Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: H


H Hussars
H CPTR Head Carpenter
H HOUR hour at which a military operation is to begin
H KDR Head Conductor
H KPR Horse Keeper
H SMITH Head Smith
H WCHMN Hydraulic Winchman
H WDR Headman Warder
H&BY Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Yeomanry
H&NPAO Hamilton & Niagara Peninsula Area Orders
H&PER Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment
H(21AG) Hospitalization Central Mediterranean Force (Allied Armies Italy)
H/ Honorary (Rank)
H/F High Frequency
H/O h/o - husband of
H/SMIT Shoeing Smith
HA Heavy Artillery, Honours & Awards, Hygiene Assistant, Halifax-Aruba Convoy
HA(A)DRCE Headquarters (Armoured) Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
HA/LA High Angle, Low Angle (Gunnery)
HAA Heavy Anti-Aircraft
HAABRCA Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
HAAR(M)RCS Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Mobile) Royal Canadian Signals
HAARSRCASC Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Centre
HAARW/S/RCEME Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
HAARW/S/RCOC Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
HAC Honourable Artillery Company
HAC (ART), HAC ART Honourable Artillery Company Artillery Section
HAC (INF), HAC INF Honourable Artillery Company Infantry Section
HAL Halifax Approval Letter
HalRif Halifax Rifles
HAMPS R, HAMPSR Hampshire Regiment
HAMPS YEO, HAMPSY Hampshire Yeomanry
HANNAYS SCTS Hannays Scouts
HANTS Hants Regiment
HANVR COLESBG CDO Hanover Golesberg Commando
HAR Heavy Artillery Reserve
HARIANA LNC Hariana Lancers
HARRISMITH VLH Harrismith Volunteer Light Horse
HARTIGAN'S H Hartigan's Horse
HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter
HAVR MAJ, HVLDR MAJ Havildar Major
HAWKE BTTN RND Hawke Battalion Royal Naval Division
HAY CDO Hay Commando
HB Heavy Battery
HBG Heavy Bombardment Group
HBLR Bugler
HBMGC Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps (later Tank Corps)
HC Harbour Craft, Headquarters Company, Honorary Captain
HCB Halifax Coast Brigade
HCC Hospital Conveyance Corps
HCF Honorary Chaplain to the Forces
HCMF(AAI) Hospitalization Central Mediterranean Force (Allied Armies Italy)
HCU Heavy Conversion Unit
HCY Hampshire Carabiniers Yeomanry
HD Home Defence, Holding Depot, Hand
HDC Harbour Defence Craft
HDML Harbour Defence Motor Launch
HDMN Headman
HDMN SB Headman Stretcher Bearer
Hdmstr Headmaster
HDPC Harbour Defence Patrol Crafts
HDQRS Headquarters
HE High explosive, His (or Her) Eminence, His (Her) Excellency, Holding Establishment
HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank
HEIC Honorable East India Company
HEIDELBGCDO Heidelberg Commando
HELGAARD'S SCTS Helgaard's Scouts
HEP Height Filtering Position
HERBERT MR Herbert Mounted Rifles
HEREFORD Herfordshire Light Infantry
HERSCHEL'S NP Herschel's Native Police
HERTS YEO, HERTS Y Hertfordshire Yeomanry
HET Heavy Equipment Transporter
HF Harassing Fire, Home Fleet
HF/DF High Frequency Direction Finding
HFSC Headquarters Farnham Summer Camp
HG Home Guard
HGHRCAMC Horley General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
HGSW Heavy Goods (or General) Service Wagon
HHT House Hunting Trip
HIGH CYC BN, HIGHCYCBN Highland Cyclist Battalion
HIGH LI, HIGHLI Highland Light Infantry
HK Hong Kong
HK RGT Hong Kong Regiment
HK VOL DC , HKVDC Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps
HKPR Housekeeper
HKS Hong Kong and Singapore
HKSRA Hong Kong Singapore Royal Artillery
HKSRGA Hong Kong & Singapore Royal Garrison Artillery
HLD Higgins Tank Lighter
HLD, HLDRS Highland, Highlanders
HLDC Heavy Load Distribution Capability
HLI, HLI(ofC) Highland Light Infantry (of Canada)
HLMHRCAMC Howe Lake Military Hospital
HLVW Heavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
HM His (or Her) Majesty's, Hull Mechanic
HM COAST GD His (or Her) Majesty's Coast Guard
HM(C)S His/Her Majesty's (Canadian) Ship
HMA Honorary Major
HMAS His (or Her) Majesty's Australian Ship
HMAT His (or Her) Majesty's Armed (or Auxiliary) Transport, His (or Her) Majesty's Australian Transport
HMB Heavy Mortar Battery
HMCoastGd His/Her Majesty's Coast Guard
HMCS His (or Her) Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMDR His (or Her) Majesty's Drifter
HMFD Having Moved From District
HMG Heavy Machine Gun
HMHRCAMC Halifax (or Hamilton, Huntingdon) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
HMNZS His (or Her) Majesty's New Zealand Ship
HMRMN Hammerman
HMS His (or Her) Majesty's Ship
HMSO His (or Her) Majesty's Stationary Office
HMT, HMTS His (or Her) Majesty's Transport, His (or Her) Majesty's Troopship
