Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: M


M Minelayer, Minister, Miscellaneous, Major, Matron
M & D Medals and Decorations
M & S Munitions and Supply
M & SM RY Rif Madras & Southern Mahratta Railway Battalion
M BTY Mountain Battery
M CYCLIST Motor Cyclist
M FARMS D Military Farms Department
M GNR, MR GR Master Gunner
M MECH Motor Mechanic
M RIF, MR Mounted Rifles
M VET SECT Mobile Veterinary Section
M&BC Mining & Boring Company
M&D Medals & Decorations, Medicine and Return to Duty
M&JWS Mountain & Jungle Warfare School
M&Wasst Munitions and Weapons Assistant
M&Wtech Munitions and Weapons Technician
M(N) Minister for Naval Services
M(No) Captain "M" (Number) Mine Laying Squadron
M, MTR Master
M/A Meal Allowance
M/C Motor Cycle
M/F Medium Frequency
m/n Marginally Named
M/S Minesweeper(s)
M/SAux Minesweepers Auxiliary
M/SBan Minesweepers Bangor
M/SBas Minesweepers Bassett
M/SMotor Minesweepers Motor
M/SWood Minesweepers Wooden
M/T Motor Transport
M1 Army Service Corps, Mechanical Transport Section
M2 Army Service Corps, Electricians
MA Medical Assistant, Master, Meal Allowance, Military Academy
MA/SBI Motor Torpedo Boat fitted with asdic set and depth charges
MA/STU Mobile Asdic Training Unit
MAA Medium Anti Aircraft, Master at Arms
MAAF Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
MAC Merchant Aircraft Carriers
MAC Minesweeping Craft, Minesweeping Attendant, Motor Ambulance Convoy (or Car, Company)
MAC Motor Ambulance Car
Mach Machinist
MachAccOp Machine Accounting Operator
MACR(A)D Manitoba Armoured Car Regiment (Armoured) Division
MACRCAMC Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MACRI Maritime Atlantic Coastal Routing Instructions
MAD Military Accounts Department, Magnetic Air Detector
MADRAS MTR CYC Madras Motor Cyclist
MADRAS S & M Madras Sappers & Miners
MAFEKING CC Mafeking Cadet Corps
MAFEKING DF Mafeking Defence Force
MAFEKING RV Mafeking Railway Volunteers
MAFEKING SPC Mafeking Special Police Contingent
Mag Magnetic, Magazine
MAGADI DF Magadi Defence Force
MAGU Master Gunner
maint Maintenance
MAJ GEN Major General
MAJ KPLN Major Chaplain
Maj, MAJOR Major
MALAY S GDS Malay States Guides
MALAY S GDS ART Malay States Guides Artillery
MALER KOTLA I-S SPRS Malerkotla Imperial Service Sappers
MALMESBURY DF Malmesbury Defence Force
MALTA RE Malta Royal Engineers
MALTESE LC Maltese Labour Corps
MAMS Mobile Air Movement Section
MAN Manitoba
MAN R Manitoba Regiment
MANCH R, MANCH, MANCHR Manchester Regiment
MANSR Miramichi Area North Shore Regiment
MAO Medical Associate
MARATGANI MR Maratgani Mounted Rifles
MARCOM Maritime Command
MARE Maritime Engineer
MarEngT Marine Engineering Technician
MARI Mercantile Atlantic Routing Instructions
MARICO CDO Marico Commando
MARITZBURG AMB C Maritzburg Ambulance Corps
MARS Maritime Surface and Sub-surface
MARSHALL'S H Marshall's Horse
MARURCOC Mobile Ammunition Repair Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MAS Motor Ambulance Section
Mat Material
MATATIELE EUR RES Matatiele European Reserve
MATATIELE NC Matatiele Native Contingent
MATP Mobilization Assignment Training Plan
MB Medal of Bravery, Military Band, Motor Boat, Mountain Battery, Motorboatman
MB SCTS Mounted Brigade Scouts
MB(M) Motordrome Barracks (Montreal)
MB, MED BD Medical Board
MBC Motorboat Crewman
MBDS Main Bench Dressing Station
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
