Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: S


S South, Scottish, Service, Supply
S & C SMITH Shoeing and Carriage Smith
S & M Sappers & Miners
S & T Supply and Transport
S & T CORPS, S & T C Supply & Transport Corps
S A I RGT, SAI REGT South African Irish Regiment
S AFR South Africa(n)
S AKILES Stipendary Akiles
S ARMS SCH Small Arms School
S ASST SGN, SA SGN Sub Assistant Surgeon
S ATTDT Smoke Attendant
S BR Stretcher Bearer
S C CORPS Sudan Camel Corps
S GDS Scots Guards
S HD Spare Hand
S I RY VOL R South India Railway Volunteer Regiment
S IR H, S IRISH H South Irish Horse
S LAN R, S LANCS South Lancashire Regiment
S MJR (AC) Sergeant Major Artillery Clerk
S MJR INSTR Sergeant Major Instructor
S NIG MC South Nigerian Medical Corps
S NIG R South Nigeria Regiment
S NOTTS HRS South Notts Hussars
S OF M School of Musketry
S PROV CC Southern Province Cyclist Corps
S RHOD P STAFF Southern Rhodesia Permanent Staff
S RHOD R Southern Rhodesia Regiment
S RHOD VC South Rhodesia Volunteer Corps
S RHODESIAN TF Southern Rhodesia Territorial Force
S SGT, S SJT, S SERS, S SJT Staff Sergeant
S STAFF R, S STAFFS R, SSTAFFS South Staffordshire Regiment
S STH Shoeing Smith
S TAALIM Battalion Sergeant Major
S TAYIN Battalion Quarter Master Sergeant
S TYPIST Steno Typist
S WALES BORD South Wales Borderers
S WAZ MIL , S WAZ MILITIA, SW MILITIA South Waziristan Militia
S WAZ SCTS South Waziristan Scouts
S&AH Southerland & Argyll Highlanders
S&CD Sydney & Canso Defences
S&LP Syrian & Lebanese Ports
S&PRCASC Stationary & Printing, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
S&TC Supply and Transport Corps
S&TDRCASC Supply & Transport Details, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
S(Prob) Signalman (Probationer)
S/ Staff
S/D Submarine Detector
S/L Squadron Leader, Searchlight, Sailing List
S/Lieut Second Lieutenant
S/M Sergeant Major, Submarine
S/NURSE Staff Nurse
S/P Signalling Projector
S/QMS Staff Quartermaster-Sergeant
S/S Sound Signalling
S/T Sonic Telegraphy
SA South Africa(n), Salvation Army, Susistence (or Separation) Allowance, Small Arms, South Atlantic, Supply (or Stores) Assistant
SA ADMIN SERV South African Administration Service
SA AMM COL South African Ammunition Column
SA AVIATION C South African Aviation Corps
SA IRISH, SA IRISH R, SA IRISH REGT South African Irish Regiment
SA MTD BDE South African Mounted Brigade
SA RIF South African Rifles
SA SIG C South African Signal Corps
SA SUP C South African Supply Corps
SA VETRY C South African Veterinary Corps
SA/S Superintendent, Anti-submarine
SAA Small Arms Ammunition, South African Artillery
SAABRCA Section Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SAAC South African Armoured Corps
SAALO Senior Anti-Aircraft Ack Liaison Officer
SAAMS/LTRCA Special Anti-Aircraft Mobile Search Light Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
SAB Stores Audit Branch
SAC Soldier Aid Commission (Department of Veterans Affairs), South African Constabulary, Strategic Air Command, Senior Aircraftman
SACDC South African Coastal Defence Corps
SACDLS South African Coastal Defence & Lighthouse Service
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SACOW/SRCOC Section Armoured Corps Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SACSC (RE) South African Corps Signal Company Royal Engineers
SACSEA Supreme Allied Commander, South-East Asia
SADF South African Defence Force
SADS Squadron Armoured Division Signals
SADSC South African Despatch Service Corps
SAE School of Aeronautical Engineering, Senior Assistant Engineer
SAEC South African Engineer Corps