HNU Head Nurse
HO Hostilities only, Hospital Orderly
HOGEVELT R Hogevelt Ruiters
HON Honorable, Honorary
HON LT Honorary Lieutenant
HOOD BTTN RND Hood Battalion Royal Naval Division
HOOPSTAD CDO Hoopstad Commando
HOSE Hospital Sergeant
Hosp Hospital
HOSP ATT Hospital Attendant
HouseholdBn, HOUSEHOLD BN Household Battalion
How Howitzer
HOWE BTTN RND Howe Battalion Royal Naval Division
HP Members of HM armed forces on half pay, horsepower
HPC Harbour Patrol Crafts
HPD Home Postal Depot
HPMC Hasting Park Military Camp
HQ Headquarters
HQ MOCHI Head Quarters Mochi
HQ"C"F Headquarters ''C'' Force
HQ&BD Headquarters & Base Details
HQ(A)D Headquarters (Armoured) Division
HQ1stD Headquarters 1st Division
HQ2CdnAGRA (Headquarters 2 Canadian) Army Group Royal Artillery
HQAAB Headquarters Anti-Aircraft Brigade
HQAABRCA Headquarters Anti-Aircraft Brigade, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQAC Headquarters Atlantic Command
HQACS Headquarters Atlantic Command Signals
HQADGB Headquarters, Air Defence Great Britain
HQATAFCA Headquarters Army Troops Area First Canadian Army
HQATD Headquarters Army Troops Details
HQATSSRCS Headquarters Army Terminals Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
HQ''B"GCHU Headquarters ''B'' Group Canadian Holding Unit
HQBC Headquarters Bomber Command
HQBD(GS&AS) Headquarters Botwood Defences (General Staff & Administrative Staff)
HQBTNI Headquarters British Troops in Northern Ireland
HQBU Headquarters Base Unit
HQCA Headquarters Coastal Command
HQCAA&A-TGRCA Headquarters Canadian Anti-Aircraft & Anti-Tank Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQCAC Headquarters Canadian Armoured Corps
HQCACRCASC Headquarters Canadian Artillery Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCADARCA Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQCADREME Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
HQCAGRCA Headquarters Canadian Artillery Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQCAMG Headquarters Canadian Army Meteorological Group
HQ-CAPO(GS&AS) Headquarters - Canadian Army Post Office (General Staff & Administrative Staff)
HQCATB Headquarters Canadian Army Tank Brigade
HQCC Headquarters Canadian Corps
HQCCARCA Headquarters Canadian Corps Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQCCATRCASC Headquarters Canadian Army Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCCCTCRCASC Headquarters Command Canadian Corps Transport Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCCE Headquarters Canadian Constructional Engineers
HQCCGTC Headquarters Command Canadian General Transport Column
HQCCIDRCASC Headquarters Command Canadian Infantry Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCCTRCE Headquarters Canadian Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Engineers
HQCCTREME Headquarters Canadian Corps Troops, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
HQCCTTCRCASC Headquarters Canadian Corps Tank Transporter Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCDECA(OS) Headquarters Canadian Divisional Engineers, Canadian Artillery OR Canadian Army (Overseas)
HQCDRCASC Headquarters Canadian Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQCDREME Headquarters Canadian Division, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
HQCEWRCE Headquarters Chief Engineer Works, Royal Canadian Engineers
HQCFC Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
HQCFN Headquarters Canadian Forces in the Netherlands
HQCIB Headquarters Canadian Infantry Brigade
HQCID Headquarters Canadian Infantry Division
HQCProC Headquarters Canadian Provost Corps
HQCPS Headquarters Canadian Postal Services
HQCRCASCCCT Headquarters Commander, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Canadian Corps Troops
HQCRCEMEFCAT Headquarters Commander, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, First Canadian Army Troops
HQCRTCRCS Headquarters Canadian Railway Telegraph Company, Royal Canadian Signals
HQCRU Headquarters Canadian Reinforcement Unit
HQD Headquarters Details
HQDCDCA Headquarters Deputy Commander First Canadian Army
HQ''D''GRU Headquarters ''D'' Group Reinforcement Unit
HQDIZB Headquarters Details Infantry "Z" Brigade
HQDPCAPO Headquarters Defended Port Canadian Army Post Office
HQDPofS Headquarters Defended Port of Sydney
HQDPofSJ Headquarters Defended Port of Saint John
HQDRCA Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQDRCASC Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQDRCE Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
HQDRCE(AA) Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Active Army)
