Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: B


B & CI RY BN IDF Bombay & Central Indian Railway Battalion Indian Defence Force
B & GFU Bombing and Gunnery Flying Unit
B & R Blues and Royals
B & WD Berkshire and Westminster Dragoons
B AMIN Boy Administrator
B ART Boy Artificer
B BUGR Boy Bugler
B CK, Bcook Boy Cook
B of the MG of the ONDHQ Branch of the Master General of the Ordnance, National Defence Headquarters Company
B Report Burial Report
B Rlwy VOL CORPS Burma Railway Volunteer Corps
B SHAWISH Bash Shawish
B SVT Boy Servant
B TEL, BOY TEL Boy Telegraphist
BA Bandsman, Bermuda Area
BAC Brigade Ammunition Column, British Air Commission
BACCS Backbone Air Command and Control System
BAD British Admiralty Delegation
BADR(PC) British Admiralty Delegation Representative, Pacific Coast
BAFO British Air Force Overseas
BAGANDA RIF Baganda Rifles
BAGS Bombing and Air Gunnery School
BAL INFY, BALUCH INF, BALUCHIS Baluchistan Infantry, Baluchis
BALSK British Army Liaison Staff Kenya
BALTAP Baltic Approaches
BAM Large Minesweeper
BAMR British Admiralty Maintenance Representative
BAMS Broadcasts to Allied Merchant Ships
Bandsmn Bandsman
Bandsmn(Prob) Bandsman (Probationer)
BAO Base Accounting Officer
BAPO Base Army Post Office
BARKLY W CDO Barkley West Commando
BARM British Advisory Repair Mission
BARS Salvage Vessel
BarTdr Bar Tender
BAS(O) British Army Staff (Officers)
BAS(OR) British Army Staff (Other Ranks)
BASM Battalion Sergeant Major
BASR British Admiralty Supply and Repairs, British Admiralty Supply Representative
BASRAH SURVEYS Basrah Surveys Department
BAT Beam Approach Training
BATM British Admiralty Technical Mission
Batt Battery
Batt'n, Batt Battalion
BATUS British Army Training Unit, Suffield
BAV Boom Attendant Vessels
BAYS Queen's Bays
BB Battleship, Bailey Bridge, Bugle Band
BB & CL RLWY REGT Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway Regt
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BC British Columbia, Battery Commander, Base, Commander, Base Commandant
BCA Battery Commander's Assistant, Biscay and Channel Area
BCATP British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
BCC Bikanir Camel Corps
BCD British Columbia Dragoons
BCH Barriefield Camp Hospital
BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force
BCPO Base Civilian Personnel Officer
BCQ Base Commander, Queensborough
BCR British Columbia Regiment
BCRCASC Bridge Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
BCRD British Columbia Regimental Depot
BCRGA Bermuda Contingent Royal Garrison Artillery
BCRM British-Canadian Recruiting Mission
BCSO British Central Scientific Office
BD Base Depot, Blood Donor
BD CPL Band Corporal
BDB Branch Detention Barracks
BDC Battle Drill Course
BDCASS "Bandoliers" Detachment - Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
BDCRE Bomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers
BDD Boom Defence Depot
BDE Balloon Development Establishment
Bde, Bgde Brigade
BdeGp Brigade Group
BdmR Bandsman
BDO Boom Defence Officer
BDofMS Base Depot of Medical Stores
Bdr, Bmbr, Bde Bombardier
BDS Battle Drill School
BDS Bomb Disposal School
BD-SE Band Sergeant
Bdsm, Bdm, Bdn, Bd Bandsman
BDTC Battle Drill Training Centre
BDV Boom Defence Vessel
BDZ Commander in Chief Netherlands Navy, London
BEC British Escort Craft, Basic Electronics Course
BECHL'D PROT MP Bechuanaland Protectorate Mounted Police
BECHUANALAND RIF Buchuanaland Rifles
BED STD Bedroom Steward
BEDDIE'S SCTS Beddies Scouts
BEDF YEO Bedford Yeomanry
BedfR, Bedf, Beds Bedfordshire Regiment
BEDFS & HERTS R, BEDS & HERTS R Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
BedfYeo, BY Bedfordshire Yeomanry
BEF British Expeditionary Force, Before
BELFIELD SCTS Belfield Scouts
BELG Belgium
BELGIAN OX TPT Belgian Ox Transport
BEM British Empire Medal, Bengal, Basic Electronics Mechanic
BENBOW BTTN RND Benbow Battalion Royal Naval Division
BEREDE BDE Berede Brigade, De Berede Brigade
BerksR Berkshire Regiment
BerksYeo Berkshire Yeomanry
BERMUDA ART Bermuda Artillery
