Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: L


L Lowland, Lieutenant
L & S INSP Land and Ship Inspector
L 12 (or 9, 17-21, etc) 12th (or 9th, 17/21, etc) Lancers
L BMBR Lance Bombardier
L CK MTE Leading Cooks Mate
L CPL, L/C, L/CPL, L-CPL Lance Corporal
L NAIK, LNK Lance Naik
L NYASA FLOTILLA Lake Nyasa Flotilla
L PTR Letter Painter
L STO, L/Sto, LSto Leading Stoker
L&RSGD Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Guard Detachment
L&RSR Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment
L&WRegt Lincoln & Welland Regiment
L, LRS L, LRS - Lancers
L/ Leading, Lance (Rank)
L/Bdr Lance Bombardier
L/S Leading Seaman
L/SA Leading Stores Assistant
L/Sgt, L/Sjt Lance Sergeant
LaA Light Aid Detachment
LAA Light Anti-Aircraft
LAARPRCASC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
LAARRCA Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
LAARSRCASC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
LAARSS Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Signals Section
LAARW/SSRCOC Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
LAATTRCA Light Anti-Aircraft Training Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
LAB Labour, Light Armoured Battery
LAB BN Labour Battalion
LAB, LABTY Laboratory
LABR Labourer
LAC Leading Aircraftman
LAD Light Air Defence, Light Aid Detachment
LADC Lieutenant Aide-de-Camp
LADCAPCS Light Aid Detachment Canadian Armoured Personnel Car Squadron
LADRCEME Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
LADRCOC Light Aid Detachment, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
LAFO Laboratory Foreman
LAGOS BN Lagos Battalion
LAHORE LABOUR CPS Lahore Labour Corps
LAM Light Armoured Motor
LAN HRS, LANH Lancashire Hussars
LANCERS FH Lancers Fanes Horse
LANCS Lancashire
LanFus, LAN FUS Lancashire Fusiliers
LANR Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
LARC Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo vessel
LAS Lascar
LASU Local Air Supply Unit
LAW Leading Aircraftwoman
LAXTONS H Laxton's Horse
LB Pound(s) weight
LBandsmn Leading Bandsman
LBE Landing Barge, Emergency Repair
LBF Landing Barge, Flak
LBF Landing Boats
LBH Lothians and Border Horse
LBHY Lothians and Border Horse Yeomanry
LBM Landing Boats
LBO Landing Barge, Oiler
LBS Landing Barge, Support
LBV(1) Landing Barge Vehicle (Mark I)
LBV(L)(2) Landing Barge Vehicle (Large, Mark II)
LBV(S)(2) Landing Barge Vehicle (Small, Mark II)
LBW Landing Barge Water
LC Landing Craft of Lifting Craft
LC Lieutenant-Colonel
LCA Landing Craft Assault
LCE Landing Craft Emergency - Repair
LCF Levant Coast Flotilla
LCF(L) Landing Craft , Flak (Large)
LCG(M) Landing Craft Gun (Medium)
LCG(T) Landing Craft Gun (Tower)
LCH Landing Craft, Heavy, Land Craft Headquarters
LCI Landing Craft, Infantry
LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry (Large)
LCI(S) Landing Craft Infantry (Small)
LCk Leading Cook
LCM Landing Craft, Mechanized, Landing Craft Motorized
LCM(W) Landing Craft Mechanized (wood)
LCMB Landing Craft Maintenance Base
LCMSD Landing Craft Material Supply Depot
LCMSO Landing Craft Maintenance Stores Officer
LCOCU Landing Craft Obstruction Clearance Unit
LCOL, LIEUT-COL, LT COL, LCOL, LC, LT KOL Lieutenant Colonel
LCP(2) Landing Craft Personnel (Mark II)
LCP(L) Landing Craft Personnel (Large)
LCR(L) Landing Craft Rubber (Large)
LCR(S) Landing Craft Rubber (Small)
LCr, LtCdr Lieutenant Commander
LCRS Lancers
LCT Landing Craft, Tank
LCT(R) Landing Craft Tank (Rocket)
LCV Landing Craft, Vehicle, Landing Craft Vessel
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel
LD Light Dragoons, Lord
L-DFDR Lance Dafadar
LDH Leading Deck Hand
Ldng Leading
LDRCAPC Lancaster Detachment Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
LDS Latter Day Saint Church
LDSH, LdSH(RC), LDSTRATHCONA'S H Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
LDY Local Defence Volunteers, Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry
LEE London Electrical Engineers
LEIC R, LEIC, LEICR Leicestershire Regiment
LEIC YEO, LEICYEO Leicestershire Yeomanry
LEINS R, LEINSR Leinster Regiment
LEME Land Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
LEMMERS SCTS Lemmer's Scouts
LER Royal Edmonton Regiment
LET Light Equipment Transporter
LEWA Brigadier General
LF Lancashire Fusiliers, Land Forces, Leave & Furlough
LF de MR Les Fusiliers de Mont Royal
LFA Light Field Ambulance, Land Force Area
LFC Land Force Command
LFCA Land Force Central Area
LFDTS Land Forces Doctrine and Training System
LFMHRCAMC Lesters Field Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
LFQA Land Force Quebec Area
LFRR Land Force Reserve Restructure
LFWA Land Force Western Area
