Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: E/F


E East
E & MS Electrical and Mechanical Services
E AFR ASC East Africa Army Service Corps
E AFR CENSORS D East Africa Censors Department
E AFR CH D East African Chaplains Department
E AFR ECCL D East African Ecclesiastical Department
E AFR ENGRS, EAE East African Engineers
E AFR ID East African Intelligence Department
E AFR IND VOLS East African Indian Volunteers
E AFR IRR BN East African Irregular Battalion
E AFR LC East African Labour Corps
E AFR LT BTY East African Light Battery
E AFR M RIF East African Mounted Rifles
E AFR MAXIMS East African Maxim Guns
E AFR MED CPS East Africa Medical Corps
E AFR MOL AD East Africa Military Audit Department
E AFR MS East Africa Medical Supplies
E AFR MTC East African Motor Transport Corps
E AFR OD East African Ordnance Department
E AFR P GUARD East Africa Prison Guard
E AFR P, E AFAR PC East Africa Pay Corps
E AFR POL D East African Political Department
E AFR POLICE, EAP, EA POLICE East African Police
E AFR RE VOLS East Africa Royal Engineer Volunteers
E AFR REC SQ East Africa Reconnaissance Squadron
E AFR REGT East African Regiment
E AFR REMOUNTS East Africa Remounts
E AFR RIF East African Rifles
E AFR ROAD C East Africa Road Corps or Company
E AFR RYS, EA RYS East African Railways
E AFR RYTD East African Railway Transport Department
E AFR SC East Africa Supply Corps
E AFR SIG C East African Signal Company
E AFR TC East African Transport Corps
E AFR TEL S East African Telegraph Service
E AFR UL East Africa Unattached List
E AFR VC East Africa Veterinary Corps
E AFR VOL ART East Africa Volunteer Artillery
E AFR VOLS East African Volunteers
E ARAB CORPS EA Eastern Arab Corps Egyptian Army
E ERECTOR Engineer Erector
E GRIQ'LD FF East Griqualand Field Force
E GRIQ'LD LH East Griqualand Light Horse
E GRIQ'LD MR East Griqualand Mounted Rifles
E in C Engineer in Chief
E KENT R East Kent Regiment
E LAKE BORDER P East Lake Border Police
E MISTRI Electrician Mistri
E PROV H Eastern Province Horse
E ST S MJR Engineer Storekeeper Sergeant Major
E YORK R, EYORK, EYORKR, EYR East Yorkshire Regiment
E&M Electrical and Mechanical
E&SCID Eastern & Southern Commands Infantry Depot
EA Electrical Technician (Air), Electrical Artificer, Enemy Aircraft, Enemy Action, Egyptian Army, Emergency Aerodromes
EA (No) Distinguishing letters on files of Permanent Joint Board on Defence
EA PNR COY East African Pioneer Company
EA PNRS East African Pioneers
EA, 1c (or 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c) Electrical Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Class)
EAA East African Artillery
EAAC East African Armoured Corps
EAASC East African Army Service Corps
EAC Eastern Air Command
EACC Enemy Alien Concentration Camp
EAEME East African Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
EAFC Empty Anti-Freeze Containers
EAFRACR East African Armoured Car Regiment
EAM Executive Assistant to the Honourable Minister
EAM/BMO Electrical Anti-mining Base Maintenance Officer
EAMGO Executive Assistant to the Master General of Ordnance
EANS East African Nursing Service
EAP TEL S East Africa Protectorate Telegraph Section
EARRACR East African Armoured Car Regiment
EARS Enemy Alien Receiving Station
EAST RAND COM East Rand Commando
EATS Empire Air Training Scheme, Equipment Accounting Training School
EB RY BN East Bengal Railway Battalion
EBSR Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment
EBSRVR East Bengal State Railway Volunteer Rifles (or Regt)
EBSVR East Bengal State Volunteer Rifles
EC Educational Company, Eastern Canada
Ech Echelon
ECM Electronic Counter Measure
ECMCourse Electronics Countermeasures Course
ECr Engineer Commander
ED Efficiency Decoration, Excused Duties, Equipment (or Embarkation) Depot
ED Excused Duties
ED&T Exempt From Drill and Training
EDC Elementary Driving Corps
EdmFus Edmonton Fusiliers
