Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: C


C Canadian, Censor, Commissioned, Company, Cook
C & TC Commissariat and Transport Corps
C CENSOR Cable Censor
C CTR Chief Controller
C DFDR MJR Queen Mary's Own Baluchistan Light Infantry
C DVR Crane Driver
C HAVR Company Havildar
C HVLDR Colour Havildar
C HVLDR MJR Company Havildar Major
C MISTRI Camp Mistri
C MTD R, CMR, CAPE MR Cape Mounted Rifles
C of E Church of England
C OF GUIDES Corps of Guides
C OF GUIDES INF Corps of Guides Infantry
C OF H Corporal of Horse
C OF LOND YEO City of London Yeomanry
C OF MIL ACC Corps of Military Accountants
C OF MILY ST CLERKS Corps of Military Staff Clerks
C OF MP Corps of Military Police
C of S Church of Scotland
C SJT, CR SGT, CSGT Colour Sergeant
C VOLS City Volunteers
C&A Corrections & Amendments
C&AAA Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery
C&AAATC Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre
C&P Counselling and Probation
C&YR Carleton & York Regiment
C(A)D(I)HU Canadian (Armoured) Division (Infantry) Holding Unit
C(A)TBOWRCOC Canadian (Army) Tank Brigade Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
C(O)on"Q"L Canadian (Officers) on "Q" List
C(W/T)V Calibration (Wireless Telegraphy) Vessel
C,CACS Construction, Company Atlantic Command Signals
C/Blkmth Chief Blacksmith
C/BTC Canadian Base Training Centre
C/EA, CEA Chief Electrical Artificer
C/ERA(M) Chief Engine Room Artificer (Mechanic)
C/ERA, CERA Chief Engine Room Artificer
C/Joiner Chief Joiner
C/Mech Chief Mechanic
C/MM Chief Motor Mechanic
C/O Commanding Officer
C/Plbr Chief Plumber
C/Pntr Chief Painter
C/PO(Postal) Chief Petty Officer (Postal)
C/POCdr Chief Petty Officer Coder
C/POCk Chief Petty Officer Cook
C/POPhoto Chief Petty Officer Photographer
C/POPtlmn Chief Petty Officer Patrolman
C/POStwd Chief Petty Officer Steward
C/POTel Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist
C/POWtr, CPO WR Chief Petty Officer Writer
C/RA Chief Radio Artificer
C/Shpt, CHSHPT, CH SHPT, CH SPT Chief Shipwright
C/SPO Chief Stoker Petty Officer
C/Sto Chief Stoker
C/Sto(FF) Chief Stoker (Fire Fighter)
C1 Chief Petty Officer 1st Class
C1Div Clearance Diver
C2 Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class
CA Canadian Army, Control Armourer
CA & AA, CA(AA) Coastal Artillery and Anti-Aircraft
CA MUS Corps of Army Music
CA"Y"F Canadian Army British West Indies Force
CA(A) Canadian Army (Active)
CA(A)TC Canadian Army (Advanced) Training Centre
CA(B)TC Canadian Army (Basic) Training Centre
CA(M) Canadian Army (Militia)
CA(NRMA) Canadian Army (National Resources Mobilization Act of 1940)
CA(PF) Canadian Army (Permanent Force)
CA(R) Canadian Army (Regular)
CA(Res) Canadian Army (Reserve)
CA(RF) Canadian Army (Reserve Force)
CA(RR) Canadian Army (Regular Reserve)
CA(SF) Canadian Army (Special Force)
CA/SA Chief Anti-Submarine Artificer
CA/SEE Captain, Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment
CA/TKRPRCASC Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CA2PS Canadian Army 2 Pounder School
CAAC Crown Assets Allocation Committee
CAAF, CA(AF) Canadian Army (Active Force)
CAAORRCA Canadian Anti-Aircraft Operations Room, Royal Canadian Artillery
CAAS Canadian Army Administration School
CAB Canadian Armoured Brigade, Canadian Army Band
CABC Canadian Armoured Corps Band
CABCRCASC Canadian Armoured Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CABOC Canadian Armoured Brigade Ordnance Company
CABRR Canadian Artillery Base Reinforcement Regiment
CABS Canadian Armoured Brigade Signals
CABTCA&TS Canadian Army Basic Training Centre Administrative and Training Staff
CABW/SRCEME Canadian Advance Base (or Armoured Brigade) Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CAC Canadian Armoured Corps
CAC(A)TC(CA) Canadian Armoured Corps (Advanced) Training Centre (Canadian Army)
CACBTC Canadian Armoured Corps Basic Training Centre
CACCRCASC Canadian Army Car Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CACF Commander Captain-in-Command, Araken Coastal Forcer
CACHU Canadian Armoured Corps Holding Unit
CACOFP Canadian Armoured Corps Ordnance Field Park
CACPRCASC Canadian Army Catering Pool, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CACRU Canadian Armoured Corps Reinforcement Unit
CACSCAC Canadian Air Control Section, Canadian Armoured Corps
CACSqn Coast Artillery Co-operation Squadron, (Royal Canadian Air Force)
CACTC Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre
CACTC(A) Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre (Active)
CACTCR Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre Reserve
CACTE Canadian Armoured Corps Training Establishment
CACTR Canadian Armoured Corps Training Regiment
CACTS Canadian Armoured Corps Training Squadron
CACTSR Canadian Armoured Corps Trained Soldiers Regiment
CACTU Canadian Armoured Corps Training Unit
CAD Central Ammunition Depot
CADC Canadian Army Dental Corps
Cadets Cadet Services (Directorate of Military Training)
CADIS Canadian Armoured Division Intelligence Section
CADMS Canadian Advance Depot Medical Stores
CADOFPRCOC Canadian Armoured Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CADPAT Canadian Disruptive Pattern
CADPUCPC Canadian Armoured Division Postal Unit, Canadian Postal Corps
CADR(ER)CAC Canadian Armoured Delivery Regiment (Elgin Regiment), Canadian Armoured Corps
CADRCASC Canadian Armoured Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CADRSSRCCS Canadian Armoured Delivery Regiment Signal Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CADRTC Canadian Armoured Division Reinforcement Transit Camp
CADSCDC Canadian Army Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
CADSGCRCASC Canadian Armoured Divisional Support Group, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CADSP Canadian Armoured Division Sub Park
CADTCRCASC Canadian Armoured Division Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CADTS Canadian Armoured Division Training School
CADU Canadian Army Demonstration Unit
CADW/SRCOC Canadian Armoured Division Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CAEBTC Canadian Army Engineer Basic Training Centre
CAEC(B&NY) Canadian Army Enlistment Centre (Boston and New York)
CAESU Canadian Army Equipment Selection Unit
CAF Citizen Air Force, Canadian Air Force, Chief of Air Force
CAFHSRCAMC Canadian Army Field Hygiene Section, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CAFO Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order
CAFRSSRCS Canadian Army Field Regiment Signal Section, Royal Canadian Signals
CAFSS Canadian Army Field Security Section
CAFVS Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles School
CAFVTC Canadian Armoured Fighting Vehicles Training Centre
CAG Canadian Artillery Group
CAGRE Commander, Army Group Royal Engineers
CAGS Canadian Army Gymnastic Staff
CAHC Canadian Army Hydrological Corps
CAHQDC(RMR) Canadian Army headquarters Defence Company (Royal Montreal Regiment)
CAHTC Cape Auxiliary Horse Transport Corps
CAHU Canadian Artillery Holding Unit
CAIB Canadian Army Identification Bureau
CAIPCIC Canadian Army Interrogation Pool, Canadian Infantry Corps
CAIS Canadian Army Intelligence Section
CALA MNL Cala Mounted Native Levies
CALCUTTA VOL A Calcutta Volunteer Artillery
CALCUTTA VOL BY Calcutta Volunteer Battery
CALCUTTA VOL RIF Calcutta Volunteer Rifles
CALE Canadian Army Liaison Establishment
CalgH Calgary Highlanders
CalgR Calgary Regiment
CALO Command Amenities Liaison Officer
CALS Canadian Air Liaison Section
CAM Catapult Aircraft Merchant Vessel, Camouflaged, Chief Air Marshall
CAM HLDRS, CAM Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
CAMB Central Air Medical Board
CambR, Camb Cambridgeshire Regiment
CAMBU Canadian Army Mobile Bath Unit
CAMC, CAN AMC Canadian Army Medical Corps
CAMCTC Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre
CA-MCURCAMC Canadian Anti-Malaria Control nit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CAMEL CORPS EA Camel Corps Egyptian Army
CAMMS Canadian Army Motor Mechanic School
CAMP SUPDT Camp Superintendent
CAMS Catapult Aircraft Merchant Ships
CAMSI Confidential Admiralty Merchant Shipping Instructions
Can Canadian
CAN ASC Canadian Army Service Corps
Can Cav Bde Canadian Calvary Brigade
CAN CAVALRY Canadian Cavalry
CAN D CYC, CAN D(IV) CYC Canadian Division(al) Cyclists
CAN DIV AC Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column
CAN DIV ART Canadian Divisional Artillery
CAN HY B, CAN HY BY Canadian Heavy Battery
CAN INF Canadian Infantry
CAN INF WKS C Canadian Infantry Works Company
CAN LABOUR BN, CAN LABR BN, CanLabrBn Canadian Labour Battalion
CAN M RIF, CAN MTD RIF Canadian Mounted Rifles
CAN SIB EXP FCE, CAN SIBERIAN EXP FCE Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
CAN STA HOSP Canadian Stationary Hospital
Canavhed Canadian Naval Headquarters
Cand W Cable and Wireless Company
CanDCyc, CanDivCyc Canadian Divisional Cyclists
CanDivCav Canadian Divisional Calvary
CanDivHQ Canadian Divisional Headquarters
CanDivSig Canadian Divisional Signals
CanEng Canadian Engineers
CanFdArt Canadian Field Artillery
CanForC Canadian Forestry Corps
CanForGen Canadian Forces General Order
CanFus Canadian Fusiliers
CanHighComm Canadian High Commissioner
CanInfBde Canadian Infantry Brigade
CanInfWksC, CAN INF WKS CORPS, CIWC Canadian Infantry Works Corps
CanLH Canadian Light Horse
CANMIL, CANMILITRY Canadian Military Headquarters
CanordC, CAN ORD C Canadian Ordnance Corps
CanPnrBn, CAN PNR BN Canadian Pioneer Battalion
CanPostalC, CAN POSTAL C Canadian Postal Corps
CanRemtD, CAN REMT D Canadian Remount Depot
CanRlyConsC, CAN RLY CONS C Canadian Railway Construction Corps
CanSanSec, CAN SAN SEC Canadian Sanitary Section
CanScts, CAN SCTS, CANADIAN SCTS Canadian Scouts
CanSiberianExpFce Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
CanTankC, CAN TANK CORPS, CAN TANK C Canadian Tank Corps
CAO Command Account Officer, Canadian Army Order, Canadian Army Overseas
CAO (s) Canadian Army Orders
CAOC Canadian Army Ordnance Corps
CAOF Canadian Army Occupation Force
CAOFP Canadian Army Ordnance Field Park
CAOPS Canadian Air Observation Post Squadron
CAORG Canadian Army Operational Research Group
CAORO(s) Canadian Army Overseas Routine Order(s)
CAP Captain, Combat Air Patrol, Canadian Army Projectionist, Corps Ammunition Park, Common Army Phase
CAP Common Army Phase
CAPC Canadian Army Pay Corps
CAPCRCAC Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment, Canadian Armoured Corps
CAPCRSTRCS Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment Signal Troop, Royal Canadian Signals
CAPE CLR Cape Coloured Labour Regiment
CAPE GA Cape Garrison Artillery
CAPE GR Cape Government Railways
CAPE INF Cape Infantry
CAPE RLY SHPTRS Cape Railway Sharpshooters
CAPETOWN DRA Capetown Defence Rifle Association
CAPF Canadian Army Pacific Force
CapINF Capitaine Infirmiere
CAPIS Canadian Air Photo Interpretation Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
CAPO Canadian Army Post Office
CAPPUCIC Canadian Army Photo Processing Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
CAPRCASC Corps Ammunition Park Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CAPS Canadian Army Pay Services, Captain Auxiliary Patrol Scapa
Capt Captain, Captive
Capt(D) Captain (Destroyers)
CAPTI/C Captain-in-Charge
CAPTMLC Captain, Major Landing Craft
CAPU Canadian Army Postal Unit
CAR Canadian Airborne Regiment, Carpenter, Canadian Armoured Regiment, Canadian Army Representative
CAR CR Carpenter's Crew
CAR MATE Carpenter's Mate
CAR(CR) Canadian Armoured Regiment (Calgary Regiment)
CARABINIERS 6th Dragoon Guards
CARADSFR Canadian Armoured Regiment Advance Details Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment
CARBRCA Canadian Army Radar Battery Royal Canadian Artillery
CARC Canadian Army Recovery Company
CARCRCOC Canadian Army Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corp
CARD Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Depot
CARDE Canadian Armament Research Development Establishment
CareerTrg Career Training
CARICOM Caribbean Community and Common Market [Force]
CARNAVN CDO Carnarvon Commando
CARNBH Canadian Armoured Regiment New Brunswick Hussars
CARO(s) Canadian Army Routine Order(s)
CAROLINA KDO Carolina Kommando
CARP, CARPR Carpenter
CARR(GGHG) Canadian Armoured Recce Regiment (Governor General's Horse Guards)
CARS Canadian Association of Returned Soldiers
CARTC Canadian Army Rehabilitation Training Centre
CartDmn Cartographic Draughtsman
Cartymn Chief Artilleryman
CARU, CARFTU Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit
CAS Casualty, Canadian Administration School, Canadian Army Shows, Canadian Army Staff, Canadian Army Staff, Canadian Artillery School, Chief of the Air Staff, Corps of Army Schoolmasters
CASAC Chief of the Air Staff Advisory Committee
CASC Canadian Army Service Corps, Canadian Air Support Control
CASC MT Canadian Army Service Corps Motor (or Military, Mechanized) Transport
CASCIC Censorship Advisory Section, Canadian Intelligence Corps
CASCRCE Canadian Air Survey Company Royal Canadian Engineers
CASCRU Canadian Army Service Corps Reinforcement Unit
CASDRCASC Canadian Advance Stationary Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CASEU Canadian Auxiliary Service Entertainment Unit
CASF Canadian Active Service Force
CASof I Coast Artillery (or Army) School of Instruction
CASS Canadian Auxiliary Services Section
CASSU Canadian Air Support Signal Unit
CASSURCCS Canadian Air Support Signal Unit, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CAT Catering
CATB Canadian Army Tank Brigade
CATBCRCASC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CATBHSC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Heavy Support Company
CATBn Canadian Army Tank Battalion
CATBS Canadian Army Tank Brigade Signals
CATBSPRCOC Canadian Army Tank Brigade Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CATC Canadian Army Training Centre
CATCAC Canadian Army Troop, Canadian Armoured Corps
CATCCRCASC Canadian Assault Troops Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CATCRCASC Canadian Administrative Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CATF China Air Task Force
CATM Canadian Army Training Memorandum
CATOFP Canadian Army Tank Ordnance Field Park
CATR Canadian Army Tank Regiment
CATS Canadian Army Tank School, Canadian Army Training School, Combined Aerial Target Service
CATTLE RANG Cattle Rangers
CATW/SRCOC Canadian Armoured Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CAU Canadian Administration Unit, Civil Affairs Unit
CAUC Canadian Army University Course
Cav Cavalry
CAVALRY & MIEA Cavalry & Mounted Infantry Egyptian Army
CAVALRY FF Cavalry Frontier Force
CAVC Canadian Army Veterinary Corps
CAW Canadian Army Staff, Washington
CAWC Canadian Artizan Works Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CB Companion of the Order of the Bath, Coast Brigade, Confinement to Barracks, Counter Battery, Counter-bombardment, Confidential Books
CBA Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting Station
CBBDB Camp Borden Branch Detention Barracks
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBD Canadian Base Details, Canadian Base Details
CBDC Canadian Base Dental Company
CBDCMSC Camp Borden Detachment, Corps of Military Staff Clerks
CBDMSRCAMC Canadian Base Depot Medical Stores, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CBDRCOC Camp Borden Details, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CBDSCDC Canadian Base Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
CBG Canadian Brigade Group
CBH(RB) Cape Breton Highlander (Rifle Battalion)
CBHQS Camp Borden Headquarters Staff
CBMHRCAMC Camp Borden (or Currie Barrcks, Coteau Barracks) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CBOD Canadian Base Ordnance Depot
