Arts
DMO Director(ate) of Military Operations
DMO & I Director of Military Operations and Intelligence
DMO&I Director(ate) of Military Operations and Intelligence
DMO&P Director(ate) of Military Operations and Planning
Dmr Drummer
DMRD Director of Medical Research and Development
DMS Director of Medical Services, Deputy Military Secretary, Director of Merchant Seamen, Driver Maintenance Staff, Driver Mechanics School, Director of Munitions and Supply
DMS(Air) Director of Medical Services (Air)
DMT District Mounted Troops, Director(ate) of Military Training, Driver Motor Transport
DMT&SD Directorate of Military Training and Staff Duties
DNA Director of Naval Appropriations, Director of Naval Accounts
DNC Director Naval Construction
DNC Director of Naval Communications (US)
DNCSEAC Deputy Naval Commander South East Asia Command
DNCXF Deputy Naval Commander Expeditionary Force
DND Department of National Defence
DNE Director Naval Education
DNES Director of Naval Engineering Service
DNHS Director of the Naval Historical Section
DNI Director Naval Information
DNI Director of Naval Intelligence
DNI and P Director of Naval Intelligence and Plans
DNK Date Not Known
DnkyMn, DNKYMAN Donkeyman
DNLO Dutch Naval Liaison Officer
DNO Director of Naval Ordnance, Destroyer Navigating Officer
DNOT Director of Naval Operations and Training
DNP Director of Naval Personnel
DNPA Director of Naval Pay Accounting
DNR Director of Naval Reserves
DNS Dragoon, Director of Naval Stores, Director of Naval Services
DNS 1,2 1st (2nd,3rd,etc) Dragoons
DNSO Deputy Naval Store Officer
DNT Director of Naval Training
DNTO Divisional Naval Transport Officer
DO Daily (or District) Ordes (Same as Part II Orders), Dental Officer, Duty Officer
DOC District Officer Commanding, Died of other causes, Driver Operation Course
DOCO Drafting Officer Combined Operations
DOD Died of Disease
DOD Director of Operations Division
Dof P Director of Plans
DofCornLI, D of CORN L I Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry
DofLancsOY, D OF LANC OY, D OF LANCS O Y Duke of Lancashire's Own Yeomanry
DOFP Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DofPR Director of Public Relations
DofT Director of Trade
DofT&M Director(ate) of Transport and Movements
DofUERE Director of Underwater Experimental Research Establishment
DofW, DOW Duration of War
DOH, DOM ORTH HOSP, DomOrthHosp Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital
DomAff Dominion Affairs
Dominion High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom (Address Used in Telegrams)
DoO&R Director of Organization & Recruiting
DOR Director of Operational Research
DORA Defence of the Realm Act
DORDRECHT DVG Dordrecht District Volunteer Guard
DORE District Office Royal Engineers
DOrg Director(ate) of Organization
DORSET R Dorsetshire Regiment
DORSET YEO, DORSET Y Dorset Yeomanry
DOS Director Ordnance Services
DOS(A) Director of Ordnance Services (Administration)
DOS(GS) Director of Ordnance Services (General Stores)
DOS(TS) Director of Ordnance Services (Technical Stores)
DOTP Dental Officer Training Plan
DP Drill Purpose, District Paymaster, Defence Platoon, Developmental Period
DPA Director of Procurement (Aircraft)
DPB Defence Purchasing Board
DPCRCASC Depot Pacific Command, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Division Petrol Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DPD Director of Plans Division
DPE Director of Procurement (Equipment) (Air)
DPED Director Professional Education and Development
DPersServ Director(ate) of Personal Services
DPGRCOC Detachment Proving Grounds, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DPI District Pay Instruction
DPM Deputy Provost Marshal
DPO Director of Plans and Operations (Air)
DPofG Defended Port of Gaspe
DPofS Defended Port of Shelburne
DPR Director of Postings and Records, Director of Personnel Records
DPS Director of Personal Services (or Selection)
DPSE District Paymaster Sergeant
DPTE Drummer Private
DPW Director of Prisoners of War / Department of Public Works
D-QLine Drocourt-Quéant Line
DQMG Deputy Quartermaster General
DQS Director(ate) of Quartermaster General Services
DR Deduced Reckoning navigation, Despatch Rider, Director of Records, Dresser, Driver, Director of Remounts, Director(ate) of Recruiting
DR(WD) Director of Records (War Diaries)
DR, DRI, DRV Driver
DRA Defence Research Agency
DRAE Director of Royal Aircraft Establishment
DraftingEO Drafting Engineer Officer
DRAGER Drager, (Bearer)
DRAKE BTTN RND Drake Battalion Royal Naval Division
DRB Division Recce Battalion
DRC District Rest Camp, District Recruiting Company
DRD District Recruiting Detachment, Director Reserve Divisions
DRD&MRU District Recruiting Detachment & Mobile Recruiting Units
DRDG MTR Dredging Master
DREE Director of Research and Experimental Establishment
Dresser Dresser of Wounds
DRET Directorate of Recruiting, Education and Training
DRF Depression Range Finder
DRG & E Director of Graves Registration and Enquires
Drill Coy Drilling Company
DRISCOLL'S SCTS Driscoll's Scouts
DRLS Despatch Rider Letter Service
DRM MJR Drum Major
DRO Daily (or District, Divisional) Routine Order, District Record Officer, District Routing Order, Director of Recruiting and Organization
DROCAD Divisional Routine Orders Canadian Armed Division
DRPATAA&TS Detention Rooms Port Arthur the Armouries Administration & Training Staff
Drs District Recruiting Services
DRS District Recruiting Staff
DRS Divisional Rest Station
DRS Divisional Rest Station, District Recruiting Services
DRS(LC)RCCS Despatch Rider Section (Light Car) Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
DRT Director Railway Traffic
DRTD District Recruit Training Depot
DRU Drummer
DS Dressing Station, Direct Support, Dutch Ship
DS"Z"F Dental Section "Z" Force
DS&TO District Supply & Transport Officer
DS(Records) Discharge Section (Records)
DSA Director of Supply Administration, Draw Subsistence Allowance
DSANF Director South African Naval Forces
DSB Director Shipbuilding
DSC Divisional Signal Company, Distinguished Service Cross, District Shipyard Controller
DSC(L) Director of Small Craft (Levant)
DSCACOW/SRCOC Divisional Section Canadian Armoured Corps Ordinance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DSCAIF Divisional Supply Column AIF
DSCR Department of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment
DSCRCASC Division Supply Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
DSD Director Signals Division, District Sub-Depot, Director(ate) of Staff Duties, Desirable Sailing Date
DSDF Director of Seaward Defence Force
DSG Deputy Surgeon General
DSIO Deputy Supervising Intelligence Officer
DSISCIC District Security Intelligence Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
DSM Distinguished Service Medal, Drill Sergeant Major
DSMD District Staff Military District
DSO District Supply Officer, District School Orders, Duty Signal Officer, Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
DSP Director of Seaman Personnel
DSPC Divisional Signals Pacific Command
DSPD Deputy Superintendent Pembroke Dock
DSQ Director of Supplies and Quartering, Dockyard Sick Quarters
DSR Director of Ship Repairs
DSRC Division Section Reception Camp
DSRCCS District Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
DSS Director of Special Services
DSSD Director of Supply Staff Duties (Air)
DSSRCOC District Stores Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
DST Director(ate) of Supplies and Transport
DSTO(X) Divisional Sea Transport Officer, Alexandria
DT Director/Directorate of Training
DTC Discharge Transit Centre
DTD Director of Trade Division
DTM Director of Technical Maintenance, Director of Transport and Movements
DTMO Divisional Trench Mortar Officer
DTN Director of Transportation
DTNA Director Training and Naval Assistant
DTO Director of Technical Division (Naval)
DTPG Draw Trades Pay Group
DTPR Director of Training Plans and Requirements (Air)
DTR Director(ate) of Technical Research
DTS Director of Technical Services
DTSS Dockyard Tower Signal Station
DTT Director of Technical Training (Air)
DTTC Dental Technical Training Centre
DU Discrimination Unit
DUKW An amphibious six-wheeled vehicle of six-ton capacity
DUNDEE RA Dundee Rifle Association
DurhLI Durham Light Infantry
DV Diver
DVA Department of Veterans Affair
DVGofC Detachment Veterans Guard of Canada
DVR Driver
DVR-A WHL Driver Acting Wheeler
DvrSigs Driver Signals
DW Director of Works
DWA Director(ate) of Works and Accommodation
DWB Director of Works and Buildings
DWC Director(ate) of Works and Construction
DWD Director of Welding Development
DWR Driver
DWR Duke of Wellington's Regiment, Director of Weapons and Tactics
DWS Director of Women's Service
DWT Director of Warfare and Training
DWTF District Welfare Trust Fund
DWTO District Weapons Training Officer
DYMN Dairyman
DYRCH 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars


E East
E & MS Electrical and Mechanical Services
E AFR ASC East Africa Army Service Corps
E AFR CENSORS D East Africa Censors Department
E AFR CH D East African Chaplains Department
E AFR ECCL D East African Ecclesiastical Department
E AFR ENGRS, EAE East African Engineers
E AFR ID East African Intelligence Department
E AFR IND VOLS East African Indian Volunteers
E AFR IRR BN East African Irregular Battalion
E AFR LC East African Labour Corps
E AFR LT BTY East African Light Battery
E AFR M RIF East African Mounted Rifles
E AFR MAXIMS East African Maxim Guns
E AFR MED CPS East Africa Medical Corps
E AFR MOL AD East Africa Military Audit Department
E AFR MS East Africa Medical Supplies
E AFR MTC East African Motor Transport Corps
E AFR OD East African Ordnance Department
E AFR P GUARD East Africa Prison Guard
E AFR P, E AFAR PC East Africa Pay Corps
E AFR POL D East African Political Department
E AFR POLICE, EAP, EA POLICE East African Police
E AFR RE VOLS East Africa Royal Engineer Volunteers
E AFR REC SQ East Africa Reconnaissance Squadron
E AFR REGT East African Regiment
E AFR REMOUNTS East Africa Remounts
E AFR RIF East African Rifles
E AFR ROAD C East Africa Road Corps or Company
E AFR RYS, EA RYS East African Railways
E AFR RYTD East African Railway Transport Department
E AFR SC East Africa Supply Corps
E AFR SIG C East African Signal Company
E AFR TC East African Transport Corps
E AFR TEL S East African Telegraph Service
E AFR UL East Africa Unattached List
E AFR VC East Africa Veterinary Corps
E AFR VOL ART East Africa Volunteer Artillery
E AFR VOLS East African Volunteers
E ARAB CORPS EA Eastern Arab Corps Egyptian Army
E ERECTOR Engineer Erector
E GRIQ'LD FF East Griqualand Field Force
E GRIQ'LD LH East Griqualand Light Horse
E GRIQ'LD MR East Griqualand Mounted Rifles
E in C Engineer in Chief
E KENT R East Kent Regiment
E LAKE BORDER P East Lake Border Police
E MISTRI Electrician Mistri
E PROV H Eastern Province Horse
E ST S MJR Engineer Storekeeper Sergeant Major
E YORK R, EYORK, EYORKR, EYR East Yorkshire Regiment
E&M Electrical and Mechanical
E&SCID Eastern & Southern Commands Infantry Depot
EA Electrical Technician (Air), Electrical Artificer, Enemy Aircraft, Enemy Action, Egyptian Army, Emergency Aerodromes
EA (No) Distinguishing letters on files of Permanent Joint Board on Defence
EA PNR COY East African Pioneer Company
EA PNRS East African Pioneers
EA, 1c (or 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c) Electrical Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Class)
EAA East African Artillery
EAAC East African Armoured Corps
EAASC East African Army Service Corps
EAC Eastern Air Command
EACC Enemy Alien Concentration Camp
EAEME East African Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
EAFC Empty Anti-Freeze Containers
EAFRACR East African Armoured Car Regiment
EAM Executive Assistant to the Honourable Minister
EAM/BMO Electrical Anti-mining Base Maintenance Officer
EAMGO Executive Assistant to the Master General of Ordnance
EANS East African Nursing Service
EAP TEL S East Africa Protectorate Telegraph Section
EARRACR East African Armoured Car Regiment
EARS Enemy Alien Receiving Station
EAST RAND COM East Rand Commando
EATS Empire Air Training Scheme, Equipment Accounting Training School
EB RY BN East Bengal Railway Battalion
EBSR Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment
EBSRVR East Bengal State Railway Volunteer Rifles (or Regt)
EBSVR East Bengal State Volunteer Rifles
EC Educational Company, Eastern Canada
Ech Echelon
ECM Electronic Counter Measure
ECMCourse Electronics Countermeasures Course
ECr Engineer Commander
ED Efficiency Decoration, Excused Duties, Equipment (or Embarkation) Depot
ED Excused Duties
ED&T Exempt From Drill and Training
EDC Elementary Driving Corps
EdmFus Edmonton Fusiliers
EDP Emergency Defence Plan
EDR Radar Display Room
EdServ Educational Services
EDSRCASC Echelon Division Supply, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
EE Electrical Engineer
EEAD Chief Examiner of Armament Design
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EERCE Experimental Establishment, Royal Canadian Engineers
EES Eastern Examination Service
EF Edmonton Fusiliers, Eastern Fleet
EFC Expeditionary Force Canada
EFC Expeditionary Force Canteens
EFERCCS Eastern Fortress Establishment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
EFM Expeditionary Force Message
EFTS Elemental Flying Training School(s)
EGSTech Electrical Generating Systems Technician
EGSUP Eastern Group Supply Council
EGYPTIAN MP Egyptian Military Police
EHU Engineer Holding Unit
EI Essential Industry
EI RY R East India Railway Regt
EINLO Royal Indian Naval Liaison Officer
EIS Equipment Issue Scale
EISIS East Indies Merchant Shipping Intelligence
EL Embarkation Leave
EL & ST S MJR Engineer Ledgerkeeper & Storeman Sergeant Major
ElA/Lieut -Cdr Electrical Acting Lieutenant-Commander
ELanR, E LAN R, ELAN, EL R East Lancashire regiment
ELC Egyptian Labour Corps
ElCr Electrical Commander
Elect Electrician
ElL Electrical Lieutenant
ElLCr Electrical Lieutenant Commander
ELLIOT B SCTS Elliot Border Scouts
ElMTech Electro-Mechanical Technician
ELOC Essential Level of Capability
ElSL Electrical Sub-Lieutenant
EM Efficiency Medal, Electrician's Mate, Engineering Mechanic, Electrical Mechanic (or Mechanician)
Emb Embarked, Embarkation
EmbL, EmbLve Embarkation Leave
EME Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
EMH Edmunston (or Esquimalt) Military Hospital
EMHRCAMC Edmonton (or Espanola) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
EMM & B COY Electrical & Mechanical Mining and Boring Company
EMMET'S H Emmet's Horse
EMO Embarkation Medical Officer
Emp Employed, Employment, Electro Magnetic Pulse
Empl'd Employed
EN Enemy, Ensign
ENG CAPT Engineer Captain
ENG COMMR, ENG CR Engineer Commander
ENG DVR Engine Driver
ENG LT Engineer Lieutenant
ENG LT CR Engineer Lieutenant Commander
ENG S LT Engineer Sub Lieutenant
ENG, ENGR(S) Engineer(s)
Engn Engineman
Engr Engineer
ENGR'S STRKPR Engineers Storekeeper
ENGRS TRG DEP Engrs Trg Dep - Engineers Training Depot
ENL enlisted
Ens Ensign
ENSA Entertainments National Services Association
ENSLIN'S H Enslin's Horse
ent Entitled
EO Equipment Officer, Engineer Officer, Enabling Objective
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOFS Engineer Officer French Ships
EOP Engineer Officer Personnel (Naval)
EOR Eastern Ontario Regiment
EORCE Executive Officer, Royal Canadian Engineers
EORD Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot
EP Employment Platoon, Estimated Position
EPZ Enter Promotion Zone
EqpmAss't Equipment Assistant
Eqpt Equipment
Equipt(N) Equipment Division (Naval)
ER Elgin Regiment, Essex Regiment, Engineering Technician, Engine Room Artificer
ER OF YORK Y East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
ER TIN, ER TIND Engine Room Tindal
ER YEO East Riding Yeomanry
ERA(A) Engine Room Artificer (Apprentice)
ERA, 1c (or 2c,3c,4c,5c), ER Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
ERINPURAS Erinpura Regiment
ERMOLO CDO Ermolo Commando
ERO Emergency Repair Officer
ERRatings Engine Room Ratings
ER-SGT Engineer Sergeant
ERU Engineer Reinforcement Unit
ERYY, ER of YORK Y, ERY East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
ES Emergency Service
ES&W Engineer Services & Works
ES&WCoy Engineer Survey and Works Company
ESB Engineer Special Brigade
ESBD Engineer Stores Base Depot
ESCMFGHQ Educational Services Central Mediterranean Force General Headquarters
ESO Embarkation Staff Office
ESR Essex Scottish Regiment
ESS Environmental Support System
ESSEX YEO, ESSEX Y, EY Essex Yeomanry
ESSRCE Engineer Stores Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
Est Estimates
Estab, Est Establishment
ESurrR, E SURR R, ESR East Surrey Regiment
ET, Etech Electrical Technician
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC Embarkation Transit Camp
ETech(A) Electrical Technician (Air)
ETO European Theatre of Operation
ETQMS Engineer Technical Quartermaster Sergeant
ETU Embarkation Transit Unit
EU Entertainment Unit
EUR FUS European Fusiliers
Evac Evacuated
EX Exercise, Expeditionary
EX CHEF Extra Chef
EX S MJR Experimental Sergeant Major
EXFCECAN, EX FCE CAN Expeditionary Force Canteen
Exp Expeditionary
Exptl Experimental
Ext Aff External Affairs
External Canadian Department of External Affairs (Address used in telegrams)
ExVes Examination Vessels


F & P DEPT Forestry & Plantation Department
F AMB Field Ambulance
F AMB S Field Ambulance Service
F FIENNES HOSP F Fiennes Hospital
F OF WS MJR Foreman of Works Sergeant Major
F SGT, F/SGT, FLT SGT Flight Sergeant
F&E Furniture and Effects
F&G France and Germany
F(A)SCRCE Field (Air) Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
F/ Flight
F/C Fire Control (Gunnery), Flight Commander
F/FS French Ship Manned by Fighting French
F/Lt, F/L Flight Lieutenant
F/S, FSgt, FSjt Flight Sergeant
FA Field Ambulance, Field Artillery, Financial Advisor, Joint Air Training Plan (Air)
FA/SO Fleet Anti-Submarine Officer
FAA Fleet Air Arm
FAB Field Artillery Brigade
FAC Forward Air Controller
FACRCAMC Field Ambulance Charlottetown, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FAD Field Ambulance Details
FAD(D)RCASC Field Ambulance Details (Division) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
FADRCAMC Field Ambulance Detachments, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FAE Fleet Adviser of Education
FAHRCAMC Field Ambulance Halifax, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FANC, FANY First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FANYC First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps
FAO Forward Area Officer, Fleet Accountant Officer
FAP First Aid Post, For All Purposes
FAPHRCAMC Field Ambulance Point Hawkesbury, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FAR CPL Farrier Corporal
FAR CPL MJR Farrier Corporal Major
FAR S MJR, FARR S/MAJ Farrier Sergeant Major
FAR S, FAR SGT Farrier Sergeant
Far, Farr Farrier
FARCAMC Field Ambulance Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FARMERS GD Farmers Guard
FAS First Army Signals
FATC Field Ambulance Training Course
FATO Fleet Air Arm Technical Officer
FAU Friends Ambulance Unit, Field Ambulance Unit
FAVO Fleet Aviation Officer
FAW/SSRCOC Field Artillery Workshop Section Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
FB&JW Forest Bush & Jungle Warfare
FBE Folding Boat Equipment
FBRCA Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
FBRCACASF Field Brigade, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force
FBRCASC Field Bakery, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
FBRD Flying boat Repair Depot
FBSO Fleet Bomb Safety Officer
FC Ferry Command(s), Flag Captain, Fire Controlman, Frontier Constabulary
FC"Z"F Fire Command "Z" Force
FCAHQPRCE First Canadian Army Headquarters Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
FCAIOPCIC First Canadian Army Intelligence Officers Pool, Canadian Intelligence Corps
FCAIS First Canadian Army Intelligence School
FCASIGPHQ First Canadian Army Service Increment Group Headquarters
FCASS First Canadian Army Sniping School
FCATCCRCASC First Canadian Army Troops Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
FCATRTC First Canadian Army Troops Reinforcement Transit Camp
FCATW/SRCOC First Canadian Army Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
FCC Fleet Constructor Officer
FCCP Forage Caps Concert Panty
FCDCASS "Forage Caps" Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
FCE Field Company Engineers
FCO Field Cash Office
FCRCASC Fortress Company, Canadian Active Service Force
FCRCECASF Field Company Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Active Service Force
FCtlmn Fire Controlman
FD Fuel Depots
FD AMB, FDAMB Field Ambulance
Fd Pk Coy Field (Park) Company
Fd Pk Sqn (Tp) Field (Park) Squadron (Troop)
Fd Svy Coy Field Survey Company
FD, FLD Field
FDC Fighter Direction Centre
FDCOS & M Field Company Sappers & Miners
FDE Final Discharge Establishment
FdeMR Fusiliers de Mont Royal
FDL Forward Defended Locality(ies)
FDL(S) Forward Defense Lines
FDO Fighter Direction Officer, Fleet Dental Officer
FDS Field Dressing Station
FDT Fighter Direction Tenders
FDTELSECNR Field Telegraph Section Nigerian Regiment
FduSL Fusiliers du St Laurent
FE Field Engineer, Financial Encumbrance
FE&MCRCE Fortress E & M Company Royal Canadian Engineers
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FECA Force Eskimo CA
FEO Fleet Education Officer
FEO Fleet Engineer Officer
FERIK General
Fervour Government of Canada Hong Kong (Address used in telegrams)
FES Field Educational Section, Field Experimental Station, Flight Engineer School
FF Frontier Force, Fire Fighter, Fire Fighting, Field Force
FFH Frigate, Helicopter Equipped
FFI French Forces of the Interior
FFK Fort Frontenac Kingston
FFR Fitted for Radio
FFR, FFRIF Frontier Force Rifles (or Regt)
FFY(SCOHSE), FIFE & FORFAR YEO Fife and Forfar Yeomanry (or Scottish Horse)
FGA Frontier Garrison Artillery, Fighter Ground Attack
FGCM Field General Court-Martial
FGH Fort Garry Horse
FGHRR Fort Garry Horse Reserve Regiment
FGO Fleet Gunnery Officer
Fgt Frigate
FH Field Hospital
FHP Force Health Protection
FHPHIRCAMC Fort Henry Permanent Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FHQS Farnham Headquarters Staff
FI Fireman
FIC Fredericton Internment Camp
FID Field Intelligence Department
FIETST Motorcyclist
FIJI LC Fiji Labour Corps
FilmPL Film Projectionist Librarian
FIMU Fleet Information Management Unit
Fin Financial
Fin Clk Finance Clerk
FIN RIF Finsbury Rifles
FINGO NL Fingo Native Levies
FinO Financial Officer
Fireftr Fire Fighter
FIS Flying Instructors Schools, Foreign Intelligence Section
FL Flag Lieutenant, Flying List
FLAMBO Allied Forces Headquarters, Air Force Headquarters, Advanced Administrative Echelon
FLC Flag Lieutenant Commander, Fijian Labour Contingent (later Corps)
Fld Eng Field Engineer
Fld Pk Coy (or Sqn) Field Park Company
FLD Pk Sqn Filed Park Squadron
FLDBKY Field Bakery
FLE Flight Engineer (to be issued)
FLET Forward Location Enemy Troops
FLO Flag Liaison Officer
FLOT Forward Location Own Troops
FLS(PO) French Liaison Service, Portsmouth
FLT Flight
Flt Eng Flight Engineer
FLT OFF Flight Officer
FLT S LT, FltSLt Flight Sub Lieutenant
Flt/Sgt Flight Sergeant
FM Field Marshal
FMC Mobile Command
FMHRCAMC Farnham (or Fredericton) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FMM, FM Formation
Fmn Fireman
FMO Fleet Mail (or Medical, Meteorological) Officer, Field Marching Order
FMR Fusiliers de Mont Royal
FMSVF Federated Malay States Volunteer Forces
FND Flinders Naval Depot
FNGB French Navy in Great Britain
FNO Fleet Navigating Officer
FO(S) Flag Officer, Submarines
FO, F/O Flying Officer
FOA Field Operations Allowance
FOAM Flag Officer Attached General Headquarters Middle East
FOC Flag Officer Commanding, First of Class
FOCOS Flag Officer Commanding Orkneys and Shetlands
FOCRF Flag Officer Commanding Reserve Fleet
FOCRIN Flag Officer Commanding Royal Indian Navy
FOCS Flag Officer Cruiser Squadron
FOCT Flag Officer Carrier Training
FOCWAF Flag Officer Commanding West Africa
FOD Follow on Destroyer
FOEA Flag Officer East Africa and Zanzibar
FOGMA Flag Officer Gibraltar and Mediterranean Approaches
FOGMO Fitting Out Gun Mounting Overseer
FOGO Fitting Out Gunnery Officer
FOH French Official History
FOIC Flag Officer-in-Charge
FOICNI Flag Officer-in-Charge, Northern Ireland
Fol Folio
FOLEM Flag Officer Levant and Eastern Mediterranean
FOLUS Flag Officer Liaison with Cdr US Naval Forces
FOMHRCAMC Fort Osborne Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FONA Flag Officer Naval Aviation
FONAS Flag Officer Naval Air Stations
FONF Flag Officer Newfoundland Force
FOO Forward Observation Officer
FOOAF Flag Officer Overseas Assault Force
FOP Forward Observation Post
FOPS Future Operation Planning Section
For Forestry
FORESTERS Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
Forf Forfeits
Form Formation
FORSCA Flag Officer Red Sea and Canal Area
Fort (E & M) Coy Fortress (Electrical and Mechanical) Company
FOSF Flag Officer Surface Fleet
FOSM Flag Officer Submarines
FOST Flag Officer Sea Training
FOSY Flag Officer, Syracuse
FOTALI Flag Officer Taranto, Royal Armoured Corps, Adriatic and for Liaison Duty With Italians
FOW, Med Flag Officer Western Mediterranean
FOWIT Flag Officer Western Italy
FOYE Flag Officer, ''Y'' Entries
FP, FPNo(or#)1 or 2 Field Punishment Number One or Two
FPB Force Polar Bear
FPC RCE Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
FPC RCE(AP) Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (Advance Party)
FPO Field Post Office, Fire Prevention Officer
FPS Fixed Period of Services
FPS RCE(A)D Field Park Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers (Armoured) Division
FPSRCE Field Park Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers
FPTCRCE Field Park Troop Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
FR French, France, Fisherman's Reserve
FR CONSTAB Frontier Constabulary
FR&I Financial Regulations & Instructions
FR(S-P)RCA Field Regiment (Self-Propelled), Royal Canadian Artillery
Fr,Fro From
FRA Freetown Area
Frac Fractured
FRADO Fleet Radar Officer
FRANKFORT CDO Frankfort Commando
FRASERBG CDO Fraserburg Commando
FRASERBURG SCTS Fraserburg Scouts
FRENCH'S SCTS French's Scouts
Freq Frequency
FRG Forward Repair Group
FRGMN Forgeman
Fri Frigate
FRMO Fleet Royal Marine Officer
FRO Fleet P and Radio Telephony Officer
FRONTIER LH Frontier Light Horse
FRONTIER MR Frontier Mounted Rifles
FRRCHA Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
FRT Forward Repair Team
FS Fighter Sector, Field Security, Field Service, Financial Superintendent, Flat Scow, Flight Sergeant
FSA Fleet Signal Assistant
FSA Food Service Attendant
FSBRCA Flash Spotting Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
FSC Field Survey Company
FSDRCE Field Survey Depot, Royal Canadian Engineers
FSHMN Fisherman
FSHQ Fighter Sector Headquarters
FSL Field Searchlight
FSM Field Service Manual
FSMO Field Service Marching Order
FSO Fleet Signal Officer
FSP Full Service Provision, Foreign Service Premium
FSqn Fighter Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
FSR Fusilier, Field Service Regulations
FSRCCS Fortress Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
FSRCE Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers
FSS Field Security Section
FSSCRU Field Security Section Canadian Reinforcement Unit
FST Forward Surgical Team
FSU Field Surgical Unit
FSVC Food Services
FT French Translator
FT CDT, F CADET Flight Cadet
FT SURG Fleet Surgeon
FTC Field Trials Camp
FTCE Field Troop Canadian Engineers
FTO Fleet Torpedo Officer, French Technical Officer
FtPayr Fleet Paymaster
FTR Filter
FtrCOp Fighter Control Operator
FTS Flying Training School
FTU Ferry Training Unit
FUP Forming Up Place/Forming Up Point
Furl Furlough
Fus Fusilier(s)
Fus Du Sher Fusiliers du Sherbrooke
FW Foreman of Works, Fighter Wing
FW/SRCOC Fortress Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
FWA Fleet Wireless Assistant
FWAM Full Width Attack Mine
Fwd Forward
FWD Four Wheel Drive
Fwm Forewoman
FWO Fleet Wireless Officer
FWOC(R) Fleet Weather & Oceanographic Computer (Replacement)
FWTCRCA Fortress Weapon Training Camp, Royal Canadian Artillery
FYA Fort York Armouries