EDP Emergency Defence Plan
EDR Radar Display Room
EdServ Educational Services
EDSRCASC Echelon Division Supply, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
EE Electrical Engineer
EEAD Chief Examiner of Armament Design
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EERCE Experimental Establishment, Royal Canadian Engineers
EES Eastern Examination Service
EF Edmonton Fusiliers, Eastern Fleet
EFC Expeditionary Force Canada
EFC Expeditionary Force Canteens
EFERCCS Eastern Fortress Establishment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
EFM Expeditionary Force Message
EFTS Elemental Flying Training School(s)
EGSTech Electrical Generating Systems Technician
EGSUP Eastern Group Supply Council
EGYPTIAN MP Egyptian Military Police
EHU Engineer Holding Unit
EI Essential Industry
EI RY R East India Railway Regt
EINLO Royal Indian Naval Liaison Officer
EIS Equipment Issue Scale
EISIS East Indies Merchant Shipping Intelligence
EL Embarkation Leave
EL & ST S MJR Engineer Ledgerkeeper & Storeman Sergeant Major
ElA/Lieut -Cdr Electrical Acting Lieutenant-Commander
ELanR, E LAN R, ELAN, EL R East Lancashire regiment
ELC Egyptian Labour Corps
ElCr Electrical Commander
Elect Electrician
ElL Electrical Lieutenant
ElLCr Electrical Lieutenant Commander
ELLIOT B SCTS Elliot Border Scouts
ElMTech Electro-Mechanical Technician
ELOC Essential Level of Capability
ElSL Electrical Sub-Lieutenant
EM Efficiency Medal, Electrician's Mate, Engineering Mechanic, Electrical Mechanic (or Mechanician)
Emb Embarked, Embarkation
EmbL, EmbLve Embarkation Leave
EME Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
EMH Edmunston (or Esquimalt) Military Hospital
EMHRCAMC Edmonton (or Espanola) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
EMM & B COY Electrical & Mechanical Mining and Boring Company
EMMET'S H Emmet's Horse
EMO Embarkation Medical Officer
Emp Employed, Employment, Electro Magnetic Pulse
Empl'd Employed
EN Enemy, Ensign
ENG CAPT Engineer Captain
ENG COMMR, ENG CR Engineer Commander
ENG DVR Engine Driver
ENG LT Engineer Lieutenant
ENG LT CR Engineer Lieutenant Commander
ENG S LT Engineer Sub Lieutenant
ENG, ENGR(S) Engineer(s)
Engn Engineman
Engr Engineer
ENGR'S STRKPR Engineers Storekeeper
ENGRS TRG DEP Engrs Trg Dep - Engineers Training Depot
ENL enlisted
Ens Ensign
ENSA Entertainments National Services Association
ENSLIN'S H Enslin's Horse
ent Entitled
EO Equipment Officer, Engineer Officer, Enabling Objective
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOFS Engineer Officer French Ships
EOP Engineer Officer Personnel (Naval)
EOR Eastern Ontario Regiment
EORCE Executive Officer, Royal Canadian Engineers
EORD Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot
EP Employment Platoon, Estimated Position
EPZ Enter Promotion Zone
EqpmAss't Equipment Assistant
Eqpt Equipment
Equipt(N) Equipment Division (Naval)
ER Elgin Regiment, Essex Regiment, Engineering Technician, Engine Room Artificer
ER OF YORK Y East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
ER TIN, ER TIND Engine Room Tindal
ER YEO East Riding Yeomanry
ERA(A) Engine Room Artificer (Apprentice)
ERA, 1c (or 2c,3c,4c,5c), ER Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
ERINPURAS Erinpura Regiment
ERMOLO CDO Ermolo Commando
ERO Emergency Repair Officer
ERRatings Engine Room Ratings
ER-SGT Engineer Sergeant
ERU Engineer Reinforcement Unit
ERYY, ER of YORK Y, ERY East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
ES Emergency Service
ES&W Engineer Services & Works
ES&WCoy Engineer Survey and Works Company
ESB Engineer Special Brigade
ESBD Engineer Stores Base Depot
ESCMFGHQ Educational Services Central Mediterranean Force General Headquarters
ESO Embarkation Staff Office
ESR Essex Scottish Regiment
ESS Environmental Support System
ESSEX YEO, ESSEX Y, EY Essex Yeomanry
ESSRCE Engineer Stores Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
