Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: N


N North, Navigation
N BN FARAMC Northern Battalion Field Ambulance
N CONST, N KONST Native Constable
N CYC BN Northern Cyclist Battalion
N NIG CONST North Nigerian Constabulary
N NIG MC North Nigerian Medical Corps
N NIG R North Nigeria Regiment
N NURSE Nursing Nurse
N ORDERLY Nursing Orderly
N RFLS Napiers Rifles
N RHOD F North Rhodesian Forces
N RHOD MED CORPS North Rhodesia Medical Corps
N RHOD POL North Rhodesian Police
N RHOD R North Rhodesia Regiment
N RHODESIAN RIF North Rhodesian Rifles
N SERJT Native Sergeant
N STAFF R, N STAFFS R North Staffordshire Regiment
N WAZ MIL, N WAZ MILITIA North Waziristan Militia
N/A Not applicable
N/E Unit Non-Effective Unit
N/K Next of kin, Not Known
N/S, NStr Nursing Sister(s)
NA Naval Aircrewman, Naval Attache, Naval Airman
NA(P and P) Naval Assistant (Policy and Plans)
NAAF Northwest African Air Force
NAAFI Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
NAB Naval Auxiliary Boats
NAC Naval Accommodation Camp, New Apostle/Apostolic Church, National Archives of Canada
NACAF North African Air Force
NACB National Army Catering Board, Navy and Army Canteen Board
NACMA NATO ACCS Management Agency
NACO(I) Naval Adviser, Combined Operations (India)
NAD Naval Ammunition Depot, No Active Disease
NADGE NATO Air Defence Ground Environment
NAEW F NATO Airborne Early Warning Forces
NAFAR Private
NAFDU Naval Air Fighting Development Unit
NAGS Naval Air Gunners School
NAIROBI DF Nairobi Defence Force
NAMAQ'LD B SCTS Namaqualand Border Scouts
NAMAQUA KDO Manaqualand Kommando
NAMC Naval Afloat Messaging Coherency
NAMPCB Naval Air Maintenance Party China Bay
NANDI SCTS Nandi Scouts
NAP Normal (sometimes Nieuw) Amsterdams(che) Peil, Naval Auxiliary Patrol
NAR Naval Air Representative
NARIMS Nuclear Accident Response Information Management System
NAS Nursing Auxiliary Service, Naval Air Station
NASAF North African Strategic Air Force
NASO Naval Armament Supply Officer
NASOL Naval Armament Supply Officer, Levant
NATAF North(west) African Tactical Air Force
NATAL ART Natal Artillery
NATAL C OF G Natal Corps of Guides
NATAL GR Natal Government Railways
NATAL LH Natal Light Horse
NATAL MI Natal Mounted Infantry
NATAL MR Natal Mounted Rifles
NATAL NAVAL VOLS Natal Naval Volunteers
NATAL POL Natal Police
NATAL VAC Natal Volunteer Ambulance Corps
NATAL VCC Natal Volunteer Composite Corps
NATAL VMC Natal Volunteer Medical Corps
NATAL VOL HG DET Natal Volunteer Hotchkiss Gun Detachment
NATAL VOL ST Natal Volunteer Staff
NATAL VVD Natal Volunteer Veterinary Department
NatDef National Defence
NATIONAL SCTS National Scouts
NATIVE LAB C Native Labour Corps
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATOUSA North African Theatre of Operations, US Army
NATS National Air Traffic Services
NAUDE'S CDO Naude's Commando
NAUDE'S SCTS Naude's Scouts
Nav Navigator
NAY Naval Auxiliary Yachts
NB New Brunswick
NB M RIF North Bengal Mounted Rifles
NBG New Barracks, Gosport
NBH 8th New Brunswick Hussars
NBM RIF Northern Bengal Mounted Rifles
NBMGD New Brunswick Machine Gun Draft
NBMHRCAMC North Bay Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
NBR(T) New Brunswick Regiment (Tank)
NBR, NBRangers New Brunswick Rangers
NC Non-Combatant Corps, Natal Carbineers
NCAC North China Army Command
NCC, NC Non Combatant Corps
NCETF Naval Commander Expeditionary Task Force
NCGroup Naval Co-Operation Group
NCM Non-Commissioned Members
NCNAF Naval Commander Northern Attack Force
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer(s)
NCR(Conf) Naval Central Registry (Confidential Section)
NCS Naval Control Service
NCSI Naval Control Service Instructions
NCSO Naval Control Service Officer
NCXF Naval Commander, Expeditionary Force
NCycBn Northern Cyclist Battalion
NDA National Defence Act
NDA Naval Disturbing Authority, National Defence Act, Naval Discipline Act