CBOI(ACSRRCA) Canadian Base Ordnance Increment (Attached Canadian Survey Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery)
CBOSRCA Counter Battery Officers Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery
CBOSRCACC Counter Battery Officers Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Corps
CBOStaff Counter Battery Officers Staff
CBOW/SRCOC Canadian Base Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CBP Canadian Base Park
CBPRCE Canadian Base Park, Royal Canadian Engineers
CBRCA Centaur (or Coast) Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
CBRD Canadian Base Reinforcement Depot
CBRG Canadian Base Reinforcement Group
CBRGSofCRCACS Canadian Base Reinforcement Group School of Cookery, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CBSC Canadian Base Staging Camp
CBSO Counter Battery Staff Officer
CBSRCASC Canadian Barracks Services, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CBSS(CMF) Canadian Base Signal Section (Central Mediterranean Force)
CBSSRCCS Camp Borden Signal Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CBTC Canadian Base Transport Company
CBTD Canadian Base Transit Depot
CBTPRCASC Canadian Base Transport Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CBU (Headquarters) Canadian Base Unit
CBUCCRCE Canadian Base Units Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CC Camouflage Course
CC Canadian Corps, Companion of the Order of Canada, Cancellations & Corrections, Chief Constructor, Civil Convictions, Clerk's Course, Conditioning Centre, Cape Corps, Confined to Camp, Cadet Corps, Camouflage Course, Camp Commandant, Camp Commander
CC ORD DEPT Cape Colony Ordnance Department
CC&A-AAS Canadian Coast & Anti-Aircraft Artillery School
CC&ATSPRCOC Canadian Corps & Army Troops Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CCAC Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre
CCAS Canadian Coast Artillery School
CCB Canadian Calvary Brigade, Canadian Cyclist Battalion, Combined Communications Board
CCBMGS Canadian Cavalry Brigade Machine Gun Squadron
CCBPNo Combined Communications Board, Publication Number
CCCC Canadian Corps Composite Company, Canadian Concentration Camp, Casualty Clearing Centre, Canadian Construction Company, Cape Colony Cyclist Corps
CCCCRCASC Canadian Corps Car Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCCI Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence
CCCRCE Canadian Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CCCS Captain (later Commodore) Commanding Canadian Ships and Establishments in the United Kingdom, Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
CCCTRCASC Canadian Command Corps Troops, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCCU Canadian Cemetery Construction Unit
CCD Canadian Convalescent (or Corps) Depot, Canadian Command Depot, Commander of Coast Defences
CCDC Canadian Corps Defence Company
CCDRCAMC Canadian Convalescent Depot, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CCDSSTRCCS Canadian Corps Delivery Squadron Signal Troop, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CCDU Coastal Command Development Unit
CCERCE Canadian Constructional Engineers, Royal Canadian Engineers
CCF Commander Coastal Forces
CCFC Company Canadian Forestry Corps
CCFCORCAPC Canadian Corps Field Cash Office, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
CCFPC Canadian Corps Field Park Company, Canadian Corps Field Punishment Camp
CCHA Canadian Corps Heavy Artillery
CCIS Canadian Corps Intelligence Section
CCM Counter Countermeasure, Canadian Centennial Medal, Combined Cypher Machine
CCM&HC Canadian Courts Martial & Holding Centre
CCMA Canadian Corps Medium Artillery
CCMHQSRCS Company Canadian Military Headquarters Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
CCMOS Canadian Counter Mortar Officers Staff
CCMOSRCA Canadian Counter Mortar Officer Staff, Royal Canadian Artillery
CCMSRCA Canadian Corps Meteorological Section, Royal Canadian Artillery
CCNF Commodore Commanding Newfoundland Force
CCO Civilian Contracts Officer, Chief of Combined Operations, Communications, Coding and Cyphering Arrangements
CCOD Canadian Central Ordnance Depot
CCOS Combines Chiefs of Staff
CCP Casualty Clearing Post (or Point)
CCPC Company Canadian Provost Corps
CCPPRCASC Canadian Corps Petrol Park, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCPS Computerized Central Pay System
CCPU Canadian Corps Protective Company, Canadian Corps Postal Unit
CCR(C)A Commander Corps Royal (Canadian) Artillery
CCRA Commander, Corps Royal Artillery
CCRC Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
CCRCAMC Conditioning Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Composite Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCRTC Canadian Corps Reinforcement Transit Camp
CCRU Canadian Combined Reinforcement Unit
CCS Canadian Censor Section
CCS Canadian Chaplain Services, Casualty Clearing Station, Canadian Censor Section, Code and Cypher School, Combined Chiefs of Staff, Cape Command Signals
CCSCR Cape Command Staff Corps Regiment
CCSO Contraband Control Service Officer
CCSRCCS Canadian Cipher Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CCSRCS Canadian Corps Signals, Royal Canadian Signals
CCT Canadian Calibration Troop
CCTC Canadian Corps Transport Company, Commdant, Combined Training Centre
CCTCC Canadian Corps Troops Carrying Column
CCTCCRCASC Commander Corps Troops Carrying Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CCTORCOC Canadian Corps Troops Ordnance, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CCTSI Canadian Corps Troops Service Increment
CCTW/SRCEME Canadian Corps Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CCTW/SRCOC Canadian Corps Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CCU Canadian Concentration Unit
CCWAC Company Canadian Women's Military Corps
CCWACMD Company Canadian Women's Army Corps Military Corps
CCWDL Canadian Chemical Warfare Defence Laboratory
CCWS Canadian Chemical Warfare School
CCZ Canadian Coastal Zone
CD Civil Defence, Commissioned, Command, Canada Draftr, Canadian Forces Decoration, Captain of the Dockyard, Convalescent Detachments, Clearance Diver, Coast Defence, Clearing Depot
CD CK Commissioned Cook
CD TELEGR Cadet Telegraphist
CD&AA Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft
CD&AAATC Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Centre
CD&AAW/SS Coast Defence & Anti-Aircraft Workshop Section
CD&EP Canadian Defence & Employment Platoon
CD&FPB Canadian Detention and Field Punishment Barracks
CD&MS Canadian Driving and Maintenance School
CD(Records) Correction on Documents
CDA Canadian Divisional Artillery
CDAC Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column
CDB Canadian Detention Barracks, Coast Defence Battery
CDBPRCE Canadian Divisional Bridging Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
CDC Canadian Dental Corps, Canadian Divisional Cavalry, Canadian Disciplinary Centre
CdCkO Commissioned Cookery Officer
CDCRCE Canadian Drilling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CdCtO Commissioned Catering Officer
CDD Canadian Discharge Depot
CDE Code
CdeG Croix de Guerre
CdeG(B) Croix de Guerre Belgium
CdeG(F) Croix de Guerre France
CdEl Commissioned Electrician
CdEng Commissioned Engineer
CDF, CDF(S) Canadian Defence Force, Chief of the Defence Force (Staff)
CdG'nr Commissioner Gunner
CDH Combined Defence Headquarters
CDHQ Canadian Divisional Headquarters
CDIS Canadian Division Intelligence Section
CDISRCASC Canadian Detail Issue Depot, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CDLS Canadian Defence Liaison Staff
CDMD Canada Draft Military District
Cdn Canadian
CdnConstlEngrs Canadian Constructional Engineers
CdnDetnBks Canadian Detention Barracks
CdnEngrs Canadian Engineers
Cdn-Gds Canadian Guards
CDO Commando
CDOF Colonie d'Afrique Occidentale Française