SAFA South African Field Ambulance, South African Field Artillery
SAFR ART South African Artillery
SAFT & PC South African Field Telegraph & Postal Corps
SAFT & PU South African Field Telegraph & Postal Unit
SAH South African Horse, South Alberta Horse, South African Highlanders
SAHA South African Horse Artillery
SAI BDE, SAI BGDE South African Infantry Brigade
SAI, SA INF South African Infantry
SAIL MTE, SLMKR MTE Sailmaker's Mate
SAIRCEME Small Arms Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
SAirSO Station Air Services Officer
SALH South African Light Horse, South Alberta Light Horse
SALN BRMN Saloon Barman
SAM School of Aircraft Maintenance, School of Aviation Medicine
SAM RIF South African Mounted Rifles
SAMC South African Medical Corps
SAMCC South African Motor Cyclists Corps
SAMDR South African Military Despatch Riders
SAME South African Mounted Engineer
SAMH Ste Anne's Military Hospital
SAMIF South African Mounted Irregular Forces
SAMNS South African Medical Nursing Service
SAMP South African Military Police
SAMR South Australia Mounted Rifles, South African Mounted Regiment
SAMR MED SEC South African Mounted Regiment Medical Section
SAMRFAB South African Mounted Regiment Field Artillery Brigade
SAMRMBFA South African Mounted Regiment Mounted Brigade Field Artillery
SAN Sanitary, Sanitation
SAN INSPR Sanitary Inspector
SAN SECT, SAN SEC Sanitary Section
SANDF South African National Defence Force
SANLC South African Native Labour Corps
SAO Senior (or Squadron) Accountant Officer, Staff Accountant, Senior Administrative Officer
SAOC South African Ordnance Corps
SAOI Semi-Annual Ordnance Inspection
SAP Soldier Apprentice Plan
SAP South African Police
SAPC South African Postal Corps
SAPR, SAPB South African Pioneer Battalion
SAR South Albert Regiment, School of Aircraft Recognition, Sarwal
SARFC South African Royal Flying Corps
SARG South African Railway Gaugers
SAROC South African Railway Operating Company
SARODS South African Railway Overseas Dominion Section
SARS South African Railway Section
SAS Superintendent Anti-Submarine, Special Air Service
SASC Small Arms School Corps, South African Service Corps
SASCIB TRAIN South African Service Corps Infantry Brigade Train
SASCMB TRAIN, SASCMB South African Service Corps Mounted Brigade Train
SASCMT South African Service Corps Motor Transport
SASCS, SASC SUPPLIES South African Service Corps Supplies
SASCT & R South African Service Corps Transport & Remounts
SASE South African Service Engineers
Sask Saskatchewan
SASO Senior Air Staff Officer
SASRFC South African Squadron Royal Flying Corps, Special Air Service Regiment
SASS Special Air Service Regiment
SASSRA South African Special Service Field Ambulance
SAT Superintendent of British Air Training
SATC South African Transport Corps
SAV Staff Assistance Visit
SAVC South African Veterinary Corps
SAVR, SA VET R South African Veterans Regiment
SAWSC South African Water Supply Company
SB Stretcher Bearer, Siege Battery, Special Branch, Stockbrokers' Battalion (10th Battalion Royal Fusiliers), Signal Boatswain
SBA Sick Berth Attendant
SBA(Prob) Sick Berth Attendant (Probationer)
SBCPO Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer
SBD Superintendent of Boom Defence
SBG Small Box Girder (Bridge)
SBL Static Base Laundry
SBLRCOC Static Base Laundry, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SBNO Senior British Naval Officer
SBPC Senior British Naval Officer
SBPO Sick Berth Petty Officer
SBR Special box respirator
SBRCA Searchlight Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SBS Special Boat Service
SBS, SB STD Sick Berth Steward