NDCPC Newfoundland Detachment "C" Provost Corps
NDHQ National Defence Headquarters
NDHQC National Defence Headquarters Constabulary
NDHQCCDC National Defence Headquarters Company, Canadian Disciplinary Centre OR Canadian Dental Corps
NDHQCRCASC National Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
NDHQCRCOC National Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
NDHQS&SCIntC National Defence Headquarters Security & Security Section Canadian Intelligence Corps
NDHQSRSC National Defence Headquarters Section, Royal Canadian Signals
NDHQTCRCASC National Defence Headquarters Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
NDHQVPE National Defence Headquarters Vehicle Proving Establishment
NDO Northern Drafting Officer
NDOC National Defence Operations Centre
NDOFP Non-Divisional Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
N-DOW/SRCOC Non-Divisional Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
NEA North East Area, North East Atlantic Area
NEC Necessary
NECRI Northern Europe Coastal Route Instructions
NELSON BTTN RND Nelson Battalion Royal Naval Division
NEO New Entry Officer
NEOCDE Naval Experiment Officer, Chemical Defence Experimental Section
N-EP Non-Effective Personnel
NES Non-Effective Strength
NESBITT'S H Nesbitt's Horse
NETD Non-Effective Transit Depot
N-ETWB Non-Effective Transit Wing Battalion
NEW ENGLAND MR New England Mounted Rifles
NEWF, NFLD Newfoundland
NEWF'D FC Newfoundland Forestry Corps
NF Northumberland Fusiliers, Neutralizing Fire
NFA Natal Field Artillery
NFCIEF Naval Force Commander, India Experimental Force
NFF Nyasaland Field Force
NFORCE Nassau, Bahamas (Special Company The Pictou Highlanders)
NG New York-Guantanamo Convoy
NGCS Naval General Call Sign
NGFSO Naval Gunfire Support Officer
NGO Non Governmental Organization
NH Northumberland Hussars
NHB Nairobi Howitzer Battery
NHR Naval Historical Records
NI Native Infantry, Northern Ireland, North Irish, Night
NI(S) Naval Instructions to Salaried Consular Officers
NI(U) Naval Instructions to Unsalaried Consular Officers
NIEWDTVL CDO Niewouldtville Commando
NIG FLD COY Nigerian Field Company
NIG L CTGT Nigeria Land Contingent
NIG MARINE Nigerian Marine
NIG MTC Nigerian Motor Transport Corps
NIG POLICE Nigerian Police
NIG R Nigeria Regiment
NIG R (ART) Nigeria Regiment Artillery
NIG SIG S Nigerian Signal Service
NIL MAL BN AFI Nilghai & Malabar Battalions Auxiliary Forces India
NIL MAL BN IDF Nilghai & Malabar Battalions Indian Defence Force
NIL VOL RFLS Nilghai Volunteer Rifles
NIMHRCAMC Neys Internment Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
NInf Naval Information Section
NIO Naval Intelligence Officer
NIRH, NIH, N IR H North Irish Horse
NIS National Investigation service
NJTP National Joint Training Plan
NK Naik, Not Known
NKB Not Kite Balloons
NL Labrador-Quebec Convoy
NL Netherlands, Nutrition Laboratories
NLH Natal Light Horse
NLO Naval Liaison Officer
NLO(A) Naval Liaison Officer (Australia)
NLOTs Naval Liaison Officers Transports
NMC Nanaimo Military Camp
NMCJS Naval Member Canadian Joint Staff
NMCS Naval Member Canadian Staff
NMed Naval Medical Officer, Naval Headquarters
NMH Newmarket Military Hospital
NMHRCAMC Nanaimo (or Neill, Neys, Niagara) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
NMOHSC Non-Medical Officers Hygiene Sanitation Course
NMR Natal Mounted Rifles
NNLO Netherlands Naval Liaison Officer
NNS Naval Nursing Sister(s)
NNS HIGH, NNSH North Nova Scotia Highlanders
NO Naval (orNavigating) Officer, Norway, Norwegian
No(s) Number(s)
NOB Naval Operating Base
NOComm Naval Orders Committee (Judge Advocate General)
NOCSO Neglecting Obey Camp Standing Orders
NOD Naval Ordnance Department
NofK Next of Kin
NOi/c, NOIC Naval Officer-in-Charge
NORF R, NORFR, NORF, NR Norfolk Regiment
NORF YEO, NORFYEO, NORF Y Norfolk Yeomanry
NORIB Naval Officer's Relatives Information Bureau