CDofDS Canadian Depot of Dental Stores
CDOSC Camp Daily Orders Sarcee Camp
CDOW/SRCOC Canadian Divisional Ordnance Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CDPU Canadian Division Postal Unit
Cdr Commander, Conductor, Coder
Cdr(D) Commander (Destroyers)
CDRAS&TD Canadian Detachment Royal Armoured Corps School & Training Depot
CDRBCAO/S Canadian Division Reece Battalion, Canadian Army Overseas
CDRE Commodore
CDRJ Commander, Force J
CDRSRCS Canadian Despatch Rider Section Royal Canadian Signals
CDS Corps Dressing Station, Canadian Divisional Signals, Chief of the Defence Staff
CDSB Canadian Division Support Battalion, Commissioned Signal Boatswain
CDSCCRC Canadian Division Section - Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
CDSCDC Central Dental Stores, Canadian Dental Corps
CDSCRCASC Canadian Division Supply Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CdShpt Commissioned Shipwright
CDSIC Cadet School Infantry Company
CdSO Commissioned Stores Officer
CDSRC Canadian Division Section Reinforcement Camp
Cdt Cadet, Commissioned Telegraphist
CDTCRCASC Canadian Division Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CDTS Canadian Divisional Training School
CDVGofCCMHQ General Duty Veterans Guard of Canada, Canadian Military Headquarters
CdWO Commissioned Writer Officer
CE Canadian Engineers, Chief Engineer, Civil Engineer
CE Chief Engineer
CE&MPRCE Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
CE&MSRCE Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
CE(Wks) Chief Engineer (Works)
CEAURCOC Canadian Equipment Assembly Unit, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CEEW(A)RCEME Canadian Engineer Equipment Workshop (Active), Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CEEW/SRCEME Canadian Engineer Equipment Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CEEW/SRCOC Canadian Engine Equipment Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force
CEG(B) Canadian Employment Group "B"
CEHU Canadian Engineer Holding Unit
CELE Communication//Electronic Engineer
CEO Camp (or Command) Engineer Officer, Chief Equipment Officer
CEP Canadian Employment Platoon
CEPF Canadian Echelon Pacific Force
CER Combat Engineer Regiment, Canadian Engineer Regiment
CERB Canadian Engineers Railway Battalion
CERD Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot
CERU Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Unit
CESU Canadian Educational Services Unit
CET Combat Engineer Tractor
CETC Canadian Engineer Training Centre
CETD Canadian Engineer Training Depot
CETech Construction Engineering Technician
CEURCAMC Canadian Exhaustion Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CEYLON GA Ceylon Garrison Artillery
CEYLON PL R C, CEYLON PLR RC, CeylonPLRC Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps
CEYLON SAN CO Ceylon Sanitary Company
CF Canadian Forces, Canadian Fusiliers, Composite Flights, Chaplain to the Forces
CF&PS Canadian Film and Photo Section
CF(SP)RRCA Canadian Field (Self Propelled) Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
CFA Canadian Field Ambulance, Canadian Field Artillery, Cape Field Artillery
CFAO Canadian Forces Administrative Order
CFASS Canadian Field Auxiliary Services Section
CFB Canadian Forces Base
CFBMEK Coast Force Base, Mers-El-Kebir
CFBRCA(AF) Canadian Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery, (Active Force)
CFC Canadian Forces College, Craftsman
CFC Canadian Forestry Corps
CFCCDRCE Canadian Field Company, Canadian Division, Royal Canadian Engineers
CFCRCE Canadian Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CFCSC Canadian Forces Command and Staff Course
CFCTW Canadian Forestry Corps Training Wing
CFD Canadian Forces Detachment
CFDS Canadian Field Dressing Station
CFDSRCAMC Canadian Field Dressing Station, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CFE Commander, Coastal Forces, Eastern Mediterranean, Cape Fortress Engineers
CFEF Canadian Far East Force
CFES Canadian Field Educational Section
CFF Corps of Civilian (Canadian) Fire Fighters For Service in the United Kingdom, Communication and Ferry Flights
CFFS Canadian Forces Fleet School
CFFT Coastal Forces Fuelling Tender
CFH Canadian Field (or Forces) Hospital
CFHA Canadian Forces Housing Agency
CFHS Canadian Field Historical Section
CFHSvcsGp Canadian Forces Health Services Group
CFI Chief Flying Instructor
CFL Compassionate Farm Leave
CFMG Canadian Forces Medical Group
CFMSO Coastal Forces Material Supply Officer
CFMTP Canadian Forces Musician Training Plan
CFN Canadian Forces in the Netherlands, Craftsman
CFNIS Canadian Forces National Investigation Service
CFOCS Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School
CFORS Course for Orderly Room Sergeants
CFP Canadian Forces Publication
CFPAS Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System
CFPC Canadian Field Punishment Camp
CFPCRCE Corps Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CFPCUCIC Canadian Field Press Censor Unit, Canadian Intelligence Corps
CFPO Canadian Forces Post Office
CFPSA Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency
CFR Commissioning From the Ranks
CFRC Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre
CFRETS Canadian Forces Recruiting, Education and Training System
CFRP Commissioning from the Ranks Plan
CFRRCAAP Canadian Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Advance Party
CFS Canadian Field Squadron, Central Flying School, Canadian Forces Station
CFSC Canadian Field Survey Company
CFSCRCE Canadian Field Survey Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CFSD Canadian Forces Supply Depot
CFSEME Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
CFSRD Canadian Field Security Reserve Detachment
CFSS Canadian Field Security Section
CFSURCAMC Canadian Field Surgical Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CFTC(ID)RCASC Canadian General Transport Company (Infantry Division), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CFTO Canadian Forces Technical Order
CFTSHQ Canadian Forces Training System Headquarters
CFTU Canadian Field Transfusion Unit
CFW Commander, Coastal Forces, Western Mediterranean
CG Canada Gazette, Compassionate Grounds
CGA Canadian Garrison Artillery, Cape Garrison Artillery
CGAHAB Cape Garrison Artillery Heavy Artillery Brigade
CGB Canadian Garrison Battalion
CGBD Canadian General Base Depot
CGBRB Canadian General Base Reinforcement Battalion
CGCU Canadian Graves Concentration Unit
Cgds, C GDS, CG, CGDS Coldstream Guards
CGG Canadian Grenadier Guards
CGH Canadian General Hospital
CGHRCAMC Canadian General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CGHU Canadian General Holding Unit
CGI Chief Ground Instructor, Chief Gunnery Instructor
CGLS Canadian General Labour Section
CGM Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
CGMU Combat Group Medical Unit
CGPC Canadian General Pioneer Company
CGR Canadian Garrison Regiment, Canadian Graves Registrar (or Registration)
CGRM Commander General Royal Marines
CGRU Canadian General Reinforcement Unit
CGRU Canadian Graves Registration Unit
CGS Chief of the General Staff, Canadian Government Ship
CGSF Commander Gulf Sea Frontier
CGTC Canadian General Transport Company
CGTWRCEME Canadian General Troop Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CH 14th Canadian Hussars, Companion of Honour, Convalescent Hospital, Construction Hand, Chaplain, Chatham Division, Royal Marines, Canadian Horse
CH Calgary Highlanders
CH ARM Chief Armourer
CH ART ENG Chief Artificer Engineer
CH BOSN, CH BSN Chief Bosun
CH CAPT Chaplain Captain
CH CK Chief Cook
CH GEN Chaplain General
CH GNR Chief Gunner
CH SB, CHSB Chief Signal Boatswain
CH SH CK Chief Ships Cook
CH SIG Chief Signalman
CH STO Chief Stoker
CH YS, CH YEO SIG, CYS Chief Yeoman of Signals
CHA Commander Heavy Artillery
CHAP Chaplain, Canadian Harassment and Abuse Prevention
Chap(F) Chaplain of the Fleet