Est Estimates
Estab, Est Establishment
ESurrR, E SURR R, ESR East Surrey Regiment
ET, Etech Electrical Technician
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC Embarkation Transit Camp
ETech(A) Electrical Technician (Air)
ETO European Theatre of Operation
ETQMS Engineer Technical Quartermaster Sergeant
ETU Embarkation Transit Unit
EU Entertainment Unit
EUR FUS European Fusiliers
Evac Evacuated
EX Exercise, Expeditionary
EX CHEF Extra Chef
EX S MJR Experimental Sergeant Major
EXFCECAN, EX FCE CAN Expeditionary Force Canteen
Exp Expeditionary
Exptl Experimental
Ext Aff External Affairs
External Canadian Department of External Affairs (Address used in telegrams)
ExVes Examination Vessels


F & P DEPT Forestry & Plantation Department
F AMB Field Ambulance
F AMB S Field Ambulance Service
F FIENNES HOSP F Fiennes Hospital
F OF WS MJR Foreman of Works Sergeant Major
F SGT, F/SGT, FLT SGT Flight Sergeant
F&E Furniture and Effects
F&G France and Germany
F(A)SCRCE Field (Air) Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
F/ Flight
F/C Fire Control (Gunnery), Flight Commander
F/FS French Ship Manned by Fighting French
F/Lt, F/L Flight Lieutenant
F/S, FSgt, FSjt Flight Sergeant
FA Field Ambulance, Field Artillery, Financial Advisor, Joint Air Training Plan (Air)
FA/SO Fleet Anti-Submarine Officer
FAA Fleet Air Arm
FAB Field Artillery Brigade
FAC Forward Air Controller
FACRCAMC Field Ambulance Charlottetown, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FAD Field Ambulance Details
FAD(D)RCASC Field Ambulance Details (Division) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
FADRCAMC Field Ambulance Detachments, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FAE Fleet Adviser of Education
FAHRCAMC Field Ambulance Halifax, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FANC, FANY First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FANYC First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps
FAO Forward Area Officer, Fleet Accountant Officer
FAP First Aid Post, For All Purposes
FAPHRCAMC Field Ambulance Point Hawkesbury, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FAR CPL Farrier Corporal
FAR CPL MJR Farrier Corporal Major
FAR S MJR, FARR S/MAJ Farrier Sergeant Major
FAR S, FAR SGT Farrier Sergeant
Far, Farr Farrier
FARCAMC Field Ambulance Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FARMERS GD Farmers Guard
FAS First Army Signals
FATC Field Ambulance Training Course
FATO Fleet Air Arm Technical Officer
FAU Friends Ambulance Unit, Field Ambulance Unit
FAVO Fleet Aviation Officer
FAW/SSRCOC Field Artillery Workshop Section Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
FB&JW Forest Bush & Jungle Warfare
FBE Folding Boat Equipment
FBRCA Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
FBRCACASF Field Brigade, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Active Service Force
FBRCASC Field Bakery, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
FBRD Flying boat Repair Depot
FBSO Fleet Bomb Safety Officer
FC Ferry Command(s), Flag Captain, Fire Controlman, Frontier Constabulary
FC"Z"F Fire Command "Z" Force
FCAHQPRCE First Canadian Army Headquarters Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
FCAIOPCIC First Canadian Army Intelligence Officers Pool, Canadian Intelligence Corps
FCAIS First Canadian Army Intelligence School
FCASIGPHQ First Canadian Army Service Increment Group Headquarters
FCASS First Canadian Army Sniping School
FCATCCRCASC First Canadian Army Troops Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
FCATRTC First Canadian Army Troops Reinforcement Transit Camp
FCATW/SRCOC First Canadian Army Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
FCC Fleet Constructor Officer
FCCP Forage Caps Concert Panty
FCDCASS "Forage Caps" Detachment Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
FCE Field Company Engineers
