Part 3

My Dad Panel 7
Panel 7: The War Years in East Africa (cont'd)


My Dad Panel 8
Panel 8: The War Is Over... Time To Go Home


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Part 2

My Dad Panel 4
Panel 4: The Ethiopia (Abyssinia War) Campaign


My Dad Panel 5
Panel 5: Africa in World War II


My Dad Panel 6
Panel 6: The War Years in East Africa


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Part 1

Alan Mackenzie display
"My Dad During the Second World War" : A display by Alan Mackenzie


In 1939, Great Britain declared war on Germany. Following the Irish Rebellion (1916-1921), the Republic of Ireland had had enough of war and decided to remain neutral. Nevertheless, more than 100,000 Irish citizens volunteered to fight with Great Britain, despite penalties they would face after the war. CMHS member Alan Mackenzie's father, Eric, was one such volunteer. The following is his story.

Eric Mackenzie
Panel 1: An Introduction to Eric Mackenzie


My Dad, Panel 2
Panel 2: The British Army


My Dad Panel 3
Panel 3: From England to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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