G Gassed, German, Garrison, Gunnery, General Staff Branch of the Staff
G (Ops) General Staff (Operations)
G COAST FLDCOY Gold Coast Field Company
G COAST POLICE Gold Coast Police
G COAST RWAF Gold Coast Regiment West African Force
G STAFF Operations Staff
G&SF Grey and Simcoe Foresters
G/C, GP CAPT Group Captain
GA Gunnery Armourer
GAF Granted Annual Furlough
GAMBIA COY Gambia Company
GARHWAL RIF Garhwal Rifles
GARR QM SJT Garrison Quarter Master Sergeant
GARR S MJR Garrison Sergeant Major
GAT Guantanamo-Trinidad convoy
GAZ Gazetted
GAZMAGI Shoemaker
GB Great Britain, Garrison Battalion
GBCODRCOC Goose Bay Company Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
GBD General Base Depot, Goose Bay Defences
GBE Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire
GBMS Great Britain Merchant Ships (a wireless message routine)
GBSRCASC Goose Bay Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
GC George Cross, Good Conduct Badge, Gold Coast, Greek Catholic, Group Captain
GC & CS, GCCS Government Code and Cypher School
GC BADGE Good Conduct Badge
GCACon Ground Controlled Approach Controller
GCB Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath
GCM General Court Martial
GCMG Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George
GCR, G COAST R Gold Coast Regiment
GCT Greenwich Civil Time
GCVO Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order
GD General (or Group) Duties
GD(S) Guard(s)
GDD General Details Depot
GDE W CARR Grade Water Carrier
Gdefmn Ground Defenceman
Gdfk Goldflake
GDL&RS Guard Detachment Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment
GDP General Defence Plan
Gdsm, Gdsmn, GDMN Guardsman
GDSMGR, GDS MGR Guards Machine Gun Regiment
GE Garrison Engineer
GE, GER German
GEC General Employment Company
Gen Hosp General Hospital
Gen Pnr Coy General Pioneer Company
GEN SVT General Servant
Geo Geographical Section, General Staff
GEYSER'S CDO Geyser's Commando
GFORCE G Force, Labrador
GGBG Governor General's Body Guard
GGDS, GG, GRE GDS Grenadier Guards
GGFG Governor General's Foot Guards
GH Gordon Highlanders, Green Howards, General Hospital
GHMHRCAMC Gordon Head Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GHQ General (or Group) Headquarters
GHQ&LofCTSI General Headquarters and Line of Communication Troops Service Increment
GHQEIC General Headquarters Echelon Indian Command
GHQRUHofC General Headquarters Reconnaissance Unit Highlanders of Canada
GHQSWPA General Headquarters South West Pacific Area
GHRCAMC General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GHTM Ground Handling Training Missiles
GI Government Issue (USA), Gunnery Instructor
GIP RLWY BN Greater Indian Peninsula Railways Battalion
GIP RY VOLS Protectorate Railway Volunteers
GIRO General Instructions Routing Officers
GIS Ground Instructors School
GJL Granted Jewish Leave
GLAM YEO, GLAMY Glamorgan Yeomanry
GLASGH Glasgow Highlanders
GLEN GREY NL Glen Grey Native Levy
GLICHRCAMC Grande Ligne Internal Camp Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GLOUC R, GLOSTERS, GLOUC Gloucestershire Regiment
GLOUC YEO Gloucestershire Yeomanry
GLS General Labour Section
GM George Medal
GM SRVT General Mess Servant
GMA Gibraltar, Morocco Area
GMGR Guards Machine Gun Regiment
GMHRCAMC Gaspe (or Gravenhurst) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GMO Gun Mounting Overseer
GMP Garrison Military Police
GMT, Z Greenwich Mean Time
GN Guantanamo-New York convoy
GN, GNR, G'NR Gunner
GNA Greek Naval Attache
GNGMN Gangman
GNLO Greek Naval Liaison Officer
GNR-A BMBR Gunner Acting Bombardier
GO General Order, Gunnery Officer, Greek Orthodox
GOC (in C) General Officer Commanding (in Chief)
GOC BDY GD General Officer's Commanding Body Guard
GOCHMSRCAMC Garnons Officers Convalescent Home Military Staff, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GOCinC General Staff (Operations)
GOCRA General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery
GOCRM General Officer Commanding Royal Marines
GOH German Official History
GOR Gun Operations Room
GORRINGE'S FC Gorringe's Flying Column
GOSShip Norwegian Whaler
GOV GEN, GOV-GEN, GG Governor General
Gp Group
GPCRCE General Pioneer Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
GPL Granted Privileged Leave
GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun
GPMHRCAMC Grande Prairie Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GPO Gun Position Officer
GPOA Gun Position Officer Assistant
GPR Glider Pilot Regiment
GPSRCE General Pioneer Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GQG Grand Quartier General (GHQ), General Reconnaissance, Greece, Gloucestershire Regiment, Gurkha Rifles (or Regiment)
GR CK Gun Room Cook
GR SVT Gun Room Servant
GRC Graves Registration Commission (or Cross)
Grey Sim For Grey and Simcoe Foresters
GREYS, THE GREYS Royal Scots Greys
GRFF REINET CDO Graff Reinet Commando
GRIQUALAND WR Griqualand West Ruiters
GRIQUATOWN DF Griquatown Defence Force
GRKSRF Gurkha Rifles
Grn Garrison
GRNDSR Grenadiers
GRO General Routine Order
GROBLERS CDO Groblers Commando
GRP Group
GRS General Reconnaissance Squadron (or School)
GRSC Ground Radio Servicing Centre
GRSTD Gun Room Steward
GRT Gross Registered Tonnage
GRU General Reinforcement Unit, Graves Registration Unit
GS General Service, General Staff, Greek Ship, Greenland-Sydney Convoy
GSB General Staff Branch
GSC Gunnery Staff Course, General Service Corps
GSF Gulf Sea Frontier
GSGS Geographical Section General Staff
GSL Granted Short Leave
GSO General Staff Order
GSO (I, II, III), GSO (1, 2, or 3) General Staff Officer (1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade)
GSP General Staff Planning
Gsr Greaser
GSRAIF, GSR General Service Reinforcements
GSSR General Service Special Reserve
GSW Gunshot Wound, General Service Wagon
GTC Government Telegraph Code
GTC(RCASC)CD General Transport Company, (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps), Canadian Division
Gtd Granted
GTR Gurkha Transport Regiment
GU Gunner, Gibraltar-United States Convoy
GUI Guide
GUIDES CAVY Guides Cavalry
GUIDES INFY Guides Infantry
Gunner (T) Torpedo Gunner
GURKHA RIF Gurkha Rifles
GV Gate Vessels
GWALIOR IS LRS Gwalior Imperial Service Lancers
GWCBD "G" Wing Canadian Base Depot
GWCFC General Workshop, Canadian Field Company OR Canadian Forestry Corps
GWVA Great War Veterans' Association
GZ Guantanamo-Panama convoy


H Hussars
H CPTR Head Carpenter
H HOUR hour at which a military operation is to begin
H KDR Head Conductor
H KPR Horse Keeper
H SMITH Head Smith
H WCHMN Hydraulic Winchman
H WDR Headman Warder
H&BY Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Yeomanry
H&NPAO Hamilton & Niagara Peninsula Area Orders
H&PER Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment
H(21AG) Hospitalization Central Mediterranean Force (Allied Armies Italy)
H/ Honorary (Rank)
H/F High Frequency
H/O h/o - husband of
H/SMIT Shoeing Smith
HA Heavy Artillery, Honours & Awards, Hygiene Assistant, Halifax-Aruba Convoy
HA(A)DRCE Headquarters (Armoured) Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
HA/LA High Angle, Low Angle (Gunnery)
HAA Heavy Anti-Aircraft
HAABRCA Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
HAAR(M)RCS Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Mobile) Royal Canadian Signals
HAARSRCASC Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Centre
HAARW/S/RCEME Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
HAARW/S/RCOC Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
HAC Honourable Artillery Company
HAC (ART), HAC ART Honourable Artillery Company Artillery Section
HAC (INF), HAC INF Honourable Artillery Company Infantry Section
HAL Halifax Approval Letter
HalRif Halifax Rifles
HAMPS R, HAMPSR Hampshire Regiment
HAMPS YEO, HAMPSY Hampshire Yeomanry
HANNAYS SCTS Hannays Scouts
HANTS Hants Regiment
HANVR COLESBG CDO Hanover Golesberg Commando
HAR Heavy Artillery Reserve
HARIANA LNC Hariana Lancers
HARRISMITH VLH Harrismith Volunteer Light Horse
HARTIGAN'S H Hartigan's Horse
HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter
HAVR MAJ, HVLDR MAJ Havildar Major
HAWKE BTTN RND Hawke Battalion Royal Naval Division
HAY CDO Hay Commando
HB Heavy Battery
HBG Heavy Bombardment Group
HBLR Bugler
HBMGC Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps (later Tank Corps)
HC Harbour Craft, Headquarters Company, Honorary Captain
HCB Halifax Coast Brigade
HCC Hospital Conveyance Corps
HCF Honorary Chaplain to the Forces
HCMF(AAI) Hospitalization Central Mediterranean Force (Allied Armies Italy)
HCU Heavy Conversion Unit
HCY Hampshire Carabiniers Yeomanry
HD Home Defence, Holding Depot, Hand
HDC Harbour Defence Craft
HDML Harbour Defence Motor Launch
HDMN Headman
HDMN SB Headman Stretcher Bearer
Hdmstr Headmaster
HDPC Harbour Defence Patrol Crafts
HDQRS Headquarters
HE High explosive, His (or Her) Eminence, His (Her) Excellency, Holding Establishment
HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank
HEIC Honorable East India Company
HEIDELBGCDO Heidelberg Commando
HELGAARD'S SCTS Helgaard's Scouts
HEP Height Filtering Position
HERBERT MR Herbert Mounted Rifles
HEREFORD Herfordshire Light Infantry
HERSCHEL'S NP Herschel's Native Police
HERTS YEO, HERTS Y Hertfordshire Yeomanry
HET Heavy Equipment Transporter
HF Harassing Fire, Home Fleet
HF/DF High Frequency Direction Finding
HFSC Headquarters Farnham Summer Camp
HG Home Guard
HGHRCAMC Horley General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
HGSW Heavy Goods (or General) Service Wagon
HHT House Hunting Trip
HIGH CYC BN, HIGHCYCBN Highland Cyclist Battalion
HIGH LI, HIGHLI Highland Light Infantry
HK Hong Kong
HK RGT Hong Kong Regiment
HK VOL DC , HKVDC Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps
HKPR Housekeeper
HKS Hong Kong and Singapore
HKSRA Hong Kong Singapore Royal Artillery
HKSRGA Hong Kong & Singapore Royal Garrison Artillery
HLD Higgins Tank Lighter
HLD, HLDRS Highland, Highlanders
HLDC Heavy Load Distribution Capability
HLI, HLI(ofC) Highland Light Infantry (of Canada)
HLMHRCAMC Howe Lake Military Hospital
HLVW Heavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
HM His (or Her) Majesty's, Hull Mechanic
HM COAST GD His (or Her) Majesty's Coast Guard
HM(C)S His/Her Majesty's (Canadian) Ship
HMA Honorary Major
HMAS His (or Her) Majesty's Australian Ship
HMAT His (or Her) Majesty's Armed (or Auxiliary) Transport, His (or Her) Majesty's Australian Transport
HMB Heavy Mortar Battery
HMCoastGd His/Her Majesty's Coast Guard
HMCS His (or Her) Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMDR His (or Her) Majesty's Drifter
HMFD Having Moved From District
HMG Heavy Machine Gun
HMHRCAMC Halifax (or Hamilton, Huntingdon) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
HMNZS His (or Her) Majesty's New Zealand Ship
HMRMN Hammerman
HMS His (or Her) Majesty's Ship
HMSO His (or Her) Majesty's Stationary Office
HMT, HMTS His (or Her) Majesty's Transport, His (or Her) Majesty's Troopship
HNU Head Nurse
HO Hostilities only, Hospital Orderly
HOGEVELT R Hogevelt Ruiters
HON Honorable, Honorary
HON LT Honorary Lieutenant
HOOD BTTN RND Hood Battalion Royal Naval Division
HOOPSTAD CDO Hoopstad Commando
HOSE Hospital Sergeant
Hosp Hospital
HOSP ATT Hospital Attendant
HouseholdBn, HOUSEHOLD BN Household Battalion
How Howitzer
HOWE BTTN RND Howe Battalion Royal Naval Division
HP Members of HM armed forces on half pay, horsepower
HPC Harbour Patrol Crafts
HPD Home Postal Depot
HPMC Hasting Park Military Camp
HQ Headquarters
HQ MOCHI Head Quarters Mochi
HQ"C"F Headquarters ''C'' Force
HQ&BD Headquarters & Base Details
HQ(A)D Headquarters (Armoured) Division
HQ1stD Headquarters 1st Division
HQ2CdnAGRA (Headquarters 2 Canadian) Army Group Royal Artillery
HQAAB Headquarters Anti-Aircraft Brigade
HQAABRCA Headquarters Anti-Aircraft Brigade, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQAC Headquarters Atlantic Command
HQACS Headquarters Atlantic Command Signals
HQADGB Headquarters, Air Defence Great Britain
HQATAFCA Headquarters Army Troops Area First Canadian Army
HQATD Headquarters Army Troops Details
HQATSSRCS Headquarters Army Terminals Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
HQ''B"GCHU Headquarters ''B'' Group Canadian Holding Unit
HQBC Headquarters Bomber Command
HQBD(GS&AS) Headquarters Botwood Defences (General Staff & Administrative Staff)
HQBTNI Headquarters British Troops in Northern Ireland
HQBU Headquarters Base Unit
HQCA Headquarters Coastal Command
HQCAA&A-TGRCA Headquarters Canadian Anti-Aircraft & Anti-Tank Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQCAC Headquarters Canadian Armoured Corps
HQCACRCASC Headquarters Canadian Artillery Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCADARCA Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQCADREME Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
HQCAGRCA Headquarters Canadian Artillery Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQCAMG Headquarters Canadian Army Meteorological Group
HQ-CAPO(GS&AS) Headquarters - Canadian Army Post Office (General Staff & Administrative Staff)
HQCATB Headquarters Canadian Army Tank Brigade
HQCC Headquarters Canadian Corps
HQCCARCA Headquarters Canadian Corps Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQCCATRCASC Headquarters Canadian Army Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCCCTCRCASC Headquarters Command Canadian Corps Transport Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCCE Headquarters Canadian Constructional Engineers
HQCCGTC Headquarters Command Canadian General Transport Column
HQCCIDRCASC Headquarters Command Canadian Infantry Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCCTRCE Headquarters Canadian Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Engineers
HQCCTREME Headquarters Canadian Corps Troops, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
HQCCTTCRCASC Headquarters Canadian Corps Tank Transporter Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCDECA(OS) Headquarters Canadian Divisional Engineers, Canadian Artillery OR Canadian Army (Overseas)
HQCDRCASC Headquarters Canadian Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCDREME Headquarters Canadian Division, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
HQCEWRCE Headquarters Chief Engineer Works, Royal Canadian Engineers
HQCFC Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
HQCFN Headquarters Canadian Forces in the Netherlands
HQCIB Headquarters Canadian Infantry Brigade
HQCID Headquarters Canadian Infantry Division
HQCProC Headquarters Canadian Provost Corps
HQCPS Headquarters Canadian Postal Services
HQCRCASCCCT Headquarters Commander, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Canadian Corps Troops
HQCRCEMEFCAT Headquarters Commander, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, First Canadian Army Troops
HQCRTCRCS Headquarters Canadian Railway Telegraph Company, Royal Canadian Signals
HQCRU Headquarters Canadian Reinforcement Unit
HQD Headquarters Details
HQDCDCA Headquarters Deputy Commander First Canadian Army
HQ''D''GRU Headquarters ''D'' Group Reinforcement Unit
HQDIZB Headquarters Details Infantry "Z" Brigade
HQDPCAPO Headquarters Defended Port Canadian Army Post Office
HQDPofS Headquarters Defended Port of Sydney
HQDPofSJ Headquarters Defended Port of Saint John
HQDRCA Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQDRCASC Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQDRCE Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
HQDRCE(AA) Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Active Army)
HQDRCE(RA) Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Reserve Army)
HQEAFME Headquarters Royal Air Force, Middle East
HQEF Headquarters Esquimalt Fortress
HQFCA Headquarters First Canadian Army
HQFCACAS Headquarters First Canadian Army Civil Affairs Staff
HQFCASRCS Headquarters First Canadian Army Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
HQFCATC Headquarters First Canadian Army Training Camp
HQFCATC Headquarters First Canadian Army Transport Column
HQFMCCC Headquarters Field Maintenance Centre Canadian Corps
HQFMCRCASC Headquarters Field Maintenance Centre, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQGB Headquarters Greek Bridge
HQGCTU Headquarters Group Canadian Training Units
HQGD Headquarters Gaspe Defences
HQHF Headquarters Home Forces
HQHFRCA Headquarters Halifax Fortress, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQLA-CWAC Headquarters London Area - Canadian Women's Army Corps
HQMARCA Headquarters Medium Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQMD Headquarters Military District
HQMD#1 Headquarters Military District # 1
HQMD#2H&NPC Headquarters Military District # 2, Hamilton & Niagara Peninsula Command
HQMD#3, K Headquarters Military District # 3, Kingston
HQMDNo2(NCD) Headquarters Military District No 2 (Niagara Camp Details)
HQMDVB Headquarters Military District Vancouver Barracks
HQNWACAF Headquarters North-West African Coastal Air Force
HQPC Headquarters Pacific Command
HQPRD Headquarters Prince Rupert Defences
HQRCAF Headquarters Royal Canadian Air Force
HQRCD Headquarters Reconstituted Canadian Division
HQRCECAT Headquarters, Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army Troops
HQRCEMECCT Headquarters, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Canadian Troops
HQRCEWO Headquarters, Royal Canadian Engineers, Works Organization
HQS (No) Distinguishing letters on files of National Defence Headquarters (Army), Ottawa
HQS&CD Headquarters Sydney and Canso Defences
HQS&S-S Headquarters Staff and Sub-staff
HQS(H)CAD Headquarters Squadron (Hussars) Canadian Armoured Division
HQSAD Headquarters Squadron Armoured Division
HQSATB (AD) Headquarters Squadron Army Tank Brigade (Armoured Division)
HQSATB (NBRT) Headquarters Squadron Army Tank Brigade (New Brunswick Regt Tank)
HQSCABAP Headquarters Squadron Canadian Armoured Brigade Advance Party
HQSCNPHQRCS Headquarters Signals Company, National Defence Headquarters Royal Canadian Signals
HQSD Headquarters Shelburne Defences
HQSD(CB)CADAF Headquarters Squadron Details (Camp Borden), Canadian Armoured Division Active Force
HQSF Headquarters Sydney Fortress
HQSG Headquarters Support Group
HQSGCAD Headquarters Support Group Canadian Armoured Division
HQSHDCAPO Headquarters St John's Defences Canadian Army Post Office
HQSMD Headquarters Staff Military District
HQSPC Headquarters Staff Petawawa Camp
HQS-SDTA Headquarters Sub-Staff Dunburn Training Area
HQSVC Headquarters Staff Valcartier Camp
HQTC Headquarters Tracadie Camp
HQV&EF Headquarters Victoria & Esquimalt Fortress
HQVB Headquarters Vancouver Barracks
HQVD Headquarters Vancouver Defences
HQVGofC Headquarters Veterans Guard of Canada
HR Halifax Rifles, Hospital Records, Human Resources, Hampshire Regiment, Highland Regiment
HR Hospital Records
HRDSMN Herdsman
HRH His (or Her) Royal Highness
HRR Heals Rifles
HRS Hours, Heavy Repair Shop
HRS (10, 11, 13, etc), HSRS (10, 11, 13, etc), H (10, 11, 13-18, etc) 10th (or 11th, 13th, etc) Hussars
HRW(MT)RCASC Heavy Repair Workshop (Mechanical Transport) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HS Home Service, Hospital Ship, Home Sister, Hellenic Ship
HSBPT High Speed Battle Practice Target
HSC Hospital Ship Case
HSCRFU Home Security Course Reserve Fleet Units
HSE Here Lies Buried (Hic Sepultus Est)
HSF Home Service Force
HSH His (or Her) Serene Highness
HSMN Horseman
HSRS, HRS Hussars
HSS Hospital Staff Sergeant
HST Hospital Steward
HSTS High Speed Target Service
HT Horse Transport, Hull Technician, Halifax, Trinidad Convoy
Htech, HT Hull Technician
HTM Heavy Trench Mortar
HTMB Heavy Trench Mortar Battery
HTS Heavy Transport Squadron
HU Holding Unit
HUMANSDORP CDF Humansdorp Colonial Defence Force
HUNTS CYC BN, HUNTS CYCLIST BN Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion
HUSB Husband
HV High Velocity
HVLDR SALUTRI Havildar Salutri
HVY Heavy
HWE Home War Establishment
Hwr Howitzer
HWR Howitzer
HX Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
HXF Fast Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
HY Hampshire Yeomanry (Carabiniers), Hertfordshire Yeomanry
HY Heavy
Hyg Hygiene
HygTech Hygiene Technician