FCO Field Cash Office
FCRCASC Fortress Company, Canadian Active Service Force
FCRCECASF Field Company Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Active Service Force
FCtlmn Fire Controlman
FD Fuel Depots
FD AMB, FDAMB Field Ambulance
Fd Pk Coy Field (Park) Company
Fd Pk Sqn (Tp) Field (Park) Squadron (Troop)
Fd Svy Coy Field Survey Company
FD, FLD Field
FDC Fighter Direction Centre
FDCOS & M Field Company Sappers & Miners
FDE Final Discharge Establishment
FdeMR Fusiliers de Mont Royal
FDL Forward Defended Locality(ies)
FDL(S) Forward Defense Lines
FDO Fighter Direction Officer, Fleet Dental Officer
FDS Field Dressing Station
FDT Fighter Direction Tenders
FDTELSECNR Field Telegraph Section Nigerian Regiment
FduSL Fusiliers du St Laurent
FE Field Engineer, Financial Encumbrance
FE&MCRCE Fortress E & M Company Royal Canadian Engineers
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FECA Force Eskimo CA
FEO Fleet Education Officer
FEO Fleet Engineer Officer
FERIK General
Fervour Government of Canada Hong Kong (Address used in telegrams)
FES Field Educational Section, Field Experimental Station, Flight Engineer School
FF Frontier Force, Fire Fighter, Fire Fighting, Field Force
FFH Frigate, Helicopter Equipped
FFI French Forces of the Interior
FFK Fort Frontenac Kingston
FFR Fitted for Radio
FFR, FFRIF Frontier Force Rifles (or Regt)
FFY(SCOHSE), FIFE & FORFAR YEO Fife and Forfar Yeomanry (or Scottish Horse)
FGA Frontier Garrison Artillery, Fighter Ground Attack
FGCM Field General Court-Martial
FGH Fort Garry Horse
FGHRR Fort Garry Horse Reserve Regiment
FGO Fleet Gunnery Officer
Fgt Frigate
FH Field Hospital
FHP Force Health Protection
FHPHIRCAMC Fort Henry Permanent Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FHQS Farnham Headquarters Staff
FI Fireman
FIC Fredericton Internment Camp
FID Field Intelligence Department
FIETST Motorcyclist
FIJI LC Fiji Labour Corps
FilmPL Film Projectionist Librarian
FIMU Fleet Information Management Unit
Fin Financial
Fin Clk Finance Clerk
FIN RIF Finsbury Rifles
FINGO NL Fingo Native Levies
FinO Financial Officer
Fireftr Fire Fighter
FIS Flying Instructors Schools, Foreign Intelligence Section
FL Flag Lieutenant, Flying List
FLAMBO Allied Forces Headquarters, Air Force Headquarters, Advanced Administrative Echelon
FLC Flag Lieutenant Commander, Fijian Labour Contingent (later Corps)
Fld Eng Field Engineer
Fld Pk Coy (or Sqn) Field Park Company
FLD Pk Sqn Filed Park Squadron
FLDBKY Field Bakery
FLE Flight Engineer (to be issued)
FLET Forward Location Enemy Troops
FLO Flag Liaison Officer
FLOT Forward Location Own Troops
FLS(PO) French Liaison Service, Portsmouth
FLT Flight
Flt Eng Flight Engineer
FLT OFF Flight Officer
FLT S LT, FltSLt Flight Sub Lieutenant
Flt/Sgt Flight Sergeant
FM Field Marshal
FMC Mobile Command
FMHRCAMC Farnham (or Fredericton) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FMM, FM Formation
Fmn Fireman
FMO Fleet Mail (or Medical, Meteorological) Officer, Field Marching Order
FMR Fusiliers de Mont Royal
FMSVF Federated Malay States Volunteer Forces
FND Flinders Naval Depot
FNGB French Navy in Great Britain
FNO Fleet Navigating Officer
FO(S) Flag Officer, Submarines
FO, F/O Flying Officer
FOA Field Operations Allowance
FOAM Flag Officer Attached General Headquarters Middle East
FOC Flag Officer Commanding, First of Class
FOCOS Flag Officer Commanding Orkneys and Shetlands
FOCRF Flag Officer Commanding Reserve Fleet
FOCRIN Flag Officer Commanding Royal Indian Navy
FOCS Flag Officer Cruiser Squadron
FOCT Flag Officer Carrier Training
FOCWAF Flag Officer Commanding West Africa
FOD Follow on Destroyer
FOEA Flag Officer East Africa and Zanzibar
FOGMA Flag Officer Gibraltar and Mediterranean Approaches
FOGMO Fitting Out Gun Mounting Overseer
FOGO Fitting Out Gunnery Officer
FOH French Official History
FOIC Flag Officer-in-Charge
FOICNI Flag Officer-in-Charge, Northern Ireland