SC Seaford Camp, Service Chevrons, Ship's Circulation, Senior Constructor, Star of Courage, New York (Halifax, Sydney - United Kingdom Convoy, Scout, Staff Captain
SC CORPS Supply Commissariat Corps
SCAEF Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force
SCAP Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
SCC Surrey County Council
SCCRCOC Salvage Collecting Centre, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SCES Special Construction Equipment Section
SCF Senior Chaplain to the Forces
SCFO(O) Senior Canadian Flag Officer (Overseas)
SCHAEF Supreme Command Allied Expeditionary Force, Special Command Allied Expeditionary Force
Schnr Schooner
SCHRCAMC Sarcee Camp Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
SchuMi Schutzenmine
SCHWEBO BN Schwebo Battalion
SCI Staff Corps Indian
SCL Superintendent of Construction Liaison
SCLI Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry
SCMN Sculleryman
SCNO Senior Canadian Naval Officer
SCNO(L) Senior Canadian Naval Officer (London)
SCO Searchlight Control Officer
SCO H SCTS Scottish Horse Scouts
SCO RIF Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)
SCONDVA Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs
SCOTT'S RG Scott's Railway Guards
SCPO Stoker Chief Petty Officer, Supply/Stores Chief Petty Officer
SCRR Special Commission on the Restructuring of the Reserves
SCS Ship's Conducting Staff
SCTW Special Concession Transport Warrant
SCWO School Chief Warrant Officer
SD Shore Defence
SD Staff Duties, Strength Decrease
SD S SJT Saddler Staff Sergeant
SD&GH Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders
SD&T, SDandT Staff Duties and Training
SD(Schedules) Supplementary Demand / Distribution (Schedules)
SD(W) Staff Duties (Weapons)
SDC Secretary of Defence Council, Shipyard Development Committee
SDCCS Special Detachment Canadian Corps Signals
SDCPC Special Detachment Canadian Provost Corps
SDCWAC Special Detachment, Canadian Women's Army Corps
SDDDToronto Special District Distributing Depot
SDDS(ET) Senior Deputy Director of Stores (Eastern Theatre)
SDDSRCCS Sussex Detachment Division Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
SDDT Special Distributing Depot, Toronto
SDF Sudan Defence Force
SDGH Stormont and Glengarry Highlanders
SDI Submarine Detector Instructor
SDIE Subordinate Department Indian Engineers
SDLR Saddler
SDN Squadron
SDO Signal Distributing (or District) Office
S-DPC RCASC Sub-Depot Pacific Command, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
SDQM-CPL SGT Saddler Quarter Master Corporal/Sergeant
SDR Strategic Defence Review
S-DRCASC Sub-Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
SDRCE Stores Depot, Royal Canadian Engineers
SDSRCCS Section Division Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
SE Sergeant, Servicing Echelon, Safety Equipment Mechanic
SEA South East Asia, South East Atlantic Area, Senior Executive-Assistant to the Minister
SEA H, SEA HIGHRS, SH, SEAFORTH, SEAF, Seaforth(ofCanada) Seaforth Highlanders
SEAACHQ South East Asia Air Command Headquarters
SEAC South East Asia Command
SEAFOG South East Asia Fighter Operations Graticule System
SEATIC SEATIC - South East Asia Translation and Interrogation Center
SEC Section, Sector, Second(ed), Secretary, Security, Special Employment Company
Secd Seconded
SecNB Secretary, Naval Board
SecNB Secretary, Naval Officer
SecNP Secretary, Naval Personnel
SECO South Eastern Command (United Kingdom)
SecOB Secretary Ordnance Board
SECPC Special Employment Company Pacific Command
Secy Secretary
SED Superintendent Equipment Division
SEE Superintendent Electrical Engineer
SEF Siberian Expeditionary Force, Salary Equalization Factor
