Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: G


G Gassed, German, Garrison, Gunnery, General Staff Branch of the Staff
G (Ops) General Staff (Operations)
G COAST FLDCOY Gold Coast Field Company
G COAST POLICE Gold Coast Police
G COAST RWAF Gold Coast Regiment West African Force
G STAFF Operations Staff
G&SF Grey and Simcoe Foresters
G/C, GP CAPT Group Captain
GA Gunnery Armourer
GAF Granted Annual Furlough
GAMBIA COY Gambia Company
GARHWAL RIF Garhwal Rifles
GARR QM SJT Garrison Quarter Master Sergeant
GARR S MJR Garrison Sergeant Major
GAT Guantanamo-Trinidad convoy
GAZ Gazetted
GAZMAGI Shoemaker
GB Great Britain, Garrison Battalion
GBCODRCOC Goose Bay Company Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
GBD General Base Depot, Goose Bay Defences
GBE Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire
GBMS Great Britain Merchant Ships (a wireless message routine)
GBSRCASC Goose Bay Section, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
GC George Cross, Good Conduct Badge, Gold Coast, Greek Catholic, Group Captain
GC & CS, GCCS Government Code and Cypher School
GC BADGE Good Conduct Badge
GCACon Ground Controlled Approach Controller
GCB Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath
GCM General Court Martial
GCMG Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George
GCR, G COAST R Gold Coast Regiment
GCT Greenwich Civil Time
GCVO Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order
GD General (or Group) Duties
GD(S) Guard(s)
GDD General Details Depot
GDE W CARR Grade Water Carrier
Gdefmn Ground Defenceman
Gdfk Goldflake
GDL&RS Guard Detachment Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment
GDP General Defence Plan
Gdsm, Gdsmn, GDMN Guardsman
GDSMGR, GDS MGR Guards Machine Gun Regiment
GE Garrison Engineer
GE, GER German
GEC General Employment Company
Gen Hosp General Hospital
Gen Pnr Coy General Pioneer Company
GEN SVT General Servant
Geo Geographical Section, General Staff
GEYSER'S CDO Geyser's Commando
GFORCE G Force, Labrador
GGBG Governor General's Body Guard
GGDS, GG, GRE GDS Grenadier Guards
GGFG Governor General's Foot Guards
GH Gordon Highlanders, Green Howards, General Hospital
GHMHRCAMC Gordon Head Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GHQ General (or Group) Headquarters
GHQ&LofCTSI General Headquarters and Line of Communication Troops Service Increment
GHQEIC General Headquarters Echelon Indian Command
GHQRUHofC General Headquarters Reconnaissance Unit Highlanders of Canada
GHQSWPA General Headquarters South West Pacific Area
GHRCAMC General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GHTM Ground Handling Training Missiles
GI Government Issue (USA), Gunnery Instructor
GIP RLWY BN Greater Indian Peninsula Railways Battalion
GIP RY VOLS Protectorate Railway Volunteers
GIRO General Instructions Routing Officers
GIS Ground Instructors School
GJL Granted Jewish Leave
GLAM YEO, GLAMY Glamorgan Yeomanry
GLASGH Glasgow Highlanders
GLEN GREY NL Glen Grey Native Levy
GLICHRCAMC Grande Ligne Internal Camp Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GLOUC R, GLOSTERS, GLOUC Gloucestershire Regiment
GLOUC YEO Gloucestershire Yeomanry
GLS General Labour Section
GM George Medal
GM SRVT General Mess Servant
GMA Gibraltar, Morocco Area
GMGR Guards Machine Gun Regiment
GMHRCAMC Gaspe (or Gravenhurst) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GMO Gun Mounting Overseer
GMP Garrison Military Police
GMT, Z Greenwich Mean Time
GN Guantanamo-New York convoy
GN, GNR, G'NR Gunner
GNA Greek Naval Attache
GNGMN Gangman
GNLO Greek Naval Liaison Officer
GNR-A BMBR Gunner Acting Bombardier
GO General Order, Gunnery Officer, Greek Orthodox
GOC (in C) General Officer Commanding (in Chief)
GOC BDY GD General Officer's Commanding Body Guard
GOCHMSRCAMC Garnons Officers Convalescent Home Military Staff, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GOCinC General Staff (Operations)
GOCRA General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery
GOCRM General Officer Commanding Royal Marines
GOH German Official History
GOR Gun Operations Room
GORRINGE'S FC Gorringe's Flying Column
GOSShip Norwegian Whaler
GOV GEN, GOV-GEN, GG Governor General
Gp Group
GPCRCE General Pioneer Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
GPL Granted Privileged Leave
GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun
GPMHRCAMC Grande Prairie Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
GPO Gun Position Officer
GPOA Gun Position Officer Assistant
GPR Glider Pilot Regiment
GPSRCE General Pioneer Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GQG Grand Quartier General (GHQ), General Reconnaissance, Greece, Gloucestershire Regiment, Gurkha Rifles (or Regiment)
GR CK Gun Room Cook
GR SVT Gun Room Servant
GRC Graves Registration Commission (or Cross)
Grey Sim For Grey and Simcoe Foresters
GREYS, THE GREYS Royal Scots Greys
GRFF REINET CDO Graff Reinet Commando
GRIQUALAND WR Griqualand West Ruiters
GRIQUATOWN DF Griquatown Defence Force
GRKSRF Gurkha Rifles
Grn Garrison
GRNDSR Grenadiers
GRO General Routine Order
GROBLERS CDO Groblers Commando
GRP Group
GRS General Reconnaissance Squadron (or School)
GRSC Ground Radio Servicing Centre
GRSTD Gun Room Steward
GRT Gross Registered Tonnage
GRU General Reinforcement Unit, Graves Registration Unit
GS General Service, General Staff, Greek Ship, Greenland-Sydney Convoy
GSB General Staff Branch
GSC Gunnery Staff Course, General Service Corps
GSF Gulf Sea Frontier
GSGS Geographical Section General Staff
GSL Granted Short Leave
GSO General Staff Order
GSO (I, II, III), GSO (1, 2, or 3) General Staff Officer (1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade)
GSP General Staff Planning
Gsr Greaser
GSRAIF, GSR General Service Reinforcements
GSSR General Service Special Reserve
GSW Gunshot Wound, General Service Wagon
GTC Government Telegraph Code
GTC(RCASC)CD General Transport Company, (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps), Canadian Division
Gtd Granted
GTR Gurkha Transport Regiment
GU Gunner, Gibraltar-United States Convoy
GUI Guide
GUIDES CAVY Guides Cavalry
GUIDES INFY Guides Infantry
Gunner (T) Torpedo Gunner
GURKHA RIF Gurkha Rifles
GV Gate Vessels
GWALIOR IS LRS Gwalior Imperial Service Lancers
GWCBD "G" Wing Canadian Base Depot
GWCFC General Workshop, Canadian Field Company OR Canadian Forestry Corps
GWVA Great War Veterans' Association
GZ Guantanamo-Panama convoy