I Intelligence Branch of the General Staff, Interrogation
I (b) Secret Service Branch of the General Staff
I AGENT Intelligence Agent
I ARTY Indian Artillery
I DEPT EA Intelligence Department Egyptian Army
I ECC EST, IEE Indian Ecclesiastical Establishment
I GDS Irish Guards
I LABOUR C Indian Labour Corps
I OF COTC Inns of Court Officers Training Corps
I REMT D Indian Remount Department
I SIG S Indian Signal Service
I"E"toHQCT Increment ''E'' to Headquarters Canadian Troops
I(A)HQCAGRA Increment (A) Headquarters Canadian, Army Group Royal Artillery
I/C In Charge, In Command
IA Indian Army
IAB Initial Appraisal Board
IAC Indian Armoured Corps, Indian Army Corps
IACC Indian Army Corps of Clerks
IADM Incremental Assessment Demonstration and Manufacture
IAF Inspector of Admiralty Fuel, Independent Air Force
IAM Institute of Aviation Medicine
IAMC Indian Army Medical Corps
IAOC Indian Army Ordnance Corps
IAPSS Indian Army Printing and Stationery Services
IARO Indian Army Reserve of Officers
IAS Infantry Assault Ships, Indian Army Staff
IASC Indian Army Service Corps
IATC Infantry Advanced Training Center
I''A''toCSGHQEAP Increment ''A'' to Canadian Section
IAVC Indian Army Veterinary Corps
IAW In Accordance With
IBC Indian Bearer Corps
IBD Infantry Base Depot
IBDCASF(LS) Infantry Base Depot, Canadian Active Service Force, (Lorne Scots)
IBDP Infantry Brigade Defence Platoon
IBEARER Indian Bearer
IBLAD Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment
IBofUK&C Inspection Board of United Kingdom & Canada
IBRS Infantry Brigade Recce Squadron
IBSS&WT Infantry Brigade Signals Section & Wireless Telegraphy
IC Intelligence Corps, In Command, Instructional Cadre, Internment Camp
ICB Inspector of Contract Built Ships
ICC Imperial Camel Corps
ICCDP Iceland Coastal Command Daily Programme
ICCFS Inspecting Captain Of Coastal Force Schools
ICCPC Internment Camp Canadian Provost Corps
ICCS Integrated Command & Control System
ICCSS Medal International Commission of Control and Supervision Service Medal
ICCY Inns of Court and City Yeomanry
ICE Integrated Clothing Ensemble
ICE MECH Ice Mechanic
ICFPC Increment Canadian Field Punishment Camp
ICI Imperial Chemical Industries
ICMHRCAMC Internment Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
ICSCS Medal International Commission for Supervision and Control Service Medal (Indo China)
IDE Imperial Defence College or Inter-Department Cypher
IdentTech Identification Technician
IDF Indian Defense Forces
IDGHRCAMC Infectious Diseases General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
IE Illegal enlistment, Increased Endurance, Intermediate Engagement
IE Tech Instrument Electrical Technician
IE TEL DEPT Indian Engineers Telegraph Department
IEAMS Imperial East African Medical Service
IECS Improved Environmental Clothing System
IEME Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
IF(ofC) Irish Fusiliers (of Canada)
IFF Identification Friend or Foe
IFPP No 1 Ferry Pilots Pool
IFS Instrument Flying School
IG Irish Guards, Inspector General
IG(CC) Inspector-General (Central Canada)
IGC Imperial General Council, Inspector General of Communications
IGDS Irish Guards
IGds, IR GDS, IG Irish Guards
I-GEC(A) Inspector-General Eastern Canada OR Educational Company (Army)
IGH - Indian General Hospital Indian General Hospital
IGT Inspector General of Transportation
IGTCAC Instructors Gunnery Team, Canadian Armoured Corps
IH CORPS Indian Hospital Corps
IHL Imprisonment with Hard Labour
IHU Infantry Holding Unit
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy
ILH Imperial Light Horse
ILLALO HDMN Illalo Headman
ILLUM Illuminating
ILO Intelligence Liaison Officer
IM RY Indian Military Railways
IMB Imperial Munitions Board
IMD Indian Medical Department
IMHRCAMC Ipperwash Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
IML Indian Miscellaneous List
IMP CC Imperial Camel Corps
IMP HOSP C Imperial Hospital Corps
IMP LH Imperial Light Horse
IMP LI Imperial Light Infantry
IMP MIL RLYS Imperial Military Railways
IMP, IMPL Imperial
IMPY Imperial Yeomanry
IMS Indian Medical Service
IMT Indian Marine Transport
IMTU Inspector of Machine Tool Utilisation
IMWS Indian Military Works Services
IN Inch, Inches, Inspector
INA Indian National Army
INAITCoy Infantry Brigade AIT Company
Incl include, inclusive or including
IND Indian
IND ARTY Indian Artillery
IND CST ART Indian Coastal Artillery
IND LAB COY Indian Labour Company
IND SURVEY Indian Surveys
ind, Indep independent
IndefLve Indefinite Leave
INDIAN BR CORPS Indian Bearer Corps
INDIAN DF Indian Defence Force
INDN SIG COY Indian Signal Company
INDN TELEGRAPHS Indian Telegraph Dept
Inf Infantry, Infantryman
INF BDE Infantry Brigade
Infmn, Inf Infantryman
INFO Information
Inj Injured
INNIS Inniskilling
INNIS DG 5 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards
INNS OF COURT R Inns of Court Regiment
INO(W) Inspector of Naval Ordnance (Woolwick)
Inspr Inspector
Inst, Instr instructor
INSTR CKY Instructor of Cookery
INSTR(S) Instr (s) - Instructor(s), Instructional
Instr(s) Instructor(s)
InstrCr Instructor Commander
Int General Staff Officer 1 (Intelligence)
INT CORPS, INTELL C Intelligence Corps
Int, Intel Intelligence
IntC Internment Camp
IntOp Intelligence Operator
Intrep Intelligence Report
INTSUM Intelligence Summary
inv Invalid
Inv "wd" Invalided Wounded
INWE Infantry North West Echelon
IO Intelligence Officer
I-O Infantry Officers
IOA Indian Ocean Area
IOB Inspector of Booms (Naval)
IOC Instructional Officer Course
IOD Indian Ordnance Department
IODE Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire
IOM Inspector of Ordnance Machinery
IOR Indian Other Rank
IORAS Inspection of Reserve Army Stores
IOS Inspector of Ordnance Services
IPB Intelligence Preparation of Battlefield
IPC Island Park Camp
IPO Inshore Patrol Officer
IPS Indian Postal Service
IPT Integrated Project Team
IR Instructor's Regiment, Irish
IR GDS Irish Guards
IRA Irish Republican Army
IRCS Imperial Rest Camp Staff
IREM Inspector of Royal Engineer Machinery
IrFus(VR) Irish Fusiliers (Vancouver Regiment)
IRofC Irish Regiment of Canada
IRS Intelligence Reports Section (Naval)
IRVC Imperial Railways Volunteer Corps
IS Inspector of Searchlights
IS CPS Imperial Staff Corps
IS Tech Integral Systems Technician
ISC Indian Service Corps, Inter Service Committee, Indian Staff Corps, Inter-Service Cypher
ISC CPS Imperial Service Camel Corps
ISCB Inter-Service Communications Board (US)
ISCC Infantry Section Commander's Course
ISCO Intelligence Section, Combined Operations
ISD In Service Date
ISF Indian State Forces, Indian Security Force
ISHQCC Intelligence Section Headquarters Canadian Corps
ISMD Indian Subordinate Medical Department
ISO Imperial Service Order
ISP Initial Service Provision, Intelligence Specialists
ISS Indian Staging Section
IST Imperial Service Troops
ISTAR Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
ISTC Indian Supply Transport Commissariat
ISTD Inter-Service Topographical
ISTDC Interservice Training Defence Centre
IT Italy, Italian, Instructional Technique
ITB Infantry Training Battalion
ITC Infantry Training Centre
ITC(R) Infantry Training Centre (Reserve)
ITD Infantry Training Depot
ITDUCIC Infantry Training Demonstration Unit, Canadian Infantry Corps
ITech Instrument Technician
ITF Indian Territorial Force
ITM Inspector of Torpedoes and Mines
ItoHQCC Increment to Headquarters Canadian Corps
ItoHQCID Increment to Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division
ITS Initial Training School, Inshore Training Squadron
IUL Indian Unattached List
IUR Immediate Use Reserve
IW & D Inland Waterways and Docks
IWBB Improvised Widened Bailey Bridge
IWCBD 'I'' Wing Canadian Base Depot
IWDRE Inland Waterways & Docks, Royal Engineers
IWGC Imperial War Graves Commission
IWM Imperial War Museum
IWT Inland Water Transport, Indian Water Transport
IWTRE Inland Water Transport Royal Engineers
IY Imperial Yeomanry
IY SCTS Imperial Yeomanry Scouts
IYB Imperial Yeomanry Bearer
IYH Imperial Yeomanry Hospital


J, JEW Jewish
JABCA Joint Atomic, Biological and Chemical Defensive Warfare School
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAGFTN CDO Jagersfontein Commando
JAN Joint Army & Navy Radio Procedure
JAT LT INF Jat Light Infantry
JATP Joint Air Training Plan
JATS Jat Infantry
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JEMDR Jemadar
JEW, J Jewish
JEWISH LC Jewish Labour Corps
JFHQ Joint Force Headquarters
JHQ Joint Headquarters
JICPOA Joint Intelligence, Central Pacific Ocean Area
JIMRTTRG Job Inspector Mechanical Relations Transportation Training
JIND IS INFY Jind Imperial Service Infantry
JINSTOR Job Instructor
JLS Junior Leader's School, Japanese Language School
JLTC Junior Leader's Training Centre
JMC Johnson Method of Coaching
JMHRCAMC Joliette Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
JMT Job Methods Training
JOCS Joint Operational Command Systems
JODPHUR IS LRS Jodphur Imperial Service Lancers
JOHANNESBURG MR Johannesburg Mounted Rifles
Joiner Joiner
JP Joint Planners
JR Joliette Regiment, Junior Reserve
JRA Junior Reserve Attendant
JRC Joint Regional Command
JRDF Joint Rapid Deployment Force
JRRF Joint Rapid Reaction Force
JRT Job Relations Training
JSC Joint Services Committee
JSM Joint Staff Mission
JSRC Joint Sub Regional Command
JSSU Joint Services Signals Unit
JSU Junior Sergeant
JTC Jasper Training Camp
JTF Joint Task Force
JTF2 Joint Task Force 2
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
JWEC Junior War Establishments Committee
JWPS Joint War Production Staff


K Killed, King(s), Knots
K DMR Kettle Drummer
K&BMHRCAMC Kingston & Barriefield Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
KA RIF King's African Rifles
KACR Kenya Armoured Car Regiment
KAFFRARIAN RIF Kaffrarian Rifles
KALAHARI H Kalarahi Horse
KAPT EERW Captain Reverend
KAPT, KAPT Captain
KAPUR INFY Kapur Infantry
KAPURTHALA JAGATJIT INF Kapurthala Jagatjit Infantry
KAR, KA RIF King's African Rifles
KASH Kashmir
KASHMIR RFLS Kashmir Rifles
KBO Kildare Barracks Ottawa
KBR Kellogg Brown and Root
KC King's Colonials, King's Commendation
KCB Knight Commander, Order of the Bath
KCC Khaipur Camel Corps
KCMG Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George
KD Kot Dafadar
KDG Kings Dragoon Guards
KDR Conductor
KEdwH, K EDW H King Edward's Horse
KEH King Edward's Horse
KEI ROAD CDF Kei Road Civilian Defence Force
KENHARDT CDO Kenhardt Commando
KENSINGTONS Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment
Kent R Kent Regiment
KENT Y Kent Yeomanry
KentCycBn Kent Cyclist Battalion
KEO King Edward's Own
KG Knight of the Order of the Garter
KGF BN Kolar Gold Fields Battalion
KGL King's German Legion
KGO King George's Own
KHASDR Khassadar
KHM King's Harbour Master
KHPTK Kaapse Hulp Perde Transport Korps
KIA Killed In Action
KIMBERLEY CDO Kimberley Commando
KIMBERLEY H Kimberley Horse
KIMBERLEY LH Kimberley Light Horse
KIMBERLEY PTO Kimberley Post & Telegraph Office
KIMBERLEY REGT Kimberley Regiment
KINGS OWN R, KINGS King's Own Regiment
KISI Khalasi
KITCHENERS F SCTS Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
KITCHENERS H Kitchener's Horse
KK Kaapse Korps
KKMS Company Quarter Master Sergeant
KKMS, KSM Company Quarter Master Sergeant
KKS Kommandement Kaap Seine
KLI King's Light Infantry (Shropshire Regiment)
KLR King's (Liverpool Regiment)
KMB Kabul Multi-National Brigade
KMDT Commandant
KMHRCAMC Kingston (or Kitchener) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
KMTGR Khidmatgar
KMW Senior Polish Naval Officer in London
KNDR Kneader
KNR Gunner
KNSMA Khansama
KO King's Own, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
KO MALTA A Kings Own Malta Artillery
KO MALTA M Kings Own Malta Militia
KO SCO BORD, KOSB Kings Own Scottish Borderers
KOCR King's Own Calgary Regiment
KODR King's Overseas Dominions Regiment
KOHAT MB Kohat Mountain Battery
KOHAT MBFF Kohat Mountain Battery Frontier Force
KOLI King's Own Light Infantry (South Yorkshire Regiment)
KOMR King's Own Malta Regiment
KONST Constable
KORBR King's Own Royal Border Regiment
KORC, KORofC King's Own Rifles of Canada
KORR King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster)
KORR(NY) King's Own Royal Regiment (Norfolk Yeomanry)
KOSB, KO SCO BORD King's Own Scottish Borderers
KOYLI King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KOYYLI King's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry (Light Infantry)
KPHIRCAMC Kingston Permanent Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
KPIB Key Points Investigation Bureau
KPIN Chaplain
KPL Corporal
KQMS Captain Quarter Master Sergeant
KR King's Regulations, King's Regiment (Liverpool), Kent Regiment
KR RIF C, KRR, KRRC King's Royal Rifle Corps
KR&ACI King's Regulations & Air Council Instructions
KR&AI King's Regulations & Admiralty Instructions
KR&O King's Regulations and Orders
KRandAI King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions
KRCN King's Regulations for the Government of the Canadian Naval Service
KRH King's Royal Hussars
KRR, KRRC, KRRifC King's Royal Rifle Corps
KRUGERSDORP CDO Krugersdorp Commando
KSLI King's Shropshire Light Infantry
KTDRCA Kine Theodolite Detachment, Royal Canadian Artillery
KTS Composite Training School (Royal Canadian Air Force)
KUF Polish Drafting Officer, London
KURRAM MIL Kurram Militia


L Lowland, Lieutenant
L & S INSP Land and Ship Inspector
L 12 (or 9, 17-21, etc) 12th (or 9th, 17/21, etc) Lancers
L BMBR Lance Bombardier
L CK MTE Leading Cooks Mate
L CPL, L/C, L/CPL, L-CPL Lance Corporal
L NAIK, LNK Lance Naik
L NYASA FLOTILLA Lake Nyasa Flotilla
L PTR Letter Painter
L STO, L/Sto, LSto Leading Stoker
L&RSGD Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Guard Detachment
L&RSR Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment
L&WRegt Lincoln & Welland Regiment
L, LRS L, LRS - Lancers
L/ Leading, Lance (Rank)
L/Bdr Lance Bombardier
L/S Leading Seaman
L/SA Leading Stores Assistant
L/Sgt, L/Sjt Lance Sergeant
LaA Light Aid Detachment
LAA Light Anti-Aircraft
LAARPRCASC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
LAARRCA Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
LAARSRCASC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
LAARSS Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Signals Section
LAARW/SSRCOC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
LAATTRCA Light Anti-Aircraft Training Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
LAB Labour, Light Armoured Battery
LAB BN Labour Battalion
LAB, LABTY Laboratory
LABR Labourer
LAC Leading Aircraftman
LAD Light Air Defence, Light Aid Detachment
LADC Lieutenant Aide-de-Camp
LADCAPCS Light Aid Detachment Canadian Armoured Personnel Car Squadron
LADRCEME Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
LADRCOC Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
LAFO Laboratory Foreman
LAGOS BN Lagos Battalion
LAHORE LABOUR CPS Lahore Labour Corps
LAM Light Armoured Motor
LAN HRS, LANH Lancashire Hussars
LANCERS FH Lancers Fanes Horse
LANCS Lancashire
LanFus, LAN FUS Lancashire Fusiliers
LANR Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
LARC Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo vessel
LAS Lascar
LASU Local Air Supply Unit
LAW Leading Aircraftwoman
LAXTONS H Laxton's Horse
LB Pound(s) weight
LBandsmn Leading Bandsman
LBE Landing Barge, Emergency Repair
LBF Landing Barge, Flak
LBF Landing Boats
LBH Lothians and Border Horse
LBHY Lothians and Border Horse Yeomanry
LBM Landing Boats
LBO Landing Barge, Oiler
LBS Landing Barge, Support
LBV(1) Landing Barge Vehicle (Mark I)
LBV(L)(2) Landing Barge Vehicle (Large, Mark II)
LBV(S)(2) Landing Barge Vehicle (Small, Mark II)
LBW Landing Barge Water
LC Landing Craft of Lifting Craft
LC Lieutenant-Colonel
LCA Landing Craft Assault
LCE Landing Craft Emergency - Repair
LCF Levant Coast Flotilla
LCF(L) Landing Craft , Flak (Large)
LCG(M) Landing Craft Gun (Medium)
LCG(T) Landing Craft Gun (Tower)
LCH Landing Craft, Heavy, Land Craft Headquarters
LCI Landing Craft, Infantry
LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry (Large)
LCI(S) Landing Craft Infantry (Small)
LCk Leading Cook
LCM Landing Craft, Mechanized, Landing Craft Motorized
LCM(W) Landing Craft Mechanized (wood)
LCMB Landing Craft Maintenance Base
LCMSD Landing Craft Material Supply Depot
LCMSO Landing Craft Maintenance Stores Officer
LCOCU Landing Craft Obstruction Clearance Unit
LCOL, LIEUT-COL, LT COL, LCOL, LC, LT KOL Lieutenant Colonel
LCP(2) Landing Craft Personnel (Mark II)
LCP(L) Landing Craft Personnel (Large)
LCR(L) Landing Craft Rubber (Large)
LCR(S) Landing Craft Rubber (Small)
LCr, LtCdr Lieutenant Commander
LCRS Lancers
LCT Landing Craft, Tank
LCT(R) Landing Craft Tank (Rocket)
LCV Landing Craft, Vehicle, Landing Craft Vessel
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel
LD Light Dragoons, Lord
L-DFDR Lance Dafadar
LDH Leading Deck Hand
Ldng Leading
LDRCAPC Lancaster Detachment Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
LDS Latter Day Saint Church
LDSH, LdSH(RC), LDSTRATHCONA'S H Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
LDY Local Defence Volunteers, Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry
LEE London Electrical Engineers
LEIC R, LEIC, LEICR Leicestershire Regiment
LEIC YEO, LEICYEO Leicestershire Yeomanry
LEINS R, LEINSR Leinster Regiment
LEME Land Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
LEMMERS SCTS Lemmer's Scouts
LER Royal Edmonton Regiment
LET Light Equipment Transporter
LEWA Brigadier General
LF Lancashire Fusiliers, Land Forces, Leave & Furlough
LF de MR Les Fusiliers de Mont Royal
LFA Light Field Ambulance, Land Force Area
LFC Land Force Command
LFCA Land Force Central Area
LFDTS Land Forces Doctrine and Training System
LFMHRCAMC Lesters Field Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
LFQA Land Force Quebec Area
LFRR Land Force Reserve Restructure
LFWA Land Force Western Area
LG London Gazette, Lewis Gun, Lethbridge Garrison
LG C CREW Leading Carpenters Crew
LGBTN Leading Boatman
LGC Landing Craft Control
LGDS, LG Life Guards
LGO Lewis Gun Officer
LGROC Light Gauge Railway Operating Company
LGROCAIF Light Gauge Railway Operating Company AIF
LGSW Light Goods Service Wagon, Light General Service Wagon
LH Light Horse, Local Headquarters
LH BDE Light Horse Brigade
LH REG, LH REGT, LHR Light Horse Regiment
LHF AMB, LHFA Light Horse Field Ambulance
LHQ Land Headquarters, Allied Land Forces Headquarters
LHRR Light Horse Reserve Regimental
LHST Light Horse Signal Troop
LHTR Light Horse Training Regiment
LHY Lancashire Hussars Yeomanry
LI, LIGHT INF Light Infantry
LIBYAN ARAB F Libyan Arab Force
LIECHTENBURG CDO Liechtenburg Commando
LIEUT, LT Lieutenant
LIGHT CAV, LT CAV Light Cavalry
LIJIT Leader in Job Instruction Training
LINC R, LINC, LINCOLNS Lincolnshire Regiment
LINC YEO, LINCYEO Lincolnshire Yeomanry
LINDLEN CDO Lindlen Commando
litho Lithographic(al)
LItoCSGHQEAGp (Legal) Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters, Echelon Army Group
LIV SCO Liverpool Scottish
LL Denotes that a ship is fitted for magnetic minesweeping
LLAD Low Level Air Defence
LLEandLLV Landing Lighters
LLV Loop Laying Vessel
LM Leading Mechanic
LMB Light Mortar Battery
LMF Lack of Moral Fibre
LMG Light Machine Gun
LMHRCAMC Lauzon (or Lethbridge, Lewisporte, London, Longueuil) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
LMS London, Midland and Scottish (Railway)
LMU Landline Maintenance Units
LN Quebec-Labrador Convoy
LNER London and North-Eastern Railway
LNK, L NAIK Lance Naik
LNL, LNLANR, LN LAN R, LNLR Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
LNMN Lineman
LNNo List of Navy Numbers
LO Liaison Officer
LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
LOB Left out of Battle
LOC Locating
LOC, L of C Line(s) of Communication
LOCHS H Loch's Horse
LOCO Liaison Officers, Combined Operations
LofCFSPS Line of Communication Field Security Police Station
LofCPSCPC Line of Communication Provost Section C Provost Corps
LofCS(P)CGRU Line of Communication Section (Provost) Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
LofCSRCCS Line of Communication Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
LofCTrpsSerIncr Line of Communication Troops Service Increment
LOG Logistic
LON GAZ, LONGAZ London Gazette
LON SCO London Scottish
LONN Liaison Officer Norwegian Navy
LOTH & BORD H, Loth&BordH Lothian and Border Horse
LOU Localization of Units
LOWLAND Lowland Volunteers
LOYAL R, LOYALS Loyal Regiment
LP Listening Post
LPC Last Pay Certificate
LPF Last Post Fund
LPhoto Leading Photographer
LPM Leading Patrol Man
LPODRCOC Longue Pointe Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
L'POOL R, L-POOL R Liverpool Regiment
LPtlmn Leading Patrolman
LPTMR Lamptrimmer
LR Leicestershire Regiment, Lincolnshire Regiment, Lowland Regiment, Loyal Regiment, Levis Regiment, Layer Rating, Local Reserve
LRAM Licentiate, Royal Academy of Music
LRB London Rifle Brigade
LRdeC Le Régiment de Chateauguay
LRdeH Le Régiment de Hull
LRDG Long Range Desert Group
LRS (12, 16, etc) Lancers (12th, 16th, etc)
LS London Scottish, Leading Seaman, Landing Ships
LS(CASF) Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin & Halton Regiment), Canadian Active Service Force
LS(Postal) Leading Seaman (Postal)
LS(R) Leading Seaman (Regulating)
LS(Records) Localization Section (Records)
LSA Leading Stores (or Supply) Assistant
LSBA Leading Sick Berth Attendant
LSC Landing Ship, Carrier (Derrick-hoisting)
LSCTC Light Scout Car Training Centre
LSE Landing Ship, Emergency Repair
LSGT, L SJT Lance Sergeant
LSH, LSHRC, LSH(RC) Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
LSI Landing Ship, Infantry
Lsig, L SIG Leading Signalman
LSO Legal Staff Officer
LST Landing Ship, Tank
LSto(FF) Leading Stoker (Fire Fighter)
LStwd Leading Stewart
LSUFFH Duke of York's Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars
LSVW Light Support Vehicle Wheeled
LSY Lovat Scouts Yeomanry
Lt Lieutenant, Light
LT CORPS Land Transport Corps
LT GENL Lieutenant General
Lt INF Lieutenant Infirmiere
Lt-Col Lieutenant-Colonel
Ltech Electronic Technician (Sea)
Ltel, LTEL Leading Telegraphist
LTM BTY, LTMB Light Trench Mortar Battery
LTO Leading Torpedoman
LUMSDENS H Lumsden's Horse
LVO Lieutenant, Royal Victorian Order
LVoltdeQ Les Voltigeurs de Québec
LVT Landing Vehicle, Tracked
LWCA (TC) 'L'' Wing Canadian Army (Training Centre)
LWOP Leave Without Pay
LWP Leave With Pay
LWtr Leading Writer
LY Lanarkshire Yeomanry, Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own), Lincolnshire Yeomanry
LYDENBERG CDO Lydenberg Commando
LZ London Division