SEHU Surplus Equipment Holding Units
SEIN Sergeant Instructor
SELT Sergeant Lieutenant
SEN RES, SR Senior Reserve
SEng Stationary Engineer
SEO Senior (or Squadron) Engineer Officer
SEO(CO) Senior Engineer Officer (Combined Operations)
SEP Special Employment Platoon, Sepoy
SEP Sepoy
SEPA South East Pacific Area
SEPI Sergeant Pioneer
Sergt, Serjt, Sers, Shawish, Srgt, Sgt Sergeant
SERSupt Safety Equipment and Aircraft Refinishing Superintendent
SERV Served
SERVICE WITH THE ROYAL NAVY Service with the Royal Navy
SETech Safety Equipment Technician
SETRU Sergeant Trumpeter
SETTLE'S SCTS Settles' Scouts
SEYCHELLES LC Seychelles Labour Contingent
SF Sea Fencibles, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
SFC School of Fighter Control
SFFS Ships Fire Fighting School
SFofC Scots Fusiliers of Canada
SFOR Stabilization Force
SFR Sherbrook Fusiliers Regiment
SFSCFC Special Forestry Section Canadian Forestry Corps
SFTS Service Flying Training Schools
SG Sydney-Greenland Convoy, Senior Grade, Signalman
SG, SGDS Scots Guards
SGB Steam Gun Boat
SGD Signed
SGHQCRCASC Section General Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
SgL Surgeon Lieutenant
SgLCd Surgeon Lieutenant Commander
Sgln, Sgmn Signalman
SGLR, SIG, SNR, SGR Signaler
SGO Squadron Gunnery Officer
SGOCRCOC(AD) Support Group Ordnance Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SGS Surveyor General of Supply
SgtP, SgtPlt Sergeant Pilot
SGW/SRCOC Support Group Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SH CK Ship's Cook
SH CPL Ships Corporal
SH STD Ships Steward
SH, SHPT Shipwright
SHA Shore Authority Number
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe
SHARP Standard for Harassment and Racism Prevention
SHAWISH Sergeant (Indian Army)
SHBRCA Super Heavy Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SHEAF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SHER FOR Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
SherFusR Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment
SherRang Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
SHMKR SJT Shoemaker Sergeant
SHofC Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
SHPT APPC Shipwrights Apprentice
SHPT LT Shipwright Lieutenant
Shpt, 1c (or 2c,3c,4c,5c) Shipwright, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
SHQ Station Headquarters, Section Headquarters
SHR St Hyacinthe Regiment
SHROPS LI Shropshire Light Infantry
SHROPS YEO, SHROPSY Shropshire Yeomanry
ShrW Shrapnel Wound
SHURCCS Signals Holding Unit, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
SI Strength Increase, Special Instruction
SIALKOT CAV BDE Sialkot Cavalry Brigade
SIB Special Investigation Branch
SIC Special Infantry Company
SIDG Superintending Inspector of Degaussing
SIDPHQCRU Section "I" Defence Platoon Headquarters Canadian Reinforcement Unit
SIERRA LEONE CC Sierra Leone Carrier Corps
Sig Signalman, Signaller, Signalling
SIG BOY Signal Boy
SIG TP, SIG TRP Signal Troop
Sig(s) Signal(s)
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
Sigmn Signalman
SigSea Signalman (Sea)
SIH South Irish Horse
SInv Security Investigator
SIOCO Senior Intelligence Officer, Combined Operations
SIR Seniority in Rank
SIRDAR Commander in Chief
SIS Secret Intelligence Service
SISCPC Special Investigation Section Canadian Provost Corps
SISO Senior Intelligence Staff Officer
SIT Situation
SITC Special Infantry Training Centre
Sitrep Situation Report
SIU Special Investigation Unit
SIV Staff Inspection Visits
SIW Self-Inflicted Wound
SJF(MG) St John Fusiliers (Machine Gun)
SJMH St Jerome Military Hospital