Chap(P) Chaplain (Protestant)
Chap(RC) Director of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic)
CHB Canadian Highland Battalion (Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada)
CHD Calgary Highlanders Depot
CHDAVC Convalescent Horse Depot Army Veterinary Corps
CHDRI Chaudri
CHENG, CH ENG Chief Engineer
CHES R, ChesR, CHES Cheshire Regiment
ChesYeo, CHES YEO Cheshire Yeomanry
CHET Canadian Higher Education Test
CHKLR Chuckler
CHLRNTR Chlorinator
CHMN Chinaman (Labourer)
ChO, CH OFFR Chief Officer
CHofO(MG) Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Machine Gun)
CHOP Line near 47th Meridian dividing the British and Canadian areas of responsibility
CHP Chaplain (Protestant)
CHQ Company Headquarters
CHQ&NDHQCRCAMC Corps Headquarters & National Defence Headquarters Company, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CHQAGRCE Canadian Headquarters Army Group, Royal Canadian Artillery
CHQCDC Corps Headquarters, Canadian Dental Corps, Canadian Disciplinary Centre
CHQCPC(C) Corps Headquarters Canadian Postal Corps (Canada)
CHQCWAC Corps Headquarters Canadian Women's Army Corps
CHQEOFSCRCOC Corps Headquarters Element of Salvage Control, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CHQofBSA Canadian Headquarters of Base Sub Area
CHQPMC Camp Headquarters, Petawawa Military Camp
CHQRCECA Corps Headquarters Royal Canadian Engineers, Canadian Army
CHQRCEME Corps Headquarters Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CHQRCOC Corps Headquarters, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CHQSDRCOC Canadian Headquarters Salvage Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CHRA Canadian Human Rights Act
CHRC Canadian Human Rights Commission, Chaplain Roman Catholic
CHRSRCEME Canadian Heavy Recovery Section, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CHRSRCOC Canadian Heavy Recovery Section, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CHS Canadian Hospital Ship
ChSkr, CH SKR Chief Skipper
CHT Corps of Horse Transport
CHU Canadian Holding Unit
CHWKDR Chowkidar
CHWR, CH WR Chief Writer
CHYeoSIG Chief Yeoman of Signals
CI Chief Instructor, Central India
CI HORSE, CIH Central Indian Horse
CI(I)HQS Canadian Intelligence (Interrogation) Headquarters Section
CIA Chief Inspector of Armaments
CIAL Commercial Cable Company
CIB "C" Infantry Battalion
CIB Canadian Infantry Brigade
CIBC Canadian Infantry Corps Band
CIBCRCASC Canadian Infantry Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CIBD Canadian Infantry Brigade Depot
CIBGDP(LS) Canadian Light Infantry Brigade Ground Defence Platoon (Lorne Scot
CIBRB Canadian Infantry Base Reinforcement Battalion
CIBSG(SLI) Canadian Infantry Brigade Support Group (Saskatoon Light Infantry)
CIBUS Communication Instructions for British Warships in the USA
CIBW/S Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop (Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps or Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
CIBW/SRCEME Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CIBW/SRCOC Canadian Infantry Brigade Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIC Canadian Infantry Corps, Canadian Intelligence Corps, Cadet Instructor Corps
CID Combat Identification
CID Committee of Imperial Defence
CIDB, CIDBn Canadian Infantry Depot Battalion
CIDCC(M)RCASC Canadian Infantry Division Composite Company (Main), Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CIDCMOS, CIDOFPRCOC Canadian Infantry Division Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIDM/GBn(SLI) Canadian Infantry Division Machine Gun Battalion (Saskatoon Light Infantry)
CIDRTC Canadian Infantry Division Reinforcement Transit Camp
CIDSI Canadian Infantry Division Service Increment
CIDSPRCOC Canadian Infantry Division Sub Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIDTCRCASC Canadian Infantry Division Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CIDTS Canadian Infantry Division Training School
CIET Canadian Intermediate Education Test
CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff
CIHU Canadian Infantry Holding Unit
CIL Cadet Instructors List
CIMGCoy(NBR) Canadian Independent Machine Gun Company (New Brunswick Regiment)
CIMIC Civil Military Cooperation
Cin CCNA Commander in Chief, Canadian North West Atlantic
CinC Commander in Chief
CinC AandWI Commander in Chief, Atlantic and West Indies Station
C-IN-C BDYGD Commander In Chief's Bodyguard
CinCCWA Commander in Charge Canadian North Atlantic
CinCEF Commander in Chief Eastern Fleet
CINCEN Commander in Chief Central European Theatre
CinCHF Commander in Chief Home Fleet
CINCLANT Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet
CINCUKAIR Commander in Chief UK Air
CInfC Canadian Infantry Corps
CIntC Canadian Intelligence Corps
CIofCM Chief Inspector of Catering & Messing
CIOSPRCOC Canadian Infantry Ordnance Sub-Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIPCIC Canadian Interpreters Pool, Canadian Infantry Corps
CIRU Canadian Infantry Reinforcement Unit
CITB Canadian Infantry Training Brigade
CITC Canadian Infantry Training Centre
CItoanMTIBRCASC Canadian Increment to a Mobilization Training Centre (or Mechanical Transport, Military Training, Movement Train) Inspection Branch, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CITR Canadian Infantry Training Regiment
CITW/SRCEME Canadian Infantry Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CITW/SRCOC Canadian Infantry Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CIU Communications Intelligence Unit, Combat Intelligence Unit, Clinical Investigation Unit
CIV Civilian
CIV HOS RES, CIV HOSP RES Civil Hospital Reserve
CIV(MI) City Imperial Volunteers (Mounted Infantry)
CIV, Civ City Imperial Volunteers
CIV-SAR Civilian-Sarwah
CIWB Canadian Infantry Works Battalion
CJATC Canadian Joint Air Training Centre (Rivers, Manitoba)
CJLS Corps Junior Leaders School
CJO Chief of Joint Operations
CJRDFO Chief of the Joint Rapid Deployment Force Operations
CJWSC Canadian Junior War Staff Course
CK Cook
Ck(O) Cook (Officers)
Ck(Prob) Cook (Probationer)
Ck(S) Cook (Seamen)
CKMTE, CK MTE Cook's Mate
CKS&DU Canadian Kit Storage & Disposal Unit
CKSD Canadian Kit Storage Depot
CL Casualty List, CanLoan List, Compassionate (or Convalescent) Leave, Clasp, Colonel
CL MOCHI 1st Class Mochi
CLA-AB Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Battalion
CLANWILLIAM CG Clanwilliam Convoy Guard
CLANWLLM CDO Clanwilliam Commando
CLAREMONT DRA Claremont Defence Rifle Association
CLARKE'S LH Clarke's Light Horse
CLASS Classified
CLB Church Lads' Brigade, Canadian Labour Battalion
CLC Canadian Leave Centre, Chinese Labour Corps
CLDAFHQ Canadian Liaison Detachment, Allied Forces OR Air Force Headquarters
CLES Canadian Legion Educational Service
CLFCSC Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College
CLFHSRCAMC Canadian Light Field Hygiene Sections, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CLH Canadian Light Horse
CLI Ceylon Light Infantry
CLK Clerk
ClkAcc Clerk Accounting
ClkAdmSupr Clerk Administrative Supervisor
ClkEng Clerk Engineering
ClkGen Clerk General
CLKR Caulker
ClkStats Clerk Statistics
ClkSteno Clerk Stenographer
ClkTyp Clerk Typist
CLLE Charger Loading Lee Enfield rifle
CLLM Charger Loading Lee Metford rifle
Cloc Chief Locator
CLofCPC(C) Canadian Line of Communication Provost Company (Consolidated)
CLofCT Canadian Line of Communication Terminal
CLP Canadian Labour Pool
CLQ Class Qualified
CLRO Corps (or Canadian) Light Railway Officer
CLRSRCOC Canadian Light Recovery Station, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CLS Chief of Land Staff
CL-SE Color Sergeant
CLURCE Canadian Landmark Unit, Royal Canadian Engineers
CLWS Canadian Legion War Services
CLY County of London Yeomanry
CM Canadian Centennial Medal, Member of the Order of Canada, Commissaryman, Communicator
CM/L Controlled Mine Laying