M Minelayer, Minister, Miscellaneous, Major, Matron
M & D Medals and Decorations
M & S Munitions and Supply
M & SM RY Rif Madras & Southern Mahratta Railway Battalion
M BTY Mountain Battery
M CYCLIST Motor Cyclist
M FARMS D Military Farms Department
M GNR, MR GR Master Gunner
M MECH Motor Mechanic
M RIF, MR Mounted Rifles
M VET SECT Mobile Veterinary Section
M&BC Mining & Boring Company
M&D Medals & Decorations, Medicine and Return to Duty
M&JWS Mountain & Jungle Warfare School
M&Wasst Munitions and Weapons Assistant
M&Wtech Munitions and Weapons Technician
M(N) Minister for Naval Services
M(No) Captain "M" (Number) Mine Laying Squadron
M, MTR Master
M/A Meal Allowance
M/C Motor Cycle
M/F Medium Frequency
m/n Marginally Named
M/S Minesweeper(s)
M/SAux Minesweepers Auxiliary
M/SBan Minesweepers Bangor
M/SBas Minesweepers Bassett
M/SMotor Minesweepers Motor
M/SWood Minesweepers Wooden
M/T Motor Transport
M1 Army Service Corps, Mechanical Transport Section
M2 Army Service Corps, Electricians
MA Medical Assistant, Master, Meal Allowance, Military Academy
MA/SBI Motor Torpedo Boat fitted with asdic set and depth charges
MA/STU Mobile Asdic Training Unit
MAA Medium Anti Aircraft, Master at Arms
MAAF Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
MAC Merchant Aircraft Carriers
MAC Minesweeping Craft, Minesweeping Attendant, Motor Ambulance Convoy (or Car, Company)
MAC Motor Ambulance Car
Mach Machinist
MachAccOp Machine Accounting Operator
MACR(A)D Manitoba Armoured Car Regiment (Armoured) Division
MACRCAMC Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MACRI Maritime Atlantic Coastal Routing Instructions
MAD Military Accounts Department, Magnetic Air Detector
MADRAS MTR CYC Madras Motor Cyclist
MADRAS S & M Madras Sappers & Miners
MAFEKING CC Mafeking Cadet Corps
MAFEKING DF Mafeking Defence Force
MAFEKING RV Mafeking Railway Volunteers
MAFEKING SPC Mafeking Special Police Contingent
Mag Magnetic, Magazine
MAGADI DF Magadi Defence Force
MAGU Master Gunner
maint Maintenance
MAJ GEN Major General
MAJ KPLN Major Chaplain
Maj, MAJOR Major
MALAY S GDS Malay States Guides
MALAY S GDS ART Malay States Guides Artillery
MALER KOTLA I-S SPRS Malerkotla Imperial Service Sappers
MALMESBURY DF Malmesbury Defence Force
MALTA RE Malta Royal Engineers
MALTESE LC Maltese Labour Corps
MAMS Mobile Air Movement Section
MAN Manitoba
MAN R Manitoba Regiment
MANCH R, MANCH, MANCHR Manchester Regiment
MANSR Miramichi Area North Shore Regiment
MAO Medical Associate
MARATGANI MR Maratgani Mounted Rifles
MARCOM Maritime Command
MARE Maritime Engineer
MarEngT Marine Engineering Technician
MARI Mercantile Atlantic Routing Instructions
MARICO CDO Marico Commando
MARITZBURG AMB C Maritzburg Ambulance Corps
MARS Maritime Surface and Sub-surface
MARSHALL'S H Marshall's Horse
MARURCOC Mobile Ammunition Repair Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MAS Motor Ambulance Section
Mat Material
MATATIELE EUR RES Matatiele European Reserve
MATATIELE NC Matatiele Native Contingent
MATP Mobilization Assignment Training Plan
MB Medal of Bravery, Military Band, Motor Boat, Mountain Battery, Motorboatman
MB SCTS Mounted Brigade Scouts
MB(M) Motordrome Barracks (Montreal)
MB, MED BD Medical Board
MBC Motorboat Crewman
MBDS Main Bench Dressing Station
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
MBLRCAMC Mobile Bacteriological Laboratory, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MBM1 Soldiers Pay Book
MBRCA Medium Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
MBRGA Mountain Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
MBSSM Medical Board Sault St Marie
MBT Main Battle Tank
MBTC Mines Booby Traps Course
MBURCOC Mobile Bath Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MC Memorial Cross, Military Cross, Mobile Canteen, Motorcycle, Motorcycle Course, Mule Corps
MC of S Military College of Science
MC(I) Mule Convoy (India)
Mc/s Megacycles
MCC Military Career Counsellor
MCD Manager Constructive Dept
MCDV Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
MCH Malton Convalescent Hospital
MCI Mercantile Convoy Instructions
MCM Mine Countermeasures
MCMHRCAMC Macdonald College (or Maple Creek) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MCMV Mine Countermeasures Vessels
MCRCAMC Medical Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MCS(C) Movement Control Staff (Canada), Motor Landing Craft Carrying Ship
MCSP Maintenance
MD Military District, Military Depot, Manning Depot, Mahendra Dhal Regiment
MD 1 Military District 1, Western Ontario (London)
MD 11 Military District 11, British Columbia (Victoria)
MD 12 Military District 12, Saskatchewan (Regina)
MD 13 Military District 13, Alberta (Calgary)
MD 2 Military District 2, Central Ontario (Toronto)
MD 3 Military District 3, Eastern Ontario (Kingston)
MD 4 Military District 4, Western Quebec (Montreal)
MD 5 Military District 5, Eastern Quebec (Quebec)
MD 6 Military District 6, Maritime Provinces (Halifax)
MD#5&CCVC Military District #5 & Camp Commander Valcartier Camp
MDB Military Detention Barracks
MDBBO Military Detention Barracks Brampton, Ontario
MDBSBCPC Military Detention Barracks Stanley Barracks Canadian Provost Corps
MDC Mobile Deperming Craft
MDG Medical Director-General
Md'Hon Medaille d'Honneur (France)
MDHQS Military District Headquarters Staff
MDS Main Dressing Station
MDU Mobile Deperming Unit
ME Mechanical Engineer, Middle East
MEAC Military Engineers Association of Canada
MEC, MECH Mechanic, Mechanician, Mechanized, Mechanical, Director of Mechanization
Mech Eqpt (Pk) (Coy) Mechanical Equipment (Park) (Company)
MECH S SJT Mechanist Staff Sergeant
MechTpr, MECH TPT Mechanical Transport
MED Medium, Medical
MED Medium, Medical, Manager Engineering Dept, Mediterranean and Red Sea Area
MED CORPS EA Medical Corps Egyptian Army
MedA Medical Assistant
MedCTR Medical Centre
Med-Evac Medical Evacuation
Meds Director General of Medical Services
MEF Mesopotamian (or Mediterranean) Expeditionary Force, Middle East Forces
MEIC Middle East Intelligence Centre
MEIRI Mercantile East Indies Routing Instructions
MENNIES SCTS Mennie's Scouts
MEO Mercantile Equipment Office (Naval)
MERWARAS Merwara Infantry
MES Military Engineering Services
MESO R, MESO RYS, MESPOT RLYS Mesopotamian Railways
MESPSRCE Mechanical Equipment Spare Parts Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
MESRCECMF Mechanical Equipment Section, Royal Canadian Engineers, Central Mediterranean Force
MESS STD Mess Steward
MESupt Mobile Equipment Superintendent
MET Meteorology
METech Mobile Equipment Technician
METH Methodist
MetO Meteorological Observer
MetTech Meteorological Technician
MEW Ministry of Economic Warfare
MEXE Mechanical Equipment Experimental Establishment
MF Military (or Militia) Form, Mediterranean Fleet
MFA Mercantile Fleet Auxiliary
MFB Master File Maintenance
MFC Mortar Fire Controller
MFD Military Farms Department, Military Forwarding Department
MFM Master File Maintenance
MFO Military Forwarding Officer
MFP Military Foot Police
MFRC Military Family Resource Centre
MFV Motor Fishing Vessel
MG Machine Gun
MG Medical Guard
MG Messenger
MG BN Machine Gun Battalion
MG COY Machine Gun Company
MG DETACHT Machine Gun Detachment
MG SQN, MG SQUN Machine Gun Squadron
MGA Major General in charge of Administration
MGB Motor gun boat
MGBD Machine Gun Base Depot
MGC Machine Gun Corps
MGC (CAV), MGC CAV Machine Gun Corps Cavalry
MGCRNVR Machine Gun Company Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
MGCT Major-General Combined Training
MGEN Major General
MGGS Major General General Staff
MGHU Machine Gun Holding Unit
MGRA Major General Royal Artillery
MGRU Machine Gun Reinforcement Unit
MGS Machine Gun School, Machine Gun Squadron
MGTC Machine Gun Training Centre
MGTC(NRMA) Machine Gun Training Centre (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
MGTC(RF) Machine Gun Training Centre (Reserve Fleet)
MH Military Hospital
MHC Military Hospitals Commission, Military Harbour Craft
MHC Miscellaneous Harbour Craft
MHCC Military Hospitals Commission of Canada
MHHRCAMC Montmagny (or Montreal, Mulgrave) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MHLRCAMC Mobile Hygiene Laboratory, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MHQ Maritime Headquarters
MHTS Mahrattas
MI Military Intelligence, Mounted Infantry
MI ROOM, MIR Medical Inspection Room
MI, ML Mile
MI5 Military Intelligence 5 (UK, Internal Security)
MI6 Military Intelligence 6 (UK, External Security)
MIA Missing in Action, Mounted Infantry
MIC Medical Instructions Camp
MICS Miscellany, Miscellaneous
MID Mentioned-in-Despatches
MID, MIDS Midshipman
MIDDLEBURG CDO Middleburg Commando
MIDD'X R, MIDD'XR, MIDDX Middlesex Regiment
MIDLAND MR Midland Mounted Rifles
MIDLANDSE R Midlandse Ruiters
MidR Midland Regiment
MIL HOS, MILHOS, MilHos Military Hospital
MIL M CYC C Military Motor Cyclists Corps
MIL, MILY Military
MILE Military Engineer
MILO Military Intelligence Liaison Officer
Min Minister
Min(A) Minister for Air
MIO Maritime Interdiction Operations
MIS Mercantile Intelligence Section (or Service), Ministry of Information
MIS Military Intelligence Service
MIS Ministry of Information
Misc Miscellaneous
Miss Missing
Mit Mitrailleuses
MJ Major
MJGE Major General
MK mark
ML Missing List, Motor Launch
ML CPS, MLC Mekran Levy Corps
ML&BU Mobile Laundry & Bath Unit
ML&FDU Mobile Laundry & Forward Decontamination Unit
MLC Motor Landing Craft, Macedonian Labour Corps, Mekran Levy Corps
MLDR Moulder
MLI Mahratta Light Infantry
MLO Military Liaison Officer, Military Landing Officer
MLOC Minimum Level of Capability
MLRU Mobile Land Repair Units
MLV Mine Laying Vessels
MLVW Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
MLWRGHT Millwright
MM Military Medal, Motor(man) Mechanic,Meteorologist's Mate
MMG Medium Machine Gun, Motor Machine Gun
MMGC Motor Machine Gun Corps
MMGS Motor Machine Gun Service
MMGS (RA) Motor Machine Gun Service (Royal Artillery)
MMHRCAMC Magantic (or Mewata, Mimico, Monteith) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
Mmil Medaille Militaire (France)
MML Manual of Military Law
MMM Member of the Order of Military Merit
MMN Machineman
MMP Miscellaneous Military Personnel, Military Mounted Police
MMPITest Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test
MMR Manitoba Mounted Rifles, Mercantile Marine Reserve
MMS Mercantile Movements Section (Naval)
MMS Motorcycle Maintenance School
MMTP Military Medical Training Plan
MMU Multi-National Medical Unit
MN Merchant Navy, Midnight
MNB Mobile Naval Base
MNBDO Mobile Naval Base Defence Organization
MNC Merchant Navy Code
MND Minister of National Defence
MNEU Mission Navale Etats Unis, Washington
MNI Madras Native Infantry
MNOPF Merchant Navy Officer's Pension Fund
MNP Merchant Navy Privilege
MNS Manager of Naval Stores
MNSK Private
Mnvre Manoeuvre
MO Medical Officer, Militia Order, Month, Meteorological Observer, Meteorological Technician
MO(D) Medical Officer (Dental)
MO(s) Militia Order
MOB Man Overboard
Mob Mobile
MOB Mobile, Mobilization
Mobn Mobilisation
MOC Military Operation (or Occupation) Code
MOCOMP Maintenance of Competency (Physicians Only)
MOD Ministry of Defence
MOEF Mid-Ocean Escort Force
MOF Master of the Fleet
MofWT Ministry of War Transport
MOG Medical Officer of the Guard
MOI Ministry of Information
MOMBASA DF Mombasa Defence Force
MOMBASA IVC Mombasa Indian Volunteer Corps
MOMBASA MARINE DF Mombasa Marine Defence Force
MOMBASA TG Mombasa Town Guard
MOMP Mid Ocean Meeting Point
MON, MONMOUTH R Monmouthshire Regiment
MONG Y, MONTGOM YEO Montgomeryshire Yeomanry
MONTGOMERENCY'S SCTS Montgomerency's Scouts
MORT Maintenance Officer Rescue Tugs
MOSID Military Occupation Structure Identification Code
MOT Motor
MOTOR TRANSPORT RND Motor Transport Royal Naval Division
MOTP Medical Officer Training Plan
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
Mov Movement, Movement Control Staff
MP Military Police(man), Muster Parade, Memorial Plaque
MP&DB Military Prison & Detention Barracks, Main Party
MPB Madras/Military Police Battalion
MPCC Military Police Complaints Commission
MPCRI Mercantile Pacific Coastwise Routeing Instructions
MPD Military Prisons Department
MPF Manitoba Patriotic Fund
MPH Miles per hour
MPI Mean Point of Impact
MPO Moving Picture Operators
MPRI Mercantile Pacific Routeing Instructions
MPS Manning Priority System
MPSC Military Provost Staff Corps, Military Police Staff Corps
MPSCAO/S Mobile Printing Section Canadian Army Overseas
MQ Married Quarters
MQMS Mechanic Quartermaster-Sergeant
MR Mounted Rifles, Manchester Regiment, Montgomeryshire Yeomanry, Master at Arms, Motor Regiment, Montmagny Regiment, Mobilization & Recruiting Section of Organization, Midland Regiment, Maisonneuve Regiment, Middlesex, Mister
MRC Military Research Centre
MRD Manitoba Regimental Depot, Moncton Recruiting Depot
MRF Les Fusiliers de Mont-Royal
MRO Military Reporting Officer
MRSS Medium Regiment Signals Section
MS Mechanical Specials', Military Secretary, Master Sergeant, Medical Staff, Medical Services
MS FMN Machine Shop Foreman
MS MJR Mechanist Sergeant Major
MS(No) Senior Officer (Number) Minesweeping Flotilla
MSA Military Service Act
MSB Medical Selection Boards
MSB Military Service Branch
MSC Medical Staff Corps
MSD Munitions & Supply Depot, Medical Stores Depot
MSE Mobile Support Equipment
MSEO Mobile Support Equipment Officer
MSEOP Mobile Support Equipment Operator
MSFF Moroccan Sea Frontier
MSG(No) (Number) Minesweeping Group
Msgt Master Sergeant
MSLC Mount Saint Louis Contingent
MSLCHI Masalchi
MSLSH Mechanized Squadron Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
MSM Meritorious Service Medal, Mechanical Sergeant Major
MSRTM Marine Superintendent Rescue Tugs Mediterranean
MSS Mechanist Staff Sergeant
MSSC Military Store Staff Corps
MSTech Mechanical Systems Technician
MStGeo Medal of Saint George (Russia)
MSTR MECH Master Mechanic
MT Military (or Motor) Transport, Military, Militia
MT CURRIE RES Mount Currie Reserves
MT DVR Mechanical Transport Driver
MTA Mauritius Territorial Artillery
MTAP Military Training Assistance Program
MTB Motor Torpedo Boat
MTC Militia Training Centre, Military Trades Company, Motor Transport Corps
MTC(A&TS) Military Training Centre (Administrative & Training Staff)
MTCDS Military Training Centre District School
MTCRCOC Mechanics Training Centre, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MTCT Militia Training Centre Trainees
Mtd Mounted
MTD BD SCTS Mounted Brigade Scouts
MTD REG Mounted Regiment
MTDGB(B) Mechanical Transport Depot Guard Borden (Borden)
MTDRCOC Mechanized Transport Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MTE Mechanical Training Establishment
MTE BKR Bakers Mate
Mtech, MtlTech Metals Technician
MTHU Mechanical Transport Holding Units
MTICMHQRCOC Mechanical Transport Inspectorate Canadian Military Headquarter, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MTIRCASC Mechanical Transport Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
MTIRCEME Mechanical Transport Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and mechanical Engineers
MTMB Medium Trench Mortar Battery
MTMU Mechanical Training Mobile Unit or Mobile Torpedo Maintenance Unit
Mtn Mountain
MTO Motor (or Mechanical) Transport Officer
MTOC Maintenance (or Mechanical) Training Officer Course
MTR Mechanical Transport Regiment
MTR Motor
MTR BOY Motor Boy
MTS Motor Transport Service
MTSDRCOC Mechanical Transport Sub Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MtStBSC Mount St Bruno Summer Camp (Bruno Training Battalion & Bruno Summer Camp Headquarters)
MTTSCRCOC Mechanical Transport Technical Stores Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MTVRD Mechanical Transport Vehicle Reception Depot
MTW/SSRCOC Mechanical Transport Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, Mobilization Training Centre, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, Movement Train, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MU Maintenance Unit, Medically Unfit
MULAZIM A Lieutenant
MULAZIM T Second Lieutenant
MULE CPS Mule Corps
MURASLER Soldier Servant
MURRAY'S H Murray's Horse
MURRAY'S SCTS Murray's Scouts
MURRAYSBURG CDO Murraysburg Commando
Mus Muslim
MUSC Music
MV Motor vessel, Muzzle Velocity, Motor Vehicle
MVC Motor Volunteer Corps
MVO Member of the Royal Victorian Order (4th or 5th Class)
MVS Mobile Veterinary Section
MvtCon Movements Controller
MW Maintenance Wing
MW,SSupt Metals Workshops Superintendent
MWDEA Military Works Department Egyptian Army
MWS Military Works Service
MWT (British) Ministry of War Transport
MWTelO, MW TEL O Marine Wireless Telegraph Operator
MX Memorial Cross
MXR Middlesex Regiment
MY Motor Yacht
MYBURGH'S CDO Myburgh's Commando
MYIT BN BMP Myit Battalion Burma Military Police


N North, Navigation
N BN FARAMC Northern Battalion Field Ambulance
N CONST, N KONST Native Constable
N CYC BN Northern Cyclist Battalion
N NIG CONST North Nigerian Constabulary
N NIG MC North Nigerian Medical Corps
N NIG R North Nigeria Regiment
N NURSE Nursing Nurse
N ORDERLY Nursing Orderly
N RFLS Napiers Rifles
N RHOD F North Rhodesian Forces
N RHOD MED CORPS North Rhodesia Medical Corps
N RHOD POL North Rhodesian Police
N RHOD R North Rhodesia Regiment
N RHODESIAN RIF North Rhodesian Rifles
N SERJT Native Sergeant
N STAFF R, N STAFFS R North Staffordshire Regiment
N WAZ MIL, N WAZ MILITIA North Waziristan Militia
N/A Not applicable
N/E Unit Non-Effective Unit
N/K Next of kin, Not Known
N/S, NStr Nursing Sister(s)
NA Naval Aircrewman, Naval Attache, Naval Airman
NA(P and P) Naval Assistant (Policy and Plans)
NAAF Northwest African Air Force
NAAFI Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
NAB Naval Auxiliary Boats
NAC Naval Accommodation Camp, New Apostle/Apostolic Church, National Archives of Canada
NACAF North African Air Force
NACB National Army Catering Board, Navy and Army Canteen Board
NACMA NATO ACCS Management Agency
NACO(I) Naval Adviser, Combined Operations (India)
NAD Naval Ammunition Depot, No Active Disease
NADGE NATO Air Defence Ground Environment
NAEW F NATO Airborne Early Warning Forces
NAFAR Private
NAFDU Naval Air Fighting Development Unit
NAGS Naval Air Gunners School
NAIROBI DF Nairobi Defence Force
NAMAQ'LD B SCTS Namaqualand Border Scouts
NAMAQUA KDO Manaqualand Kommando
NAMC Naval Afloat Messaging Coherency
NAMPCB Naval Air Maintenance Party China Bay
NANDI SCTS Nandi Scouts
NAP Normal (sometimes Nieuw) Amsterdams(che) Peil, Naval Auxiliary Patrol
NAR Naval Air Representative
NARIMS Nuclear Accident Response Information Management System
NAS Nursing Auxiliary Service, Naval Air Station
NASAF North African Strategic Air Force
NASO Naval Armament Supply Officer
NASOL Naval Armament Supply Officer, Levant
NATAF North(west) African Tactical Air Force
NATAL ART Natal Artillery
NATAL C OF G Natal Corps of Guides
NATAL GR Natal Government Railways
NATAL LH Natal Light Horse
NATAL MI Natal Mounted Infantry
NATAL MR Natal Mounted Rifles
NATAL NAVAL VOLS Natal Naval Volunteers
NATAL POL Natal Police
NATAL VAC Natal Volunteer Ambulance Corps
NATAL VCC Natal Volunteer Composite Corps
NATAL VMC Natal Volunteer Medical Corps
NATAL VOL HG DET Natal Volunteer Hotchkiss Gun Detachment
NATAL VOL ST Natal Volunteer Staff
NATAL VVD Natal Volunteer Veterinary Department
NatDef National Defence
NATIONAL SCTS National Scouts
NATIVE LAB C Native Labour Corps
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATOUSA North African Theatre of Operations, US Army
NATS National Air Traffic Services
NAUDE'S CDO Naude's Commando
NAUDE'S SCTS Naude's Scouts
Nav Navigator
NAY Naval Auxiliary Yachts
NB New Brunswick
NB M RIF North Bengal Mounted Rifles
NBG New Barracks, Gosport
NBH 8th New Brunswick Hussars
NBM RIF Northern Bengal Mounted Rifles
NBMGD New Brunswick Machine Gun Draft
NBMHRCAMC North Bay Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
NBR(T) New Brunswick Regiment (Tank)
NBR, NBRangers New Brunswick Rangers
NC Non-Combatant Corps, Natal Carbineers
NCAC North China Army Command
NCC, NC Non Combatant Corps
NCETF Naval Commander Expeditionary Task Force
NCGroup Naval Co-Operation Group
NCM Non-Commissioned Members
NCNAF Naval Commander Northern Attack Force
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer(s)
NCR(Conf) Naval Central Registry (Confidential Section)
NCS Naval Control Service
NCSI Naval Control Service Instructions
NCSO Naval Control Service Officer
NCXF Naval Commander, Expeditionary Force
NCycBn Northern Cyclist Battalion
NDA National Defence Act
NDA Naval Disturbing Authority, National Defence Act, Naval Discipline Act
NDCPC Newfoundland Detachment "C" Provost Corps
NDHQ National Defence Headquarters
NDHQC National Defence Headquarters Constabulary
NDHQCCDC National Defence Headquarters Company, Canadian Disciplinary Centre OR Canadian Dental Corps
NDHQCRCASC National Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
NDHQCRCOC National Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
NDHQS&SCIntC National Defence Headquarters Security & Security Section Canadian Intelligence Corps
NDHQSRSC National Defence Headquarters Section, Royal Canadian Signals
NDHQTCRCASC National Defence Headquarters Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
NDHQVPE National Defence Headquarters Vehicle Proving Establishment
NDO Northern Drafting Officer
NDOC National Defence Operations Centre
NDOFP Non-Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
N-DOW/SRCOC Non-Divisional Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
NEA North East Area, North East Atlantic Area
NEC Necessary
NECRI Northern Europe Coastal Route Instructions
NELSON BTTN RND Nelson Battalion Royal Naval Division
NEO New Entry Officer
NEOCDE Naval Experiment Officer, Chemical Defence Experimental Section
N-EP Non-Effective Personnel
NES Non-Effective Strength
NESBITT'S H Nesbitt's Horse
NETD Non-Effective Transit Depot
N-ETWB Non-Effective Transit Wing Battalion
NEW ENGLAND MR New England Mounted Rifles
NEWF, NFLD Newfoundland
NEWF'D FC Newfoundland Forestry Corps
NF Northumberland Fusiliers, Neutralizing Fire
NFA Natal Field Artillery
NFCIEF Naval Force Commander, India Experimental Force
NFF Nyasaland Field Force
NFORCE Nassau, Bahamas (Special Company The Pictou Highlanders)
NG New York-Guantanamo Convoy
NGCS Naval General Call Sign
NGFSO Naval Gunfire Support Officer
NGO Non Governmental Organization
NH Northumberland Hussars
NHB Nairobi Howitzer Battery
NHR Naval Historical Records
NI Native Infantry, Northern Ireland, North Irish, Night
NI(S) Naval Instructions to Salaried Consular Officers
NI(U) Naval Instructions to Unsalaried Consular Officers
NIEWDTVL CDO Niewouldtville Commando
NIG FLD COY Nigerian Field Company
NIG L CTGT Nigeria Land Contingent
NIG MARINE Nigerian Marine
NIG MTC Nigerian Motor Transport Corps
NIG POLICE Nigerian Police
NIG R Nigeria Regiment
NIG R (ART) Nigeria Regiment Artillery
NIG SIG S Nigerian Signal Service
NIL MAL BN AFI Nilghai & Malabar Battalions Auxiliary Forces India
NIL MAL BN IDF Nilghai & Malabar Battalions Indian Defence Force
NIL VOL RFLS Nilghai Volunteer Rifles
NIMHRCAMC Neys Internment Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
NInf Naval Information Section
NIO Naval Intelligence Officer
NIRH, NIH, N IR H North Irish Horse
NIS National Investigation service
NJTP National Joint Training Plan
NK Naik, Not Known
NKB Not Kite Balloons
NL Labrador-Quebec Convoy
NL Netherlands, Nutrition Laboratories
NLH Natal Light Horse
NLO Naval Liaison Officer
NLO(A) Naval Liaison Officer (Australia)
NLOTs Naval Liaison Officers Transports
NMC Nanaimo Military Camp
NMCJS Naval Member Canadian Joint Staff
NMCS Naval Member Canadian Staff
NMed Naval Medical Officer, Naval Headquarters
NMH Newmarket Military Hospital
NMHRCAMC Nanaimo (or Neill, Neys, Niagara) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
NMOHSC Non-Medical Officers Hygiene Sanitation Course
NMR Natal Mounted Rifles
NNLO Netherlands Naval Liaison Officer
NNS Naval Nursing Sister(s)
NNS HIGH, NNSH North Nova Scotia Highlanders
NO Naval (orNavigating) Officer, Norway, Norwegian
No(s) Number(s)
NOB Naval Operating Base
NOComm Naval Orders Committee (Judge Advocate General)
NOCSO Neglecting Obey Camp Standing Orders
NOD Naval Ordnance Department
NofK Next of Kin
NOi/c, NOIC Naval Officer-in-Charge
NORF R, NORFR, NORF, NR Norfolk Regiment
NORF YEO, NORFYEO, NORF Y Norfolk Yeomanry
NORIB Naval Officer's Relatives Information Bureau
NORTHANTS Y, NORTH'N YEO Northamptonshire Yeomanry
NORTHANTS, NORTH'N R, NR Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire Regiment
NORTH'D FUS Northumberland Fusiliers
NORTH'D HRS Northumberland Hussars
NORTH'N R Northamptonshire Regiment
NOTTS Nottinghamshire
NOTTS & DERBY R Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment
NOTWT Not Wireless Telegraphy
NP Non-Permanent
NPA North Pacific Area
NPAM Non-Permanent Active Militia
NPAMF Non-Permanent Active Militia Force
NPAMTCA&TS Non Permanent Active Militia Training Centre Administrative & Training Staff
NPD Naval Purchasing Division
NPF Non Public Funds
NPM Naval Provost Marshal
NPP Non Public Property
NPR Naval Personnel Records
NPT Northern Patrol Trawlers
NR North Riding (of Yorkshire), Northern Rhodesia
NRC National Research Council
NRC Navigational Raiding Craft
NRE Atheist, Agnostic or no Religion
NREF North Russian Expeditionary Force
NRMA(of 1940) National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940
NRR Northern Rhodesia Regiment
NRSSTP Naval Reserve Summer Student Training Program
NS Nova Scotia, Norwegian Ship, Naval Storeman, Nursing Sister
NS & BY North Somerset and Bristol Yeomanry
NS(No) Naval Service file number
NSA North Sea Area
NSB Naval Servicing Boat
NSC Naval Shore Code
NSCRCS Newfoundland Signal Company, Royal Canadian Signals
NSDC Naval Surplus Disposal Committee
NSDRCOC Nanaimo Sub-Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
NSec Naval Secretary
NSHQ Naval Services Headquarters
NSIS Naval Store Issuing Ship
NSO Naval Store(s) Officer
NSomYeo, NSOMY North Somerset Yeomanry
NSR Nova Scotia Regiment
NSR(NB) North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
NSRD Nova Scotia Regimental Depot, North Staffordshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's)
NSSC National Security Studies Course
NSTAFFS, NSTAFFSR North Staffordshire Regiment
NSTC Nova Scotia Technical College
NSTS(No) Naval Services Top Secret file number
NSW New South Wales
NSY North Somerset Yeomanry
NT&YRS Northwest Territories & Yukon Radio System
NTA(East)(West) Northern Transit Area East/West
NTO Naval Transport Officer
NTR Nothing to Report
NUR Nursing
NursA Nursing Assistant
NVAC Naval Volunteer Ambulance Corps
NVAC Naval Volunteer Ambulance Corps
NVT&TS Night Vision Training & Testing School
NW MILITIA North Waziristan Militia
NW RLY MG COY North West Railway Maxim Gun Company
NW RY Narrow Width Railways
NW RY BN North West Railway Battalion
NW RY MGS North West Railway Maxim Gun Section
NWA North West Atlantic Area
NWAAF North West African Air Force
NWAC North West Air Command
NWACF North West African Coastal Air Force
NWB New Wellington Barracks
NWDRCCS North West Detachment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
NWE North West Echelon, Norwest Europe
NWEF North West Expeditionary Force
NWF North West Frontier, India
NWFP North West Frontier Police
NWHME Northwest Highway Maintenance Establishment
NWHS Northwest Highway System
NWMP North West Mounted Police
NWR Naval Weekly Report
NWS1 Medical Examination and Certificate Form, National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940
NWT&YRSRCS Northwest Territories & Yukon Radio System Royal Canadian Signals
NX Naval Exchange
NXFRON Commander New Zealand Frontier
NY Norfolk Yeomanry, Northamptonshire Yeomanry, Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)
NYASALAND DF Nyasaland Defence Force
NYASALAND FF Nyasaland Field Force
NYASALAND VR Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve
NYD Not Yet Diagnosed, Not yet Determined
NYDN Not yet diagnosed neurosis
NYK Not Yet Known
NZ New Zealand
NZ & A New Zealand and Australian Division
NZEF New Zealand Expeditionary Force
NZLO New Zealand Liaison Officer
NZMR New Zealand Mounted Rifles
NZNB New Zealand Naval Board
NZRB New Zealand Rifle Brigade
NZSAS New Zealand Special Air Service