LG London Gazette, Lewis Gun, Lethbridge Garrison
LG C CREW Leading Carpenters Crew
LGBTN Leading Boatman
LGC Landing Craft Control
LGDS, LG Life Guards
LGO Lewis Gun Officer
LGROC Light Gauge Railway Operating Company
LGROCAIF Light Gauge Railway Operating Company AIF
LGSW Light Goods Service Wagon, Light General Service Wagon
LH Light Horse, Local Headquarters
LH BDE Light Horse Brigade
LH REG, LH REGT, LHR Light Horse Regiment
LHF AMB, LHFA Light Horse Field Ambulance
LHQ Land Headquarters, Allied Land Forces Headquarters
LHRR Light Horse Reserve Regimental
LHST Light Horse Signal Troop
LHTR Light Horse Training Regiment
LHY Lancashire Hussars Yeomanry
LI, LIGHT INF Light Infantry
LIBYAN ARAB F Libyan Arab Force
LIECHTENBURG CDO Liechtenburg Commando
LIEUT, LT Lieutenant
LIGHT CAV, LT CAV Light Cavalry
LIJIT Leader in Job Instruction Training
LINC R, LINC, LINCOLNS Lincolnshire Regiment
LINC YEO, LINCYEO Lincolnshire Yeomanry
LINDLEN CDO Lindlen Commando
litho Lithographic(al)
LItoCSGHQEAGp (Legal) Increment to Canadian Section General Headquarters, Echelon Army Group
LIV SCO Liverpool Scottish
LL Denotes that a ship is fitted for magnetic minesweeping
LLAD Low Level Air Defence
LLEandLLV Landing Lighters
LLV Loop Laying Vessel
LM Leading Mechanic
LMB Light Mortar Battery
LMF Lack of Moral Fibre
LMG Light Machine Gun
LMHRCAMC Lauzon (or Lethbridge, Lewisporte, London, Longueuil) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
LMS London, Midland and Scottish (Railway)
LMU Landline Maintenance Units
LN Quebec-Labrador Convoy
LNER London and North-Eastern Railway
LNK, L NAIK Lance Naik
LNL, LNLANR, LN LAN R, LNLR Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
LNMN Lineman
LNNo List of Navy Numbers
LO Liaison Officer
LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
LOB Left out of Battle
LOC Locating
LOC, L of C Line(s) of Communication
LOCHS H Loch's Horse
LOCO Liaison Officers, Combined Operations
LofCFSPS Line of Communication Field Security Police Station
LofCPSCPC Line of Communication Provost Section C Provost Corps
LofCS(P)CGRU Line of Communication Section (Provost) Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
LofCSRCCS Line of Communication Signals, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
LofCTrpsSerIncr Line of Communication Troops Service Increment
LOG Logistic
LON GAZ, LONGAZ London Gazette
LON SCO London Scottish
LONN Liaison Officer Norwegian Navy
LOTH & BORD H, Loth&BordH Lothian and Border Horse
LOU Localization of Units
LOWLAND Lowland Volunteers
LOYAL R, LOYALS Loyal Regiment
LP Listening Post
LPC Last Pay Certificate
LPF Last Post Fund
LPhoto Leading Photographer
LPM Leading Patrol Man
LPODRCOC Longue Pointe Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
L'POOL R, L-POOL R Liverpool Regiment
LPtlmn Leading Patrolman
LPTMR Lamptrimmer
LR Leicestershire Regiment, Lincolnshire Regiment, Lowland Regiment, Loyal Regiment, Levis Regiment, Layer Rating, Local Reserve
LRAM Licentiate, Royal Academy of Music
LRB London Rifle Brigade
LRdeC Le Régiment de Chateauguay
LRdeH Le Régiment de Hull
LRDG Long Range Desert Group
LRS (12, 16, etc) Lancers (12th, 16th, etc)
LS London Scottish, Leading Seaman, Landing Ships
LS(CASF) Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin & Halton Regiment), Canadian Active Service Force
LS(Postal) Leading Seaman (Postal)
LS(R) Leading Seaman (Regulating)
LS(Records) Localization Section (Records)
LSA Leading Stores (or Supply) Assistant
LSBA Leading Sick Berth Attendant
LSC Landing Ship, Carrier (Derrick-hoisting)
LSCTC Light Scout Car Training Centre
LSE Landing Ship, Emergency Repair
LSGT, L SJT Lance Sergeant
LSH, LSHRC, LSH(RC) Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
LSI Landing Ship, Infantry
Lsig, L SIG Leading Signalman
LSO Legal Staff Officer
LST Landing Ship, Tank
LSto(FF) Leading Stoker (Fire Fighter)
LStwd Leading Stewart
LSUFFH Duke of York's Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars
LSVW Light Support Vehicle Wheeled
LSY Lovat Scouts Yeomanry
Lt Lieutenant, Light
LT CORPS Land Transport Corps
LT GENL Lieutenant General
Lt INF Lieutenant Infirmiere
Lt-Col Lieutenant-Colonel
Ltech Electronic Technician (Sea)
Ltel, LTEL Leading Telegraphist
LTM BTY, LTMB Light Trench Mortar Battery
LTO Leading Torpedoman
LUMSDENS H Lumsden's Horse
LVO Lieutenant, Royal Victorian Order
LVoltdeQ Les Voltigeurs de Québec
LVT Landing Vehicle, Tracked
LWCA (TC) 'L'' Wing Canadian Army (Training Centre)
LWOP Leave Without Pay
LWP Leave With Pay
LWtr Leading Writer
LY Lanarkshire Yeomanry, Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own), Lincolnshire Yeomanry
LYDENBERG CDO Lydenberg Commando
LZ London Division