CMA Central Mediterranean Area
CMACRCASC Canadian Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CMASCL Canadian Military Attache Staff Canadian Legation
CMB Coastal Motor Boats
CMBG Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
CMBURCAMC Canadian Mobile Bath Units, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CMC Canadian Medical Centre, Canadian Military College
CMCLG Canadian Movement Control Liaison Group
CMCR(PLNBH)AF Canadian Motorcycle Regiment (Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars) Active Force
CMCU Canadian Movement Control Unit
Cmd, Cmdr Commander
CMDBSN Commissioner Boatswain
CMDLondonMD1 Central Mechanization Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CMDT, COMDT Commandant
CME Chief Mechanical Engineer
CMEC Canadian Mechanical Equipment Company
CMF Central Mediterranean Force, Citizen Military Forces
CMFP Corps of Military Foot Police
CMG Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George, Canadian Medical Group
CMG BDE, C MG BDE Canadian Machine Gun Brigade
CMGC Canadian Machine Gun Corps
CMGCMF Canadian Meteorological Group - Central Mediterranean Force
CMGHU Canadian Machine Gun Holding Unit
CMGO Corps Machine Gun Officer
CMGRU Canadian Machine Gun Reinforcement Unit
CMGTC Canadian Machine Gun Training Centre
CMH Canadian (or Calgary) Military Hospital
CMHL Canadian Mobile Hygiene Laboratory
CMHQ Canadian Military Headquarters
CMHQC Canadian Military Headquarters Course
CMHQROX-LPSOW Canadian Military Headquarters Records Office X-List, PSOW
CMHRCAMC Camp (or Camrose, Charlottetown, Chatham, Chicoutimi, Chilliwack, Cornwall) Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CML CPS Camel Corps
CMM Commander of the Order of Merit, Chief Motor Mechanic
CMMG, CMMG BDE, CAN MMG BDE Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade
CMMGC Canadian Motor Machine Gun Corps
CMMP Corps of Military Mounted Police
CMMS Canadian Motorcycle Maintenance School
CMN-SURCAMC Canadian Mobil Neuro-Surgical Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CMO Court Martial Officer
CMOS Counter Mortar Officer Staff
CMP Corps of Military Police
CMP&DB Canadian Military Prison & Detention Barracks
CMP, CMPC Canadian Military Police (Corps)
CMPDR Compounder
CMPLRCASC Canadian Mobile Pet Laboratories, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CMPS Canadian Military Police Service, Canadian Map Photographic Section
CMR Canadian Mounted Rifles, Cape Mounted Rifles, Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean
CMR(GGHG)AF Canadian Motorcycle Regiment (Governor General's Horse Guards) Active Force
CMRCASF(DYRCH) Canadian Motorcycle Regiment, Canadian Active Service Force (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars)
CMRPRCAMC Canadian Medical Rest Station, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CMRPRCASC Canadian Medium Regiment Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CMRS Canadian Medical Rest Station
CMS Canadian Military Staff
CMSA Co-operations with the British Ministry of War Transport in the United States
CMSC Corps of Military Staff Clerks, Co-operations with the British Ministry of War Transport in Canada, Cape Medical Staff Corps
CMSCCO Corps of Military Staff, Clerks Corps Orders
CMSPEC Canadian Military Section Port Executive Committee
CMSTMUSA Camp Myles Standish, Tauton Massachusetts, USA
CMT Corps of Motor Transport, Army Service Corps
CMTCCM Canadian Militia Training Course, Camp Macauley
CMTech Construction and Maintenance Technician
CMTRCA Canadian Modelling Team, Royal Canadian Artillery
CMTRURCEME Canadian Mobile Tire Repair Unit, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CMTS Central Mechanical Transport Stores
CMU Construction and Maintenance Units
CNCoy Cannon Company
Cnd Canadian
CndDetnBks Canadian Detention Barracks
CNDHQ Commandant National Defence Headquarters
CNE Canadian National Exhibition
CNEC Chief Naval Engineering and Construction
CNES Chief Naval Equipment and Supply
CNK Change Next of Kin
CNMO Canadian Naval Mission Overseas
CNO Canadian Naval Order
CNP Chief Naval Personnel
CNPWRCAMC Canadian Neuro Psychiatric Wing, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CNR Canadian Naval Regulations, Canadian National Railways
CNS Chief of the Naval Staff
CNSRHRCAMC Canadian Nursing Sister's Rest Home, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CNVT&TU Canadian Night Vision Training & Testing Unit
CNW-44 Canadian Naval War Plan
CO Commanding Officer, Corps Orders, Cook (Officer's), Constable, Company, Conscientious Objector
CO LOND REGT County of London Regiment
CO LOND REGT 23 BN 23rd Battalion County of London Regiment
CO OF LOND YEO (2,3,etc) (2nd,3rd,etc.) County of London Yeomanry
CO OF LOND YEO 1 1st County of London Yeomanry
CO&MERU, COMERU Canadian Ordnance & Mechanical Engineer Reinforcement Unit
CO(A) Camp Orders (Angler)
CO/SPD Canadian Overseas Postal Depot
COA Chief Ordnance Accountant, Corps of Ordance Artificers, Course of Action
COAC Commanding Officer Atlantic Coast
COAV Commanding Officer Auxiliary Vessels
COBRA Counter Battery Radar
COC Canadian Ordnance Corps, Combined Operations Centre, Commander of Command
COC&BTC Combined Operations Centre & Basic Training Centre
COC(AC) Combined Operations School (Army Camp)
COCDC Corps Orders, Canadian Dental Corps
COCPC Corps Orders Canadian Postal Corps
COCTC Canadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre
COCTUSC Canadian Officer Cadet Training Unit Selection Centre
COCWAC Corps Orders, Canadian Women's Army Corps
COD Central Ordnance Depot
CODCRCOC Central Ordnance Depot Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CODRCOC Camp Ordnance Depot, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
COEMETC Canadian Ordnance Electrical Mechanical Engineer Training Course
COF Canadian Occupational Force
CofAS, C of AS Corps of Army Schoolmasters
CofF Chaplain of the Fleet
CofHRS, C of Hrs Corps of Hussars
CofI, COI, C of I Court of Inquiry
CofLondYeo, CO OF LOND YEO County of London Yeomanry
CofLRS, C of Lrs Corps of Lancers
COFPRCOC Canadian Ordnance Field Park, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CofS Chief of Staff
CofW Cable or Wireless
COHQ Combined Operations Headquarters
COIC Combined Operations and Intelligence Centre
COL Column, Colonel
COL COMDT Colonel Commandant
COL GS Colonel, General Staff
COLESBERG CDO Colesberg Commando
COLLINGWOOD BTTN RND Collingwood Royal Naval Division
COLM GDS Coldstream Guards
Coln Column
COLONIAL DF Colonial Defence Force
COLONIAL LH Colonial Light Horse
COLONIAL SCTS Colonial Scouts
COLY County of London Yeomanry
COM Commissioner
COM, COMD Command
ComBtswn Commissioned Boatswain
COMC&S Canadian Ordnance Maintenance Company & Sections
Comd, Com'd Command, Commander, Commanding, Commandant
ComdEngr Command Engineer
COME Chief Ordnance Mechanical Engineer
COMFLOT Commodore Flotillas
COMINCH Commander in Chief, US Fleet
CominchCandR Commander in Chief, US Fleet, Convoy and Routeing
Comm Commission, Commodore, Commissary
Commander (D) Commander (Destroyers)
COMMO Commodore
Commodore(D)WA Commodore (Destroyers), Western Approaches
CommofCustoms Commissioner of Customs
COMMR , COM, COMD Commander
Comn, COMMN Communication
ComOp Communications Operator
ComOpSupr Communications Operator Supervisor
Comp Composite
COMP CC Composite Cycle Corps
COMP RAT, COMPO Composite Ration
ComPC(A) Communications Performance Checker (Air)
ComPC(G) Communications Performance Checker (Ground)
COMRFA Commander Royal Fleet Auxiliary
COMSEN Communications Centre
ComTech Communications Technician
ComTech(A) Communications Technician (Air)
ComTech(G) Communications Technician (Ground)
CON DEP Convalescent Depot
Conc Concentrate, Concentration
COND Commanding Officer Naval Divisions
Cond, Condr Conductor
ConnRang Connaught Rangers
Const Constable
Constl Constructional
constr construction