BERMUDA VRC Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps
BESL British Empire Service League
BET Basic Educational Test
BETHAL CDO Bethal Commando
BETHUNE'S MI Bethune's Mounted Infantry
Betw, Btwn Between
BF Bring Forward
BFA Battle First Aid, Blank Firing Attachment
BFG British Forces Germany
BFPA British Forces Post Overseas, British Forces Post Office
BFPO British Forces Post Overseas
BFTS Basic Flying Training School
BG Brigade Group, Brigadier-General, Battlegroup, Base Gagetown
BG RYS Broad Gauge Railway
BG, BGEN, BRIG-GEN, BRIG GEN Brigadier General
BGC(C)RCASC Brigade Group Company (Company) Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
BGE TIND Barge Tindal
BGGS Brigadier General General Staff
BGH British General Hospital
BGHQ Battlegroup Headquarters
Bglr Bugler
BGRA Brigadier General Royal Artillery
BGRAM Basegram
BGROC Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
BGS Brigadier, General Staff
BGS, B & GS Bombing and Gunnery School
BH&MDATKRRCA Beachy Head & Michel Dean Anti-Tank Ranges Royal Canadian Artillery
BHAMO BN BMP Bhamo Battalion Burma Military Police
BHAVN IS LRS Bhavnagar Imperial Service Lancers
BHDY Bhandary
BHOPAL INF Bhopal Infantry
BHOPAL IS LRS Bhopal Imperial Service Lancers
bhp Brake Horse Power
BHQ Battery/Battalion/Brigade Headquarters
BHQS Barriefield Headquarters Staff
BHRRCA Beachy Head Ranges, Royal Canadian Artillery
BHX Bermuda Portion of Halifax (New York) to United Kingdom Convoy
BI Bandsman Instrumentalist
BIB "B" Infantry Battalion
BIC Bowmanville Interment Camp
BioTech Biosciences Technician
BItoCSGHQEAGP Brussels Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon Army Group
BJCB British Joint Communications Board
BK Battery Captain, Blacksmith
BK S MJR Barrack Sergeant Major
BKMS, BQM SJT, BQMS Battery Quarter Master Sergeant
BKR Baker
Bks Barracks
BL Breech Loading
BLC Breech Loading Converted
bldg(s) Building(s)
Bldmth, Bk, Blk, Blksth, B Smith Blacksmith
BLFN British Land Forces Norway
BLH Behar Light Horse
BLKS MTE Blacksmith's Mate
BLOC Basic Logistics Officers Course
BLOEMHOF CDO Bloemhof Commando
BLRMKR, BMKR Boilermaker
BLU British Liaison Unit
BLYR Bricklayer
BM Brigade Major, Brevet Major, Bertram Mackennal
BM POLICE, BMP Burma Military Police
BM RIF Bengal Mounted Rifles
BMA Band Master
BMCA British Maintenance Commander, Argentina
BMD Bengal Medical Department, Burma Medical Department
BMET Bio-Medical Engineering Technician
BMH British (or Brandon, Brantford) Military Hospital
BMH(PHI) Brockville Military Hospital (PHI)
BMHRCAMC Botwood (or Bowmanville, Brampton) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
Bmn Bandsman
BMP ATTD 15/SIKHS Burma Military Police Attached 15th Sikhs
BMQ Basic Military Qualification
BMR Bandmaster, Border Mounted Rifles, Burma Militia Rifles/Regiment
BMS Brigade Medical Station, Battle (field) Management System
BMSM British Merchant Shipping Mission
BMV Boom Maintenance Vessels
BMWT British Ministry of War Transport
BMWTR British Ministry of War Transport Representative
Bn Battalion, Boatswain
BN & PSHRCAMC Basingstoke Neurological & Plastic Surgery Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
BN EA Battalion Egyptian Army
BN RLWY BN Bengal Nagpur Railway Battalion
BNA British Naval Attache
BNAF British North African Forces
Bndsmn Bandsman
BNH Basingstoke Neurological Hospital
BNI Bengal Native Infantry
BNLO British Naval Liaison Officer
BNLO(RHN) British Naval Liaison Officer (Royal Hellenic Navy)
BO Bombardier
BO CMT DEPT Bombay Commissariat Department
BO GRDS Bombay Guards
BO GRNDS Bombay Grenadiers
BO MD Bombay Medical Dept
BO NI Bombay Native Infantry
BOAT HD Boat Hand
Boatsn Boatswain
BOC Base Officer, Chasseurs
BOCC Burial Officer Canadian Corps
BOD Base Ordnance Depot
BOH British Official History
Bomb Bombardier, Bombing
BOMBAY ARTY IDF Bombay Artillery Indian Defence Force
BOMBAY BN IDF Bombay Battalion Indian Defence Force
BOMBAY LH Bombay Light Horse
BOMBAY VOL AR, BOMBAY VOL ART Bombay Volunteer Artillery
BOMBAY VOL RIF Bombay Volunteer Rifles
