Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: W


w wounded, west
W & C Y Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
W & SFR Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment
W A/G, WAG Wireless Air Gunner
W AFR R West Africa Regiment
W ARAB CORPS EA Western Arab Corps Egyptian Army
W BDR Acting Bombardier
W HOSP CORPS Women's Hospital Corps
W KENT YEO West Kent Yeomanry (Queen's Own)
W PROVINCE M RIF Western Province Mounted Rifles
W Rid R, WRR West Riding Regiment
W SHAWISH L/Sergeant
W SOM YEO, W SOM Y West Somerset Yeomanry
W SRVT Ward Servant
W TELEGR, WT TEL Warrant Telegraphist
W TRAAL RFLS West Transvaal Rifles
W YORK R, W YORKS, W YORK West Yorkshire Regiment
W&B Director of Works & Buildings (Naval)
W&PCRCE Workshop & Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
W&SSOp Water and Sanitation Service Operator
W&T Wireless & Telephony
w/ with
W/CDR, WCDR, W-CDR, W/C Wing Commander
W/K Watchkeeping
W/Mech, WM Wireless Mechanic
W/O, W/Op Wireless Operator
W/S Workshop
W/SERS Acting Sergeant
W/T Wireless Telegraphy (or Telegraphist)
W/TBd Wireless Telegraphy Board
W/TCal Wireless Telegraphy Calibration Vessels
W/TO Wireless Telegraphy Officer
W/TStation Wireless Telegraphy Station
WA West Africa, West African, Western Approaches, Weaponman Air, Watchman
WA SER BDE West African Service Brigade
Wa/T Warning Telephone
WAA West African Artillery
WAAAF Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force
WAAC Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, West African Armoured Corps
WAAF Women's Army Air Force (USA), Women's Auxiliary Air Force (UK)
WAAF(S) Women's Auxiliary Air Force (Services)
WAASC West African Army Service Corps
WAC War Assets Corporation, Western Air Command, Women's ArmyCorps
WAE West African Engineers
WAFF West Africa Field (or Frontier) Force
WAGS Wireless Air Gunners School
WAI Waiter
WAKKSTM KDO Wakkerstroom Kommando
WALLAJ LI Wallajabad Light Infantry
WANS Women's Australian National Service
WAR West African Regiment, Warwickshire
WARRENS MI Warren's Mounted Infantry
WARREN'S SCTS Warren's Scouts
WARWICK YEO, WarwickYeo Warwickshire Yeomanry
WARWICKS SCTS Warwick's Scouts
WAt Western Atlantic
WATC Women's Air Training Corps
WATER CARR Water Carrier
WATERBG KDO Waterberg Kommando
WB Whizz Bang (Slang: High Velocity Shell)
WBBV Company of Waterborne Balloon Barrage Vessels
WC War Cabinet, Western Canada
WCHMN Winchman
WCLC Western Command Labour Company
WCO War Cabinet Offices
WCRCE Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
WCRCE(A) Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (Active)
WCRCE(R) Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (Reserve)
WD War Department, War Diary, Wounded, Women's Division, WAAAF Depot
WD, W Wounded
WDCS War Disease Control Station
WDE MAJ Woordie Major
WDF Western Desert Force
WDV War Dept Vessel or Wreck Dispersal Vessel
WE War establishment, With Effect
wef Western Escort Force, Winter Experimental Flight, With Effect From
WELCH Welch Regiment
WELSH H, WelshH (later Welch) Welsh Horse
WELSH HC Welsh Hospital Corps
WEM Wireless Electrical Mechanic
WESC Women's Emergency Signal Corps
WESSEL'S CDO Wessel's Commando
WESSEX Wessex Regiment
WEST & CUMB Y, WEST & CUMB YEO, West&CumbYeo Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
WESTERN LH Western Light Horse
WestmrR(Mot) Westminster Regiment (Motor)
WestNSR, WNSR West Nova Scotia Regiment
WESTOMP West Ocean Meeting Point
WETP War Emergency Training Program
WF W Force (Newfoundland)
WF Wiseman's Point
WFCRCEME "W" Force Company, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
WFE War Fighting Establishment
WFERCCS Western Fortress Establishment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
WFODRCOC "W" Force Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
WFPD "W" Force Postal Detachment
WFR Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment
WFSIS "W" Force Security Intelligence Section
WG(MG) Winnipeg Grenadiers (Machine Gun)
WG, WGDS Welsh Guards, Welch Guards
WGHMN Weighman
Wgnr Waggoner
WH Wheeled
Whlr Wheeler
WHLR QM SJT Wheeler Quarter Master Sergeant
WI West Indies