ConstrC Constructor Captain
Conv, Conval Convalescent
Convoy Sig Convoy Signalman
ConvoyCYeoSigs Convoy Chief Yeoman of Signals
ConvoyLSig Convoy Leading Signalman
ConvoyOSig Convoy Ordinary Signalman
ConvoyYeoSigs Convoy Yeoman of Signals
COO Chief Ordnance Officer
Cook(O) Cook (Officer's)
Cook(S) Cook (Ship's)
COOP Craft of Opportunity
COORD Coordinate
COOS(M)RCOC Canadian Ordnance Officer's Shop (Mobile), Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
COP Commander of Port
COPC Commanding Officer Pacific Coast
COPD Canadian Overseas Postal Depot
COpSO Chief Operational Services Officer
COR Confirmation of Rank, Corvettes, Company Operations Room, Central Ontario Regiment
CORC Canadian Ordnance Railhead Company
CORCAMC Corps Orders, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CORCC Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps
CORCRCOC Canadian Ordnance Railhead Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Company
CORCT Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Troops
CORD Central Ontario Regimental Depot, Commanding Officer Reserve Divisions
Corp, Corpl Corporal
CORU Canadian Ordnance Reinforcement Unit
COS Companies, Coming Off Strength, Companies, Change of Strength, Company Orderly Sergeant
COS&CB Canadian Officers Survey & Classification Board
COS, CS Chief(s) of Staff
COSAI Canadian Ordnance Stores Accounting Inspectorate
COSC Chiefs of Staff Committee
COSSAC Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (Designate)
COSSIPORE INFY Cossipore Infantry
COTC Canadian Officer Training Corps, Canadian Officer Training Centre, Canadian OverseaS Telecommunication Corporation
COU Called Out Under
COVGOFC Corps Orders Veterans Guard of Canada
Cox'n Coxswain
Coy Company
COY ABC Company Army Bearer Corps
COY AH CORPS Company Army Hospital Corps
COY CR(S) Company Commander(s)
CP Command Post, Cape Province, Close Protection, Chaplains Pool
CP DIST Cape Police District
CPACRCAMC Canadian Prophylactic Ablution Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CPB Canadian Parachute Battalion, Canadian Pioneer Battalion
CPBRCE Canadian Pioneer Battalion, Royal Canadian Engineers
CPC Canadian Pension Commission (Department of Veterans Affairs), Canadian Postal Corps, Canadian Provost Corps, Corps Protection Company
CPC Canadian Postal Corps
CPCCMF(ADHOC) Canadian Pioneer Company, Central Mediterranean Force
CPCD Canadian Provost Corps Depot
CPCO/S(PU) Canadian Postal Corps Overseas, (Postal Units)
CPCURCASC Canadian Port Clearance Unit, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CPD GROUP GARR Cape Penninsular Defence Group
CPDGR Cape Peninsular Defence Garrison Regiment
CPDPRCE Canadian Pile Driving Platoon, Royal Canadian Engineers
CPDRCAPC Command Pay Detachment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
CPF Canadian Patriotic Fund (Front)
CPGR(AF) Cape Peninsular Garrison Regiment (Auxiliary Force)
CPI Corps of Permanent Instructors
CPinME Canadian Personnel in Middle East
Cpl Corporal
CPL MECH Corporal Mechanic
CPL MJR Corporal Major
CPLAM Corporal Ambulance
CPMH Camp Petawawa Military Hospital
CPMHRCAMC Chorley Park Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CPMMLRCOC Canadian Pilot Model Mobile Laundry, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CPO Chief Petty Officer, Civilian Personnel Officer, Command Pay Office
CPO MECH Chief Petty Officer Mechanic
CPR Canadian Pacific Railway
CPRC Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps
CPRD Canadian Public Relations Detachment
CProC Canadian Provost Corps
CPRS Canadian Public Relations Services
CPRU Canadian Public Relations Unit
CPS Canadian Planning Staff, Canadian Publishing Section
CPS GUIDES Corps of Guides
Cpt, Capt Captain
CPTC Canadian Parachute Training Centre
CPTCAC Canadian Pioneer Troop, Canadian Armoured Corps
CPTHO Captain of Hospital Orderlies
CPTR FMN Carpenter Foreman
CPTRE Captain Royal Engineers
CPTU Canadian Parachute Training Unit
CPTUCPC Canadian Postal Tracing Unit, Canadian Postal Corps
CPW/S(ADHOC)RCEME Canadian Port Workshop (Ad Hoc), Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CPW/S(ADHOC)RCOC Canadian Port Workshop (Ad Hoc), Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CPWEU Canadian Petroleum Warfare Experimental Unit
CQM HVLDR Company Quarter Master Havildar
CQMS, CQM SJT Company Quarter Master Sergeant
CR Central Registry, Chaudiere Regiment, Confirmation of Rank, Control Ratings, Control Rate, Commander, Cheshire Regiment, Connaught Rangers, Cyprus Regiment
CR(C)E Commander, Royal (Canadian) Engineers
CR(T) Calgary Unit (Tank)
CR/AC Canadian Re-allocation Centre
CRA Commanding (or Commander), Royal Artillery, Compulsory Retirement Age
CRADOCK CDO Cradock Commando
CRASC Commander, Royal Army Service Corps
CRB(M) Canadian Rifle Battalion, Career Review Board (Medical)
CRBRCA Canadian Rocket Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
CRBW/SRCEME Canadian Radar Battery Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CRC Canadian Reception Camp, Casualty Retraining Centre, Chief Registration Clerk, Control Reporting Centre
CRCAMC Company Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CRCASCATBC Company Royal Canadian Army Service Army Tank Brigade Company
CRCC Canadian Railway (or Road) Construction Company
CRCE Company Royal Canadian Engineers, Chief Railway Construction Engineer
CRCE(PB) Commander Royal Canadian Engineers (Permanent Bridges)
CRCE(W) Commander Royal Canadian Engineers (Works)
CRCEME Company Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CRCL Canadian Red Cross List
CRCORU Canadian Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Reinforcement Unit
CRCR Canadian Reserve Calvary Regiment
CRCRCAMC Casualty Retraining Centre, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CRCRCEME Canadian Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CRCRCOC Canadian Recovery Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CRD Canadian Reception (or Remount) Depot
CRD(LS) Canadian Repatriation Depot (LS)
CRDFT(S)C, CRDFTC Canadian Radio Detection Finder Training (School) Centre
CRE Commanding (or Commander) Royal Engineers, Corps of Royal Engineers
CRecs Controller of Records
CREME Commander Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CRFTTC Canadian Reinforcement Transit Camp
CRGTP Canadian Reinforcement Group Transit Platoon
CRGTPRCASC Canadian Reinforcement Group Transit Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CRI Chinese Regiment of Infantry
CRLE Canadian Radio Location Establishment
Crmn Crewman
CRN Change Regimental Number
CRO Canadian Records Office, Canadian Central Registry, Chief Recruiting Officer, Corps Roads Officer, Corps Reserve of Officers
CROCRCE Canadian Railway Operation Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CRP Control Reporting Point, Clyde River Patrol
Crpl Corporal
CRR(PLDG) Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment (Princess Louise Dragoon Guards)
CRRCA Coast regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
CRS Canadian Recce Squadron, Central Recruiting Troop
CRS-CIB Canadian Recce Squadron-Canadian Infantry Brigade
CrStGeo Cross of Saint George (Russia)
CRT Canadian Railway Troops, Continuous Reserve Training
CRTC Canadian Radar Training Centre
CRTC(A) Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre (Active)
CRTC(R) Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre (Reserve)
CRU Canadian Reinforcement Unit, Chemical Research Unit, Control and Reporting Unit
CRUPU Canadian Reinforcement Units Postal Units
CRURCA Canadian Rocket Unit, Royal Canadian Artillery
Crypto Cryptographer
CS Christian Science (Church), Cypher Service, Commandant Staff, Cease, Communicator
CS&AC Canadian Selection & Appraisal Centre
CS&TO Camp Supply & Transport Officer
CS(No) Admiralty File Number
CSA Canadian Small Arms, Consular Shipping Advisor