BOQ Bachelor Officers Quarters
BOR Battalion Orderly Room, Battery Operations Room, British Other Ranks
Bord R, BORDER Border Regiment
BORDER H Border Horse
BORDER SCTS Border Scouts
BOS Battalion Orderly Sergeant
BOS & M Bombay Sappers and Miners
Bosn Boatswain
BOTC Basic Officers Training Course
BOTHA'S BS Botha's Berede Skutters
BOTHA'S CDO Botha's Commando
BOTHA'S HR Botha's Hogeveldt Ruiters
BOTHA'S M RIF Botha's Mounted Rifles
BOTHA'S NATAL H Botha's Natal Horse
BOTHA'S SCTS Botha's Scouts
BOW Base Ordnance Workshop
Boy Boy
BOY SIG, BoySig Boy Signaller
Boy1 Boy 1st Class
BPA Bureau of Pensions Advocates
BPC Beach Protection Craft, Base Planning Committee, Board of Pension Commissioners
BPET Battle Physical Efficiency Test
BPO Base Post Office
BPOCPC Base Post Office Canadian Postal Corps
BPSO Base Personnel Selection Office
BPT Battle Practice Target
BPV Beach Protection Vessel
BR British, Bearer, Brother, Book of Reference, Brockville Rifles, Bomber, Bombing and Reconnaissance Squadron
BR COY Bearer Company
BR WIR British West Indies Regiment
br(s) Bridge(s)
BRABANT'S H Brabant's Horse
BRAND'S CDO Brand's Commando
BRANDS FS RFLS, BRANDS FSR Brand's Free State Rifles
BRAND'S H Brand's Horse
BRAND'S VSS Brand's Vry Staat Skutters
BRC(S) British Red Cross (Society)
BRCA Battery Royal Canadian Artillery
BRCE Battalion Royal Canadian Artillery
BRCHA Battery Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
BrColRgt, BR COL RGT British Columbia Regiment
BRCS & O ST JJ, BRCS&OStJJ British Red Cross Society & Order of St John of Jerusalem
Brig Brigadier
Brig-Gen Brigadier-General
Brit British
BRITSTOWN CDO Britstown Commando
BRLO British Routing Liaison Officer
BRO British Routing Officer
BrockR Brockville Rifles
BRPRCOC Boot Rebuilding Plant, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
BRSC British Rear Support Command
BRSqn Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
BS Brigade School, Battle Squadron, Berede Skutters
BS MATE Blacksmiths Mate
BS MJR Battery Sergeant Major
BS(M)RCASC Bakery Section (Mechanical), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
BSA Barents Sea Area
BSA CO P British South African Company Police
BSAP British South African Police
BSASSRCS Base Sub Area Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
BSC Base Staging Camp
BSD Base Supply Depot, Brandon Supply Depot
BSM Battalion (or Battery, Brigade) Sergeant Major
BSMA Brigade Sergeant Major
BSO British Staff Officer, (Commander in Chief) Netherlands Forces in the East
BSRCE Boring Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
BSS Base Supply Ship
B'sun Boatswain
BT Brevet, Bridging Train
Bt, Bty, Btty Battery
BTC Basic Training Centre
BTC(A) Basic Training Centre (Active)
BTC(R) Basic Training Centre (Reserve)
BTE British Troops Egypt
Btln Battalion
Btswn Boatswain
BU, Bug, Buglr Bugler
BUACPATSO British Units Affecting Canadian Personnel Army Trades School Officers
BUCKS Buckinghamshire
BucksYeo, Buc Yeo Buckinghamshire Yeomanry
BUDOCKS Bureau of Yards and Docks (US)
BUFFS Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)
BUMA Bugle Major
BUPTE Bugler Private
BURG, BURG WERKER Burger (Civilian) Worker
BURMA MIL P Burma Military Police
BURMA RIF Burma Rifles
BUSE Bugle Sergeant
BUSH CBNRS Bushveldt Carbineers
BUSH'LD BORD Bushmanland Borderers
BUSRA British US Routing Agreement
BUSRS British-United States Routing Agreement
BUSUP Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (US)
Butcher Butcher
BUTTFTN CDO Buttfontein Commando
BW Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
BW(RHC) Black Watch (Royal Highlanders of Canada)
BWI British West Indies
BWIR British West Indies Regiment
BWRCEME Base Workshop Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
BX Boston-Halifax Convoy
BY Bedfordshire Yeomanry, Berkshire Yeomanry
BY NI Bombay Native Infantry
BYHC Buckinghamshire Cavalry Hussars
BYHC Buckinghamshire Yeomanry Cavalry Hussars
BYMS British "Y" Class Minesweeper
BZ Bristol Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
BZA Brazilian Area