SJMHRCAMC St John's Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
SJSMHRCAMC Saint James Street Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
SJT MECH Sergeant Mechanic
SKP, SKR Skipper
SKTR Skutter Rifleman
S-L BN Sierra-Leone Battalion
S-L CC Sierra-Leone Carrier Corps
S-L COY RE Sierra Leone Company Royal Engineers
S-L COY RGA Sierra-Leone Company Royal Garrison Artillery
SL, S/L Sailing List
SL, Slmk, Slmkr Sailmaker
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLBM Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles
SLC Searchlight Control, Radar, Support Landing Craft
SLI Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's)
SLI(MG) Saskatoon Light Infantry (Machine Gun)
SLICGRU "S" List I Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
SLR South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
SLR Superintendent of Light Railways
SLt Sub-Lieutenant
SLTW Special Leave Travel Warrant
SLU Secret Liaison Unit, Special Liaison Unit (British Ultra), Signals Landline Unit
SM Sergeant Major, Stoker Mechanic
SMBH Standing Medical Board Hamilton
S-MC Sergent-Major De Compagnie
SMD Superintendent of Mining & Design
SMEBritUnits School of Mechanical Engineers
SMG Sergeant Major, Sub Machine Gun
SMH Sorel Military Hospital
SMHIRCAMC Sydney (or Saskatoon, Shelburne, Sherbrooke, Simcoe, Suffield, Sussex) Military Hospital Installation, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
SMi Shrapnel Mine
SMJR, S MJR, S/MAJ, S/MAJ, SM Sergeant Major
SMK Smoke
SMLE Short Magazine Lee Enfield
Smn Seaman
SMN RIGGER Seaman Rigger
SMO Senior Medical Officer
SMO(D) Squadron Medical Officer (Dental)
SMP Special Military Probationer
S-MR Sergent-Major Regimentaire
SMS Stokes Mortar Section
SMSO Senior Maintenance Staff Officer
SMTP Special Militia Training Program
SMTSIDRCOC Special Mechanical Transport / Military / Militia or Motor Transport Stores Increment Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SN Sonarman
SNAD Supt Naval Armament Depot
SNCF Southern Naval Coastal Frontier
SNCO Senior Non Commissioned Officer
SNEO(T) Senior Naval Experimental Officer (Torpedoes)
SNHY South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry
SNLF Special Naval Landing Force (Japanese)
SNLR Services No Longer Required
SNO Senior Naval Officer
SNOAL Senior Naval Officer Advanced Landing
SNOC Senior Naval Officer Cyrenaica
SNOCA Senior Naval Officer Casablanca Area
SNOCON Senior Naval Officer Combined Operations North
SNOCOW Senior Naval Officer Combined Operations Isle of Wight
SNOESy Senior Naval Officer, Eastern Sicily
SNOL Senior Naval Officer Landing
SNOLA Senior Laval Officer Landing, Levant Area
SNOTrip Senior Naval Officer Tripolitania
SNR Senior Naval Representative
SNSO Superintending Naval Store Officer
SO Senior (or Staff, Signals, Sanitation) Officer, Standling Orders, Special Operator
SO PRO MTD RIF Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles
SO(A/AIR) Staff Officer for Air Duties
SO(CO) Staff Officer (Combined Operations)
SO(D)S Senior Officer (Dutch Ships)
SO(I) Staff Officer (Intelligence)
SO(M) Staff Officer (Material)
SO(O) Staff Officer (Operations)
SO(P) Staff Officer (Plans)
SO(T) Staff Officer (Trade)
SO/SM Senior Officer, Submarine
SOACEF Senior Officer Aircraft Carriers Eastern Fleet
S-OBREV1 Sous-Officier Breveté de 1re Classe
S-OBREV2 Sous-Officier Breveté de 2eme Classe
SOC Senior Officers Course
SOCO Signal Officer, Combined Operations
SOCS Staff Officer Control Service (Naval)
SODS(Air) Staff Officer Dental Services (Air)
SOE Special Operations Executive
SOEscorts Senior Officer Escorts
SOF(V) Senior Office Force (V)
