Abbreviations Used in Military Documents and for Medal Inscriptions - Abbreviations: Q


Q BOAT, Q SHIP Mystery boat or ship
Q SIG Qualified Signalman
Q STAFF Quartermaster Staff
Q&R Quarters and Rations
Q;R Queen's Lancashire Regiment
QA Quarters Allowance
QAIMFNS Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Families Nursing Service
QAIMNS Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
QAIMNSR Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Special Reserve
QAMFNS Queen Alexandra's Military Families Nursing Service
QAMNSI Queen Alexandra's Medical Nursing Service India
QAPCoy Quebec Arsenal Protective Company
QARANC Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
QARNNS Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service
Qbranch Quartermaster General's Branch
QCRCE Quarrying Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
QCS Queen's Colour Squadron
QDG Queen's Dragoon Guards
QDM Qualified Driver Mechanic
QF Quick Firing
QG SOGMA;S Queen's Gurkha Signals
QGE Queen's Gurkha Engineers
QGM Queen's Gallantry Medal
QI Quartermaster Instructor
QL Qualaification (or "Q") List, Qualification Level
QM & CAPT Quarter Master & Captain
QM & LIEUT Quarter Master and Lieutenant
QM , QR-MR Quarter Master
QM CPL MJR Quarter Master Corporal Major
QM HVLDR Quarter Master Havildar
QM JEMDR Quarter Master Jemadar
QM SJT Quarter Master Sergeant
QMAAC Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
QMCPL Quartermaster Corporal
QMCPT Quartermaster Captain
QMessages A series of numbered messages giving changes in navigational information due to war conditions
QMG Quartermaster General
QMHRCAMC Quebec Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
QMI Queensland Mounted Infantry
QMO Queen Mary's Own
Qmr Quartermaster
QMS, QMSE Quartermaster Sergeant
QMSI Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor
QO Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
QO HLDRS Queen's Own Highlanders
QO R GLASGOW Y, QORGY Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
QOCG Queen's Own Corps of Guides
QOCG Queen's Own Rifle Guards, Queen's Own Corps of Guides
QOCH(ofC) Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (of Canada)
QODY Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry
QOH Queen's Own Hussars, Queen's Own Highlanders
QOHC Queen's Own Household Cavalry
QOL Quality of Life
QOLPMO Quality of Life Management Office
QOLSRB Quality of Life Senior Review Board
QOLY Queen's Own Lowland Yeomanry
QOOH Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars
QOR(ofC) Queen's Own Rifles (of Canada)
QORGLWLY Queen's Own Royal Glasgow and Lower Ward of Lanarkshire Yeomanry
QORWK, QORWKR Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
QOWARWY Queen's Own Warwickshire Yeomanry
QOWKY Queen's Own West Kent Yeomanry
QOWORCH Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars
QOWWY Queen's Own Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry
QOY Queen's Own Yeomanry
QOYD Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons
QPB Queen's Park Barracks Staff
QPBS Queen's Park Barracks
QPMHRCAMC Queen's Park Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
QR Quarter(s) Ratings (or Rates), Quebec Regiment, Queen's Regulations
QR&O Queen's Regulations and Orders
QRD Quebec Regimental Depot
QRH Queen's Royal Hussars
QRIH Queen's Royal Irish Hussars
QRL Queen's Royal Lancers
Qr-Mr, Qrmr Quartermaster
QRR Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
QRV Queenstown Rifle Volunteers
QS Qualified for Staff, Quebec-Sydney Convoy
QSM Quartermaster Sergeant-Major
QUEENS SR, QUEENS Queen's Surrey Regiment
QueensSR Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment
QUEENSTOWN RV Queenstown Rifle Volunteers
QVO Queen Victoria's Own
QVO CPS OF GUIDES Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides
QVO MADRAS S & M Queen Victoria's Own Madras Sappers & Miners
QVR Queen Victoria's Rifles
QW Queen's Westminsters
QYR(1st AR) Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment)