Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: P


P Pilot, Pensioner in HM Armed Forces
P & BT Physical and Bayonet Training
P & S Plaque & Scroll (Memorial)
P & TJ Palestine and Trans Jordan
P AGENT Political Agent
P BTY Pack Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
P BTY FF Pack Battery Frontier Force
P CPS Pony Corps
P FLT OFFR, PFO Pilot Flight Officer (Probationary)
P MJR Pipe Major
P STD Pantry Steward
P&A Pay and Allowance
P&JSURCAMC Plastic & Jaw Surgery Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
P&NH Department of Pensions & National Health
P&O Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co
P&RT Physical and Recreational
P&S Plaque & Scroll (Memorial)
P/G Postagram
P/L Plain Language, Privilege Leave
P/N Phonogram
P/NURSE, PBY NURSE Probationary Nurse
P/O Pilot Officer
P/V Paravane
P1 Petty Officer 1st Class
P2 Petty Officer 2nd Class
PA Prince Albert Volunteers, Personal Assistant, Put Away, Panama, Physiotherapy Aide, Paymaster, Prophylactic Ablution Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PA & B VOL Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers
PA IMP MP Port Alfred Imperial Mounted Police
PAC Public Archives of Canada, Pacific
PACK ARTY Pack Artillery
PACK BTY RGA Pack Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
PADS Passive Air Defence Section
PAF Permanent Air Force
Paff Public Affairs
PAFU (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit
PAIC Persian and Iran Commands
PAL Palestine
PALAM LI Palamcottah Light Infantry
PALI Prince Albert's Light Infantry (Somersetshire Regiment)
PALO Port Amenities Liaison Officer
PAM Permanent Active Militia
PAMHRCAMC Port Arthur (or Prince Albert) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PandRT Physical and Recreational Training Officer
PAO CAPE ART Prince Alfred's Own Cape Artillery
PAO(I) Principal Administrative Officer (India)
PAPDO(I) Plastic Armour Protection Development Officer (India)
PAPO(I) Plastic Armour Protection Officer (India)
Para Paragraph, Parachute, Parachute Regiment
Part II OCAP Part II Orders Civil Affairs Pool
Part II ODHQCAPO Part II Orders Defence Headquarters Canadian Army Post Office
Part II's Part II Orders
Part III OCAD Part III Orders Civil Affairs Depot
Part/Serv Particulars of Service
PAT Patrol, Patrol Boat
PATALIA IS LNCRS Patalia Imperial Service Lancers
PATIALA INFY Patiala Infantry
PATIALA IS INFY Patiala Imperial Service Infantry
PATIG Personal Assistant to Inspector General
PATS Pre/aircrew Training Schools
PAV Prince Albert Volunteers
PAVG Prince Alfred's Volunteers Guards
PAX Passengers
Pay Directory of Pay Services
PAYM, PAYR Paymaster
PAYR LT CR Paymaster Lieutenant Commander
PAYR S LT Paymaster Sub Lieutenant
PB Patrol Boat, Pipe Band, Pounder Battery, Plumber, Permanent Base
PBFR Patrol Boat Fisherman's Reserve
PBI Poor Bloody Infantry (colloquial)
PBO Principal Boat Overseer
PBS Prefabricated Bituminous Surfacing
PBTU Port Bn Training Unit
PC Pacific Command, Practical Course, Plane Captain, Privy Council (Orders), Paymaster Clerk, Pioneer Corps, Principal Chaplain, 180 ft Army Salvage or At Sea Vessel
PC(RCMP) Provost Company (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
PC2ndE Pacific Command 2nd Echelon
PCB Protected Communications Building
PCCF Progress Captain Coastal Forces
PCCWACKD Platoon Company Canadian Women's Army Corps, Kingston Detachment
PCET Personnel Controller Eastern Theatre
PCforQMS Practical Course for Quarter Master Sergeants
PCMR Pacific Coast Militia Rangers
PCO Prince Consort's Own (Rifle Brigade)
PCPT Paymaster Captain
PCRCASC Pacific Command (or Port Company), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
PCS Personnel Counsellors School
PCS Pilot Conversation School
PCSIS Pacific Command Security Intelligence Section
PCT Paymaster Canadian Troops
PCTC Provost Corps Training Centre
PCW Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Berkshire Regiment)
PCWTCRCASC Pacific Command Water Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
PD Per Day, Paid, Professional Development
PD (No) Admiralty Record Office File Number
PD Coord Personnel and Defence Co-ordinator
PD&HRegtTheLorneScots Peel, Dufferin & Halton Regiment
PDC Professional Development Council
PDCPC Postal Detachment, Canadian Postal Corps
PDEV Personnel Development (to be issued)
PDG Paymaster Director General
PDO Passive (or Port) Defence Officer
pdr Pounder
PDRC Personnel Dispatch and Reception Centre
PDRCAPC Petawawa Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
PDRCASC Petawawa Details, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
PDSC Permanent Degaussing Specification Centre
PE Physical education, Permanently Employed, Permanent Establishment
PE&R Physical Education and Recreation
PEI Prince Edward Island, Permanently Employed Instructor
PEIH Prince Edward Island Highlanders
PEILH Prince Edward Island Light Horse
PEMBROKE YEO, PEM Y Pembroke Yeomanry
PENINSULAR H Peninsular Horse
PENT Pentecostal Church
PEO Principal Engineering Officer
PER Personnel Evaluation Report
PERI Physical Education and Recreation Instructor
Perm Br(s) Permanent Bridge(s)
PERO Principal Emergency Repair Officer
Pers Directory of Personnel Services
PESHAWAR LABOUR CPS Peshawar Labour Corps
PESHAWAR MB Peshawar Mountain Battery
pet Petrol
PF Permanent Force
PF STAFF, PFS Permanent Force Staff
PFC Private first class (American)
PFF Punjab Frontier Force
PFLO Port Facilities Liaison Officer
PFO Probationary Flight Officer
PG Province of Quebec, Proving Ground, Pushpati Guards
PG Ftr Plumber Gas Fitter
PGDRCEME Proving Ground Detachment, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
PGMHRCAMC Prince George Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PGR Protective Garrison Regiment
PH Pictou Highlanders, Photographer
PH SUPDT Superintendent
PHE Plastic High Explosive
PHILIPPOLIS CDO Philippolis Commando
Photo, PH Photographer
PhtTech Photographic Technician
Physio Physiotherapist
PhysoOTAide Physio-Occupations Therapy Aide
PI Pioneer, Plot and Radar Instructor
PIAT Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank
PIETERSBURG CDO Pietersburg Commando
PIETRETIEF CDO Pietretief Commando
PIF Punjab Irregular Force
PILOTS ASST Pilots Assistant
Pion, PIONEERS Pioneer
PIR Pacific Islands Regiment
PISE Pioneer Sergeant
PITB Pacific Infantry Training Battalion
PJB, PJBIS, PJBS Punjab Units
PJBD Permanent Joint Board on Defence
PJHQ Permanent Joint Headquarters
Pk Park
PKRMN Packerman
PL Princess Louise Fusiliers, Princess Louise (New Brunswick) Hussars, Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Privileged Leave, Platoon
PL(NB)H Princess Louise (New Brunswick) Hussars
PL, PLN Platoon
PLATER LABR Plater Labourer
Plbr, Plr, Plm Plumber
PLD Post Living Differential
PLDG 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards
PLE Prudent Limit of Endurance
PLFus Princess Louise Fusiliers (Now 23rd Army Tank Regiment)
PLH Punjab Light Horse
PLKR Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment
PLPMHRCAMC Portage La Prairie Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PLQ Primary Leadership Qualification
PLT Pilot Officer
PLTR Plater
PLY Plymouth Division
PM Polar Medal, Pharmacist, Paymaster, Provost Marshall, Prime Minister
PM SJT Provost Marshal Sergeant
Pmat, Pmatron Principal Matron
PMCCMSC Petawawa Military Camp Corps of Military Staff Clerks
PMCT Pay Master Corps Troops
PMCTDRCAPC Paymaster Canadian Troops Detachment Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
PMED Preventative Medicine
PMF Permanent Military Force
PMHRCAMC Petawawa (or Peterborough) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PML Preferred Manning Level
PMML Pilot Model Mobile Laundry
PMO Principal Medical Officer
PMPS Permanent Military Provost Staff
PMQ Permanent Married Quarters
Pmr Paymaster
PMTO Principal Medical Transport Officer
PN, Pntr, Ptr Painter
PNA Polish Naval Attache
PNGDF Papua New Guinea Defence Force
PNLO Principal British Naval Liaison Officer to Allied Navies
PNR BN Pioneer Battalion
PNR CPL Pioneer Corporal
PNR SJT Pioneer Sergeant
Pnr(Bn) Pioneer (Battalion)
Pnr(s) Pioneer
PNSO Port Minesweeping Officer
PNTN PK RE Pontoon Park Royal Engineers
PNTO Principal Naval Transport Officer
PO Petty Officer, Pilot Officer, Post Office, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Division, Portugal, Portuguese, Performance Objective
PO MTR MECH Petty Officer Motor Mechanic
PO(Postal) Petty Officer (Postal)
POA Pacific Ocean Area
POCdr Petty Officer Coder
POCk, PO CK Petty Officer Cook
POE Port of Embarkation
POET Performance Oriented Electronic Training
PofWOR Princess of Wales Own Regiment
PofWR Prince of Wales Rangers
POL Petrol, Oil and Lubrication
POLITICAL IA Political Department Indian Army
POM Petty Officer Mechanic
POMMD Principal Officer Mercantile Marine Depot
POR Personnel Occurrence Reports
POSM Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic
posn Position
Post Base Post Office