MBLRCAMC Mobile Bacteriological Laboratory, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MBM1 Soldiers Pay Book
MBRCA Medium Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
MBRGA Mountain Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
MBSSM Medical Board Sault St Marie
MBT Main Battle Tank
MBTC Mines Booby Traps Course
MBURCOC Mobile Bath Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MC Memorial Cross, Military Cross, Mobile Canteen, Motorcycle, Motorcycle Course, Mule Corps
MC of S Military College of Science
MC(I) Mule Convoy (India)
Mc/s Megacycles
MCC Military Career Counsellor
MCD Manager Constructive Dept
MCDV Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
MCH Malton Convalescent Hospital
MCI Mercantile Convoy Instructions
MCM Mine Countermeasures
MCMHRCAMC Macdonald College (or Maple Creek) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MCMV Mine Countermeasures Vessels
MCRCAMC Medical Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MCS(C) Movement Control Staff (Canada), Motor Landing Craft Carrying Ship
MCSP Maintenance
MD Military District, Military Depot, Manning Depot, Mahendra Dhal Regiment
MD 1 Military District 1, Western Ontario (London)
MD 11 Military District 11, British Columbia (Victoria)
MD 12 Military District 12, Saskatchewan (Regina)
MD 13 Military District 13, Alberta (Calgary)
MD 2 Military District 2, Central Ontario (Toronto)
MD 3 Military District 3, Eastern Ontario (Kingston)
MD 4 Military District 4, Western Quebec (Montreal)
MD 5 Military District 5, Eastern Quebec (Quebec)
MD 6 Military District 6, Maritime Provinces (Halifax)
MD#5&CCVC Military District #5 & Camp Commander Valcartier Camp
MDB Military Detention Barracks
MDBBO Military Detention Barracks Brampton, Ontario
MDBSBCPC Military Detention Barracks Stanley Barracks Canadian Provost Corps
MDC Mobile Deperming Craft
MDG Medical Director-General
Md'Hon Medaille d'Honneur (France)
MDHQS Military District Headquarters Staff
MDS Main Dressing Station
MDU Mobile Deperming Unit
ME Mechanical Engineer, Middle East
MEAC Military Engineers Association of Canada
MEC, MECH Mechanic, Mechanician, Mechanized, Mechanical, Director of Mechanization
Mech Eqpt (Pk) (Coy) Mechanical Equipment (Park) (Company)
MECH S SJT Mechanist Staff Sergeant
MechTpr, MECH TPT Mechanical Transport
MED Medium, Medical
MED Medium, Medical, Manager Engineering Dept, Mediterranean and Red Sea Area
MED CORPS EA Medical Corps Egyptian Army
MedA Medical Assistant
MedCTR Medical Centre
Med-Evac Medical Evacuation
Meds Director General of Medical Services
MEF Mesopotamian (or Mediterranean) Expeditionary Force, Middle East Forces
MEIC Middle East Intelligence Centre
MEIRI Mercantile East Indies Routing Instructions
MENNIES SCTS Mennie's Scouts
MEO Mercantile Equipment Office (Naval)
MERWARAS Merwara Infantry
MES Military Engineering Services
MESO R, MESO RYS, MESPOT RLYS Mesopotamian Railways
MESPSRCE Mechanical Equipment Spare Parts Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
MESRCECMF Mechanical Equipment Section, Royal Canadian Engineers, Central Mediterranean Force
MESS STD Mess Steward
MESupt Mobile Equipment Superintendent
MET Meteorology
METech Mobile Equipment Technician
METH Methodist
MetO Meteorological Observer
MetTech Meteorological Technician
MEW Ministry of Economic Warfare
