Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: V


V Volunteer, Volunteers
V CAPT Veterinary Captain
V DEPT EA Veterinary Department Egyptian Army
V&FVAO Vancouver & Fraser Valley Area Orders
V/Chief Vice Chief
V/LT, VLG LT Flight Lieutenant
V/S Visual Signalling
V/T Visual Telegraphy (used in Army instead of V/S)
VA Veterans' Affairs, Victualling Assistant
VA Victuallers Assistant
VA BTTY Volunteer Artillery Battery
VA(No) Vice-Admiral (No) Battle Squadron
VAABH Victor Animatophone and Bell & Howell
VAC Veterans Affairs Canada
VAC(Fleet or Sqdn) Vice-Admiral Commanding (Fleet or Squadron)
VACSTC Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment
VADGS Voluntary Aid Detachment General Service
VALENTIN'S HEIDELBURG V Valentin's Heidelburg Volunteers
VAN DEVENTER'S CDO Van Deventer's Commando
VAN DEVENTER'S SCTS Van Deventer's Scouts
VAN ZYL'S CDO Van Zyl's Commando
VAOC Volunteer Air Observers Corps
VARN Victuallers Assistant RN
VB Volunteer Battalion
VBDR Dresser
VC Victoria Cross
VCCO Vice-Chief of Combined Operations
VCDCMSC Valcartier Camp Detachment, Corps of Military Clerks
VCDS Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
VCGS Vice Chief of the General Staff
VCIGS Vice Chief of the Imperial General Staff
VCMHRCAMC Valcartier Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
VCNS Vice Chief of Naval Staff
VCPO Victualling Chief Petty Officer
VCR Veterans Care Regulations
VD Venereal disease, Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officer's Decoration, Volunteer Officers' Decoration
VD(S or G) Venereal Disease (S=Syphilis) (G=Gonorrhea)
VDC Volunteer Defence Corps
VdeQ Les Voltigeurs de Québec
VDH Valvular Disease of the Heart
VE DAY Victory Europe Day
veh(s) vehicle(s)
VEN ARCHD Venerable Archdeacon
VERK Verkenna/Scout
VET SECT Veterinary Section
VET, VETY Veterinarian, Veterinary
VETERAN REGT Veterans Regiment
VFS Verification of Former Service
VG (OF CANADA), VgofC Veterans Guard (of Canada)
VHF Very High Frequency
VHG Veterans Home Guard (Now Veterans Guard of Canada)
V-I 14th Reinforcement Draft Overseas V1
VICTORIA WEST CDO Victoria West Commander
VICTORIA WM SCTS Victoria West Mounted Scouts
VIF Volunteers Interim Force
V-II 14th Reinforcement Draft Overseas V2
VIP Veterans Independence Program
VIS Visibility
VJ DAY Victory Japan Day
VLC Victory Loan Convoy
VLCNZR Vulcanizer
VLD KORNET Veldt Kornet
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLR Very long Range
VMA Vernon Military Area
VMC Vernon Military Camp, Vehicle Maintenance Course
VMD Volunteer Motor Drivers
VMHRCAMC Valleyfield (or Vancouver, Victoria, Vermillion, Vernon) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
VMR Victorian Mounted Rifles
VO Veterinary Officer
VOL Volunteer
VOL ART BY LA Volunteer Artillery Battery Indian Army
VOL MGB Volunteer Maxim Gun Battery
VOL MGC Volunteer Maxim Gun Company
VOLT Flight Sub Lieutenant
Voltigeurs Voltigeurs de Québec
VolTrans Voluntary Transfer
VPT Volunteered for Pacific Theatre
VR Volunteer Reserve
VRBG Viceroys Body Guard
VRC Volunteer Rifle Corps, Victoria Rifles of Canada
VRD Decoration for Officers of the Naval Volunteer Reserve, Vehicle Repair Depot
VRDHQ Volunteer Reserve Divisional Headquarters
VRofC Victoria Rifles of Canada
VRYBERG SCTS Vryberg Scouts
VRYBURG MR Vryburg Mounted Rifles
VRYHELD CDO Vryheld Commando
VS Victualling Storesman, Veterinary Surgeon
VSDRCOC Vancouver Sub Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
VSIS Victualling Store Issuing Ship
VSO Victualling Store Officer
VSU Veteran Surgeon
VTC Volunteer Training Corps
VTO Visual Training Officer
VTS Vocational Training School