O Operations Branch of the General Staff, Observer, Officer
O & R RLWY VOL RIF Oudh & Rohilkund Railway Volunteer Rifles
O BDR Lance Bombardier
O DEPT EA Ordnance Department Egyptian Army
O KPL Lance Corporal
O TEL Ordinary Telegraphist
O, OFFR(S) Officer(s)
O/ Ordinary
O/C, OC Officer Commanding
O/Cdt Officer Cadet
O/S Ordinary Seaman, Overseas
O/S, OS Overseas
O/SBCDC Intermediate Overseas Base, Canadian Dental Corps OR Canadian Disciplinary Centre
O/SDCCODRCOC Overseas Detachment Canadian Camp Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
O/SERS Lance Sergeant
OA,1c(or 2c,3c,4c,5c) Ordnance Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
OAC Ontario Agricultural College, Ordnance Ammunition Company, Ottawa Area Command
OACRCOC Ordnance Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
OACRO Ottawa Area Command Routine Orders
OAMCU Overseas Air Movements Control Unit
OAP Observation Amphibian Plane (US)
OARCE Officer Administering, Royal Canadian Engineers
OAS On Active Service, Organization of American States
OB Operational Base
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire
OBLI, O & BLI Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
OBS Obsolete
OBU Operational Base Unit
OBV Ocean Boarding Vessel
OC Officer Commanding, Officer Cadet, Officer of the Order of Canada, Officer's Clerk
OC MED Officer Commanding Medical
OC SURG Officer Commanding Surgeon
OCDP Officer Career Development Plan
OCdr Ordinary Coder
OComm Orders Committee
OCRCRCAMC Oakville Casualty Retraining Centre, Royal Canadian army Medical Corps
OCRN Officer Commanding, Royal Navy
OCS Officer Candidate School, Officers' Chief Steward
OCT Officer Cadet in Training
OCTP Officer Cadet (or Candidate) Training Plan
OCTU Officer Cadet Training Unit
OCU Operational Conversion Unit
OCW Officer-in-Charge Works
OD Air Mechanic (Ordnance)
ODC Ordnance Depot Company
ODSRCOC Ordnance Depot Saskatoon, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
ODT Office of Defence Transportation
OEO Ordnance Engineer Office
Off Office
OFF CK Officers Cook
OFF ST , OS Officers Steward
OffcCdt Officer Cadet
OFFICE SUPDT Office Superintendent
Offr, O Officer
OG Operational Group
OGp Orders Group
OGS Officer General Specification
OHA Osmali Horse Artillery, Osmanli Horse Artillery
OHF Occupational History Form
OHMS On His (Her) Majesty's Service
OHQ Overseas Headquarters
Oi/c, OIC Officer of Charge or Command)
OIC Osmali Irregular Cavalry, Osmanli Irregular Cavalry
OILER & GR Oiler & Greaser
OINC Officer-in-Charge, Order in Council
OItoCSGHQEA (Ordnance) Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon Army Group
OKH Oberkommando des Heeres (Army High Command, Berlin)
OKW Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Armed Forces High Command)
OM Order of Merit, Overseas Minister
OMD Ordnance Medical Department
OMERU Ordnance Mechanical Engineers Reinforcement Unit
OMFC Overseas Military Forces of Canada
OMHRCAMC Orillia (or Ottawa, Ozada) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
OMM Officer of the Order of Military Merit
OMO Ordnance Mechanical Officer
ON United Kingdom-North America Convoy, Official Number
ONBASHI Corporal
ONS United Kingdom-North America Slow Convoy
Ont Ontario
ONT MILY HOSP Ontario Military Hospital
ONT RGT, ONTR, OR Ontario Regiment
ONUC Organisation des Nations Unies au Congo
OO Ordnance Officer, Orderly Officer, Operation(al) Order
OOD, OD Officer of the Day
OofPCTintheFAAI Office of the Paymaster Canadian Troops in the Field Allied Armies in Italy
OoftheI-G Office of the Inspector-General
OoftheJAG Office of the Judge Advocate General
OOG Officer of the Guard
OOKEIP VOLS Ookeip Volunteers
OOP Officer of Patrol
OOPE Officer in charge Office Practice & Equipment (Naval)
OOTW Operations Other Than War
OOW Officer of the Watch
OP Observation post, opposite prompt, Operation, Operating
OPA Oxford Patriotic Association
OPD Other Protestant Denomination
OPDP Officer Professional Development Program
OpEEqpt Operator Engineering Equipment
OPI Office of Primary Interest
OPME Officer Professional Military Education
OpMME Operator Mechanic Mobile Equipment
OPO, OO Operation(al) Order
OpRmA Operating Room Assistant
Oprs Director of Military Operations & Intelligence
ops, op operations
OpSbd Operator Switchboard
OpsO Operations Officer
OpSSE Operator (Special Engineering Equipment)
OPtlmn Ordinary Patrolman
OPTR Operator
OPV Offshore Patrol Vessel
OQ Occupation Qualification
OR Ontario Regiment, Other Rank(s), Oxford Rifles, Operating Room Assistant, Orderly, Orderly Room
OR SCTS Orange River Scouts
OR(S) Orderly Rooms, Other Ranks
ORBAT, OOB Order of Battle
ORBS Overseas Recorded Broadcasting Service
ORC PROV MP Orange River Colony Provisional Mounted Police
ORC VOLS Orange River Colony Volunteers
ORD Ordinary Seaman, Ordnance
ORD CLK Orderly Clerk
ORDNANCE DEPT Ordnance Department
Org Director of Organization
ORGN Organization
ORP Polish Ship
ORPEN'S LH Orpen's Light Horse
ORS Ottawa Routing Summary
ORS, OR SGT, OR SJT, ORSE Orderly Room Sergeant
OS Officers School
OS Overseas, Ordinary Seaman, Officer's Steward, Observation Section (Records)
OSAB Officer's Selection Appraisal Board (O-1 Officers' Training Centre)
OSAC Officer Selection Appraisal Centre
OSAIRCOC Ordnance Stores Accounting Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
OSC Ordnance Staff Corps, Ordnance Store Company
OSCRCOC Ordnance Store Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
OSDEF Orkneys & Shetland Defences
OSig Ordinary Signalman
OSMSCMHQRCOC Ordnance Services Mobilization Staff, Canadian Military Headquarters, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
OSQ Occupation Specialty Qualification
OSRD Office of Scientific Research and Development
OSS Office of Strategic Services
OSSDRCOC Officers Shop Supply Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
OT Occupation Transfer, Aruba-Dakar Convoy
OTC Officers Training Centre (or Corps, Candidate)
OTC"R" Officers Training Centre "Reserve"
OTel Ordinary Telegraphist
OTRM RFLS Outrams Rifles
OTS Officers Training School, Operational Training Squadron
OTU Operational Training Unit(s)
OU Official Use
OUDTSHOORN VR Oudtshoorn Volunteer Rifles
OUT Operational Training Unit
OUTRN RFLS Outranis Rifles
OW/SCoyRCOC Ottawa Workshop Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
OW/SRCEME Ottawa Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
OW/SRCOC Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
OX DVR Ox Driver
OX TPT DEPOT Ox Transport Depot
OXF & BUCKS LI, OX&BUCKSLI Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
OXF YEO, OY Oxfordshire Yeomanry
OXV Outer Examination Vessel


P Pilot, Pensioner in HM Armed Forces
P & BT Physical and Bayonet Training
P & S Plaque & Scroll (Memorial)
P & TJ Palestine and Trans Jordan
P AGENT Political Agent
P BTY Pack Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
P BTY FF Pack Battery Frontier Force
P CPS Pony Corps
P FLT OFFR, PFO Pilot Flight Officer (Probationary)
P MJR Pipe Major
P STD Pantry Steward
P&A Pay and Allowance
P&JSURCAMC Plastic & Jaw Surgery Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
P&NH Department of Pensions & National Health
P&O Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co
P&RT Physical and Recreational
P&S Plaque & Scroll (Memorial)
P/G Postagram
P/L Plain Language, Privilege Leave
P/N Phonogram
P/NURSE, PBY NURSE Probationary Nurse
P/O Pilot Officer
P/V Paravane
P1 Petty Officer 1st Class
P2 Petty Officer 2nd Class
PA Prince Albert Volunteers, Personal Assistant, Put Away, Panama, Physiotherapy Aide, Paymaster, Prophylactic Ablution Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PA & B VOL Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers
PA IMP MP Port Alfred Imperial Mounted Police
PAC Public Archives of Canada, Pacific
PACK ARTY Pack Artillery
PACK BTY RGA Pack Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
PADS Passive Air Defence Section
PAF Permanent Air Force
Paff Public Affairs
PAFU (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit
PAIC Persian and Iran Commands
PAL Palestine
PALAM LI Palamcottah Light Infantry
PALI Prince Albert's Light Infantry (Somersetshire Regiment)
PALO Port Amenities Liaison Officer
PAM Permanent Active Militia
PAMHRCAMC Port Arthur (or Prince Albert) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PandRT Physical and Recreational Training Officer
PAO CAPE ART Prince Alfred's Own Cape Artillery
PAO(I) Principal Administrative Officer (India)
PAPDO(I) Plastic Armour Protection Development Officer (India)
PAPO(I) Plastic Armour Protection Officer (India)
Para Paragraph, Parachute, Parachute Regiment
Part II OCAP Part II Orders Civil Affairs Pool
Part II ODHQCAPO Part II Orders Defence Headquarters Canadian Army Post Office
Part II's Part II Orders
Part III OCAD Part III Orders Civil Affairs Depot
Part/Serv Particulars of Service
PAT Patrol, Patrol Boat
PATALIA IS LNCRS Patalia Imperial Service Lancers
PATIALA INFY Patiala Infantry
PATIALA IS INFY Patiala Imperial Service Infantry
PATIG Personal Assistant to Inspector General
PATS Pre/aircrew Training Schools
PAV Prince Albert Volunteers
PAVG Prince Alfred's Volunteers Guards
PAX Passengers
Pay Directory of Pay Services
PAYM, PAYR Paymaster
PAYR LT CR Paymaster Lieutenant Commander
PAYR S LT Paymaster Sub Lieutenant
PB Patrol Boat, Pipe Band, Pounder Battery, Plumber, Permanent Base
PBFR Patrol Boat Fisherman's Reserve
PBI Poor Bloody Infantry (colloquial)
PBO Principal Boat Overseer
PBS Prefabricated Bituminous Surfacing
PBTU Port Bn Training Unit
PC Pacific Command, Practical Course, Plane Captain, Privy Council (Orders), Paymaster Clerk, Pioneer Corps, Principal Chaplain, 180 ft Army Salvage or At Sea Vessel
PC(RCMP) Provost Company (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
PC2ndE Pacific Command 2nd Echelon
PCB Protected Communications Building
PCCF Progress Captain Coastal Forces
PCCWACKD Platoon Company Canadian Women's Army Corps, Kingston Detachment
PCET Personnel Controller Eastern Theatre
PCforQMS Practical Course for Quarter Master Sergeants
PCMR Pacific Coast Militia Rangers
PCO Prince Consort's Own (Rifle Brigade)
PCPT Paymaster Captain
PCRCASC Pacific Command (or Port Company), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
PCS Personnel Counsellors School
PCS Pilot Conversation School
PCSIS Pacific Command Security Intelligence Section
PCT Paymaster Canadian Troops
PCTC Provost Corps Training Centre
PCW Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Berkshire Regiment)
PCWTCRCASC Pacific Command Water Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
PD Per Day, Paid, Professional Development
PD (No) Admiralty Record Office File Number
PD Coord Personnel and Defence Co-ordinator
PD&HRegtTheLorneScots Peel, Dufferin & Halton Regiment
PDC Professional Development Council
PDCPC Postal Detachment, Canadian Postal Corps
PDEV Personnel Development (to be issued)
PDG Paymaster Director General
PDO Passive (or Port) Defence Officer
pdr Pounder
PDRC Personnel Dispatch and Reception Centre
PDRCAPC Petawawa Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
PDRCASC Petawawa Details, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
PDSC Permanent Degaussing Specification Centre
PE Physical education, Permanently Employed, Permanent Establishment
PE&R Physical Education and Recreation
PEI Prince Edward Island, Permanently Employed Instructor
PEIH Prince Edward Island Highlanders
PEILH Prince Edward Island Light Horse
PEMBROKE YEO, PEM Y Pembroke Yeomanry
PENINSULAR H Peninsular Horse
PENT Pentecostal Church
PEO Principal Engineering Officer
PER Personnel Evaluation Report
PERI Physical Education and Recreation Instructor
Perm Br(s) Permanent Bridge(s)
PERO Principal Emergency Repair Officer
Pers Directory of Personnel Services
PESHAWAR LABOUR CPS Peshawar Labour Corps
PESHAWAR MB Peshawar Mountain Battery
pet Petrol
PF Permanent Force
PF STAFF, PFS Permanent Force Staff
PFC Private first class (American)
PFF Punjab Frontier Force
PFLO Port Facilities Liaison Officer
PFO Probationary Flight Officer
PG Province of Quebec, Proving Ground, Pushpati Guards
PG Ftr Plumber Gas Fitter
PGDRCEME Proving Ground Detachment, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
PGMHRCAMC Prince George Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PGR Protective Garrison Regiment
PH Pictou Highlanders, Photographer
PH SUPDT Superintendent
PHE Plastic High Explosive
PHILIPPOLIS CDO Philippolis Commando
Photo, PH Photographer
PhtTech Photographic Technician
Physio Physiotherapist
PhysoOTAide Physio-Occupations Therapy Aide
PI Pioneer, Plot and Radar Instructor
PIAT Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank
PIETERSBURG CDO Pietersburg Commando
PIETRETIEF CDO Pietretief Commando
PIF Punjab Irregular Force
PILOTS ASST Pilots Assistant
Pion, PIONEERS Pioneer
PIR Pacific Islands Regiment
PISE Pioneer Sergeant
PITB Pacific Infantry Training Battalion
PJB, PJBIS, PJBS Punjab Units
PJBD Permanent Joint Board on Defence
PJHQ Permanent Joint Headquarters
Pk Park
PKRMN Packerman
PL Princess Louise Fusiliers, Princess Louise (New Brunswick) Hussars, Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Privileged Leave, Platoon
PL(NB)H Princess Louise (New Brunswick) Hussars
PL, PLN Platoon
PLATER LABR Plater Labourer
Plbr, Plr, Plm Plumber
PLD Post Living Differential
PLDG 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards
PLE Prudent Limit of Endurance
PLFus Princess Louise Fusiliers (Now 23rd Army Tank Regiment)
PLH Punjab Light Horse
PLKR Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment
PLPMHRCAMC Portage La Prairie Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PLQ Primary Leadership Qualification
PLT Pilot Officer
PLTR Plater
PLY Plymouth Division
PM Polar Medal, Pharmacist, Paymaster, Provost Marshall, Prime Minister
PM SJT Provost Marshal Sergeant
Pmat, Pmatron Principal Matron
PMCCMSC Petawawa Military Camp Corps of Military Staff Clerks
PMCT Pay Master Corps Troops
PMCTDRCAPC Paymaster Canadian Troops Detachment Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
PMED Preventative Medicine
PMF Permanent Military Force
PMHRCAMC Petawawa (or Peterborough) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PML Preferred Manning Level
PMML Pilot Model Mobile Laundry
PMO Principal Medical Officer
PMPS Permanent Military Provost Staff
PMQ Permanent Married Quarters
Pmr Paymaster
PMTO Principal Medical Transport Officer
PN, Pntr, Ptr Painter
PNA Polish Naval Attache
PNGDF Papua New Guinea Defence Force
PNLO Principal British Naval Liaison Officer to Allied Navies
PNR BN Pioneer Battalion
PNR CPL Pioneer Corporal
PNR SJT Pioneer Sergeant
Pnr(Bn) Pioneer (Battalion)
Pnr(s) Pioneer
PNSO Port Minesweeping Officer
PNTN PK RE Pontoon Park Royal Engineers
PNTO Principal Naval Transport Officer
PO Petty Officer, Pilot Officer, Post Office, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Division, Portugal, Portuguese, Performance Objective
PO MTR MECH Petty Officer Motor Mechanic
PO(Postal) Petty Officer (Postal)
POA Pacific Ocean Area
POCdr Petty Officer Coder
POCk, PO CK Petty Officer Cook
POE Port of Embarkation
POET Performance Oriented Electronic Training
PofWOR Princess of Wales Own Regiment
PofWR Prince of Wales Rangers
POL Petrol, Oil and Lubrication
POLITICAL IA Political Department Indian Army
POM Petty Officer Mechanic
POMMD Principal Officer Mercantile Marine Depot
POR Personnel Occurrence Reports
POSM Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic
posn Position
Post Base Post Office
POSTAL DEPT Postal Department
PostClk Postal Clerk
POStwd Petty Officer Steward
POTCH CDO Potchefstroom Commando
POTCHEFSTROOM R Potchefstroom Ruiters
POTel, PO TEL Petty Officer Telegraphist
POW, P of W Prisoner of War
POWEDCProC Prisoner of War Escort Detachment Canadian Provost Corps
POWLH Prince of Wales's Light Horse
POWO Prince of Wales's Own
POWORY Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire
POWtr Petty Officer Writer
PP Petrol Point, Palestinian Ports, Parachutist Pay, Palestine Police, Punjab Police
PPAPO(I) Port Plastic Armour Protection Officers (India)
PPCB President, Pensions & Claims Board
PPCLI Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
PPO Principal Priority Officer
PPOp Power Plant Operator
PPS Priority Point Score
PQ Province of Quebec, Practical Qualifications
PR Palestine Regiment, Parachute, Regiment,Public Relations, Physical and Recreational Trainer, Private
PR(M) Perth Regiment (Motor)
PRADO Port Radar Officer
PRAHQ Prince Rupert Area Headquarters
PRB Performance Review Board
PRB Progress Review Board
PRC Personnel Reception Center, Progress Review Committee
PreOCTUS Pre Officers Cadet Training Unit School
PRES Presumed, Presbyerian, Primary Reserve, President
PRES VOL RIF Presidency Volunteer Rifles
Presb Presbyterian
PRESOTIA CDO Pretoria Commando
PRETORIA GDS Pretoria Guards
Prev Previously
PRIESKA CDO Prieska Commando
Print Chief of Printing & Stationery
PrivLeave, PrivLve Privileged Leave
PRLO Principal Repair Liaison Officer
PRMHRCAMC Peace River (or Prince Rupert) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PRO Public Record Office(r), Provost
Prob, Probr Probationer
proc Proceeded
PROF Professor
PROTECTORATE REGT Protectorate Regiment
Prov Provost Corps, Provisional
PROV MP Provisional Mounted Police
PROV SERS Provost Sergeant
PROV TRANS CONST Provisional Transvaal Constabulary
PRTO Principal Railway Transport Officer
PRU Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
PRV Patrol Service Central Depot
PS Penal Servitude, Public Schools
PS (Army) Private Secretary to the Minister (Army)
PS (N) Private Secretary to the Minister (Naval)
PSA Graduate of Royal Air Force Staff College, Personnel Support Agency
PSC Graduate of Military (or Naval) Staff College, Passed Staff Course
PSE Paymaster Sergeant
PSER Pay Sergeant
PSF Panama Sea Frontier
PSM Platoon Sergeant-Major
PSO Personnel Selection Officer
PSOD Permanent Staff Organization Duty
PSP Pierced Steel Plank
PS-S Provost Sub-Sections
PSTO Principal Sea Transport Officer
PSTOME Principal Sea Transport Officer, Middle East
PSVO Principal Salvage Officer
PSWQ Platoon Support Weapons Qualifications
PT Physical and Recreational Training Instructor, Physical Training, Patrol Torpedo (Boat)
PT BOAT Patrol torpedo boat
Pt II Part II (orders relating to personnel of unit: promotions, courses attended, leave, disciplinary matters, etc)
Pt II DO, Pt II O, PTO, Part II Part II Daily Orders
PT TFC Port Traffic
PTB Pacific Training Brigade
PTC Primary Training Centre, Personnel and Training Command, Motorboat, Submarine Chaser
PTCO Principal Technical Costs Officer
Pte Private
PTEAM Private Ambulance
PTEBU Private Bugler
PTEDRU Private Drummer
PTEPI Private Pioneer
PTF Pacific Task Force
PTI Physical Training Instructor
Ptlmn Patrolman
Ptn Platoon
PTPRCASC Petrol Tanker Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
Ptr, PN, Pntr Painter
PTS Parachute Training School
PTTRCASCPBF Pack Transport Troop, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Polar Bear Force
PTU Port Transit Unit
PTYMN Pantryman
PU Permanently Unfit
PUNJAB LH Punjab Light Horse
PUO Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
PW Prisoner of War, Photographic Wing, Platoon Weapons, Pay Writer, Public Works
PW CAMP Prisoner of War Camp
PW VOLS Prince of Wales's Volunteers
PW/TO Port Wireless Telegraphy Officer
PWCC Prisoner of War Control Centre
PWDB Prisoner of War Detention Barracks
PWE Police War Reserve
PWED Prisoner of War Information Bureau
PWIB Prisoner of War Interrogation Board
PWLR Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians)
PWO Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
PWOR Princess of Wales Own Regiment (or Rangers)
PWP Post War Planning Committee
PWR Prince of Wales Rangers
PWRR Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
PWSS Post War Signal Station
PWV Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment)
PX Post Exchange
PYMSTR Paymaster
PYPERS KDO Pypers Kommando


Q BOAT, Q SHIP Mystery boat or ship
Q SIG Qualified Signalman
Q STAFF Quartermaster Staff
Q&R Quarters and Rations
Q;R Queen's Lancashire Regiment
QA Quarters Allowance
QAIMFNS Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Families Nursing Service
QAIMNS Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
QAIMNSR Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Special Reserve
QAMFNS Queen Alexandra's Military Families Nursing Service
QAMNSI Queen Alexandra's Medical Nursing Service India
QAPCoy Quebec Arsenal Protective Company
QARANC Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
QARNNS Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service
Qbranch Quartermaster General's Branch
QCRCE Quarrying Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
QCS Queen's Colour Squadron
QDG Queen's Dragoon Guards
QDM Qualified Driver Mechanic
QF Quick Firing
QG SOGMA;S Queen's Gurkha Signals
QGE Queen's Gurkha Engineers
QGM Queen's Gallantry Medal
QI Quartermaster Instructor
QL Qualaification (or "Q") List, Qualification Level
QM & CAPT Quarter Master & Captain
QM & LIEUT Quarter Master and Lieutenant
QM , QR-MR Quarter Master
QM CPL MJR Quarter Master Corporal Major
QM HVLDR Quarter Master Havildar
QM JEMDR Quarter Master Jemadar
QM SJT Quarter Master Sergeant
QMAAC Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
QMCPL Quartermaster Corporal
QMCPT Quartermaster Captain
QMessages A series of numbered messages giving changes in navigational information due to war conditions
QMG Quartermaster General
QMHRCAMC Quebec Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
QMI Queensland Mounted Infantry
QMO Queen Mary's Own
Qmr Quartermaster
QMS, QMSE Quartermaster Sergeant
QMSI Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor
QO Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
QO HLDRS Queen's Own Highlanders
QO R GLASGOW Y, QORGY Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
QOCG Queen's Own Corps of Guides
QOCG Queen's Own Rifle Guards, Queen's Own Corps of Guides
QOCH(ofC) Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (of Canada)
QODY Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry
QOH Queen's Own Hussars, Queen's Own Highlanders
QOHC Queen's Own Household Cavalry
QOL Quality of Life
QOLPMO Quality of Life Management Office
QOLSRB Quality of Life Senior Review Board
QOLY Queen's Own Lowland Yeomanry
QOOH Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars
QOR(ofC) Queen's Own Rifles (of Canada)
QORGLWLY Queen's Own Royal Glasgow and Lower Ward of Lanarkshire Yeomanry
QORWK, QORWKR Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
QOWARWY Queen's Own Warwickshire Yeomanry
QOWKY Queen's Own West Kent Yeomanry
QOWORCH Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars
QOWWY Queen's Own Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry
QOY Queen's Own Yeomanry
QOYD Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons
QPB Queen's Park Barracks Staff
QPBS Queen's Park Barracks
QPMHRCAMC Queen's Park Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
QR Quarter(s) Ratings (or Rates), Quebec Regiment, Queen's Regulations
QR&O Queen's Regulations and Orders
QRD Quebec Regimental Depot
QRH Queen's Royal Hussars
QRIH Queen's Royal Irish Hussars
QRL Queen's Royal Lancers
Qr-Mr, Qrmr Quartermaster
QRR Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
QRV Queenstown Rifle Volunteers
QS Qualified for Staff, Quebec-Sydney Convoy
QSM Quartermaster Sergeant-Major
QUEENS SR, QUEENS Queen's Surrey Regiment
QueensSR Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment
QUEENSTOWN RV Queenstown Rifle Volunteers
QVO Queen Victoria's Own
QVO CPS OF GUIDES Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides
QVO MADRAS S & M Queen Victoria's Own Madras Sappers & Miners
QVR Queen Victoria's Rifles
QW Queen's Westminsters
QYR(1st AR) Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment)