Fol Folio
FOLEM Flag Officer Levant and Eastern Mediterranean
FOLUS Flag Officer Liaison with Cdr US Naval Forces
FOMHRCAMC Fort Osborne Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
FONA Flag Officer Naval Aviation
FONAS Flag Officer Naval Air Stations
FONF Flag Officer Newfoundland Force
FOO Forward Observation Officer
FOOAF Flag Officer Overseas Assault Force
FOP Forward Observation Post
FOPS Future Operation Planning Section
For Forestry
FORESTERS Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
Forf Forfeits
Form Formation
FORSCA Flag Officer Red Sea and Canal Area
Fort (E & M) Coy Fortress (Electrical and Mechanical) Company
FOSF Flag Officer Surface Fleet
FOSM Flag Officer Submarines
FOST Flag Officer Sea Training
FOSY Flag Officer, Syracuse
FOTALI Flag Officer Taranto, Royal Armoured Corps, Adriatic and for Liaison Duty With Italians
FOW, Med Flag Officer Western Mediterranean
FOWIT Flag Officer Western Italy
FOYE Flag Officer, ''Y'' Entries
FP, FPNo(or#)1 or 2 Field Punishment Number One or Two
FPB Force Polar Bear
FPC RCE Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
FPC RCE(AP) Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (Advance Party)
FPO Field Post Office, Fire Prevention Officer
FPS Fixed Period of Services
FPS RCE(A)D Field Park Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers (Armoured) Division
FPSRCE Field Park Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers
FPTCRCE Field Park Troop Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
FR French, France, Fisherman's Reserve
FR CONSTAB Frontier Constabulary
FR&I Financial Regulations & Instructions
FR(S-P)RCA Field Regiment (Self-Propelled), Royal Canadian Artillery
Fr,Fro From
FRA Freetown Area
Frac Fractured
FRADO Fleet Radar Officer
FRANKFORT CDO Frankfort Commando
FRASERBG CDO Fraserburg Commando
FRASERBURG SCTS Fraserburg Scouts
FRENCH'S SCTS French's Scouts
Freq Frequency
FRG Forward Repair Group
FRGMN Forgeman
Fri Frigate
FRMO Fleet Royal Marine Officer
FRO Fleet P and Radio Telephony Officer
FRONTIER LH Frontier Light Horse
FRONTIER MR Frontier Mounted Rifles
FRRCHA Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
FRT Forward Repair Team
FS Fighter Sector, Field Security, Field Service, Financial Superintendent, Flat Scow, Flight Sergeant
FSA Fleet Signal Assistant
FSA Food Service Attendant
FSBRCA Flash Spotting Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
FSC Field Survey Company
FSDRCE Field Survey Depot, Royal Canadian Engineers
FSHMN Fisherman
FSHQ Fighter Sector Headquarters
FSL Field Searchlight
FSM Field Service Manual
FSMO Field Service Marching Order
FSO Fleet Signal Officer
FSP Full Service Provision, Foreign Service Premium
FSqn Fighter Squadron (Royal Canadian Air Force)
FSR Fusilier, Field Service Regulations
FSRCCS Fortress Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
FSRCE Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers
FSS Field Security Section
FSSCRU Field Security Section Canadian Reinforcement Unit
FST Forward Surgical Team
FSU Field Surgical Unit
FSVC Food Services
FT French Translator
FT CDT, F CADET Flight Cadet
FT SURG Fleet Surgeon
FTC Field Trials Camp
FTCE Field Troop Canadian Engineers
FTO Fleet Torpedo Officer, French Technical Officer
FtPayr Fleet Paymaster
FTR Filter
FtrCOp Fighter Control Operator
FTS Flying Training School
FTU Ferry Training Unit
FUP Forming Up Place/Forming Up Point
Furl Furlough
Fus Fusilier(s)
Fus Du Sher Fusiliers du Sherbrooke
FW Foreman of Works, Fighter Wing
FW/SRCOC Fortress Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
FWA Fleet Wireless Assistant
FWAM Full Width Attack Mine
Fwd Forward
FWD Four Wheel Drive
Fwm Forewoman
FWO Fleet Wireless Officer
FWOC(R) Fleet Weather & Oceanographic Computer (Replacement)
FWTCRCA Fortress Weapon Training Camp, Royal Canadian Artillery
FYA Fort York Armouries