SofA School of Artillery
SofC School of Cookery
SofS Statement of Service
SOFSC Senior Officer Fleet Signal School
SOH Staff Officer (or Senior, Signal, Standing Orders) Raiding Squadron "H"
SOI Staff Officer - Intelligence
SOK Norwegian Mission, Cockspur St South West 1
SOL CLERK Soldier Clerk
SOM CC Somaliland Camel Corps
SOM IND CONT Somaliland Indian Contingent
SOM LI Somerset Light Infantry
SOMBB Senior Officer Motor Boat Base or Senior Officer Mobile Balloon Barrage
SOME Senior Ordnance Mechanical Engineer
Sonarmn Sonarman (Sea)
SONT Senior Officer Northern Trawlers
SOO Senior Operating Officer, Ship's Ordnance Officer, Staff Officer for Operational Duties
SOPL Staff Officer Polish Liaison
SORE Staff Officer, Royal Engineers
SORM Senior Officer, Royal Marines
SORS(B) Senior Officer Raiding Squadron "B"
SORS(D) Senior Officer Raiding Squadron (Dutchmen)
SORS(H) Senior Officer Raiding Squadron "H"
SORTF Senior Officer Radar Training Flotilla
SOS Struck off strength, also used in an emergency, Send Ordinary Course, Senior Officer Chasseurs
SOS1RCOCRU Struck Off Strength 1 Reserve or Regiment, Canadian Ordnance Corps Reinforcement Unit
SOSEF Senior Officer Sues Escort Force
SOSG Senior Officer Support Group
SOTC Special Officers Training Centre
SOTLDF Senior Officer Thames Local Defence Flotilla
SOVMPF Senior Officer Vernon Mine Recovery Flotilla
SoW Superintendent of Works
SP Strongpoint, Self-Propelled, Start (or Support) Point, Shore Patrol, Signal Publication, Staging Post, Special Posting, Sapper, Security Police, Support
SP AM MTE Supply Armourer's Mate
SPA South Pacific Area
SPB Service Police Barracks
SPBulletin Senior Psychologist's (Administration) Bulletin
SpConst Special Constable
SPCOSA Spare Part Control Offices South Africa
Spec Special, Specialist
SpecInc Special Increment
SPENAVO Special Naval Observer, London (US)
SPL RES TRPT Special Reserve Transport
SPNOCD Senior Polish Naval Officer, Clyde District
SPO(FF) Stoker Petty Officer (Fire Fighter)
SPO, STO PO Stoker Petty Officer
SPR, SPR, SP Sapper
SPRINGBOK KDO Springbok Kommando
SPS Staff and Personnel Support
SPSO Senior Personnel Staff Officer
SPSRCASC(D) Supply Personnel Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (Deffered)
SPTF Seaplane Training Flight
Spts Sportsman
Spvr Supervisor
SQ Sydney-Quebec Convoy, Soldier Qualification
SQ CPL MJR Squadron Corporal Major
SQ QM CPL Squadron Quarter Master Corporal
SQ QM SJT Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant
SQ S MJR, SSMC Squadron Sergeant Major
Sqd, Sqdn, Sqn Squadron
SQFT Secteur du Québec de la Force terrestre
SQ-M Sergent Quartier-Maitre
SQM SJT Staff (or Squadron) Quartermaster Sergeant
SQ-MBATT Sergent Quartier-Maitre De Batterie
SQ-MCIE Sergent Quartier-Maitre De Compagnie
SQ-MESC Sergent Quartier-Maitre D'Escadron
SQMS Squadron (or Staff) Quartermaster-Sergeant
SQN CAV EA Squadron Cavalry Egyptian Army
SR Scottish Rifles (The Cameronians), Suffolk Regiment, Senior, Supplementary (or Special) Reserve, Scottish Regiment, Strength Return
SR ASST SGN Senior Assistant Surgeon
SR N SISTER Senior Nursing Sister
SR&BRCA Survey Regiment & Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SRA Southern Rhodesia Artillery, Senior Reserve Attendant
SRARNAH Surgeon Rear Admiral Royal Navy Auxiliary Hospital
SRBRCA Sound Ranging Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
SRC Signals Refresher Course
SRD Supply Ration (or Reserve) Depot (typically found on rum jars), Special Ration Department, Special Reserve Depot, Special Radar Detachment, Special Recruiting Detachment, Service Rum Diluted??