R Railways, Royal, Regina, King or Queen (Rex), Royal, River, Regiment(al), Reserve, Regular, Requisition(ed)
R & D Research and Development
R & SRV Roxburgh & Selkirk Rifle Volunteers
R 1-DEVON YEO Royal 1st Devonshire Yeomanry
R ADMIRAL, REAR ADMIRAL, RKMS (Indian Army) Rear Admiral
R ANGLIAN, RANGLIANR Royal Anglian Regiment
R CAN H ART, RCHA Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
R CAN R Royal Canadian Regiment
R CAN SIG ENG Royal Canadian Signal Engineers
R DEVON YEO Royal Devon Yeomanry
R DUB FUS Royal Dublin Fusiliers
R E KENT YEO Royal East Kent Yeomanry
R FUS Royal Fusiliers
R GUERNSEY ART Royal Guernsey Artillery
R GUERNSEY E Royal Guernsey Engineers
R GUERNSEY LI Royal Guernsey Light Infantry
R H GDS, RHG Royal Horse Guards (Blues)
R HIGHRS Royal Highlanders
R INNIS F, R INNIS FUS, R INNISKS Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
R IR REG, R IRISH, R IRISH REGT Royal Irish Regiment
R IR RIF Royal Irish Rifles
R JAT LI Royal Jat Light Infantry
R JERSEY ART Royal Jersey Artillery
R LANC R, R LANCR Royal Lancaster Regiment
R MALTA A Royal Malta Artillery
R MUN FUS, R MUNS FUS Royal Munster Fusiliers
R N DEVON YEO Royal North Devonshire Yeomanry
R NEWF'D R Royal Newfoundland Regiment
R NORF R Royal Norfolk Regiment
R NORTH'D FUS Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
R of O Reserve of Officers
R SIGNALS, R SIGS Royal Corps of Signals
R TANK R Royal Tank Regiment
R W KENT R Royal West Kent Regiment
R WAR, R WAR R Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers
R WDMR, RES WDMSTR Reserve Wardmaster
R WILTS YEO, RWILTSY, RWY Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (Prince of Wales's Own)
R&A Rations and Allowances
R&D Redesignated & Disbanded Units
R&DU Redesignated and Disbanded Units
R&I Repair & Inspection
R&ISEC Research & Information Section
R&Q Rations & Quarters
R&SofS Remission & Suspension of Sentence
R/A Radio Acoustic
R/C, RC Release Centre
R/S/L Returned Sailing List
R/T Radio Telephony
R1STDY Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry
R22eR, R22R Royal 22e Regiment
RA Royal Artiller, Rear Admiral, Radio Artificer, Radio Technician (Air), Rations, Regiment of Artillery
R-A Rear-Admiral
RA 3rd BS Rear Admiral Third Battle Squadron
RA CH Royal Army Chaplains
RA(A) Rear Admiral Aircraft Carriers
RA(M) Rear Admiral (Minelayers)
RA(No) Rear Admiral (Number) Battle Squadron
RA(V) Rear Admiral (''V'' Force)
RA, 1c (or 2c,3c,4c,5c) Radio Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
RAA Royal Australian Artillery
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAAFLO Royal Australian Air Force London Office
RAAFNS Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service
RAAMC Royal Australian Army Medical Corps
RAANC Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps
RAC Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Automobile Club
RACH Royal Army Chaplains' Department, Royal Army Clothing Department
RAChD Royal Army Chaplain's Department
RACOB (WA) Rear Admiral Combined Operations Bast (Western Approaches)
RAD Rear Admiral Destroyers
RADC Royal Army Dental Corps
RadNav Radio Navigator
RadOp Radio Operator
RadSea Radioman (Sea)
RadTech Radio Technician
RAE Royal Aircraft Establishment, Radio Equipment Assistant, Royal Australian Engineers
RAEC Royal Army Education Corps
RAECEF Rear Admiral Escort Carriers Eastern Fleet
RAEFAC Rear Admiral Eastern Fleet Aircraft Carriers
RAF Royal Air Force
RAFA Royal Australian Field Artillery
RAFVR Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
RAG Rifles Armoury Guards
RAGA Royal Australian Garrison Artillery
Ragr Radiographer
RALSU Rear Admiral Landing Ships Unallocated
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RAMCO Royal Army Medical Corps Officers
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RANAS(IO) Rear Admiral Naval Air Stations (Indian Ocean)
RANBT Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train
RANC Royal Australian Naval College
RAND INTELL C Rand Intelligence Corps
RANGERS Royal Irish Rangers, Connaught Rangers
RANNS Royal Australian Navy Nursing Service
RANR Royal Australian Navy Reserve
RANVR Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RAO Royal Artillery Officers
RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
RAOCO Royal Army Ordnance Corps Officers
RAP Regimental Aid Post
RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps
RAPD Royal Army Pay Department
RAPWI Recovered Allied Prisoners of War and Internees
RAR Rhodesian African Rifles, Royal Australian Regiment
RASC Royal Army Service Corps
RASpec Recreation and Athletic Specialist
RATE Rear Admiral Training Establishments
RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps
RB Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)
RB(IC) Reconnaissance Battalion (In Canada)
RBAA Reserve Brigade Australian Army
RBERKS, RBerksR, RBR Royal Berkshire Regiment
RBH Royal Bucks Hussars
RC Recruiting Centre(s), Release Centre(s), Re-Selection Centre(s), Roman Catholic, Royal Canadians, Reconnaissance Corps, Red Cross, Royal Caterer, Royal Chandler
RC(Ia N) Refugee Camp (Ile aux Noix)
RCA Royal Canadian Artillery, Royal Company of Archers
RCA(CD) Royal Canadian Artillery (Coast Defence Branch)
RCAB Royal Canadian Artillery Band
RCAC Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, Royal Canadian Army Cadets
RCAC(MP) Royal Canadian Artillery Camp (Macauley Plains)
RCACC Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps, Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
RCACD Royal Canadian Artillery Canadian Division
RCACHC Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAF(Aux) Royal Canadian Air Force (Auxiliary)
RCAF(PR) Royal Canadian Air Force (Primary Reserve)
RCAF(R) Royal Canadian Air Force (Regular)
RCAHWENDHQS Royal Canadian Artillery, Home War Establishment, National Defence Headquarters Section
RCAMC Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RCAMCPST Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Plastic Surgery Team
RCAMCTC Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre
RCAMCTC(R) Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre (Reserve)
RCanDns Royal Canadian Dragoons
RCAPC Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
RCARU Royal Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit
RCASC Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RCASCB Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Band
RCASC-CASF Royal Canadian Army Service Corps - Canadian Active Service Force
RCASCCF Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Company Force
RCASCG Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Group
RCASCHU Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Holding Unit
RCASCRU Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Reinforcement Unit
RCASCTC Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Training Centre
RCASCTCR Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Training Centre Reserve
RCATC Royal Canadian Artillery Training Centre
RCATC(R) Royal Canadian Artillery Training Centre Reserve
RCC Railway Construction Company, Remote Control Officer
RCCRCE Road Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
RCCS Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RCCSTC(R) Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Training Centre (Reserve)
RCD Royal Canadian Dragoons
RCDC Royal Canadian Dental Corps
RCE Royal Canadian Engineers, Railway Construction Engineer
RCE(NP) Royal Canadian Engineers (Non-Permanent Active Militia)
RCEB Royal Canadian Engineers Bands
RCECO Royal Canadian Engineers Corps Orders
RCEDF Royal Canadian Detachment Force
RCEME Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
RCESA by HQ Royal Canadian Engineers Section Administered by Headquarters
RCETC Royal Canadian Engineers Training Centre
RCETC(R) Royal Canadian Engineers Training Centre (Reserve)
RCEWDCMHQ Royal Canadian Engineers Works Directorate, Canadian Military Headquarters
RCFA Royal Canadian Field Artillery
RCFC Refreshers Course for Officers
RCFQ Refugee Camp Farnham Quebec
RCGA Royal Canadian Garrison Artillery
RCHA Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCHQ Rear Canadian Headquarters
RCIC Royal Canadian Infantry Corps
RCL Royal Canadian Legion
RCM Military Sub-Committee Of the Ministerial Committee on Reconstruction Problems
RCMDS Remote Control Mine Disposal System
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCN Royal Canadian Navy
RCN(R) Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve)
RCNAS Royal Canadian Naval Air Service
RCNB Royal Canadian Naval Barracks
RCNH Royal Canadian Naval Hospital
RCNMR Royal Canadian Naval Monthly Reserve
RCNR Royal Canadian Naval Reserve
RCNR(FR) Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (Fisherman's Reserve)
RCNVR Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RCO Railway Control Officer
RCOC Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
RCOCAM Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Army Magazine
RCOCB Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Band
RCOCCO Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Orders
RCOCHU Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Holding Unit
RCOCMG(MD)P Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Magazine Guard (McGivney Depot) Petawawa
RCOCTC(R) Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre (Reserve)
RCPC Royal Canadian Postal Corps
RCR Royal Canadian Regiment
RCRR Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment
RCS Royal Canadian Signals, Royal Corps of Signals, Routing and Convoy Section, Radar and Communication School
RCS ENG, RCSE Royal Canadian Signal Engineers
RCSB Royal Canadian Signals Band
RCSC Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
RCSIGS, RCS Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RCSME Royal Canadian School of Military Engineering
RCSTC Royal Canadian Signals Training Centre
RCT Royal Corps of Transport
RD Refer to Drawer, Reception (or Release, Repair, Repatriation) Depot, Road, Round, Royal Dragoons
RD FUS, RDF Royal Dublin Fusiliers
RDBW Regimental Depot The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
RDC Royal Defence Corps
RdConstCoy Road Construction Company
RdeChat Regiment de Chateauguay
RdeChaud Regiment de Chaudiere
RdeH Regiment de Hull
RdeJol Regiment de Joliette
RdeMais Regiment de Maisonneuve
RdeMont Regiment de Montmagny
RdeStHya Regiment de St Hyacinthe
RDF Radio Direction Finder (Radar)
RDF Radio Direction Finding
RDFMU Radio Direction Finder Maintenance Units
RDFO Radio Direction Finder Officer (Naval)
RDFOU Radio Direction Finder Operating Unit
RDFS Radio Direction Finder School
RDG Royal Dragoon Guards
RDIRCASC Relief Driver Increment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RDLI Royal Durban Light Infantry
RDMHRCAMC Red Deer Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RDOVI Reinforcing Draft Overseas, 14th Reinforcement Draft Overseas
RdrPC(A) Radar Performance Checker (Air)
RdrPC(G) Radar Performance Checker (Ground)
RdrPltr Radar Plotter (Sea)
RdrTec(A) Radar Technician (Air)
RdrTec(G) Radar Technician (Ground)
RdrTech Radar Technician
RduSag Regiment du Saguenay
RDY Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry
RE Royal Engineers, Corps of Royal Engineers, Research Establishment
RE(CW) Research Establishment (Chemical Warfare)
REA Real Estate Advisor
REAR ADMIRAL, RKMS Rear Admiral (Indian Army)
REC Recovery
RECCE Reconnaissance Corps, Reconnaissance, Reconnaître
Recom Decommissioned
Recruits Naval Recruiting Office (Permanent Naval Force)
REDDERSBG CDO Reddersburg Commando
REF Radio Experimental Flight
REF ENG Refrigeration Engineer
REFG GR Refrigeration Greaser
RefTech Refinisher Technician
REG Regular, Regulating, Regulation(s)
Regt, Reg, Rgt, Regtl Regiment
Rehab Rehabilitation
RE-HC Re-Habilitation Course
reinf Reinforcement(s)
REKENTMR, REKMR Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles
rem Remained
REME Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
REMS Reserve Equipment Maintenance Satellites
REMT DEPT Remount Department
REMU Reserve Equipment Maintenance Units
Rep Repatriated, Representative
Rep Bn Replacement Battalion
RepatDep Repatriation Depot
REPS Royal Engineers Postal Section
REPT reported, Reserve Entry Training Program
Rep't, Reptd, Rept't reported
RERMC Riding Establishment Royal Military College
Res Reserve
RES WD MTE Reserve Wardmaster's Mate
RESO Reserve Entry Scheme - Officers
RESVT Reservist
RETD Retired, Returned
RETP Reserve Entry Training Plan
REV Revolutionary, Reverend
RF Reserve Fleet
RF Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), Reserve Fleet
RFA Royal Field Artillery, Royal Fleet Auxiliary
RFB Reported from Base, Regimental Funds Board
RFC Royal Flying Corps, Reserve Force Centre
RFCNW Royal Flying Corps Naval Wing
RforCMF Reinforcements for Central Mediterranean Force
RFR Royal Fleet Reserve
RFRA Royal Artillery Pre-War Reservist
RFT(S) Reinforcement(s)
RFTP Refresher Flying Training Plan
RG Regulating Petty Officer
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
RGBW Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment
RGH Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
RGJ Royal Green Jackets
RGR Royal Garrison Regiment, Royal Gurkha Rifles/Regt (the 5th Gurkhas)
RGSS Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen
RGT, REGT Regiment
RH Railhead
RH Royal Hussars (Prince Albert's Own), Railhead
RH &FA Royal Horse and Field Artillery
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RHA Royal Horse Artillery, Royal Hibernian Academy, Reserve Heavy Artillery
RHACR Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment
RHAMPS Royal Hampshire Regiment
RHC(ofCan) Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, Royal Household Cavalry
RHF Royal Highland Fusiliers
RHG/D Royal Horse Guards and Royals Dragoons, (Blues and Royals)
RHIGHRS Royal Highlanders (The Black Watch)
RHKR(V) Royal Hong Kong Regiment (Volunteers)
RHLI Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
RHN Royal Hellenic Navy
RHOD Rhodesia
RHOD VF Rhodesian Volunteer Forces
RHODESIA NREGT Rhodesia Native Regiment
RHODESIAN FF Rhodesian Field Force
RHODESIAN H Rhodesian Horse
RHODNS SAI BGDE Rhodesian South African Infantry Brigade
RHofCAN, RHC, RHRofC Royal Highlanders of Canada
RHQ Regimental Headquarters
RHQRCASC Reconstituted Headquarters, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RHR Royal Highland(ers) Regiment
RHSAS Rhodesian Special Air Service
RHU Reserve Holding Unit
RIA Royal Indian Artillery
RIAF Royal Indian Air Force
RIAMC Royal Indian Army Medical Corps
RIF Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's), Rifles, Rifleman
RIF BRIG, RIFBRIG Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)
RIIP Reserve Integrated Information Project
RIM(S) Royal Indian Marine (Service)
RIN Royal Indian Navy
RIP Requiescat in peace (May he rest in peace)
RIR Royal Irish Rifles, Royal Irish Regiment
RIRF, RIsFus Royal Irish Fusiliers
RIRRGRS Royal Irish Rangers
RKMS Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant
RLE Radio Location Establishment
RLHQ Rear Link Headquarters
RLI Rand Light Infantry, Rhodesian Light Infantry
RLL(UK) Rotation Leave List (United Kingdom)
RLMSRCCS Railway Line Maintenance Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RLO Research Liaison Officer (Naval)
RLRCAMC Research Laboratory, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RLU Radio Location Unit
RlwyConst(Op)(Tg)Coy(Gp) Railway Construction (Operating) (Telegraph) Company (Group)
RLY BN EA Railway Battalion Egyptian Army
RLY CC Railway Construction Company
RLY DF Railway Defence Force
RLY PNR REGT Railway Pioneer Regiment
RLY REGT Railway Regiment
Rly, Rlwy railway
RM Royal Marines, Riding Master, Radio Mechanic (Air), Radioman
RM & LIEUT Riding Master and Lieutenant
RM BDE, RM BRIG Royal Marine Brigade
RM BDE, RM BRIG Royal Marine Brigade
RMA Royal Marine Artillery, Royal Military Academy, Royal Malta Artillery, Rear Maintenance Area
RMAS Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
RMB Royal Marine Band
RMBPD Royal Marine Boom Patrol Detachment
RMC Royal Military College (of Canada)
RME Royal Marine Engineers
RMF Royal Munster Fusiliers
RMFA Royal Malta Fencible Artillery, Royal Marine Field Artillery
RMFA Royal Marine Field Artillery
RMG Royal Munster Fusiliers
RMHRCAMC Rideau (or Rimouski) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RMi Riegelmine
RMLC Royal Marine Labour Corps
RMLI Royal Marine Light Infantry
RMLY Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry
RMO Regimental Medical Officer, Royal Marine Office, Reserve of Medical Officers
RMONRE Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers
RMontR, RMR Royal Montreal Regiment
RMP Royal Military Police, Rocky Mountain Rangers
RMSCR Royal Marine Support Craft Regiment
RMSF Royal Marine Striking Force
RMSM Royal Marine Submarine Miners
RMSO Royal Marine Signal Office
RMT DEPT Remount Department
RMTC Radio Mechanic's Training Centre
RMTCRCASC Reserve Mechanical Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RMTech Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician
RMTG Royal Marine Training Group
RN Royal Navy
RN(V)R Royal Naval (Volunteer) Reserve
RNA Royal Naval Academy
RNACD Royal Naval Armoured Car Division
RNAD Royal Navy Armament Depot
RNARY Royal Naval Aircraft Repair Yard
RNAS Royal Naval Air Service
RNASAAC Royal Naval Air Service Anti-Aircraft Corps
RNASBR Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth Reserve
RNAV Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers
RNAWR Royal Naval Auxiliary Wireless Reserve
RNB Royal Naval Barracks
RNBTR Royal Naval Benevolent Trust Representative
RNC Royal Naval College
RNCV Royal Naval Coast Volunteers
RNCVR Royal Navy Canadian Volunteer Reserve
RND Royal Naval Division
RND ENG Royal Naval Division Engineers
RNDEVONY, RNDY Royal North Devon Yeomanry (Hussars)
RNDevonYeo Royal North Devon Yeomanry
RNDVR Royal Navy Canadian Volunteer Reserve
RNF Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
RNLO Royal Naval Liaison Officer
RNMBRRNMWS Royal Naval Motor Boat Reserve
RNMWS Royal Navy Mine Watching Service
RNN Royal Netherlands Navy
RNO Resident Naval Officer (or Overseer)
RNorN Royal Norwegian Navy
RNPS Royal Naval Patrol Service
RNR Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Royal Norfolk Regiment
RNR(T) Royal Naval Reserve Trawler Section
RNS Radio and Navigation School
RNSC Royal Navy Staff College
RNSR Royal Naval Special Reserve
RNSWR Royal New South Wales Regiment
RNTE Royal Naval Training Establishment
RNTF Royal Naval Torpedo Factory
RNTS Royal Naval Transport Service
RNV(S)R Royal Naval Volunteer Supplementary Reserve
RNV(W)R Royal Naval Volunteer Wireless Reserve
RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
RNVRAAC Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Anti-Aircraft Corps
RNVRPS Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Pigeon Service
RNWAR Royal Naval Wireless Auxiliary Reserve
RNWCC Royal Naval War Comforts Committee
RNWL Royal Naval War Libraries
RNWMP Royal Northwest Mounted Police
RNXS Royal Naval Auxiliary Service
RNZA Royal New Zealand Artillery
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RNZE Royal New Zealand Engineers
RNZIR Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
RNZN Royal New Zealand Navy
RO Roll On, Roll Off
RO Routine Order, Reserve of Officers, Roll On, Roll Off, Records Only, Recruiting (or Report, Reporting, Reinforcement, Retired) Officer, Recruiting Office
ROBERT'S H Robert's Horse
ROC Royal Observer Corps
ROCA Resident Officer Canal Area
ROCMHQ Records Office, Canadian Military Headquarters
ROD Railway Operating Division
ROE Rules of Engagement
RofP Report of Proceedings
ROGRCE Railway Operating Group, Royal Canadian Engineers
ROLSH(RC)CA(AF) Regimental Orders Lord Stratchcona Horse (Royal Canadians) Canadian Army Active Force
RomRsch Communicator Research
RONDEBOSCH DRA Rondebosch Defence Rifle Association
ROO Railway Ordnance Officer
ROp Radio Operator
ROSJD Routine Orders St John's Defences
ROSS BY ART Ross Battery Artillery
ROSS'S SCTS Ross's Scouts
ROTC Reserve Officer's Training Corps, Regular Officers Training Corps
ROTP Regular Officer Training Plan
ROTP(CMC) Regular Officer Training Plan (at Canadian Military Colleges)
ROTP(U) Regular Officer Training Plan (at Civilian Universities)
RO''W''F Routine Orders ''W'' Force
RO''Z''F Routine Orders ''Z'' Force
RP Regimental Police, Rules of Procedure, Refilling Point, Reporting Point, Radar Plot Rate, Reserve Posting, Radar Plotter
RP (Records) Reserve Posting (Records)
RPC, RPR Royal Pioneer Corps
RPIGHQ&LofCT Rear Party Increment General Headquarters & Line of Communication Troops
RPO Regulating Petty Officer
RPSD Reserve Pacific Support Depot
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RQ&A Rations, Quarters and Allowance
RQM Regimental Quartermaster
RQMS Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
RQR Royal Queensland Regiment
RR Railroad, Rifle Range, Radiographer
RR of C, RRegC, RRC Royal Regiment of Canada
RR of CAV Reserve Regiment of Cavalry
RR, R/R Railroad
RRA Royal Regiment of Artillery
RRC Royal Regiment of Canada, Royal Rifles of Canada, Royal Red Cross
RRE District Recruiting Establishment
RRF Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
RRFA Royal Regiment of Field Artillery
RRGA Royal Regiment of Garrison Artillery
RRMC Royal Roads Military College
RRR Regina Rifle Regiment, Royal Rhodesia Regiment
RRR Royal Rhodesia Regiment
RRW Royal Regiment of Wales
RS Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment), (Royal Regiment), Recruiting (or Regulating) Station, Reserve Status, Reinforcement Section
RS FUS, RScFus, RSF Royal Scots Fusiliers
RSA Royal School of Artillery
RSAR Royal South Australia Regiment
RSCFC Reinforcement Section Canadian Forestry Corps
RSCOTS Royal Scots (Lothiam Regiment)
RSD Railway Supply Detachment
RSDG Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
RSHQCFC Reinforcemetn Section Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
RSM Royal School of Musketry
RSM, RS MJR Regimental Sergeant Major
RSME Royal School of Military Engineering
RSMHRCAMC Rectory Street Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RSO Range Safety Officer, Railhead Supply Officer
RSP Road Staging Post
RSR Royal Sussex Regiment, Raiding Support
RSS Regular (or Regimental) Support Staff, Royal School of Signals
RSTech Radar Systems Technician, Radioman Special Technician
RSU Repair and Salvage Unit
RSussR, R SUSS, RSR, RSX Royal Sussex Regiment
RT Radio Telephony, Radio Technician
RT REV LORD BISHOP Right Reverend Lord Bishop
RTC Reserve Training Centre, Royal Tank Corps, Returned to Corps
RTCRCAR Reserve Training Centre, Royal Canadian Artillery Reinforcements
RTE Railway Transport Establishment
RTM Ready to Move
Rtn Return
Rtns Rations
RTO Regimental (or Railway) Transport Officer, Research Technical Officer, Return to Owners
RTO Return to Owners
RTOSRCCS Railway Telegraph Operating Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RTR Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Tasmania Regiment
RTTP Reserve Tradesmen Training Plan
RTU Returned to Unit
RU Reinforcement Unit, Radio Unit
RU RIF, RUR Royal Ulster Rifles
RUNDLES SCTS Rundle's Scouts
RUSTENBG CDO Rustenburg Commando
RV Rendezvous point on Patrol
RV(S) Rifle Volunteers
RVB Royal Veteran Battalion(s)
RVC Rifle Volunteer Corps
RVHM Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal
RVM Royal Victorian Medal
RVR Royal Victoria Regiment
RW Recorded Warning
RW KENT, RW KENT R Royal West Kent Regiment
RWAFF Royal West African Frontier Force
RWAR Royal Western Australia Regiment
RWCHRCAMC Roman Way Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RWCRCE Railway Workshop Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
RWF, RWFUS Royal Welsh Fusiliers (redesignated 1921 "Welch")
RWING Reinforcement Wing
RWpgR, RWR Royal Winnipeg Rifles
RWPU Radio Wave Propagation Unit
RWR Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Royal Winnipeg Rifles
RWXY Royal Wessex Yeomanry
RX Army Remount Section, Army Service Corps Number Prefix
Ry Railway
RY BN S & M Railway Battalion Sappers & Miners
RYM Royal Yugoslav
RYPA Roll, Yaw, Pitch and Alter Course
RYR Royal Yeomanry Regiment
RYS Royal Yacht Squadron