WICS Wainwright Internment Camp Staff
WIHQDCRCE (Welding) Increment Headquarters Drilling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
WILDES RIF Wilde's Rifles
WILTS R, WILTS, WiltsR Wiltshire Regiment
WILTS YEO, Wiltsyeo Wiltshire Yeomanry
WINTERBURG MR Winterburg Mounted Rifles
WIR West India Regiment
WIS(IC) Wireless Intelligence Section (Intelligence Corps)
WK Watchkeeping Certificates
WKDE, WTK Mechanic
Wkr Worker
Wks Works, Weeks
WksCoy Works Company
Wkshp&PkCoy Workshop and Park Company
Wkshp, Wksp Workshop
WKY West Kent Yeomanry (Queen's Own)
WLA Women's Land Army
W'LESS SQUN W'LESS SQN Wireless Squadron
WLI Winnipeg Light Infantry
WMH(HWE)RCAMC Woodstock Military Hospital (Home War Establishment) Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
WMH(RCAMC) Weston (or Wetaskiwin, Windsor, Wolsely) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
WMN Wireman
WMR War Maintenance Reserve
WMU Works Maintenance Unit
WNEL Women's National Emergency League (or Legion)
WNYDN Wounded Not Yet Determined Nervousness (Neurasthenia)
WO Warrant Officer, War Office
WO1, WOI Warrant Officer Class 1 or First Class
WO2, WOII Warrant Officer Class 2 or Second Class
WO3, WOIII Warrant Officer Class 3 or Third Class
WOAG Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
WOAS While/When on Active Service
WOCARCE Works Organization Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Engineers
WOCO Wren Ordinary Communications Operator (Radio) Standard
WOD Warrant Officer Disciplinary
WODEHOUSE YEO Wodehouse Yeomanry
WOLMSTD KDO Wolmaranstad Kommando
WOR Western Ontario Regiment
WORC R, WORC, WorcR Worcestershire Regiment
WORC YEO, WorcYeo Worcestershire Yeomanry
WORD Western Ontario Regimental Depot
WORKS DTE Works Directorate
WPL Western Hemisphere Defence Plan
WPMR Western Province Mounted Rifles
WPPS Western Patrol Periodical Signal
WPS Warship Production Superintendent
WR Writer, Waterways and Railways, Welch Regt, Wiltshire Regiment, Worcestershire Regiment, Waterways & Railways, Witwatersrand Rifles
WR CK Ward Room Cook
WR CK A Ward Room Cook's Assistant
WR OFF SVT Ward Room Officers' Servant
WR ST, WR STD Ward Room Steward
WR SVT Ward Room Servant
WR(M) The Westminster Regiment (Motor)
WRAAC Women's Royal Australian Army Corps
WRAC Women's Royal Army Corps
WRAF Women's Royal Air Force
WRANS Women's Royal Australian Naval Service
WRCNS Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
WRD Wireless Relay Detachments
WREN Women's Royal Naval Service
WRN(S)R Women's Royal Naval (Supplementary) Reserve
WRNR Women's Royal Naval Reserve
WRNS Women's Royal Naval Service
WRS Wireless and Radio Schools
WRVS Women's Royal Voluntary Service
WS Wireless School, Weaponman Surface
WSB War Supply Board
WSC War Staff College
WSG War Service Gratuity
WSHCRCAMC Women's Services Health Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
WSHRMN Washerman
WSItoCASSU Wireless Section Increment to Canadian Air Support Signal Unit
WSY West Somerset Yeomanry
WT Wireless Telegraphy, Wireless Telegraphist, Wheeled Tanker, Water Transport, Warrant, Warrant Electrician
WT ENG Warrant Engineer
WT MECH Warrant Mechanician
WT OFFR, WO Warrant Officer
WtCatO Warrant Catering Officer
WTCHMN Watchman
WtCkO Warrant Cook Officer
WTCS War Transport Committee Suez
WtMAA Warrant Master At Arms
WTO Warrant Officer, Wireless Telegraph Operator, Western Theatre of Operations
WtOO Warrant Ordnance Officer
WtPatO Warrant Patrol Officer
WtPhoto Warrant Photographer
Wtr Waiter, Writer
Wtr, Wr Writer
WTS Winter Training School, Women's Transport Service
WtShpt Warrant Shipwright
WtSO Warrant Stores Officer
WTU Works Training Unit
WtW Warrant Writer
WtWO Warrant Writer Officer
WU Weaponman Underwater
WUB Working Up Base
WVA War Veteran's Allowance
WVNR Women's Voluntary National Register
WVR West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)
WVS Women's Voluntary Service
WW World War
WWCS Walking Wounded Collecting Station
WWI, WW1 World War One
WWII, WW2 World War Two
WY Warwickshire Yeomanry, Worcestershire Yeomanry (Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars)
WYNBURG CDO Wynburg Commando