MEXE Mechanical Equipment Experimental Establishment
MF Military (or Militia) Form, Mediterranean Fleet
MFA Mercantile Fleet Auxiliary
MFB Master File Maintenance
MFC Mortar Fire Controller
MFD Military Farms Department, Military Forwarding Department
MFM Master File Maintenance
MFO Military Forwarding Officer
MFP Military Foot Police
MFRC Military Family Resource Centre
MFV Motor Fishing Vessel
MG Machine Gun
MG Medical Guard
MG Messenger
MG BN Machine Gun Battalion
MG COY Machine Gun Company
MG DETACHT Machine Gun Detachment
MG SQN, MG SQUN Machine Gun Squadron
MGA Major General in charge of Administration
MGB Motor gun boat
MGBD Machine Gun Base Depot
MGC Machine Gun Corps
MGC (CAV), MGC CAV Machine Gun Corps Cavalry
MGCRNVR Machine Gun Company Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
MGCT Major-General Combined Training
MGEN Major General
MGGS Major General General Staff
MGHU Machine Gun Holding Unit
MGRA Major General Royal Artillery
MGRU Machine Gun Reinforcement Unit
MGS Machine Gun School, Machine Gun Squadron
MGTC Machine Gun Training Centre
MGTC(NRMA) Machine Gun Training Centre (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
MGTC(RF) Machine Gun Training Centre (Reserve Fleet)
MH Military Hospital
MHC Military Hospitals Commission, Military Harbour Craft
MHC Miscellaneous Harbour Craft
MHCC Military Hospitals Commission of Canada
MHHRCAMC Montmagny (or Montreal, Mulgrave) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MHLRCAMC Mobile Hygiene Laboratory, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
MHQ Maritime Headquarters
MHTS Mahrattas
MI Military Intelligence, Mounted Infantry
MI ROOM, MIR Medical Inspection Room
MI, ML Mile
MI5 Military Intelligence 5 (UK, Internal Security)
MI6 Military Intelligence 6 (UK, External Security)
MIA Missing in Action, Mounted Infantry
MIC Medical Instructions Camp
MICS Miscellany, Miscellaneous
MID Mentioned-in-Despatches
MID, MIDS Midshipman
MIDDLEBURG CDO Middleburg Commando
MIDD'X R, MIDD'XR, MIDDX Middlesex Regiment
MIDLAND MR Midland Mounted Rifles
MIDLANDSE R Midlandse Ruiters
MidR Midland Regiment
MIL HOS, MILHOS, MilHos Military Hospital
MIL M CYC C Military Motor Cyclists Corps
MIL, MILY Military
MILE Military Engineer
MILO Military Intelligence Liaison Officer
Min Minister
Min(A) Minister for Air
MIO Maritime Interdiction Operations
MIS Mercantile Intelligence Section (or Service), Ministry of Information
MIS Military Intelligence Service
MIS Ministry of Information
Misc Miscellaneous
Miss Missing
Mit Mitrailleuses
MJ Major
MJGE Major General
MK mark
ML Missing List, Motor Launch
ML CPS, MLC Mekran Levy Corps
ML&BU Mobile Laundry & Bath Unit
ML&FDU Mobile Laundry & Forward Decontamination Unit
MLC Motor Landing Craft, Macedonian Labour Corps, Mekran Levy Corps
MLDR Moulder
MLI Mahratta Light Infantry
MLO Military Liaison Officer, Military Landing Officer
MLOC Minimum Level of Capability
MLRU Mobile Land Repair Units
MLV Mine Laying Vessels
MLVW Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
MLWRGHT Millwright
MM Military Medal, Motor(man) Mechanic,Meteorologist's Mate
MMG Medium Machine Gun, Motor Machine Gun
MMGC Motor Machine Gun Corps
MMGS Motor Machine Gun Service
MMGS (RA) Motor Machine Gun Service (Royal Artillery)
MMHRCAMC Magantic (or Mewata, Mimico, Monteith) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