S South, Scottish, Service, Supply
S & C SMITH Shoeing and Carriage Smith
S & M Sappers & Miners
S & T Supply and Transport
S & T CORPS, S & T C Supply & Transport Corps
S A I RGT, SAI REGT South African Irish Regiment
S AFR South Africa(n)
S AKILES Stipendary Akiles
S ARMS SCH Small Arms School
S ASST SGN, SA SGN Sub Assistant Surgeon
S ATTDT Smoke Attendant
S BR Stretcher Bearer
S C CORPS Sudan Camel Corps
S GDS Scots Guards
S HD Spare Hand
S I RY VOL R South India Railway Volunteer Regiment
S IR H, S IRISH H South Irish Horse
S LAN R, S LANCS South Lancashire Regiment
S MJR (AC) Sergeant Major Artillery Clerk
S MJR INSTR Sergeant Major Instructor
S NIG MC South Nigerian Medical Corps
S NIG R South Nigeria Regiment
S NOTTS HRS South Notts Hussars
S OF M School of Musketry
S PROV CC Southern Province Cyclist Corps
S RHOD P STAFF Southern Rhodesia Permanent Staff
S RHOD R Southern Rhodesia Regiment
S RHOD VC South Rhodesia Volunteer Corps
S RHODESIAN TF Southern Rhodesia Territorial Force
S SGT, S SJT, S SERS, S SJT Staff Sergeant
S STAFF R, S STAFFS R, SSTAFFS South Staffordshire Regiment
S STH Shoeing Smith
S TAALIM Battalion Sergeant Major
S TAYIN Battalion Quarter Master Sergeant
S TYPIST Steno Typist
S WALES BORD South Wales Borderers
S WAZ MIL , S WAZ MILITIA, SW MILITIA South Waziristan Militia
S WAZ SCTS South Waziristan Scouts
S&AH Southerland & Argyll Highlanders
S&CD Sydney & Canso Defences
S&LP Syrian & Lebanese Ports
S&PRCASC Stationary & Printing, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
S&TC Supply and Transport Corps
S&TDRCASC Supply & Transport Details, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
S(Prob) Signalman (Probationer)
S/ Staff
S/D Submarine Detector
S/L Squadron Leader, Searchlight, Sailing List
S/Lieut Second Lieutenant
S/M Sergeant Major, Submarine
S/NURSE Staff Nurse
S/P Signalling Projector
S/QMS Staff Quartermaster-Sergeant
S/S Sound Signalling
S/T Sonic Telegraphy
SA South Africa(n), Salvation Army, Susistence (or Separation) Allowance, Small Arms, South Atlantic, Supply (or Stores) Assistant
SA ADMIN SERV South African Administration Service
SA AMM COL South African Ammunition Column
SA AVIATION C South African Aviation Corps
SA IRISH, SA IRISH R, SA IRISH REGT South African Irish Regiment
SA MTD BDE South African Mounted Brigade
SA RIF South African Rifles
SA SIG C South African Signal Corps
SA SUP C South African Supply Corps
SA VETRY C South African Veterinary Corps
SA/S Superintendent, Anti-submarine
SAA Small Arms Ammunition, South African Artillery
SAABRCA Section Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SAAC South African Armoured Corps
SAALO Senior Anti-Aircraft Ack Liaison Officer
SAAMS/LTRCA Special Anti-Aircraft Mobile Search Light Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
SAB Stores Audit Branch
SAC Soldier Aid Commission (Department of Veterans Affairs), South African Constabulary, Strategic Air Command, Senior Aircraftman
SACDC South African Coastal Defence Corps
SACDLS South African Coastal Defence & Lighthouse Service
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SACOW/SRCOC Section Armoured Corps Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SACSC (RE) South African Corps Signal Company Royal Engineers
SACSEA Supreme Allied Commander, South-East Asia
SADF South African Defence Force
SADS Squadron Armoured Division Signals
SADSC South African Despatch Service Corps
SAE School of Aeronautical Engineering, Senior Assistant Engineer
SAEC South African Engineer Corps
SAFA South African Field Ambulance, South African Field Artillery
SAFR ART South African Artillery
SAFT & PC South African Field Telegraph & Postal Corps
SAFT & PU South African Field Telegraph & Postal Unit
SAH South African Horse, South Alberta Horse, South African Highlanders
SAHA South African Horse Artillery
SAI BDE, SAI BGDE South African Infantry Brigade
SAI, SA INF South African Infantry
SAIL MTE, SLMKR MTE Sailmaker's Mate
SAIRCEME Small Arms Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
SAirSO Station Air Services Officer
SALH South African Light Horse, South Alberta Light Horse
SALN BRMN Saloon Barman
SAM School of Aircraft Maintenance, School of Aviation Medicine
SAM RIF South African Mounted Rifles
SAMC South African Medical Corps
SAMCC South African Motor Cyclists Corps
SAMDR South African Military Despatch Riders
SAME South African Mounted Engineer
SAMH Ste Anne's Military Hospital
SAMIF South African Mounted Irregular Forces
SAMNS South African Medical Nursing Service
SAMP South African Military Police
SAMR South Australia Mounted Rifles, South African Mounted Regiment
SAMR MED SEC South African Mounted Regiment Medical Section
SAMRFAB South African Mounted Regiment Field Artillery Brigade
SAMRMBFA South African Mounted Regiment Mounted Brigade Field Artillery
SAN Sanitary, Sanitation
SAN INSPR Sanitary Inspector
SAN SECT, SAN SEC Sanitary Section
SANDF South African National Defence Force
SANLC South African Native Labour Corps
SAO Senior (or Squadron) Accountant Officer, Staff Accountant, Senior Administrative Officer
SAOC South African Ordnance Corps
SAOI Semi-Annual Ordnance Inspection
SAP Soldier Apprentice Plan
SAP South African Police
SAPC South African Postal Corps
SAPR, SAPB South African Pioneer Battalion
SAR South Albert Regiment, School of Aircraft Recognition, Sarwal
SARFC South African Royal Flying Corps
SARG South African Railway Gaugers
SAROC South African Railway Operating Company
SARODS South African Railway Overseas Dominion Section
SARS South African Railway Section
SAS Superintendent Anti-Submarine, Special Air Service
SASC Small Arms School Corps, South African Service Corps
SASCIB TRAIN South African Service Corps Infantry Brigade Train
SASCMB TRAIN, SASCMB South African Service Corps Mounted Brigade Train
SASCMT South African Service Corps Motor Transport
SASCS, SASC SUPPLIES South African Service Corps Supplies
SASCT & R South African Service Corps Transport & Remounts
SASE South African Service Engineers
Sask Saskatchewan
SASO Senior Air Staff Officer
SASRFC South African Squadron Royal Flying Corps, Special Air Service Regiment
SASS Special Air Service Regiment
SASSRA South African Special Service Field Ambulance
SAT Superintendent of British Air Training
SATC South African Transport Corps
SAV Staff Assistance Visit
SAVC South African Veterinary Corps
SAVR, SA VET R South African Veterans Regiment
SAWSC South African Water Supply Company
SB Stretcher Bearer, Siege Battery, Special Branch, Stockbrokers' Battalion (10th Battalion Royal Fusiliers), Signal Boatswain
SBA Sick Berth Attendant
SBA(Prob) Sick Berth Attendant (Probationer)
SBCPO Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer
SBD Superintendent of Boom Defence
SBG Small Box Girder (Bridge)
SBL Static Base Laundry
SBLRCOC Static Base Laundry, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SBNO Senior British Naval Officer
SBPC Senior British Naval Officer
SBPO Sick Berth Petty Officer
SBR Special box respirator
SBRCA Searchlight Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SBS Special Boat Service
SBS, SB STD Sick Berth Steward
SC Seaford Camp, Service Chevrons, Ship's Circulation, Senior Constructor, Star of Courage, New York (Halifax, Sydney - United Kingdom Convoy, Scout, Staff Captain
SC CORPS Supply Commissariat Corps
SCAEF Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force
SCAP Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
SCC Surrey County Council
SCCRCOC Salvage Collecting Centre, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SCES Special Construction Equipment Section
SCF Senior Chaplain to the Forces
SCFO(O) Senior Canadian Flag Officer (Overseas)
SCHAEF Supreme Command Allied Expeditionary Force, Special Command Allied Expeditionary Force
Schnr Schooner
SCHRCAMC Sarcee Camp Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
SchuMi Schutzenmine
SCHWEBO BN Schwebo Battalion
SCI Staff Corps Indian
SCL Superintendent of Construction Liaison
SCLI Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry
SCMN Sculleryman
SCNO Senior Canadian Naval Officer
SCNO(L) Senior Canadian Naval Officer (London)
SCO Searchlight Control Officer
SCO H SCTS Scottish Horse Scouts
SCO RIF Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)
SCONDVA Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs
SCOTT'S RG Scott's Railway Guards
SCPO Stoker Chief Petty Officer, Supply/Stores Chief Petty Officer
SCRR Special Commission on the Restructuring of the Reserves
SCS Ship's Conducting Staff
SCTW Special Concession Transport Warrant
SCWO School Chief Warrant Officer
SD Shore Defence
SD Staff Duties, Strength Decrease
SD S SJT Saddler Staff Sergeant
SD&GH Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders
SD&T, SDandT Staff Duties and Training
SD(Schedules) Supplementary Demand / Distribution (Schedules)
SD(W) Staff Duties (Weapons)
SDC Secretary of Defence Council, Shipyard Development Committee
SDCCS Special Detachment Canadian Corps Signals
SDCPC Special Detachment Canadian Provost Corps
SDCWAC Special Detachment, Canadian Women's Army Corps
SDDDToronto Special District Distributing Depot
SDDS(ET) Senior Deputy Director of Stores (Eastern Theatre)
SDDSRCCS Sussex Detachment Division Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
SDDT Special Distributing Depot, Toronto
SDF Sudan Defence Force
SDGH Stormont and Glengarry Highlanders
SDI Submarine Detector Instructor
SDIE Subordinate Department Indian Engineers
SDLR Saddler
SDN Squadron
SDO Signal Distributing (or District) Office
S-DPC RCASC Sub-Depot Pacific Command, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
SDQM-CPL SGT Saddler Quarter Master Corporal/Sergeant
SDR Strategic Defence Review
S-DRCASC Sub-Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
SDRCE Stores Depot, Royal Canadian Engineers
SDSRCCS Section Division Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
SE Sergeant, Servicing Echelon, Safety Equipment Mechanic
SEA South East Asia, South East Atlantic Area, Senior Executive-Assistant to the Minister
SEA H, SEA HIGHRS, SH, SEAFORTH, SEAF, Seaforth(ofCanada) Seaforth Highlanders
SEAACHQ South East Asia Air Command Headquarters
SEAC South East Asia Command
SEAFOG South East Asia Fighter Operations Graticule System
SEATIC SEATIC - South East Asia Translation and Interrogation Center
SEC Section, Sector, Second(ed), Secretary, Security, Special Employment Company
Secd Seconded
SecNB Secretary, Naval Board
SecNB Secretary, Naval Officer
SecNP Secretary, Naval Personnel
SECO South Eastern Command (United Kingdom)
SecOB Secretary Ordnance Board
SECPC Special Employment Company Pacific Command
Secy Secretary
SED Superintendent Equipment Division
SEE Superintendent Electrical Engineer
SEF Siberian Expeditionary Force, Salary Equalization Factor
SEHU Surplus Equipment Holding Units
SEIN Sergeant Instructor
SELT Sergeant Lieutenant
SEN RES, SR Senior Reserve
SEng Stationary Engineer
SEO Senior (or Squadron) Engineer Officer
SEO(CO) Senior Engineer Officer (Combined Operations)
SEP Special Employment Platoon, Sepoy
SEP Sepoy
SEPA South East Pacific Area
SEPI Sergeant Pioneer
Sergt, Serjt, Sers, Shawish, Srgt, Sgt Sergeant
SERSupt Safety Equipment and Aircraft Refinishing Superintendent
SERV Served
SERVICE WITH THE ROYAL NAVY Service with the Royal Navy
SETech Safety Equipment Technician
SETRU Sergeant Trumpeter
SETTLE'S SCTS Settles' Scouts
SEYCHELLES LC Seychelles Labour Contingent
SF Sea Fencibles, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
SFC School of Fighter Control
SFFS Ships Fire Fighting School
SFofC Scots Fusiliers of Canada
SFOR Stabilization Force
SFR Sherbrook Fusiliers Regiment
SFSCFC Special Forestry Section Canadian Forestry Corps
SFTS Service Flying Training Schools
SG Sydney-Greenland Convoy, Senior Grade, Signalman
SG, SGDS Scots Guards
SGB Steam Gun Boat
SGD Signed
SGHQCRCASC Section General Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
SgL Surgeon Lieutenant
SgLCd Surgeon Lieutenant Commander
Sgln, Sgmn Signalman
SGLR, SIG, SNR, SGR Signaler
SGO Squadron Gunnery Officer
SGOCRCOC(AD) Support Group Ordnance Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SGS Surveyor General of Supply
SgtP, SgtPlt Sergeant Pilot
SGW/SRCOC Support Group Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SH CK Ship's Cook
SH CPL Ships Corporal
SH STD Ships Steward
SH, SHPT Shipwright
SHA Shore Authority Number
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe
SHARP Standard for Harassment and Racism Prevention
SHAWISH Sergeant (Indian Army)
SHBRCA Super Heavy Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SHEAF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SHER FOR Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
SherFusR Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment
SherRang Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
SHMKR SJT Shoemaker Sergeant
SHofC Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
SHPT APPC Shipwrights Apprentice
SHPT LT Shipwright Lieutenant
Shpt, 1c (or 2c,3c,4c,5c) Shipwright, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
SHQ Station Headquarters, Section Headquarters
SHR St Hyacinthe Regiment
SHROPS LI Shropshire Light Infantry
SHROPS YEO, SHROPSY Shropshire Yeomanry
ShrW Shrapnel Wound
SHURCCS Signals Holding Unit, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
SI Strength Increase, Special Instruction
SIALKOT CAV BDE Sialkot Cavalry Brigade
SIB Special Investigation Branch
SIC Special Infantry Company
SIDG Superintending Inspector of Degaussing
SIDPHQCRU Section "I" Defence Platoon Headquarters Canadian Reinforcement Unit
SIERRA LEONE CC Sierra Leone Carrier Corps
Sig Signalman, Signaller, Signalling
SIG BOY Signal Boy
SIG TP, SIG TRP Signal Troop
Sig(s) Signal(s)
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
Sigmn Signalman
SigSea Signalman (Sea)
SIH South Irish Horse
SInv Security Investigator
SIOCO Senior Intelligence Officer, Combined Operations
SIR Seniority in Rank
SIRDAR Commander in Chief
SIS Secret Intelligence Service
SISCPC Special Investigation Section Canadian Provost Corps
SISO Senior Intelligence Staff Officer
SIT Situation
SITC Special Infantry Training Centre
Sitrep Situation Report
SIU Special Investigation Unit
SIV Staff Inspection Visits
SIW Self-Inflicted Wound
SJF(MG) St John Fusiliers (Machine Gun)
SJMH St Jerome Military Hospital
SJMHRCAMC St John's Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
SJSMHRCAMC Saint James Street Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
SJT MECH Sergeant Mechanic
SKP, SKR Skipper
SKTR Skutter Rifleman
S-L BN Sierra-Leone Battalion
S-L CC Sierra-Leone Carrier Corps
S-L COY RE Sierra Leone Company Royal Engineers
S-L COY RGA Sierra-Leone Company Royal Garrison Artillery
SL, S/L Sailing List
SL, Slmk, Slmkr Sailmaker
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLBM Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles
SLC Searchlight Control, Radar, Support Landing Craft
SLI Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's)
SLI(MG) Saskatoon Light Infantry (Machine Gun)
SLICGRU "S" List I Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
SLR South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
SLR Superintendent of Light Railways
SLt Sub-Lieutenant
SLTW Special Leave Travel Warrant
SLU Secret Liaison Unit, Special Liaison Unit (British Ultra), Signals Landline Unit
SM Sergeant Major, Stoker Mechanic
SMBH Standing Medical Board Hamilton
S-MC Sergent-Major De Compagnie
SMD Superintendent of Mining & Design
SMEBritUnits School of Mechanical Engineers
SMG Sergeant Major, Sub Machine Gun
SMH Sorel Military Hospital
SMHIRCAMC Sydney (or Saskatoon, Shelburne, Sherbrooke, Simcoe, Suffield, Sussex) Military Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
SMi Shrapnel Mine
SMJR, S MJR, S/MAJ, S/MAJ, SM Sergeant Major
SMK Smoke
SMLE Short Magazine Lee Enfield
Smn Seaman
SMN RIGGER Seaman Rigger
SMO Senior Medical Officer
SMO(D) Squadron Medical Officer (Dental)
SMP Special Military Probationer
S-MR Sergent-Major Regimentaire
SMS Stokes Mortar Section
SMSO Senior Maintenance Staff Officer
SMTP Special Militia Training Program
SMTSIDRCOC Special Mechanical Transport / Military / Militia or Motor Transport Stores Increment Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SN Sonarman
SNAD Supt Naval Armament Depot
SNCF Southern Naval Coastal Frontier
SNCO Senior Non Commissioned Officer
SNEO(T) Senior Naval Experimental Officer (Torpedoes)
SNHY South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry
SNLF Special Naval Landing Force (Japanese)
SNLR Services No Longer Required
SNO Senior Naval Officer
SNOAL Senior Naval Officer Advanced Landing
SNOC Senior Naval Officer Cyrenaica
SNOCA Senior Naval Officer Casablanca Area
SNOCON Senior Naval Officer Combined Operations North
SNOCOW Senior Naval Officer Combined Operations Isle of Wight
SNOESy Senior Naval Officer, Eastern Sicily
SNOL Senior Naval Officer Landing
SNOLA Senior Laval Officer Landing, Levant Area
SNOTrip Senior Naval Officer Tripolitania
SNR Senior Naval Representative
SNSO Superintending Naval Store Officer
SO Senior (or Staff, Signals, Sanitation) Officer, Standling Orders, Special Operator
SO PRO MTD RIF Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles
SO(A/AIR) Staff Officer for Air Duties
SO(CO) Staff Officer (Combined Operations)
SO(D)S Senior Officer (Dutch Ships)
SO(I) Staff Officer (Intelligence)
SO(M) Staff Officer (Material)
SO(O) Staff Officer (Operations)
SO(P) Staff Officer (Plans)
SO(T) Staff Officer (Trade)
SO/SM Senior Officer, Submarine
SOACEF Senior Officer Aircraft Carriers Eastern Fleet
S-OBREV1 Sous-Officier Breveté de 1re Classe
S-OBREV2 Sous-Officier Breveté de 2eme Classe
SOC Senior Officers Course
SOCO Signal Officer, Combined Operations
SOCS Staff Officer Control Service (Naval)
SODS(Air) Staff Officer Dental Services (Air)
SOE Special Operations Executive
SOEscorts Senior Officer Escorts
SOF(V) Senior Office Force (V)
SofA School of Artillery
SofC School of Cookery
SofS Statement of Service
SOFSC Senior Officer Fleet Signal School
SOH Staff Officer (or Senior, Signal, Standing Orders) Raiding Squadron "H"
SOI Staff Officer - Intelligence
SOK Norwegian Mission, Cockspur St South West 1
SOL CLERK Soldier Clerk
SOM CC Somaliland Camel Corps
SOM IND CONT Somaliland Indian Contingent
SOM LI Somerset Light Infantry
SOMBB Senior Officer Motor Boat Base or Senior Officer Mobile Balloon Barrage
SOME Senior Ordnance Mechanical Engineer
Sonarmn Sonarman (Sea)
SONT Senior Officer Northern Trawlers
SOO Senior Operating Officer, Ship's Ordnance Officer, Staff Officer for Operational Duties
SOPL Staff Officer Polish Liaison
SORE Staff Officer, Royal Engineers
SORM Senior Officer, Royal Marines
SORS(B) Senior Officer Raiding Squadron "B"
SORS(D) Senior Officer Raiding Squadron (Dutchmen)
SORS(H) Senior Officer Raiding Squadron "H"
SORTF Senior Officer Radar Training Flotilla
SOS Struck off strength, also used in an emergency, Send Ordinary Course, Senior Officer Chasseurs
SOS1RCOCRU Struck Off Strength 1 Reserve or Regiment, Canadian Ordnance Corps Reinforcement Unit
SOSEF Senior Officer Sues Escort Force
SOSG Senior Officer Support Group
SOTC Special Officers Training Centre
SOTLDF Senior Officer Thames Local Defence Flotilla
SOVMPF Senior Officer Vernon Mine Recovery Flotilla
SoW Superintendent of Works
SP Strongpoint, Self-Propelled, Start (or Support) Point, Shore Patrol, Signal Publication, Staging Post, Special Posting, Sapper, Security Police, Support
SP AM MTE Supply Armourer's Mate
SPA South Pacific Area
SPB Service Police Barracks
SPBulletin Senior Psychologist's (Administration) Bulletin
SpConst Special Constable
SPCOSA Spare Part Control Offices South Africa
Spec Special, Specialist
SpecInc Special Increment
SPENAVO Special Naval Observer, London (US)
SPL RES TRPT Special Reserve Transport
SPNOCD Senior Polish Naval Officer, Clyde District
SPO(FF) Stoker Petty Officer (Fire Fighter)
SPO, STO PO Stoker Petty Officer
SPR, SPR, SP Sapper
SPRINGBOK KDO Springbok Kommando
SPS Staff and Personnel Support
SPSO Senior Personnel Staff Officer
SPSRCASC(D) Supply Personnel Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (Deffered)
SPTF Seaplane Training Flight
Spts Sportsman
Spvr Supervisor
SQ Sydney-Quebec Convoy, Soldier Qualification
SQ CPL MJR Squadron Corporal Major
SQ QM CPL Squadron Quarter Master Corporal
SQ QM SJT Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant
SQ S MJR, SSMC Squadron Sergeant Major
Sqd, Sqdn, Sqn Squadron
SQFT Secteur du Québec de la Force terrestre
SQ-M Sergent Quartier-Maitre
SQM SJT Staff (or Squadron) Quartermaster Sergeant
SQ-MBATT Sergent Quartier-Maitre De Batterie
SQ-MCIE Sergent Quartier-Maitre De Compagnie
SQ-MESC Sergent Quartier-Maitre D'Escadron
SQMS Squadron (or Staff) Quartermaster-Sergeant
SQN CAV EA Squadron Cavalry Egyptian Army
SR Scottish Rifles (The Cameronians), Suffolk Regiment, Senior, Supplementary (or Special) Reserve, Scottish Regiment, Strength Return
SR ASST SGN Senior Assistant Surgeon
SR N SISTER Senior Nursing Sister
SR&BRCA Survey Regiment & Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SRA Southern Rhodesia Artillery, Senior Reserve Attendant
SRARNAH Surgeon Rear Admiral Royal Navy Auxiliary Hospital
SRBRCA Sound Ranging Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SRC Signals Refresher Course
SRD Supply Ration (or Reserve) Depot (typically found on rum jars), Special Ration Department, Special Reserve Depot, Special Radar Detachment, Special Recruiting Detachment, Service Rum Diluted??
SRE Sound Reproduction Equipment
SRG Special Reinforcement Group
SRItoSRRCA Sound Ranging Increment to Survey Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
SRMGD Sherbrooke Regiment Machine Gun Depot
SRN SISTER Senior Sister
SRNO Senior Royal Navy Officer, Squadron Royal Marine Officer
SRNR Shetland Royal Naval Reserve
SRO Squadron Physical and Recreational Training Officer
SRRCA Searchlight (or Survey) Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
SRRD Special Repair Ratings (Dockyard)
SRS Syllabus Regimental Schools, Sound Ranging Section
SRU Signal Reinforcement Unit
SRVR Surveyor
SRVT Servant
SRY Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
SS Shell-shock, Special Service, Steamship, Sanitary Section
SS ASST, SSA Ships Stewards Assistant
SS MJR, S SJT MJR, SSJTM Staff Sergeant Major
SS(British) Special Service
SS(German) Schutzstaffeln, Nazi party organizations; including elite military units and formations
SS/T Super Sonic Telegraphy
SSA Short Service Appointment, Ship's Steward's Assistant
SSaskR South Saskatchewan Regiment
SSB Superintendent of Shipbuilding, Special Service Battalion
SSC Secretary Naval Staff Committee
SSCRU Signals Section Canadian Reinforcement Units
SSDRCOC Special Salvage Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SSE Staff Sergeant, Superintendent Admiralty Signal Establishment
SSEAP Summer Student Employment Assistance Program
SSEIN Staff Sergeant Instructor
SSFA Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association
SSIB Special Services Infantry Battalion
SSM Staff (or Squadron) Sergeant-Major
SSM&SR Sault Ste Marie & Sudbury Regiment
SSMI Squadron Sergeant-Major Instructor
SSO Special (or Squadron) Signals Office(r), Senior Staff Officer, Signals Security Officer, Senior Sanitation Officer
SSpec Security Specialist
SSR South Staffordshire Regiment, South Saskatchewan Regiment
SSRC Small Scale Raiding Craft
SSRCA Special Section, Royal Canadian Artillery
SSRF Small Scale Raiding Force
SSS Security Service Section
SSS&S-S Sussex Services Staff & Sub-Staff
SST Secretary Strathcona Trust
SSTech Safety Systems Technician
SSVF Straits Settlements Volunteer Forces
ST Standing (Medical Board), Staff, Seaman Torpedoman, Steward, Ship's Storeman
ST JA BDE MALTA St Johns Ambulance Brigade
ST MKR Saddle Tree Maker
ST OF ARMY Staff of Army
ST PAYR Staff Paymaster
STA, STAT, STATY Stationary
STAFF Staff, Staff Corps
STAFF EA Staff Egyptian Army
STAFF YEO, STAFFYEO Staffordshire Yeomanry
STAFFORDS, STAFFSR Staffordshire Regiment
STANDERTON CDO Standerton Commando
STANDERTON MP Standerton Mounted Police
STAT SERV Stationery Services
STAT(Y) HOSP, StatHosp, StatyHosp, Staty Stationary Hospital
StatEng Stationary Engineer
Stats Statistics
Staty Stationary
STC Strike Command
STCDB Special Tunnelling Company Detachment "B"
STD Signals Training Detachment, Steward
STDESS Stewardess
STE Stokers' Training Establishment
STED Superintendent of Torpedo Experimental Design
STEINACKER'S H Steinacker's Horse
Steno Stenographic Pool
STEP Skilled Trades Entry Plan
Stew, Std, Stwd Steward
StFXU Saint Francis Xavier University
STH QM SJT Smith Quarter Master Sergeant
StJFus St John Fusiliers
StJSofAI St Jerome School of Army Instruction
STK Special Tanker, Stockbroker
Stn Station
STN MR Station Master
STO Sea Transport Officer, Squadron Torpedo Officer
Sto Stoker
Sto 1c (or 2c) Stoker, 1st Class (or 2nd Class)
STORES SUPDT Stores Superintendent
STP Supervision Training Personnel
STPR Strapper
Str Strength
STRMN Storeman
STS Sea Transport Staff
ST-SE Staff Sergeant
STT School of Technical Training
STTD Senior Technician, Technical Davison
Stwd(Prob) Steward (Probationer)
SU Staging Unit, Surgeon, Signals Unit
SUACW Sub-Unit Assumption College Windsor
SUB Submarine
SUB MJR, SUBDR MAJ Subadar Major
Sub-Allce Subsistence Allowance
SUBDR Subadar
SUB-LIEUT, S LT Sub Lieutenant
Subs Subsequently
SUDAN DF Sudan Defence Force
SUEP Subsidized University Education Plans
SUFF Suffolk, Suffolk Regiment
SUFF & NORF Y Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry
SUFF R, SuffR, SUFF Suffolk Regiment
SUFF YEO, SuffYeo Suffolk Yeomanry
SUMA Surgeon Major
SUMIRCEME Section Unit Maintenance Inspection, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
SUNWMP Superintendent North West Mounted Police
SUP Supply, Supply Officer, Supplement
SUPDT CLK Superintending Clerk
SUPDT, SUPT, SUPE Superintendent
SUPEG Eastern Group Supply Council
SUPP, SUP Supplement
SuppPtIIO(C) Supplementary Part II Orders (Consolidated)
SuppPtIIOrdersUEUKwithAAI(C) Supplementary Part II Orders Units Expeditionary United Kingdom with Allied Armies in Italy (Consolidated)
SuptARY Superintendent Aircraft Repair Yard
SupTech Supply Technician
Supvr Supervisor
Surg Surgeon
SURG CAPT Surgeon Captain
SURG GEN, SurgGen Surgeon General
SURG LT Surgeon Lieutenant
SURG PROB Surgeon Probationer
Surg(Rank)forDD Surgeon (Rank) for Dental Duties
Surp Surplus
SURR Surrey
SURR YEO Surrey Yeomanry
SurvCE Surveyor Construction Engineering
SUS Soldier Under Sentence
SUSS Sussex
SUSS YEO, SussYeo Sussex Yeomanry
SUTHERLAND CDO Sutherland Commando
SV Support Vehicle, Supply Vessel, Staff Nurse
SVCBN Service Battalion
Svce Service
SVD Superintendent Victuallying Depot
SVEO(M) Senior Vernon Equipment Officer (Maintenance)
SVSO Superintending Victuallying Store Officer
Svy(s) Survey(s)
SvyBty(Regt) Survey Battery (Regiment), Royal Canadian Artillery
SvyCoy Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
SW Steward, Shrapnel (Shell) wound
SW/SRCOC Sub Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SW/TO Staff Wireless Telegraphy Officer (Naval)
SWA South West Atlantic Area
SWAZILAND P Swaziland Police
SWB South Wales Borderers
Swbd Switchboard
SWD Superintendent of Welding Development
SWD(N)(MS) Superintendent of Welding Development (Naval) (Merchant Shipping)
SWGISCIC Special Wireless Group Intelligence Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
SWGRCS Special Wireless Group, Royal Canadian Signals
SWL Soldiers' Wives League
SWMB SIG TRP South West Mounted Brigade Signal Troop
SWO Squadron Wireless Telegraphy Officer
SWPA South West Pacific Area
SWPAKFRON South-west Pacific Sea Frontier
SWPR JEMDR Sweeper Jemadar
SWRCEME Sub Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
SWS Special Wireless Station, Royal Canadian Signals
SY Shropshire Yeomanry, Staffordshire Yeomanry, Surrey Yeomanry (Princess of Wales's), Sussex Yeomanry
SYY Surrey Yeomanry (Queen Mary's Regiment)
SZY Sussex Yeomanry