POSTAL DEPT Postal Department
PostClk Postal Clerk
POStwd Petty Officer Steward
POTCH CDO Potchefstroom Commando
POTCHEFSTROOM R Potchefstroom Ruiters
POTel, PO TEL Petty Officer Telegraphist
POW, P of W Prisoner of War
POWEDCProC Prisoner of War Escort Detachment Canadian Provost Corps
POWLH Prince of Wales's Light Horse
POWO Prince of Wales's Own
POWORY Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire
POWtr Petty Officer Writer
PP Petrol Point, Palestinian Ports, Parachutist Pay, Palestine Police, Punjab Police
PPAPO(I) Port Plastic Armour Protection Officers (India)
PPCB President, Pensions & Claims Board
PPCLI Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
PPO Principal Priority Officer
PPOp Power Plant Operator
PPS Priority Point Score
PQ Province of Quebec, Practical Qualifications
PR Palestine Regiment, Parachute, Regiment,Public Relations, Physical and Recreational Trainer, Private
PR(M) Perth Regiment (Motor)
PRADO Port Radar Officer
PRAHQ Prince Rupert Area Headquarters
PRB Performance Review Board
PRB Progress Review Board
PRC Personnel Reception Center, Progress Review Committee
PreOCTUS Pre Officers Cadet Training Unit School
PRES Presumed, Presbyerian, Primary Reserve, President
PRES VOL RIF Presidency Volunteer Rifles
Presb Presbyterian
PRESOTIA CDO Pretoria Commando
PRETORIA GDS Pretoria Guards
Prev Previously
PRIESKA CDO Prieska Commando
Print Chief of Printing & Stationery
PrivLeave, PrivLve Privileged Leave
PRLO Principal Repair Liaison Officer
PRMHRCAMC Peace River (or Prince Rupert) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
PRO Public Record Office(r), Provost
Prob, Probr Probationer
proc Proceeded
PROF Professor
PROTECTORATE REGT Protectorate Regiment
Prov Provost Corps, Provisional
PROV MP Provisional Mounted Police
PROV SERS Provost Sergeant
PROV TRANS CONST Provisional Transvaal Constabulary
PRTO Principal Railway Transport Officer
PRU Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
PRV Patrol Service Central Depot
PS Penal Servitude, Public Schools
PS (Army) Private Secretary to the Minister (Army)
PS (N) Private Secretary to the Minister (Naval)
PSA Graduate of Royal Air Force Staff College, Personnel Support Agency
PSC Graduate of Military (or Naval) Staff College, Passed Staff Course
PSE Paymaster Sergeant
PSER Pay Sergeant
PSF Panama Sea Frontier
PSM Platoon Sergeant-Major
PSO Personnel Selection Officer
PSOD Permanent Staff Organization Duty
PSP Pierced Steel Plank
PS-S Provost Sub-Sections
PSTO Principal Sea Transport Officer
PSTOME Principal Sea Transport Officer, Middle East
PSVO Principal Salvage Officer
PSWQ Platoon Support Weapons Qualifications
PT Physical and Recreational Training Instructor, Physical Training, Patrol Torpedo (Boat)
PT BOAT Patrol torpedo boat
Pt II Part II (orders relating to personnel of unit: promotions, courses attended, leave, disciplinary matters, etc)
Pt II DO, Pt II O, PTO, Part II Part II Daily Orders
PT TFC Port Traffic
PTB Pacific Training Brigade
PTC Primary Training Centre, Personnel and Training Command, Motorboat, Submarine Chaser
PTCO Principal Technical Costs Officer
Pte Private
PTEAM Private Ambulance
PTEBU Private Bugler
PTEDRU Private Drummer
PTEPI Private Pioneer
PTF Pacific Task Force
PTI Physical Training Instructor
Ptlmn Patrolman
Ptn Platoon
PTPRCASC Petrol Tanker Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
Ptr, PN, Pntr Painter
PTS Parachute Training School
PTTRCASCPBF Pack Transport Troop, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Polar Bear Force
PTU Port Transit Unit
PTYMN Pantryman
PU Permanently Unfit
PUNJAB LH Punjab Light Horse
PUO Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
PW Prisoner of War, Photographic Wing, Platoon Weapons, Pay Writer, Public Works
PW CAMP Prisoner of War Camp
PW VOLS Prince of Wales's Volunteers
PW/TO Port Wireless Telegraphy Officer
PWCC Prisoner of War Control Centre
PWDB Prisoner of War Detention Barracks
PWE Police War Reserve
PWED Prisoner of War Information Bureau
PWIB Prisoner of War Interrogation Board
PWLR Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians)
PWO Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
PWOR Princess of Wales Own Regiment (or Rangers)
PWP Post War Planning Committee
PWR Prince of Wales Rangers
PWRR Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
PWSS Post War Signal Station
PWV Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment)
PX Post Exchange
PYMSTR Paymaster
PYPERS KDO Pypers Kommando