SRE Sound Reproduction Equipment
SRG Special Reinforcement Group
SRItoSRRCA Sound Ranging Increment to Survey Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
SRMGD Sherbrooke Regiment Machine Gun Depot
SRN SISTER Senior Sister
SRNO Senior Royal Navy Officer, Squadron Royal Marine Officer
SRNR Shetland Royal Naval Reserve
SRO Squadron Physical and Recreational Training Officer
SRRCA Searchlight (or Survey) Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
SRRD Special Repair Ratings (Dockyard)
SRS Syllabus Regimental Schools, Sound Ranging Section
SRU Signal Reinforcement Unit
SRVR Surveyor
SRVT Servant
SRY Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
SS Shell-shock, Special Service, Steamship, Sanitary Section
SS ASST, SSA Ships Stewards Assistant
SS MJR, S SJT MJR, SSJTM Staff Sergeant Major
SS(British) Special Service
SS(German) Schutzstaffeln, Nazi party organizations; including elite military units and formations
SS/T Super Sonic Telegraphy
SSA Short Service Appointment, Ship's Steward's Assistant
SSaskR South Saskatchewan Regiment
SSB Superintendent of Shipbuilding, Special Service Battalion
SSC Secretary Naval Staff Committee
SSCRU Signals Section Canadian Reinforcement Units
SSDRCOC Special Salvage Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SSE Staff Sergeant, Superintendent Admiralty Signal Establishment
SSEAP Summer Student Employment Assistance Program
SSEIN Staff Sergeant Instructor
SSFA Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association
SSIB Special Services Infantry Battalion
SSM Staff (or Squadron) Sergeant-Major
SSM&SR Sault Ste Marie & Sudbury Regiment
SSMI Squadron Sergeant-Major Instructor
SSO Special (or Squadron) Signals Office(r), Senior Staff Officer, Signals Security Officer, Senior Sanitation Officer
SSpec Security Specialist
SSR South Staffordshire Regiment, South Saskatchewan Regiment
SSRC Small Scale Raiding Craft
SSRCA Special Section, Royal Canadian Artillery
SSRF Small Scale Raiding Force
SSS Security Service Section
SSS&S-S Sussex Services Staff & Sub-Staff
SST Secretary Strathcona Trust
SSTech Safety Systems Technician
SSVF Straits Settlements Volunteer Forces
ST Standing (Medical Board), Staff, Seaman Torpedoman, Steward, Ship's Storeman
ST JA BDE MALTA St Johns Ambulance Brigade
ST MKR Saddle Tree Maker
ST OF ARMY Staff of Army
ST PAYR Staff Paymaster
STA, STAT, STATY Stationary
STAFF Staff, Staff Corps
STAFF EA Staff Egyptian Army
STAFF YEO, STAFFYEO Staffordshire Yeomanry
STAFFORDS, STAFFSR Staffordshire Regiment
STANDERTON CDO Standerton Commando
STANDERTON MP Standerton Mounted Police
STAT SERV Stationery Services
STAT(Y) HOSP, StatHosp, StatyHosp, Staty Stationary Hospital
StatEng Stationary Engineer
Stats Statistics
Staty Stationary
STC Strike Command
STCDB Special Tunnelling Company Detachment "B"
STD Signals Training Detachment, Steward
STDESS Stewardess
STE Stokers' Training Establishment
STED Superintendent of Torpedo Experimental Design
STEINACKER'S H Steinacker's Horse
Steno Stenographic Pool
STEP Skilled Trades Entry Plan
Stew, Std, Stwd Steward
StFXU Saint Francis Xavier University
STH QM SJT Smith Quarter Master Sergeant
StJFus St John Fusiliers
StJSofAI St Jerome School of Army Instruction
STK Special Tanker, Stockbroker