T Territorial(s), Training, Torpedo
T ATDT Transport Attendant
T ORD Telephone Orderly
T SJT, T/SGT Transport Sergeant
T&DU Trials & Demonstration Unit
T&SWCACTE Technical & Schools Wing, Canadian Armoured Corps Training Establishment
T&T Through & Through
T(B)TC Temporary (Basic) Training Centre
T(No)B Treasury Board Minutes
T/ Temporary (appointed rank)
T/A Torpedo Aircraft
T/CPL Transport Corporal
T/P Teleprinter
T2 CPL Transport 2nd Corporal
TA Territorial Army, Torpedo Armourer
TABTD Vaccine Against Typhoid, Paratyphoid A & B, Tetanus & Diphtheria
TAC Tactical, Tactical Air Command
TAF Tactical Air Force, Temporary Air Facilities
TAG Trinidad-Guantanamo Convoy
TAGS Telegraphist Air Gunner's School
TANGANYIKA RLYS Tanganyika Railways
TankAux Tankers (Auxiliary)
TankFA Tankers Fleet Auxiliary
TANS Territorial Army Nursing Service
TASC Training Area Selection Committee
TAT Temporary Ambulance Train
TA-TkBRCA Training Anti-Tank Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
TATP Technical Apprentice Training Plan
TAVR, T & A V R Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve
TB Torpedo boat, Temporary Base, Tuberculosis
TBG Training Brigade Group
TBT Tank Bridge Transporter
TBW/SRCOC Training Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
TC Tank Corps, Training Centre, Transit Camp, Tunnelling Company, Torpedo Coxswain
TC CTR Temporary Chief Controller
TCAC(CO) The Canadian Armoured Corps (Corps Orders)
TCADSRCCS Troop Canadian Armoured Division Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
TCCRCASC Training Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
TCHRCAMC Toronto Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
TCO Train Conducting Officer
TCP Traffic Control Point (or Post), Time Credit for Promotion
TCRCAMC Training Command, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
TCS Transport Conversion Squadron
TCV Troop Carrying Vehicle
TD Temporary Duty, Training Depot, Torpedo Detector
TDDEE Task Design Development Experimental Establishment
TDF Test and Development Flight
TDO Telephone Dug out
TDR Tank Delivery Regiment
TE Teamster
TE, TEL, TELE Telegraphist, Telegram, Telephone, Telegraph
Tech Technical, Technician
TechAMed Technical Assistant Medical
TEL DEPT Telegraph Department
Tel(SO) Telegraphist (Special Operator)
TelMSupt(A) Telecommunications Maintenance Superintendent (Air)
TelMSupt(G) Telecommunications Maintenance Superintendent (Ground)
TEMBU LEVIES Tembuland Levies
TEMBULAND FF & RC Tembuland Field Force & Rifle Club
TEMBULAND MR Tembuland Mounted Rifles
TEMP Temporary
TEO Torpedo Engineer Officer
TEREME Training Establishment, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (British Unit)
TES Technical and Engineer School
TF Task (or Territorial) Force
TFCRCE Training Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
TFEM Territorial Force Efficiency Medal
TFNS Territorial Force Nursing Service
TFRRCA Training Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
TFWM Territorial Force War Medal
TG Task Group, Town Guards
TGM Torpedo Gunner's Mate
TGT Target
TgTech Telegraph Technician
TH Trinidad-Halifax convoy
THCP Tin Hats Concert Party
THE BAYS The Queens Bays
THE BUFFS East Kent Regiment
THE KING'S R The King's Regiment
THE QUEENS R The Queen's Regiment
THE ROYALS The Royal Dragoons
THGHRCAMC The Horseman General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
THI Time Handed In
THORNEYCROFTS MI Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
THR Tower Hamlets Rifles
THRING'S H Thring's Horse
THU Temporary Holding Unit
THV Trinity House Vessel
TI Technique of Instruction, Torpedo/Anti-Submarine Instructor
TID Tour of Instructional Duty
TIND Tindal
TINDAL OF SEEDIES Tindal of Seedies
TIU Training Incoming Units
TJFF Trans Jordan Frontier Force
Tk(s) Tank(s), Tank Delivery Regiment
TKC Tank Corps
TKT CLK Ticket Clerk
TL Trade Level
TLAABRCA Training Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
TLC Tank Landing Craft
Tlr Tailor
TLTS Technical Landline Training School
TM Trench Mortar
TMA Troop Manoeuver Area
TMB Trench Mortar Battery
TMCA Terrace Military Camp Area
TMHRCAMC Terrace (or Toronto, Tracadie) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
TMPY NURSE, T-NURSE Temporary Nurse
TMR The Midland Regiment
TMS Trench Mortar School
TMU Torpedo Maintenance Unit
Tnig, Tnlg Tunnelling
TO Training (or Transport, Torpedo) Officer, Telegraph Operator
TOC H Talbot House
TOET Test of Elementary Training
TOO Time of Origin
TOp Teletype Operator
topo topographic(al)
TOR(T) The Ontario Regiment (Tank)
TOS Taken on Strength, Terms of Service
TOT Time on Target, Total
TP Trumpeter, Temporary Pay, Training Plan
TP QM SJT Troop Quarter Master Sergeant
TP S MJR, TSM Troop Sergeant Major
Tp(s) Troop(s)
TPCCourse Telecommunications Performance Checker Course
TPDCPC Training Provost Detachment Canadian Provost Corps
TPG Temporary Parade Ground
TPR, TPR Trooper
Tpt Transport
Tptr, Tp Trumpeter
TQ Tradesmens Qualification
TQ&E Trade Qualifications and Employment
TQM DAF Transport QM Dafadar
TQMS Technical Quartermaster Sergeant
TR Training, Training Reserve (or Records), Trooper, Trimmer
TR CK Trimmer Cook
TR DR Transport Driver
TRANS, TRANSFD, Transf Transferred
TRANSKEI MR Transkei Mounted Rifles
TRANSP EST Transport Establishment
TransSqn Transport Squadron
Trav Travel
TRB Training Reserve Brigade
TRE Temporary Reserve Employment, Telecommunications Research Establishment
Tres(Army) Chief Treasury Officer (Army)
Tres(Navy) Chief Treasury Officer (Naval Services)
Trg Training, Training Centre
TrgO Training Officer
TrgVes Training Vessels
TRH Their Royal Highnesses
TRIECHDT'S CDO Triechdt's Commando
Trir, Trlr Trawler
TrngCoy Training Company
TROF Transport Officer
TRP CK Troop Cook
TRR Three Rivers Regiment
Trshp Troop Ships
TRU Trumpeter
TRV Torpedo Recovery Vessel
TS Trade (or Training) School, Top Secret, Transport Specials
TS(Records) Trainees Section
TSBadge Trained Soldier's Badge
TSDS Two Speed Destroyer Sweep
TSDSRCCS Toronto Section Division Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
Tsfr Transfer
TSH Their Serene Highnesses
TSM Troop Sergeant Major
TSO Technical Staff Officer
TSOLO NC Tsolo Native Contingent
TSOMO MRC Tsomo Mounted Rifle Club
TSR Torpedo Spotting Reconnaissance (Aircraft), Trained Soldier Regiment, Transport Special Reserve
TSR(MG) Toronto Scottish Regiment (Machine Gun)
TSU Technical Signals Unit
TSV Torpedo School Vessel
TTC Temporary Training Centre, Temporary Transit Camp
TTS Technical (or Trades) Training Schools
TU Turkish, Turkey, Tactical Urgency, Task Unit
TUCKERS SCTS Tucker's Scouts
TUL Truck Utility Light
TUM Truck Utility Medium
TUN COY, TunCoy Tunneling Company
Turco Turn Round Control
TVC Thames Valley Camp
TW Transport (or Travel) Warrant
TWO CL1 Transport Warrant Officer Class 1
TZ Tyneside Division


U B BATT Upper Burma Battalion
U of T University of Toronto
U of T O/S TR COY University of Toronto Overseas Training Company
U, UNIV University
U/E Unexploded
U/I Unidentified
U/S Unserviceable
UA, U of A University of Alberta
U-ADTR Unit Administrator
UAK Unknown
UAS University Air Squadron
UATC University Air Training Corps
UATCS University Air Training Corps Squadrons
UC United Kingdom-Caribbean convoy
UCC United Church of Canada
UD University Detachments
UDF Union Defence Force
UDR Ulster Defence Regiment
UFMSVF UN Federated Malay States Volunteer Forces
UG United States-Gibraltar convoy
UGANDA CC Uganda Carrier Corps
UGANDA ID Uganda Intelligence Department
UGANDA ML Uganda Miscellaneous List
UGANDA MS Uganda Medical Service
UGANDA PF Uganda Protectorate Forces
UGANDA PIONEER C Uganda Pioneer Corps
UGANDA RIF Uganda Rifles
UGANDA RLY VOL Uganda Railway Volunteers
UGANDA TC Uganda Transport Corps
UGANDA UL Uganda Unattached List
UGANDA VD Uganda Veterinary Department
UGANDA VR Uganda Volunteer Reserve
UIC Unit Identification Code
UITENHAGE VR Uitenhage Volunteer Rifles
UK United Kingdom
UKALM United Kingdom Air Liaison Mission
UKAR United Kingdom Approach Routes
UKCC United Kingdom Commercial Corporation
UKSA United Kingdom Shipping Adviser
UL Unattached List
ULNDHQ(D) Unattached List National Defence Headquarters (Details)
ULO University Liaison Officer
ULTRECHT KDO Ultrecht Kommando
UMHRCAMC Utopia Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
UMS Unit Medical Section
UMSP Undergraduate Medical Subsidization Plan
UMVOTI MR, UMVOTI MTD R Umvoti Mounted Rifles
UMZIMKULU RES Umzimkulu Reserve
UN United Nations
UNAL Unallotted
UNCLASS Unclassified
UNDOF United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (Golan Heights)
UNEF United Nations Emergency Force
UNEFME United Nations Emergency Force Middle East
UNFICYP United Nations Force in Cyprus
UNIFIL United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
UNIPOM United Nations India Pakistan Observation Mission
UNIT Unitarian
Univ University
unk unknown
UNMOGIP United Nations Military Observation Group in India and Pakistan
UNOGIL United Nations Observer Group in Lebanon
UNT Untrained
UNTD University Naval Training Division
UNTEA United Nations Temporary Executive Authority in West Guinea
UNTSO United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine
UNYOM United Nations Yemen Observation Mission
UofT University of Toronto
UofTO/STrCoy University of Toronto Overseas Training Company
UPDRCAPC Unit Pay Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
UPDT Unit Personnel Data Transaction
URD User Requirement Document
URTP University Reserve Training Plan
US United States (of America)
US, U/S Unserviceable
USA, United States of America United States (Army)
USAAC United States Army Air Corps
USAAF United States Army Air Force
USAD United States Army Depot (or Sub-Depot)
USAF United States Air Force
USAFFE United States Army Forces in the Far East
USAFIA United States Army Forces in Australia
USAHS United States Hospital Ship
USASOS United States Army Services of Supply
USCG United States Coast Guard
USCGC United States Coast Guard Cutter
USDUE United States Distinguished Unit Emblem
USED United States Engineering Department
USLOM United States Naval Senior Line Officer at -
USMC United States Marine Corps
USMNAM United States Military, Naval and Air Mission
USN United States Navy
USNAAB United States Naval Advanced Amphibious Base
USNAATB United States Naval Advanced Amphibious Training Base
USNAATSB United States Naval Advanced Amphibious Training Sub Base
USNAMSB United States Naval Advanced Maintenance Sub Base
USNATB United States Naval Amphibious Training Sub Base
USNAVPO United States Naval Port Officers
USNLOS United States Naval Liaison Officers
USNR Unites States Navy Reserve
USNSD United States Naval Stores and Spare Parts Depot
USNTSD United States Navy Technical Division
USO United Services Organization
USP Universal Service Personnel
USRO United States Routing Officers
USS United States Ship, United States Steamer, Universities Superannuation Scheme
USSR Union of Socialist Soviet Republics
UT Unsuitable for Training
UTO Unit Training Officers
UTPM University Training Plan (Men)
UTPM(CMC) University Training Plan Men (at Canadian Military Colleges)
UTPM(U) University Training Plan Men (At Civilian Universities)
UTPNCM University Training Plan Non-Commissioned Members
UTRECHT-VRYHELD MP Utrecht-Vryheld Mounted Police
UVF Ulster Volunteer Force
UWOC University of Western Ontario Contingent
UXB Unexploded Bomb
UYS SCTS Uys Scouts


V Volunteer, Volunteers
V CAPT Veterinary Captain
V DEPT EA Veterinary Department Egyptian Army
V&FVAO Vancouver & Fraser Valley Area Orders
V/Chief Vice Chief
V/LT, VLG LT Flight Lieutenant
V/S Visual Signalling
V/T Visual Telegraphy (used in Army instead of V/S)
VA Veterans' Affairs, Victualling Assistant
VA Victuallers Assistant
VA BTTY Volunteer Artillery Battery
VA(No) Vice-Admiral (No) Battle Squadron
VAABH Victor Animatophone and Bell & Howell
VAC Veterans Affairs Canada
VAC(Fleet or Sqdn) Vice-Admiral Commanding (Fleet or Squadron)
VACSTC Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment
VADGS Voluntary Aid Detachment General Service
VALENTIN'S HEIDELBURG V Valentin's Heidelburg Volunteers
VAN DEVENTER'S CDO Van Deventer's Commando
VAN DEVENTER'S SCTS Van Deventer's Scouts
VAN ZYL'S CDO Van Zyl's Commando
VAOC Volunteer Air Observers Corps
VARN Victuallers Assistant RN
VB Volunteer Battalion
VBDR Dresser
VC Victoria Cross
VCCO Vice-Chief of Combined Operations
VCDCMSC Valcartier Camp Detachment, Corps of Military Clerks
VCDS Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
VCGS Vice Chief of the General Staff
VCIGS Vice Chief of the Imperial General Staff
VCMHRCAMC Valcartier Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
VCNS Vice Chief of Naval Staff
VCPO Victualling Chief Petty Officer
VCR Veterans Care Regulations
VD Venereal disease, Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officer's Decoration, Volunteer Officers' Decoration
VD(S or G) Venereal Disease (S=Syphilis) (G=Gonorrhea)
VDC Volunteer Defence Corps
VdeQ Les Voltigeurs de Québec
VDH Valvular Disease of the Heart
VE DAY Victory Europe Day
veh(s) vehicle(s)
VEN ARCHD Venerable Archdeacon
VERK Verkenna/Scout
VET SECT Veterinary Section
VET, VETY Veterinarian, Veterinary
VETERAN REGT Veterans Regiment
VFS Verification of Former Service
VG (OF CANADA), VgofC Veterans Guard (of Canada)
VHF Very High Frequency
VHG Veterans Home Guard (Now Veterans Guard of Canada)
V-I 14th Reinforcement Draft Overseas V1
VICTORIA WEST CDO Victoria West Commander
VICTORIA WM SCTS Victoria West Mounted Scouts
VIF Volunteers Interim Force
V-II 14th Reinforcement Draft Overseas V2
VIP Veterans Independence Program
VIS Visibility
VJ DAY Victory Japan Day
VLC Victory Loan Convoy
VLCNZR Vulcanizer
VLD KORNET Veldt Kornet
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLR Very long Range
VMA Vernon Military Area
VMC Vernon Military Camp, Vehicle Maintenance Course
VMD Volunteer Motor Drivers
VMHRCAMC Valleyfield (or Vancouver, Victoria, Vermillion, Vernon) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
VMR Victorian Mounted Rifles
VO Veterinary Officer
VOL Volunteer
VOL ART BY LA Volunteer Artillery Battery Indian Army
VOL MGB Volunteer Maxim Gun Battery
VOL MGC Volunteer Maxim Gun Company
VOLT Flight Sub Lieutenant
Voltigeurs Voltigeurs de Québec
VolTrans Voluntary Transfer
VPT Volunteered for Pacific Theatre
VR Volunteer Reserve
VRBG Viceroys Body Guard
VRC Volunteer Rifle Corps, Victoria Rifles of Canada
VRD Decoration for Officers of the Naval Volunteer Reserve, Vehicle Repair Depot
VRDHQ Volunteer Reserve Divisional Headquarters
VRofC Victoria Rifles of Canada
VRYBERG SCTS Vryberg Scouts
VRYBURG MR Vryburg Mounted Rifles
VRYHELD CDO Vryheld Commando
VS Victualling Storesman, Veterinary Surgeon
VSDRCOC Vancouver Sub Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
VSIS Victualling Store Issuing Ship
VSO Victualling Store Officer
VSU Veteran Surgeon
VTC Volunteer Training Corps
VTO Visual Training Officer
VTS Vocational Training School


w wounded, west
W & C Y Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
W & SFR Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment
W A/G, WAG Wireless Air Gunner
W AFR R West Africa Regiment
W ARAB CORPS EA Western Arab Corps Egyptian Army
W BDR Acting Bombardier
W HOSP CORPS Women's Hospital Corps
W KENT YEO West Kent Yeomanry (Queen's Own)
W PROVINCE M RIF Western Province Mounted Rifles
W Rid R, WRR West Riding Regiment
W SHAWISH L/Sergeant
W SOM YEO, W SOM Y West Somerset Yeomanry
W SRVT Ward Servant
W TELEGR, WT TEL Warrant Telegraphist
W TRAAL RFLS West Transvaal Rifles
W YORK R, W YORKS, W YORK West Yorkshire Regiment
W&B Director of Works & Buildings (Naval)
W&PCRCE Workshop & Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
W&SSOp Water and Sanitation Service Operator
W&T Wireless & Telephony
w/ with
W/CDR, WCDR, W-CDR, W/C Wing Commander
W/K Watchkeeping
W/Mech, WM Wireless Mechanic
W/O, W/Op Wireless Operator
W/S Workshop
W/SERS Acting Sergeant
W/T Wireless Telegraphy (or Telegraphist)
W/TBd Wireless Telegraphy Board
W/TCal Wireless Telegraphy Calibration Vessels
W/TO Wireless Telegraphy Officer
W/TStation Wireless Telegraphy Station
WA West Africa, West African, Western Approaches, Weaponman Air, Watchman
WA SER BDE West African Service Brigade
Wa/T Warning Telephone
WAA West African Artillery
WAAAF Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force
WAAC Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, West African Armoured Corps
WAAF Women's Army Air Force (USA), Women's Auxiliary Air Force (UK)
WAAF(S) Women's Auxiliary Air Force (Services)
WAASC West African Army Service Corps
WAC War Assets Corporation, Western Air Command, Women's ArmyCorps
WAE West African Engineers
WAFF West Africa Field (or Frontier) Force
WAGS Wireless Air Gunners School
WAI Waiter
WAKKSTM KDO Wakkerstroom Kommando
WALLAJ LI Wallajabad Light Infantry
WANS Women's Australian National Service
WAR West African Regiment, Warwickshire
WARRENS MI Warren's Mounted Infantry
WARREN'S SCTS Warren's Scouts
WARWICK YEO, WarwickYeo Warwickshire Yeomanry
WARWICKS SCTS Warwick's Scouts
WAt Western Atlantic
WATC Women's Air Training Corps
WATER CARR Water Carrier
WATERBG KDO Waterberg Kommando
WB Whizz Bang (Slang: High Velocity Shell)
WBBV Company of Waterborne Balloon Barrage Vessels
WC War Cabinet, Western Canada
WCHMN Winchman
WCLC Western Command Labour Company
WCO War Cabinet Offices
WCRCE Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
WCRCE(A) Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (Active)
WCRCE(R) Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (Reserve)
WD War Department, War Diary, Wounded, Women's Division, WAAAF Depot
WD, W Wounded
WDCS War Disease Control Station
WDE MAJ Woordie Major
WDF Western Desert Force
WDV War Dept Vessel or Wreck Dispersal Vessel
WE War establishment, With Effect
wef Western Escort Force, Winter Experimental Flight, With Effect From
WELCH Welch Regiment
WELSH H, WelshH (later Welch) Welsh Horse
WELSH HC Welsh Hospital Corps
WEM Wireless Electrical Mechanic
WESC Women's Emergency Signal Corps
WESSEL'S CDO Wessel's Commando
WESSEX Wessex Regiment
WEST & CUMB Y, WEST & CUMB YEO, West&CumbYeo Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
WESTERN LH Western Light Horse
WestmrR(Mot) Westminster Regiment (Motor)
WestNSR, WNSR West Nova Scotia Regiment
WESTOMP West Ocean Meeting Point
WETP War Emergency Training Program
WF W Force (Newfoundland)
WF Wiseman's Point
WFCRCEME "W" Force Company, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
WFE War Fighting Establishment
WFERCCS Western Fortress Establishment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
WFODRCOC "W" Force Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
WFPD "W" Force Postal Detachment
WFR Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment
WFSIS "W" Force Security Intelligence Section
WG(MG) Winnipeg Grenadiers (Machine Gun)
WG, WGDS Welsh Guards, Welch Guards
WGHMN Weighman
Wgnr Waggoner
WH Wheeled
Whlr Wheeler
WHLR QM SJT Wheeler Quarter Master Sergeant
WI West Indies
WICS Wainwright Internment Camp Staff
WIHQDCRCE (Welding) Increment Headquarters Drilling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
WILDES RIF Wilde's Rifles
WILTS R, WILTS, WiltsR Wiltshire Regiment
WILTS YEO, Wiltsyeo Wiltshire Yeomanry
WINTERBURG MR Winterburg Mounted Rifles
WIR West India Regiment
WIS(IC) Wireless Intelligence Section (Intelligence Corps)
WK Watchkeeping Certificates
WKDE, WTK Mechanic
Wkr Worker
Wks Works, Weeks
WksCoy Works Company
Wkshp&PkCoy Workshop and Park Company
Wkshp, Wksp Workshop
WKY West Kent Yeomanry (Queen's Own)
WLA Women's Land Army
W'LESS SQUN W'LESS SQN Wireless Squadron
WLI Winnipeg Light Infantry
WMH(HWE)RCAMC Woodstock Military Hospital (Home War Establishment) Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
WMH(RCAMC) Weston (or Wetaskiwin, Windsor, Wolsely) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
WMN Wireman
WMR War Maintenance Reserve
WMU Works Maintenance Unit
WNEL Women's National Emergency League (or Legion)
WNYDN Wounded Not Yet Determined Nervousness (Neurasthenia)
WO Warrant Officer, War Office
WO1, WOI Warrant Officer Class 1 or First Class
WO2, WOII Warrant Officer Class 2 or Second Class
WO3, WOIII Warrant Officer Class 3 or Third Class
WOAG Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
WOAS While/When on Active Service
WOCARCE Works Organization Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Engineers
WOCO Wren Ordinary Communications Operator (Radio) Standard
WOD Warrant Officer Disciplinary
WODEHOUSE YEO Wodehouse Yeomanry
WOLMSTD KDO Wolmaranstad Kommando
WOR Western Ontario Regiment
WORC R, WORC, WorcR Worcestershire Regiment
WORC YEO, WorcYeo Worcestershire Yeomanry
WORD Western Ontario Regimental Depot
WORKS DTE Works Directorate
WPL Western Hemisphere Defence Plan
WPMR Western Province Mounted Rifles
WPPS Western Patrol Periodical Signal
WPS Warship Production Superintendent
WR Writer, Waterways and Railways, Welch Regt, Wiltshire Regiment, Worcestershire Regiment, Waterways & Railways, Witwatersrand Rifles
WR CK Ward Room Cook
WR CK A Ward Room Cook's Assistant
WR OFF SVT Ward Room Officers' Servant
WR ST, WR STD Ward Room Steward
WR SVT Ward Room Servant
WR(M) The Westminster Regiment (Motor)
WRAAC Women's Royal Australian Army Corps
WRAC Women's Royal Army Corps
WRAF Women's Royal Air Force
WRANS Women's Royal Australian Naval Service
WRCNS Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
WRD Wireless Relay Detachments
WREN Women's Royal Naval Service
WRN(S)R Women's Royal Naval (Supplementary) Reserve
WRNR Women's Royal Naval Reserve
WRNS Women's Royal Naval Service
WRS Wireless and Radio Schools
WRVS Women's Royal Voluntary Service
WS Wireless School, Weaponman Surface
WSB War Supply Board
WSC War Staff College
WSG War Service Gratuity
WSHCRCAMC Women's Services Health Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
WSHRMN Washerman
WSItoCASSU Wireless Section Increment to Canadian Air Support Signal Unit
WSY West Somerset Yeomanry
WT Wireless Telegraphy, Wireless Telegraphist, Wheeled Tanker, Water Transport, Warrant, Warrant Electrician
WT ENG Warrant Engineer
WT MECH Warrant Mechanician
WT OFFR, WO Warrant Officer
WtCatO Warrant Catering Officer
WTCHMN Watchman
WtCkO Warrant Cook Officer
WTCS War Transport Committee Suez
WtMAA Warrant Master At Arms
WTO Warrant Officer, Wireless Telegraph Operator, Western Theatre of Operations
WtOO Warrant Ordnance Officer
WtPatO Warrant Patrol Officer
WtPhoto Warrant Photographer
Wtr Waiter, Writer
Wtr, Wr Writer
WTS Winter Training School, Women's Transport Service
WtShpt Warrant Shipwright
WtSO Warrant Stores Officer
WTU Works Training Unit
WtW Warrant Writer
WtWO Warrant Writer Officer
WU Weaponman Underwater
WUB Working Up Base
WVA War Veteran's Allowance
WVNR Women's Voluntary National Register
WVR West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)
WVS Women's Voluntary Service
WW World War
WWCS Walking Wounded Collecting Station
WWI, WW1 World War One
WWII, WW2 World War Two
WY Warwickshire Yeomanry, Worcestershire Yeomanry (Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars)
WYNBURG CDO Wynburg Commando


X Crossing
X-1 Prisoners of war (verified)
X-10 All reinforcement personnel attached away from reinforcement units under appropriate authority
X-10LGLB X-10 List General List B
X-11 All Red Cross and Auxiliary services personnel
X-12 At depot awaiting discharge
X-1POW(D) X-1 Prisoners of War (Dieppe)
X-2 All ranks under sentence of detention, imprisonment or penal servitude - except in cases where sentence is suspended before committal - and all ranks under sentence of field punishment when such sentence is required to be served elsewhere than the unit to
X-3 All ranks evacuated on medical grounds behind Regimental Aid Posts
X-4 Unposted reinforcements in the theatre of war belonging to the unit or corps
X-4L X-4 List
X-4LFHQ(CMF) X-4 List Formation Headquarters (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-5 All ranks on courses of twenty-one days or over in the theatre of war
X-6 All ranks posted as missing
X-7 All ranks seconded from the Canadian Army to other Allied Forces in the theatre of war
X-8 All non-effective held at Base Reinforcement Units whose return to the UK has been authorized
X-8L21AG X-8 List 21 Army Group
X-8LCMF&AAI&AFHQ X-8 List Central Mediterranean Force & Allied Armies in Italy & Allied Forces Headquarters
X-9 All personnel held at Base Reinforcement Units, who, for one reason or another, are not available as reinforcements and whose disposition is still to be decided
X-9L21AG S-9 List 21 Army Group
X-9LCMF&AAI&AFHQ X-9 List Central Mediterranean Force & Allied Armies in Italy & Air Force Headquarters
XALANGA BORD MRC Xalanga Border Mounted Rifle Club
XB Halifax-Boston convoy
XDO Extended Defence Officer
X-L"A"RCA X-List "A" Royal Canadian Artillery
X-L(RCCS) X-List (Royal Canadian Corps of Signals)
X-L(UK)GL X-List (United Kingdom) General List
X-LCAC X-List Canadian Armoured Corps
X-LCDC X-List Canadian Dental Company
X-LCIC(CMF) X-List Canadian Intelligence Corps (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-LCMSC X-List Corps of Military Staff Clerks
X-LCoftheRCE X-List Corps of the Royal Canadian Engineers
X-LCPC X-List Canadian Postal Corps
X-LCProC X-List Canadian Provost Corps
X-LCSGHQECMFD X-List Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon, Central Mediterranean Force Detachment
X-LCWAC X-List Canadian Women's Army Corps
XLG(CMF) X-List General (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-L-GL X-List - General List
X-LGL(O) X-List General List (Officers)
X-LGLSuppPtIIO X-List General List Supplementary Part II Orders
X-List List maintained by Units of Prisoners of War & Officers & Other Ranks who are missing due to enemy action
X-LofCL X-List of Canloan List
X-LRC X-List Red Cross
X-LRCA X-List Royal Canadian Artillery
X-LRCA(A/TkR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Anti-Tank Regiments)
X-LRCA(AAR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Anti-Artillery Regiments)
X-LRCA(MR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Medium Regiments)
X-LRCA(SR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Survey Regiments)
X-LRCAMC X-List Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
X-LRCAPC X-List Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
X-LRCAS"B" X-List Royal Canadian Artillery Section "B"
X-LRCASC X-List Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
X-LRCASCBCBRD X-List Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Battalion, Canadian Base Reinforcement Depot
X-LRCE X-List Royal Canadian Engineers
X-LRCEME X-List Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
X-LRCOC X-List Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
X-LtoC"Q"L X-List to Canadian "Q" List
X-NAL X-North Africa List
XO Executive Officer
XV Examination Vessels


Y & LR, YORK & LANC R, Y & L York and Lancaster Regiment
Ydepot Overseas Transit Depot
Yeo Yeoman, Yeomanry
YEO OF SIG, YeoSigs, YS Yeoman of Signals
YFB Ferryboat
YFORCE Kingston, Jamaica Forces, British West Indies
YH Yorkshire Hussars (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own)
YISMHRCAMC York Island Station Military Hospital Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
YL "Y" List
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
YMHRCAMC Yarmouth Military Hospital Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
YMS Y Class Minesweeper or Minesweeper (Motor) (US)
YN Boom Defence Vessel
YOC Young Officers Company
YORK DNS, YorkDns, YORK D Yorkshire Dragoons
YORK HRS, YORK H, YorkHrs Yorkshire Hussars
YORK R, YORKS Yorkshire Regiment
YORKS LJ Yorkshire Light Infantry
YS Young Soldier, Yeoman of Signals, Yugoslavian Ship
YT Yukon Territory
YTEP Youth Training Employment Program



Z, GMT Greenwich Mean Time
ZADK Zuid Afrikaansche Dien Korps
ZAI Zuid Afrikaansche Infanterie
ZAMK Zuid Afrikaansche Mediese Korps
ZANZIBAR CC Zanzibar Carrier Corps
ZANZIBAR LF Zanzibar Local Forces
ZAVA Zuid Afrikaansche Veldt Artillerie
ZAVR Zuid Afrikaansche Veteran Regiment
ZAZA Zuid Afrikaansche Zwaar Artillerie
ZFORCE Iceland
ZG Panama-Guantanamo convoy
ZION MULE C Zion Mule Corps
ZL POLICE Zhob Levy Police
ZM Zhob Militia
ZOUTPB'G CDO Zoutpausberg Commando