CSAFVIRCEME Canadian Section Armoured Fighting Vehicles Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CSAFVTS Canadian Section Armoured Fighting Vehicles Technical Staff
CSAI Canadian School of Army Instruction
CSAS(E) Canadian Small Arms School (Eastern)
CSAS(WC) Canadian Small Arms School (Western Canada)
CSATC Canadian Small Arms Training Centre
CSB Canadian Shipping Board
CSBASRAC Canadian Special BASRA Company
CSBD Canadian Special Base Depot
CSC Cadet Services of Canada, Canadian Service College, Chiefs of Staff Committee, Corporal Signal Corps, Commissariat Staff Corps
CSCC Canadian Section Claims Commission
CScotR Canadian Scottish Regiment
CSCRCOC Canadian Salvage Corps, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CSDS Canadian Special Driving School
CSE Color Sergeant
CSEAFHQ Canadian Section Echelon Allied Forces, Headquarters
CSEC Canadian Special Employment Company
CSEE Canadian Signals Experimental Establishment
CSEF Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
CSG Comba Support Group, Clerk Stenographer Group
CSGHQ2ndEch Canadian Section General Headquarters, 2nd Echelon
CSGHQE Canadian Section General Headquarters Echelon
CSHQBGNR Canadian Section Headquarters, Brussels, GRN
CSHQCC Cypher Section Headquarters Canadian Corps
CSI Companion of the Star of India
CSIB Canadian Special Infantry Battalion
CSIC, CSICoy Canadian Special Infantry Company
CSIG Corps of Signals
CSIS Canadian Security and Intelligence Service
CSKSU Canadian Surplus Kit Storage Unit
CSM, CS MJR Company Sergeant Major
CSME Canadian School of Military Engineering
CSMH Christie Street Military Hospital
CSO Chief Signals Officer
CSofA Canadian School of Artillery
CSofAA Canadian School of Army Administration
CSofI Canadian School of Infantry
CSOI Commandant School of Instruction
CSOR Chief Staff Officer Reserves
CSP Convoy Stopping Point
Csr Cruiser
CSR&DE Canadian Signals Research & Development Establishment
CSR(MG) Canadian Scottish Regiment (Machine Gun)
CSRCCS Construction Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
CSRU Canadian Signals Reinforcement Unit
CSS Combat Support Services
CSSB Canadian Special Service Battalion
CSSCRCOC Canadian Special Stores Company, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CSSD Canadian Special Salvage Detachment
CSTC Canadian Signal Training Centre
CSTech Communications Systems Technician
CSTTB Canadian Standing Trades Test Board
CSTV Coil Skids Towing Vessel
CSUPS Combat Supplies
CSupt Commodore Superintendant
CSURCEME Canadian Servicing Unit, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CSURCOC Canadian Salvage Units, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CSV Camp Staff Volunteer
CSVH Combat Support Vehicle Heavy
CSVL Combat Support Vehicle Light
CSWSTRCCS Canadian Shock Wave Section Type, Royal Canadian Signals Corps
CSWTS Canadian Section Weapons Technical Staff
CT Communication Trench, Component Transfer
CT BN Canadian Training Battalion
CT COY Camel Transport Company
CT GDS Cape Town Guards
CT HIGHRS Cape Town Highlanders
CT(CFC)TC Camp Tremblay (Canadian Forestry Corps) Training Centre
CTA Canadian Troop Aldershot
CTACRCASC Corps Troop Ammunition Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CTCEA Camel Transport Corps Egyptian Army
CTCRCE Canadian Tunnelling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
CTCSPCProC Canadian Traffic Control Section Provost, Canadian Provost Corps
CTCURCACMF Canadian Traffic Control Unit, Royal Canadian Artillery, Central Mediterranean Force
CTCW Canadian Transit Camp Wing
CTD Canadian Training Depot (or Division)
CTDCPC Canadian Tobacco Depot, CPC (see above for various meanings of CPC)
CTDS(ER) Canadian Tank Delivery Squadron (Elgin Regiment)
CTDSSD Canadian Tank Delivery Squadron Signals Detachment
CTDUCAC Canadian Tank Demonstration Unit, Canadian Armoured Corps
CTF Commander Task Force
CTFARCAMC Canadian Training Field Ambulance, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CTH Canadian Troops Hereford, Cape Town Highlanders
CTLC Canadian Technical Liaison Group
CTMU Canadian Town Major Unit
CTN & TRP DK STD Canteen & Troop Deck Steward
CTN CLK Canteen Clerk
CTN SR Canteen Server
CtnAsst, CTN ASST Canteen Assistant
CtnMngr, CTN MGR , CTN MNGR Canteen Manager
CTO Central Telegraph Office, Chief Treasury Officer
CTO(N) Chief Treasury Officer (Navy)
CTOO/S Canadian Treasury Office Overseas
CTP Canadian Transport Platoon, Course Training Plan
CTPCRCASC Corps Troops Petrol Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CTPDC Cape Town Permanent Duty Corps
CTPRCASC Canadian Transport (or Tipper) Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CTps Corps Troops
CTR Controller
CTRCA Calibration Troop, Royal Canadian Artillery
CtRep Court Reporter
CTS Canadian (or Composite) Training School, Conversion Training Squadron, Clothe the Soldier
CTSC Corps Troops Supply Column
CTSCRCASC Corps Troop Supply Column, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
CTTC Canadian Tank Transport Company
cttee Committee
CTTW/SRCEME Canadian Tank Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CTTW/SRCOC Canadian Tank Troops Workshop, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
CU Camp Utopia, Conducting Unit, Caribbean-United Kingdom Convoy, Conversion (or Communications) Unit
CULLINAN'S H Cullinan's Horse
CUNEF Canadian Component United Nations Emergency Force (Middle East)
CUSTOMS His (or Her) Majesty's Customs
CUSTOMS DEPT MEF Customs Department Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
CUSTOMS PS Customs Preventive Service
CV Combat Vehicle, Cross of Valour, Communicator (V)
CVA&CG Canadian Vehicle Assembly & Control Group
CVBC Cape Volunteer Bearer Corps
CVD Commercial Vessel Defensive, Central Vehicle Depot
CVDTURCAMC Canadian Venereal Disease Treatment Unit, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
CVE Carrier Vessel Escort
CVHGCASF Company Veterans Home Guard, Canadian Active Service Force
CVIRCEME Canadian Vehicle Inspectorate, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CVO Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
CVP Convoy Programme
CVR(T) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked
CVR(W) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Wheeled
CVSM Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
CVWS Canadian Vehicle Waterproofing School
CW Chemical Warfare, Communicator (W), Commissioned Warrant
CW(No) Admiralty Record Office File
CW/S&PC Canadian Workshop and Park Company
CWAAF Canadian Women's Auxiliary Air Force
CWAC Canadian Womens' Army Corps
CWACBTC Canadian Women's Army Corps, Basic Training Centre
CWACCS Canadian Women's Army Corps, Composite Stores
CWACDO Canadian Women's Army Corps, District Orders
CWACMB Canadian Women's Army Corps, Military Band
CWACO Canadian Women's Army Corps, Ottawa
CWACPB Canadian Women's Army Corps, Pipe Band
CWACTC Canadian Women's Army Corps, Training Centre
CWB Canadian Wives Bureau
CWC Chemical Warfare Course
CWDL Chemical Warfare Defence Laboratory
CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission
CWL Chemical Warfare Laboratories
CWM Canadian War Museum
CWNS Canadian War Narrative Section
CWR Central War Room
CWRO Canadian War Records Office
CWS(IC) Canadian Wireless Section (Intelligence Corps)
CWSF Commander Western Sea Frontier
CWSRCE Canadian Works Section, Royal Canadian Engineers
CWT Hundred (or Centi) Weight
CWTC Chemical Warfare Training Centre
CWTD Cold Weather Test Trail Detachment
CWTV Calibration Wireless Telegraph Vessel
CWWW CWWW - Council for Women in War Work
CXO Chief Examination Officer
CY Cheshire Yeomanry
Cy Company
Cyc Cyclist
CYC BN Cyclist Battalion
CYC COY Cyclist Company
CYLR City of London Rifles
CYLY City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders)
CYPRUS R Cyprus Regiment
CZ Clyde Division - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
CZT Civil Zone Time