Stn Station
STN MR Station Master
STO Sea Transport Officer, Squadron Torpedo Officer
Sto Stoker
Sto 1c (or 2c) Stoker, 1st Class (or 2nd Class)
STORES SUPDT Stores Superintendent
STP Supervision Training Personnel
STPR Strapper
Str Strength
STRMN Storeman
STS Sea Transport Staff
ST-SE Staff Sergeant
STT School of Technical Training
STTD Senior Technician, Technical Davison
Stwd(Prob) Steward (Probationer)
SU Staging Unit, Surgeon, Signals Unit
SUACW Sub-Unit Assumption College Windsor
SUB Submarine
SUB MJR, SUBDR MAJ Subadar Major
Sub-Allce Subsistence Allowance
SUBDR Subadar
SUB-LIEUT, S LT Sub Lieutenant
Subs Subsequently
SUDAN DF Sudan Defence Force
SUEP Subsidized University Education Plans
SUFF Suffolk, Suffolk Regiment
SUFF & NORF Y Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry
SUFF R, SuffR, SUFF Suffolk Regiment
SUFF YEO, SuffYeo Suffolk Yeomanry
SUMA Surgeon Major
SUMIRCEME Section Unit Maintenance Inspection, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
SUNWMP Superintendent North West Mounted Police
SUP Supply, Supply Officer, Supplement
SUPDT CLK Superintending Clerk
SUPDT, SUPT, SUPE Superintendent
SUPEG Eastern Group Supply Council
SUPP, SUP Supplement
SuppPtIIO(C) Supplementary Part II Orders (Consolidated)
SuppPtIIOrdersUEUKwithAAI(C) Supplementary Part II Orders Units Expeditionary United Kingdom with Allied Armies in Italy (Consolidated)
SuptARY Superintendent Aircraft Repair Yard
SupTech Supply Technician
Supvr Supervisor
Surg Surgeon
SURG CAPT Surgeon Captain
SURG GEN, SurgGen Surgeon General
SURG LT Surgeon Lieutenant
SURG PROB Surgeon Probationer
Surg(Rank)forDD Surgeon (Rank) for Dental Duties
Surp Surplus
SURR Surrey
SURR YEO Surrey Yeomanry
SurvCE Surveyor Construction Engineering
SUS Soldier Under Sentence
SUSS Sussex
SUSS YEO, SussYeo Sussex Yeomanry
SUTHERLAND CDO Sutherland Commando
SV Support Vehicle, Supply Vessel, Staff Nurse
SVCBN Service Battalion
Svce Service
SVD Superintendent Victuallying Depot
SVEO(M) Senior Vernon Equipment Officer (Maintenance)
SVSO Superintending Victuallying Store Officer
Svy(s) Survey(s)
SvyBty(Regt) Survey Battery (Regiment), Royal Canadian Artillery
SvyCoy Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
SW Steward, Shrapnel (Shell) wound
SW/SRCOC Sub Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
SW/TO Staff Wireless Telegraphy Officer (Naval)
SWA South West Atlantic Area
SWAZILAND P Swaziland Police
SWB South Wales Borderers
Swbd Switchboard
SWD Superintendent of Welding Development
SWD(N)(MS) Superintendent of Welding Development (Naval) (Merchant Shipping)
SWGISCIC Special Wireless Group Intelligence Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
SWGRCS Special Wireless Group, Royal Canadian Signals
SWL Soldiers' Wives League
SWMB SIG TRP South West Mounted Brigade Signal Troop
SWO Squadron Wireless Telegraphy Officer
SWPA South West Pacific Area
SWPAKFRON South-west Pacific Sea Frontier
SWPR JEMDR Sweeper Jemadar
SWRCEME Sub Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
SWS Special Wireless Station, Royal Canadian Signals
SY Shropshire Yeomanry, Staffordshire Yeomanry, Surrey Yeomanry (Princess of Wales's), Sussex Yeomanry
SYY Surrey Yeomanry (Queen Mary's Regiment)
SZY Sussex Yeomanry