NORTHANTS Y, NORTH'N YEO Northamptonshire Yeomanry
NORTHANTS, NORTH'N R, NR Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire Regiment
NORTH'D FUS Northumberland Fusiliers
NORTH'D HRS Northumberland Hussars
NORTH'N R Northamptonshire Regiment
NOTTS Nottinghamshire
NOTTS & DERBY R Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment
NOTWT Not Wireless Telegraphy
NP Non-Permanent
NPA North Pacific Area
NPAM Non-Permanent Active Militia
NPAMF Non-Permanent Active Militia Force
NPAMTCA&TS Non Permanent Active Militia Training Centre Administrative & Training Staff
NPD Naval Purchasing Division
NPF Non Public Funds
NPM Naval Provost Marshal
NPP Non Public Property
NPR Naval Personnel Records
NPT Northern Patrol Trawlers
NR North Riding (of Yorkshire), Northern Rhodesia
NRC National Research Council
NRC Navigational Raiding Craft
NRE Atheist, Agnostic or no Religion
NREF North Russian Expeditionary Force
NRMA(of 1940) National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940
NRR Northern Rhodesia Regiment
NRSSTP Naval Reserve Summer Student Training Program
NS Nova Scotia, Norwegian Ship, Naval Storeman, Nursing Sister
NS & BY North Somerset and Bristol Yeomanry
NS(No) Naval Service file number
NSA North Sea Area
NSB Naval Servicing Boat
NSC Naval Shore Code
NSCRCS Newfoundland Signal Company, Royal Canadian Signals
NSDC Naval Surplus Disposal Committee
NSDRCOC Nanaimo Sub-Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
NSec Naval Secretary
NSHQ Naval Services Headquarters
NSIS Naval Store Issuing Ship
NSO Naval Store(s) Officer
NSomYeo, NSOMY North Somerset Yeomanry
NSR Nova Scotia Regiment
NSR(NB) North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
NSRD Nova Scotia Regimental Depot, North Staffordshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's)
NSSC National Security Studies Course
NSTAFFS, NSTAFFSR North Staffordshire Regiment
NSTC Nova Scotia Technical College
NSTS(No) Naval Services Top Secret file number
NSW New South Wales
NSY North Somerset Yeomanry
NT&YRS Northwest Territories & Yukon Radio System
NTA(East)(West) Northern Transit Area East/West
NTO Naval Transport Officer
NTR Nothing to Report
NUR Nursing
NursA Nursing Assistant
NVAC Naval Volunteer Ambulance Corps
NVAC Naval Volunteer Ambulance Corps
NVT&TS Night Vision Training & Testing School
NW MILITIA North Waziristan Militia
NW RLY MG COY North West Railway Maxim Gun Company
NW RY Narrow Width Railways
NW RY BN North West Railway Battalion
NW RY MGS North West Railway Maxim Gun Section
NWA North West Atlantic Area
NWAAF North West African Air Force
NWAC North West Air Command
NWACF North West African Coastal Air Force
NWB New Wellington Barracks
NWDRCCS North West Detachment, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
NWE North West Echelon, Norwest Europe
NWEF North West Expeditionary Force
NWF North West Frontier, India
NWFP North West Frontier Police
NWHME Northwest Highway Maintenance Establishment
NWHS Northwest Highway System
NWMP North West Mounted Police
NWR Naval Weekly Report
NWS1 Medical Examination and Certificate Form, National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940
NWT&YRSRCS Northwest Territories & Yukon Radio System Royal Canadian Signals
NX Naval Exchange
NXFRON Commander New Zealand Frontier
NY Norfolk Yeomanry, Northamptonshire Yeomanry, Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)
NYASALAND DF Nyasaland Defence Force
NYASALAND FF Nyasaland Field Force
NYASALAND VR Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve
NYD Not Yet Diagnosed, Not yet Determined
NYDN Not yet diagnosed neurosis
NYK Not Yet Known
NZ New Zealand
NZ & A New Zealand and Australian Division
NZEF New Zealand Expeditionary Force
NZLO New Zealand Liaison Officer
NZMR New Zealand Mounted Rifles
NZNB New Zealand Naval Board
NZRB New Zealand Rifle Brigade
NZSAS New Zealand Special Air Service