Mmil Medaille Militaire (France)
MML Manual of Military Law
MMM Member of the Order of Military Merit
MMN Machineman
MMP Miscellaneous Military Personnel, Military Mounted Police
MMPITest Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test
MMR Manitoba Mounted Rifles, Mercantile Marine Reserve
MMS Mercantile Movements Section (Naval)
MMS Motorcycle Maintenance School
MMTP Military Medical Training Plan
MMU Multi-National Medical Unit
MN Merchant Navy, Midnight
MNB Mobile Naval Base
MNBDO Mobile Naval Base Defence Organization
MNC Merchant Navy Code
MND Minister of National Defence
MNEU Mission Navale Etats Unis, Washington
MNI Madras Native Infantry
MNOPF Merchant Navy Officer's Pension Fund
MNP Merchant Navy Privilege
MNS Manager of Naval Stores
MNSK Private
Mnvre Manoeuvre
MO Medical Officer, Militia Order, Month, Meteorological Observer, Meteorological Technician
MO(D) Medical Officer (Dental)
MO(s) Militia Order
MOB Man Overboard
Mob Mobile
MOB Mobile, Mobilization
Mobn Mobilisation
MOC Military Operation (or Occupation) Code
MOCOMP Maintenance of Competency (Physicians Only)
MOD Ministry of Defence
MOEF Mid-Ocean Escort Force
MOF Master of the Fleet
MofWT Ministry of War Transport
MOG Medical Officer of the Guard
MOI Ministry of Information
MOMBASA DF Mombasa Defence Force
MOMBASA IVC Mombasa Indian Volunteer Corps
MOMBASA MARINE DF Mombasa Marine Defence Force
MOMBASA TG Mombasa Town Guard
MOMP Mid Ocean Meeting Point
MON, MONMOUTH R Monmouthshire Regiment
MONG Y, MONTGOM YEO Montgomeryshire Yeomanry
MONTGOMERENCY'S SCTS Montgomerency's Scouts
MORT Maintenance Officer Rescue Tugs
MOSID Military Occupation Structure Identification Code
MOT Motor
MOTOR TRANSPORT RND Motor Transport Royal Naval Division
MOTP Medical Officer Training Plan
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
Mov Movement, Movement Control Staff
MP Military Police(man), Muster Parade, Memorial Plaque
MP&DB Military Prison & Detention Barracks, Main Party
MPB Madras/Military Police Battalion
MPCC Military Police Complaints Commission
MPCRI Mercantile Pacific Coastwise Routeing Instructions
MPD Military Prisons Department
MPF Manitoba Patriotic Fund
MPH Miles per hour
MPI Mean Point of Impact
MPO Moving Picture Operators
MPRI Mercantile Pacific Routeing Instructions
MPS Manning Priority System
MPSC Military Provost Staff Corps, Military Police Staff Corps
MPSCAO/S Mobile Printing Section Canadian Army Overseas
MQ Married Quarters
MQMS Mechanic Quartermaster-Sergeant
MR Mounted Rifles, Manchester Regiment, Montgomeryshire Yeomanry, Master at Arms, Motor Regiment, Montmagny Regiment, Mobilization & Recruiting Section of Organization, Midland Regiment, Maisonneuve Regiment, Middlesex, Mister
MRC Military Research Centre
MRD Manitoba Regimental Depot, Moncton Recruiting Depot
MRF Les Fusiliers de Mont-Royal
MRO Military Reporting Officer
MRSS Medium Regiment Signals Section
MS Mechanical Specials', Military Secretary, Master Sergeant, Medical Staff, Medical Services
MS FMN Machine Shop Foreman
MS MJR Mechanist Sergeant Major
MS(No) Senior Officer (Number) Minesweeping Flotilla
MSA Military Service Act
MSB Medical Selection Boards
MSB Military Service Branch
MSC Medical Staff Corps
MSD Munitions & Supply Depot, Medical Stores Depot
MSE Mobile Support Equipment
MSEO Mobile Support Equipment Officer
MSEOP Mobile Support Equipment Operator