HQDRCE(RA) Headquarters Division, Royal Canadian Engineers, (Reserve Army)
HQEAFME Headquarters Royal Air Force, Middle East
HQEF Headquarters Esquimalt Fortress
HQFCA Headquarters First Canadian Army
HQFCACAS Headquarters First Canadian Army Civil Affairs Staff
HQFCASRCS Headquarters First Canadian Army Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
HQFCATC Headquarters First Canadian Army Training Camp
HQFCATC Headquarters First Canadian Army Transport Column
HQFMCCC Headquarters Field Maintenance Centre Canadian Corps
HQFMCRCASC Headquarters Field Maintenance Centre, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HQGB Headquarters Greek Bridge
HQGCTU Headquarters Group Canadian Training Units
HQGD Headquarters Gaspe Defences
HQHF Headquarters Home Forces
HQHFRCA Headquarters Halifax Fortress, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQLA-CWAC Headquarters London Area - Canadian Women's Army Corps
HQMARCA Headquarters Medium Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery
HQMD Headquarters Military District
HQMD#1 Headquarters Military District # 1
HQMD#2H&NPC Headquarters Military District # 2, Hamilton & Niagara Peninsula Command
HQMD#3, K Headquarters Military District # 3, Kingston
HQMDNo2(NCD) Headquarters Military District No 2 (Niagara Camp Details)
HQMDVB Headquarters Military District Vancouver Barracks
HQNWACAF Headquarters North-West African Coastal Air Force
HQPC Headquarters Pacific Command
HQPRD Headquarters Prince Rupert Defences
HQRCAF Headquarters Royal Canadian Air Force
HQRCD Headquarters Reconstituted Canadian Division
HQRCECAT Headquarters, Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army Troops
HQRCEMECCT Headquarters, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Canadian Troops
HQRCEWO Headquarters, Royal Canadian Engineers, Works Organization
HQS (No) Distinguishing letters on files of National Defence Headquarters (Army), Ottawa
HQS&CD Headquarters Sydney and Canso Defences
HQS&S-S Headquarters Staff and Sub-staff
HQS(H)CAD Headquarters Squadron (Hussars) Canadian Armoured Division
HQSAD Headquarters Squadron Armoured Division
HQSATB (AD) Headquarters Squadron Army Tank Brigade (Armoured Division)
HQSATB (NBRT) Headquarters Squadron Army Tank Brigade (New Brunswick Regt Tank)
HQSCABAP Headquarters Squadron Canadian Armoured Brigade Advance Party
HQSCNPHQRCS Headquarters Signals Company, National Defence Headquarters Royal Canadian Signals
HQSD Headquarters Shelburne Defences
HQSD(CB)CADAF Headquarters Squadron Details (Camp Borden), Canadian Armoured Division Active Force
HQSF Headquarters Sydney Fortress
HQSG Headquarters Support Group
HQSGCAD Headquarters Support Group Canadian Armoured Division
HQSHDCAPO Headquarters St John's Defences Canadian Army Post Office
HQSMD Headquarters Staff Military District
HQSPC Headquarters Staff Petawawa Camp
HQS-SDTA Headquarters Sub-Staff Dunburn Training Area
HQSVC Headquarters Staff Valcartier Camp
HQTC Headquarters Tracadie Camp
HQV&EF Headquarters Victoria & Esquimalt Fortress
HQVB Headquarters Vancouver Barracks
HQVD Headquarters Vancouver Defences
HQVGofC Headquarters Veterans Guard of Canada
HR Halifax Rifles, Hospital Records, Human Resources, Hampshire Regiment, Highland Regiment
HR Hospital Records
HRDSMN Herdsman
HRH His (or Her) Royal Highness
HRR Heals Rifles
HRS Hours, Heavy Repair Shop
HRS (10, 11, 13, etc), HSRS (10, 11, 13, etc), H (10, 11, 13-18, etc) 10th (or 11th, 13th, etc) Hussars
HRW(MT)RCASC Heavy Repair Workshop (Mechanical Transport) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
HS Home Service, Hospital Ship, Home Sister, Hellenic Ship
HSBPT High Speed Battle Practice Target
HSC Hospital Ship Case
HSCRFU Home Security Course Reserve Fleet Units
HSE Here Lies Buried (Hic Sepultus Est)
HSF Home Service Force
HSH His (or Her) Serene Highness
HSMN Horseman
HSRS, HRS Hussars
HSS Hospital Staff Sergeant
HST Hospital Steward
HSTS High Speed Target Service
HT Horse Transport, Hull Technician, Halifax, Trinidad Convoy
Htech, HT Hull Technician
HTM Heavy Trench Mortar
HTMB Heavy Trench Mortar Battery
HTS Heavy Transport Squadron
HU Holding Unit
HUMANSDORP CDF Humansdorp Colonial Defence Force
HUNTS CYC BN, HUNTS CYCLIST BN Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion
HUSB Husband
HV High Velocity
HVLDR SALUTRI Havildar Salutri
HVY Heavy
HWE Home War Establishment
Hwr Howitzer
HWR Howitzer
HX Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
HXF Fast Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
HY Hampshire Yeomanry (Carabiniers), Hertfordshire Yeomanry
HY Heavy
Hyg Hygiene
HygTech Hygiene Technician