Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: X


X Crossing
X-1 Prisoners of war (verified)
X-10 All reinforcement personnel attached away from reinforcement units under appropriate authority
X-10LGLB X-10 List General List B
X-11 All Red Cross and Auxiliary services personnel
X-12 At depot awaiting discharge
X-1POW(D) X-1 Prisoners of War (Dieppe)
X-2 All ranks under sentence of detention, imprisonment or penal servitude - except in cases where sentence is suspended before committal - and all ranks under sentence of field punishment when such sentence is required to be served elsewhere than the unit to
X-3 All ranks evacuated on medical grounds behind Regimental Aid Posts
X-4 Unposted reinforcements in the theatre of war belonging to the unit or corps
X-4L X-4 List
X-4LFHQ(CMF) X-4 List Formation Headquarters (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-5 All ranks on courses of twenty-one days or over in the theatre of war
X-6 All ranks posted as missing
X-7 All ranks seconded from the Canadian Army to other Allied Forces in the theatre of war
X-8 All non-effective held at Base Reinforcement Units whose return to the UK has been authorized
X-8L21AG X-8 List 21 Army Group
X-8LCMF&AAI&AFHQ X-8 List Central Mediterranean Force & Allied Armies in Italy & Allied Forces Headquarters
X-9 All personnel held at Base Reinforcement Units, who, for one reason or another, are not available as reinforcements and whose disposition is still to be decided
X-9L21AG S-9 List 21 Army Group
X-9LCMF&AAI&AFHQ X-9 List Central Mediterranean Force & Allied Armies in Italy & Air Force Headquarters
XALANGA BORD MRC Xalanga Border Mounted Rifle Club
XB Halifax-Boston convoy
XDO Extended Defence Officer
X-L"A"RCA X-List "A" Royal Canadian Artillery
X-L(RCCS) X-List (Royal Canadian Corps of Signals)
X-L(UK)GL X-List (United Kingdom) General List
X-LCAC X-List Canadian Armoured Corps
X-LCDC X-List Canadian Dental Company
X-LCIC(CMF) X-List Canadian Intelligence Corps (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-LCMSC X-List Corps of Military Staff Clerks
X-LCoftheRCE X-List Corps of the Royal Canadian Engineers
X-LCPC X-List Canadian Postal Corps
X-LCProC X-List Canadian Provost Corps
X-LCSGHQECMFD X-List Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon, Central Mediterranean Force Detachment
X-LCWAC X-List Canadian Women's Army Corps
XLG(CMF) X-List General (Central Mediterranean Force)
X-L-GL X-List - General List
X-LGL(O) X-List General List (Officers)
X-LGLSuppPtIIO X-List General List Supplementary Part II Orders
X-List List maintained by Units of Prisoners of War & Officers & Other Ranks who are missing due to enemy action
X-LofCL X-List of Canloan List
X-LRC X-List Red Cross
X-LRCA X-List Royal Canadian Artillery
X-LRCA(A/TkR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Anti-Tank Regiments)
X-LRCA(AAR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Anti-Artillery Regiments)
X-LRCA(MR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Medium Regiments)
X-LRCA(SR) X-List Royal Canadian Artillery (Survey Regiments)
X-LRCAMC X-List Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
X-LRCAPC X-List Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
X-LRCAS"B" X-List Royal Canadian Artillery Section "B"
X-LRCASC X-List Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
X-LRCASCBCBRD X-List Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Battalion, Canadian Base Reinforcement Depot
X-LRCE X-List Royal Canadian Engineers
X-LRCEME X-List Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
X-LRCOC X-List Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
X-LtoC"Q"L X-List to Canadian "Q" List
X-NAL X-North Africa List
XO Executive Officer
XV Examination Vessels