MSFF Moroccan Sea Frontier
MSG(No) (Number) Minesweeping Group
Msgt Master Sergeant
MSLC Mount Saint Louis Contingent
MSLCHI Masalchi
MSLSH Mechanized Squadron Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
MSM Meritorious Service Medal, Mechanical Sergeant Major
MSRTM Marine Superintendent Rescue Tugs Mediterranean
MSS Mechanist Staff Sergeant
MSSC Military Store Staff Corps
MSTech Mechanical Systems Technician
MStGeo Medal of Saint George (Russia)
MSTR MECH Master Mechanic
MT Military (or Motor) Transport, Military, Militia
MT CURRIE RES Mount Currie Reserves
MT DVR Mechanical Transport Driver
MTA Mauritius Territorial Artillery
MTAP Military Training Assistance Program
MTB Motor Torpedo Boat
MTC Militia Training Centre, Military Trades Company, Motor Transport Corps
MTC(A&TS) Military Training Centre (Administrative & Training Staff)
MTCDS Military Training Centre District School
MTCRCOC Mechanics Training Centre, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MTCT Militia Training Centre Trainees
Mtd Mounted
MTD BD SCTS Mounted Brigade Scouts
MTD REG Mounted Regiment
MTDGB(B) Mechanical Transport Depot Guard Borden (Borden)
MTDRCOC Mechanized Transport Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MTE Mechanical Training Establishment
MTE BKR Bakers Mate
Mtech, MtlTech Metals Technician
MTHU Mechanical Transport Holding Units
MTICMHQRCOC Mechanical Transport Inspectorate Canadian Military Headquarter, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MTIRCASC Mechanical Transport Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
MTIRCEME Mechanical Transport Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and mechanical Engineers
MTMB Medium Trench Mortar Battery
MTMU Mechanical Training Mobile Unit or Mobile Torpedo Maintenance Unit
Mtn Mountain
MTO Motor (or Mechanical) Transport Officer
MTOC Maintenance (or Mechanical) Training Officer Course
MTR Mechanical Transport Regiment
MTR Motor
MTR BOY Motor Boy
MTS Motor Transport Service
MTSDRCOC Mechanical Transport Sub Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MtStBSC Mount St Bruno Summer Camp (Bruno Training Battalion & Bruno Summer Camp Headquarters)
MTTSCRCOC Mechanical Transport Technical Stores Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MTVRD Mechanical Transport Vehicle Reception Depot
MTW/SSRCOC Mechanical Transport Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, Mobilization Training Centre, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, Movement Train, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
MU Maintenance Unit, Medically Unfit
MULAZIM A Lieutenant
MULAZIM T Second Lieutenant
MULE CPS Mule Corps
MURASLER Soldier Servant
MURRAY'S H Murray's Horse
MURRAY'S SCTS Murray's Scouts
MURRAYSBURG CDO Murraysburg Commando
Mus Muslim
MUSC Music
MV Motor vessel, Muzzle Velocity, Motor Vehicle
MVC Motor Volunteer Corps
MVO Member of the Royal Victorian Order (4th or 5th Class)
MVS Mobile Veterinary Section
MvtCon Movements Controller
MW Maintenance Wing
MW,SSupt Metals Workshops Superintendent
MWDEA Military Works Department Egyptian Army
MWS Military Works Service
MWT (British) Ministry of War Transport
MWTelO, MW TEL O Marine Wireless Telegraph Operator
MX Memorial Cross
MXR Middlesex Regiment
MY Motor Yacht
MYBURGH'S CDO Myburgh's Commando
MYIT BN BMP Myit Battalion Burma Military Police